Everything GREAT About Ender's Game!

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • Ender's Game and Ready Player One have a loooot in common. They're both movies...the list goes on and on. And behind Tron Legacy, never seeing an Ender's Shadow or some kind of sequel to this movie will always make me sad. But this movie was good! Here's everything right with Ender's Game.
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Comments • 2 339

  • tom monahan
    tom monahan 2 hours ago

    In one of the sequels its revealed that Enders queen isn't the last queen, but its unclear if she was lying or simply did not know about the other(s?)

  • Jacob Cawte
    Jacob Cawte Day ago

    mazer should talk like this i'm not died bro i blew up the aline ship bro

  • Jonathan Leake
    Jonathan Leake 3 days ago

    Try to say grayish iris 10 times fast.

  • Ethan Tinklenberg
    Ethan Tinklenberg 5 days ago

    The Enemies Gate Is Down is actually said by Bean, which could’ve been written better since he was such a vital character.

  • Jonathan Glass
    Jonathan Glass 17 days ago

    I also love the detail and Mazer's eyes when Ender lost. Cause in the book that was Mazer's fleet with all his friends on it (as the book says so nice nod to the book). I also would recommend reading Ender's Shadow series which is about Bean's perspective and what happens to battle school grads and Earth after the defeat of the Formix.

  • Petr Ševčík
    Petr Ševčík 20 days ago

    Ender's game is one of the best movie adaptations of a book. Sure, they left a lot of things out and some things are bit rushed, but I feel they did a very good job with the time constrainst of a movie.
    In the book, there actualy is a love-ish sub plot with Petra, but it's used to futher highlight Ender's isolation (which the movie unfortunately didn't have enough time to properly explore).
    Also, I belive, the titular "Ender's Game" is the psychological assessment game the students are playing in their free time (the one where Ender kills the giant), not any of the war games.

  • Jonas Ekström
    Jonas Ekström 21 day ago

    Really like the book and the movie didn't disappoint.

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 22 days ago

    i had no idea what enders game was until i caught it on cinimax one night by chance. i figured "eh, it looked neat so i'll watch a few minutes of it" and i got hooked into watching the rest of the movie. i enjoyed it, and the twist at the end got me good. whenever a twist can get me like that, i love it. it's such a thrill when twists catch you off guard that hard. especially the way they played it. the audience kinda gets to figure it out along with ender. they don't say it directly.

  • Spot
    Spot 22 days ago

    paused the video at 2:30 went and watchhed the whole of enders game and then came back, just for this video

  • Mike Rosas
    Mike Rosas 23 days ago

    Great review... this reminds me of finite and infitine games talk by simon sinek, everyone is playing a finite game while ender is playing the infinite game.

  • Tylet Rose
    Tylet Rose 25 days ago

    I didn't know that Charlie was in this movie! Anyone get that reference?

  • Craig Manning
    Craig Manning 26 days ago

    It is for sure a worth a read. Read the book. I'll say it again read the book.

  • Frances Lambert
    Frances Lambert 28 days ago

    I really enjoy your reviews. BTW, read all the "Ender" and "Bean" stories. The stories about Bean are really great. I read all of them, and other books by Orson Scott Card.

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon 29 days ago +1

    At 2:20 I literally stopped, watched the movie, had an amazing time and then came back!

  • ThisWizardDidMath
    ThisWizardDidMath 29 days ago +5

    "eh, book's worth a read."
    Buddy, Ender's Game is worth more than just a read. I'd say it requires at least three, yes that is technically my opinion, but I dare you to read Ender's Game once and not want to immediately start over from the beginning.

  • Mithrawnudo
    Mithrawnudo Month ago

    One thing, which you touched on in your conclusion, is the movie isn't always able to explain the motivations for various actions the way a book can (Ender's decision to go for the planet). They continually cut, or fail to properly represent the Mind Game and what Ender goes through while playing it. It's not anything really against the film because there are time constraints and, honestly, how are they supposed to do that? That's hard to pull off. So I can see why they left out a lot of those important moments.
    Anyone reading this, go read the book if you haven't already. There's loads of additional context and interesting moments the movie was unable to put in or fully express.

  • Mr. Fucking nightmares

    I haven't seen this in a while, so i just feel a kind of wave of euphoria to know that its as good as I remember it seeming

  • Ellen Doutre-Burgess
    Ellen Doutre-Burgess Month ago +1

    "Or the snitch in quidditch" Did you forget that Victor Krum caught the snitch but the other team still won? The snitch is worth a lot of points but still only points.

  • bella mcmillan
    bella mcmillan Month ago +1

    Yo, if you get the chance you NEED to read "Ender's Shadow." It's from Bean's point of view, and it will always have my heart.

  • Slipknotpimp 666
    Slipknotpimp 666 Month ago

    Sorry but the book is way better!

  • TheMasonTimes
    TheMasonTimes Month ago

    Anyone else in HS having to read this fuckin book?

  • Amalgathor Deibos Menace

    If they're all war gamers, why are there no mandatory D&D sessions or actual war timing sessions? There's background being war gamers should be more prevalent

  • Sarah Buckley
    Sarah Buckley Month ago +1

    Someone probably already put this. But when you were talking about the annoying rule during games where one thing overshadows the rest and you automatically win you mentioned snitches. Which is technically incorrect. A snitch wins your house 150 points, so unless you’re within that 150 point margin you can actually lose. Rowling mentions in 1994 Krum decided to catch the Snitch when the Bulgarians were losing severely to Ireland. The catch ended the game and gave the win to Ireland.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis Month ago

    You should take away 100 wins for Asa's squeaky screams and the fact that bonzo was so terribly cast and also why the fuck is Bernard in the final battle?

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis Month ago

    This movie sucks. Should be on the other channel.

  • Filthy Casual
    Filthy Casual Month ago

    3:45 look at win counter

  • Joshua Dunham
    Joshua Dunham Month ago

    The next movie is Valerian!!

  • Gavyn DeO
    Gavyn DeO Month ago

    i got a little scared when i know i haven’t watched the movie yet but he said to come back when i’ve watched it 😂

  • SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Honestly I prefer the book but the movie was still one hell of a road trip

  • nicol RB
    nicol RB Month ago

    I think ender is a pretty cool name

  • The Arkham Knight
    The Arkham Knight Month ago

    Read the book and loved it

  • SinHurr
    SinHurr Month ago

    Ender's "Final Solution" indeed

  • Alex Kerley
    Alex Kerley Month ago

    Smart people would have chucked Ender out the airlock after the win. Kid was def borderline sociopath and now resents the gov with a position of power and isn't given a task to busy him...

  • Chandler Patterson
    Chandler Patterson 2 months ago

    If cinema sins and cinema wins came together and made a movie it would be magnificent

  • Smint
    Smint 2 months ago

    this is the best film ever

  • Bill Rich
    Bill Rich 2 months ago

    Fuck this dipshit movie. Just read the fucking book.

  • CJ
    CJ 2 months ago

    2:29 good reference. now we have actual thot police

  • Jacob Diller
    Jacob Diller 2 months ago

    Dude. Asa was so right for this flick

  • Kevlord22
    Kevlord22 2 months ago

    I wish they would have made the movie from bean's perspective.

  • Stanly Sim
    Stanly Sim 2 months ago

    Americans Prenouncing Maori xD

  • Not Raiden Leo
    Not Raiden Leo 2 months ago

    I hate this movie

  • Infinium Dankstar
    Infinium Dankstar 2 months ago

    This movie is ego in image

  • Jennifer Johns
    Jennifer Johns 2 months ago

    I enjoy your dorky personal commentary. Makes me smile. Thanks.

  • Sean Clown
    Sean Clown 2 months ago

    I absolutely love Enders Game and like most will say, I believe that the books don't matter but the books explain quite a bit. Like at 1:00 when the nurse says "it won't hurt" it was to highlight Enders recognition of adult personalities. I've read that book more than any other book ever

  • A wild Filing cabinet
    A wild Filing cabinet 2 months ago +3

    I need to go read the book again. The movie really can’t do the book justice, everything through the whole book leads up to the ending, all the while perfectly addressing all sorts of ethical quandaries.

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 2 months ago

    This movie wasn't very good. Cinema mediocre.

  • Kelsey Curtis
    Kelsey Curtis 2 months ago

    My Aunt worked on the movie

  • Kathic
    Kathic 2 months ago

    "It's not enough to survive. One must be worthy of survival." -Adama

    • Cameron W.
      Cameron W. 2 months ago

      We will have that test in this century I believe.

  • Bumblemax
    Bumblemax 2 months ago

    That first Alien ship looks like the desepticon ship from transformers prime

  • WreckerR
    WreckerR 2 months ago

    4:04 - Turns out, it WAS made of transparent aluminum...

  • Kaeldra Caton
    Kaeldra Caton 2 months ago

    i love this movie and i saw it once half my life ago yayyyy

  • Tim Nizzy
    Tim Nizzy 2 months ago

    Ima just put it out there, read the book

  • Tophar01
    Tophar01 2 months ago

    I truly hated this movie and I'm not sure why. I was just like... in full on cringe the whole time, it seemed so hokey and lame.

  • WimeyBug
    WimeyBug 2 months ago +31

    "We’re in rhe Enders Game now"
    -Doctor Strange 2015

    • Stanfordz Barzo
      Stanfordz Barzo 11 days ago

      *We're in Ender's Game now not "We’re in the Enders Game now"

    • Just Me Percy
      Just Me Percy 21 day ago +1

      @Aditya Sundaram It's just you.

    • Aditya Sundaram
      Aditya Sundaram 26 days ago

      Is it just me or does ender's actor look like a younger version of Benedict cumberbatch

  • daniel niemeyer
    daniel niemeyer 2 months ago

    Petra and been are the couple. bean is an amazing character.

  • MightyMusen25
    MightyMusen25 2 months ago

    talk about endgame

  • j p
    j p 3 months ago

    lol joke was funny... But Napoleon wasn't actually short....

  • Ben Harris
    Ben Harris 3 months ago

    You won't be able to master 'Dvorak' until you pronounce it right =D

    • Ben Harris
      Ben Harris 2 months ago

      @CinemaWins Almost! Try De-vore-jacque (Said quickly!) :)

    • CinemaWins
      CinemaWins  3 months ago

      Looked it up. Divorjyak?

    • CinemaWins
      CinemaWins  3 months ago

      On no, is the D silent?!

    CHEYENNE BARRETT 3 months ago +1

    I like both the movie and the book, but the book was better. The movie also doesn't follow the book as accurately as it could.

  • Randy lee
    Randy lee 3 months ago +1

    Two weeks ago was my first day of seventh grade and I picked this book for ssR in the morning and I thought it was an amazing book and I just found out that it is a movie to that's crazy