• Published on May 30, 2019
  • Bane skills got another revamp in the advance server.
    Is Bane the first hero to get two revamps?
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  • Marvin Morong
    Marvin Morong 3 days ago

    They made it too weak

  • Patalz Opaw Gaming
    Patalz Opaw Gaming 2 months ago


  • JerePlayz YT
    JerePlayz YT 3 months ago

    Umm can i request a skin of dyrroth scalebore pls its just 100+ diamonds my name is {~}jerehunter123{~}

    ZAP ZERRO 3 months ago +1

    i hate bane revamp
    like if ur bane user

    • T01 Production
      T01 Production 3 months ago +1

      Same,i always use bane for push turret...before he get revamp,i start playing ml again after stop playing a few months, now i chou user😌

  • BloxHead
    BloxHead 3 months ago

    Bane's ulti is too slow to hit the target

  • Mark Louie Manabat
    Mark Louie Manabat 3 months ago +1

    i prefer the last/old ulti, because it is exactly how you wanna shot. and it is good in pushing towers.

  • Indrapras Yumlembam
    Indrapras Yumlembam 3 months ago

    please make bane looks like the old bane

    AJ BETA 3 months ago

    New bane sucks
    Even the slowest hero could dodge his ss

  • Shubham Varshney
    Shubham Varshney 3 months ago +1

    2:29 Using ulti like a bowling ball🔥🔥

  • boyong yong
    boyong yong 3 months ago


  • Tahj Daley
    Tahj Daley 3 months ago

    the knockback on his new ult can deny any dash even fanny cable swings, so useful for escape

  • Jeroe Ebanio
    Jeroe Ebanio 3 months ago

    Fast cool down sa ulti nya.

  • Jay Sumalinog
    Jay Sumalinog 3 months ago

    ang pangit ng ss ni bane ngayun pota lang

  • Kayu Jati Channel
    Kayu Jati Channel 3 months ago

    Why change to push turret useless ulti..

  • Si Jarem
    Si Jarem 3 months ago

    Bby shark do do do

  • Matt Flores
    Matt Flores 3 months ago

    Thank God For Those Sick Blackholes

  • xXRay Of FireXx
    xXRay Of FireXx 3 months ago +1

    As a bane main, I am really happy!!! I also main Gusion and Granger, and a bit of alucard and bruno

  • Vike Kinimi
    Vike Kinimi 3 months ago



    Lol they've just brought back his old ultimate as a bane main his revamp ult following the enemy is the worst thanks to that I stopped using him for ranks but now his ultimate is back from the old one with slow and damage buff time to spamm this Bebe sharks.

    HAYA BUTAW 3 months ago

    Ithink much better if bane will be the shark hhh

  • vlogger Jaysan
    vlogger Jaysan 4 months ago

    Hi elgin can u gift to me skin of Kimmy my name is JAIRUZKIMM01

  • F L U X
    F L U X 4 months ago

    They reworked him and then revamped him also montoon releases an OP Hero and nerfs it afterwards

  • Chiro Komonori
    Chiro Komonori 4 months ago

    Bat dimo pinakita yung damage sa tore?

  • Joan Arc
    Joan Arc 4 months ago

    If the shark chase enemies, it would be scarier

  • Ivan Testado
    Ivan Testado 4 months ago

    His ulti is like the old ulti but different in visual
    Old players would understand

    • Treasure
      Treasure 4 months ago

      no its not, his old ult was a moving barrage of shot that dmg people in that area. I know this since I main bane before they rework his ass.

  • MrLabo
    MrLabo 4 months ago

    As a Bane user it seems alright but fuck that 1st skill.
    They removed the slow and it's AoE and they replace it with a useless bounce!
    Banes passive does it crit or not?
    If it does crit it's alright but if it does not crit well FUCK that shit.
    And as for the 3rd skill. I don't know if I would like it not. Because I really liked the old 3rd skill because I could push with and I can chase with it.
    I'm glad they kept the 2nd skill.
    (This obviously a nerf rather than a revamp)

  • Greasy Thumb TV
    Greasy Thumb TV 4 months ago

    mas ok ung barko na ULTI dati mas maangas un hihi

  • SKB Gaming
    SKB Gaming 4 months ago

    Elgin help us reach our goal of 1k subs you our inspiration ☹😢

  • ML Disciple Gaming II
    ML Disciple Gaming II 4 months ago

    Promote my page I'm your #1 fan

  • GOsHiN Ygona
    GOsHiN Ygona 4 months ago

    So what if it is revamped still useless hero, garbage👎
    👉bring back the old BANE 👍

  • Zane Dayo
    Zane Dayo 4 months ago

    Good i want the new ss

  • thunder cloudscuzz
    thunder cloudscuzz 4 months ago

    Old 3rd skill is better

  • ꧁ ҡαıтσ ꧂
    ꧁ ҡαıтσ ꧂ 4 months ago

    ofc they r better now but hes still gonna be liw tier bcs he got no cc

    • ꧁ ҡαıтσ ꧂
      ꧁ ҡαıтσ ꧂ 4 months ago

      Zaki AF wow a slow... lmao thats nothin

    • Zaki AF
      Zaki AF 4 months ago

      His ultimate is CC what do you mean by no CC ?

  • Alenz Rzack
    Alenz Rzack 4 months ago

    dota 2 kunka ultii.. always copycat

  • Johanne Beatbox
    Johanne Beatbox 4 months ago

    His old 1st skill is for me

  • Mary Claire Navarroza
    Mary Claire Navarroza 4 months ago

    My main is getting uglier

  • Andrian Bucalan
    Andrian Bucalan 4 months ago

    Ibalik nyo nalang yung dating bane

  • Adha Mardiansah
    Adha Mardiansah 4 months ago

    Plagiat cresht aov

  • Your supportive Dad
    Your supportive Dad 4 months ago

    Petition for thamuz to be revamped its been a while

  • Jay Ramos
    Jay Ramos 4 months ago

    Mas better parin yung dati pati yung una niyang itsura👎🤣

  • Shan Gabrielle
    Shan Gabrielle 4 months ago

    Lol 1st skill got from league of legends Ms.Furtune 1st skill

  • Master Bane
    Master Bane 4 months ago

    So you can't use the ultimate for pushing??

  • Morning Fighter
    Morning Fighter 4 months ago

    The revamped now is amazing

  • Juancho luis Parducho
    Juancho luis Parducho 4 months ago

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  • icy acid
    icy acid 4 months ago

    Easy tl evade when thats that slow

  • Miku Desu
    Miku Desu 4 months ago

    Was thinking his skin would be revamped cause he looks like sht

  • MicoyTube
    MicoyTube 4 months ago +2


  • Mr Everything
    Mr Everything 4 months ago

    Fvck beside anything else. Ml need to Remake bane physical appearance who's that ugly fat monster I want the pirate human before.

  • Serious Man
    Serious Man 4 months ago

    There is no damage to the tower

  • M.Mahathirsyah Enros
    M.Mahathirsyah Enros 4 months ago

    Kurs ultinya gsbisa push tower

  • HolyRest NoMore
    HolyRest NoMore 4 months ago

    Miss fortune 1st skill Left the group

  • Jake Despa
    Jake Despa 4 months ago

    Apparantly they dont know what to do with bane anymore hahaha

  • rayen komik
    rayen komik 4 months ago

    I would say that he is more team fight based, reduced lane clearing (for me because of his first skill change), reduced ability to push lane and tower, and for me probably more focused on team war rather than solo lane pushing

  • Clint Aldrin Basas
    Clint Aldrin Basas 4 months ago

    Bane's first skill and Miss Fortune's first skill ay pareho haha

  • Adrian Audinett
    Adrian Audinett 4 months ago

    The obvious thing they needed to do was redesign is look. He looks goofy and doesn't match his epic voice

  • Dewi Ramgas
    Dewi Ramgas 4 months ago

    Skil 3nya hebat

  • kayn vizcayno
    kayn vizcayno 4 months ago

    miss fortune 1st skill and nami ult lol😂

  • Axiebuoy Lifestyles
    Axiebuoy Lifestyles 4 months ago


  • LemoNeXx ML
    LemoNeXx ML 4 months ago

    Cant push turret now

  • TIYO
    TIYO 4 months ago

    One more revamp and its gonna be kunka's ult

    • MrLabo
      MrLabo 4 months ago

      A ship crushing.