joji - rain on me (OFFICIAL)

  • Published on Jul 19, 2017
  • joji - rain on me
    Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018
    88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
    September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
    88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
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  • crash
    crash 7 hours ago

    this song emotionally destroys me

  • Kat Skye
    Kat Skye 13 hours ago

    i miss falling asleep to your walkman playing..

  • cucumberbunnies
    cucumberbunnies 14 hours ago

    when u have the chills

  • mega-absol wolf
    mega-absol wolf 15 hours ago

    This song will never be the same RIP Sam, thank you for the good times brother.

  • Bildawl
    Bildawl 23 hours ago

    This probably Joji's best song

  • osse
    osse Day ago

    jojis best work imo

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Day ago

    Song ain’t on Apple Music? Wild

  • E N D M Y E X I S T E N C E

    Put it on Spotify👌😎

  • sushi_pool
    sushi_pool 2 days ago

    I'm getting that Bruno Mars Vibe rn.

  • beeman
    beeman 3 days ago

    Is this in anyway related to Tylers the Creators, Ifhy.

  • Maxwell Hayes
    Maxwell Hayes 3 days ago

    The beats are fucking top notch, man. Good god they're too good for this world.

  • Louis Logan
    Louis Logan 4 days ago +1

    Tbh this song is better than most of his new album.

    EVER EVER 4 days ago

    Raining again gotta play this song

  • yikes
    yikes 4 days ago

    sad wigga hours

  • Marie Julshede
    Marie Julshede 4 days ago


  • kyle wardlow
    kyle wardlow 4 days ago

    put these songs on amazon music plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Gabe welch
    Gabe welch 6 days ago +2

    No Xanax or guns can possibly free me from the crippling loneliness

  • Viktor Weber
    Viktor Weber 6 days ago

    Qu'on soit d'accord les Français qui écoute cette musique vous venez du règlement

  • Nico Amor
    Nico Amor 6 days ago

    Modern RnB is unreal.

  • Balakrishnan Ashok
    Balakrishnan Ashok 6 days ago

    This song sounds similar to tribute to Ronald.

  • reuben Layton thompson


  • Nico Amor
    Nico Amor 6 days ago

    This is what R&B has turned into. Honestly couldn't have been better.

  • sv1t
    sv1t 7 days ago

    fav song

  • LuckyWilliam
    LuckyWilliam 8 days ago

    Spoftiy now put it ON NOWWWWWW!!!😡😡😡😡

  • Lucid
    Lucid 8 days ago


  • Bangtan's Cake
    Bangtan's Cake 8 days ago

    Welp, this life shit sure isn’t easy huh my guys and gorls

  • jakeb O'Donnell
    jakeb O'Donnell 9 days ago

    He sounds like an angel I never heard one of his songs before he's Amazing.

  • 忍者松井
    忍者松井 9 days ago


  • trying whatever
    trying whatever 9 days ago

    holy fuck
    like literally
    holy fuck

  • Dup.dan
    Dup.dan 10 days ago

    I'm not even sad, this music is just damn good.

  • Ethan Smulson
    Ethan Smulson 10 days ago

    I ❤️joji

  • Suryansh Patel
    Suryansh Patel 11 days ago

    b0ss save me *rubs nipples while holding to the door knob* save me from chin-chin

  • Turtle Man
    Turtle Man 11 days ago

    Anyone know that art and the artists name? (The picture not the song)

  • Popper Bare
    Popper Bare 11 days ago

    iTunes single ? PLEASE !!!!

  • Meow Loves
    Meow Loves 12 days ago

    To my lover Junel I love you.

  • Ali bung
    Ali bung 14 days ago

    I really want Joji to become really well known not just by frank fans

  • Anita DeBellis
    Anita DeBellis 14 days ago +1

    0:36 me when it starts raining

  • PlanetJambon
    PlanetJambon 14 days ago

    i love his music but i can't think of him as joji, because i watched so much filthy frank

  • IanSaur X
    IanSaur X 15 days ago

    I wish the ending was its own song ( 2:09 )

  • Matheus Tafuri
    Matheus Tafuri 17 days ago

    Please for the love of god put this masterpiece on spotify.

  • Jack Be
    Jack Be 17 days ago +3

    I would give Joji one of my kidneys

  • pougle
    pougle 17 days ago

    it rained today and this song kept replaying in my mind

  • Purewal Productions
    Purewal Productions 17 days ago +1

    There is a weird glitch where it shows this video has noo views

  • Preston Stanfill
    Preston Stanfill 17 days ago

    This is when Joji’s music peaked. Nowadays he doesn’t sing properly and it reflects in the sound a little

    KOALA BALLA 18 days ago +1

    I showed this to my Good BOi dog

    Hes now a Sad BOi

  • Macklin
    Macklin 18 days ago +1

    So many edgy little twats in the comments 🥴

  • Dead_deb_raven
    Dead_deb_raven 19 days ago

    This is the same guy who ate a cake made of vomit

  • razerissarcastical
    razerissarcastical 19 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • mark tays
    mark tays 19 days ago

    Jus chilln drowning in my own blood. Dont mind me

  • Miglydon
    Miglydon 19 days ago

    I love this song because I feel like he doesn't mumble as much as he does in his newer songs. Voice just sounds a lot richer.

  • Ujj Boi
    Ujj Boi 19 days ago

    Wish it was longer

  • The Happy Frog
    The Happy Frog 19 days ago

    Gib me the DePrEsSiOn boss

  • ElliottOnthefat
    ElliottOnthefat 20 days ago


  • Ayden Young
    Ayden Young 20 days ago

    What genre of music is this

  • Mees Wiegers
    Mees Wiegers 20 days ago


  • Matias SM
    Matias SM 21 day ago +1


    FRONTIER STUDIOS 21 day ago

    I made a very bad mistake just recently and it really hurt me, going skateboarding can clear my mind but I’m 14 and it’s late so that’s crushed

  • Rainbow6ixSiege
    Rainbow6ixSiege 21 day ago

    Anyone feel that beat change at the end?

    FRONTIER STUDIOS 21 day ago

    To think this guy was the same guy to eat a vomit cake, eat spaghetti out of his pocket, get chicken hearts thrown at him, get thrown up on, get pissed on, eat jack youtubers pube hairs and dress up in a pink suit and get himself in trouble with it, and was able to make a masterpiece

    FRONTIER STUDIOS 21 day ago

    I wanna sing this for a slow song at a school one day, my singing is like 5.5/10

  • Sara Hernandez
    Sara Hernandez 22 days ago

    What do u want from me I have nothing left to give

  • Alvin Ryan Ocampo
    Alvin Ryan Ocampo 23 days ago

    It’s a crime this isn’t on Spotify

  • Notice me
    Notice me 23 days ago

    listen to it slowed and equalized on my channel

  • Korvo
    Korvo 24 days ago

    I feel empty

  • 9one
    9one 25 days ago

    holly fuck! this song start so good

  • Brandon
    Brandon 25 days ago

    Put this on Apple Music my god

  • 100 subs in two weeks
    100 subs in two weeks 25 days ago

    is this chef?

  • Ilana is bored
    Ilana is bored 26 days ago

    Pleaaase pleaaseeee I need this on Spotify!

    MC PEDROSSE 26 days ago +2

    I’m crying at 10 seconds in the song omg, Joji, what are you doing to me?

  • El cat
    El cat 26 days ago

    Why do I have these feelings..these emotions..why?
    I'm still only going to eventually die.
    So why make me feel all this? If in the end it doesn't matter.
    Why make it so strong within me?
    For that matter..why even bring me to life..make me exist..why..for what..
    Or atleast you should've kept me ignorant. I don't want to be concious. Woke. I want to be bliss. At least die knowing that I felt what I felt so strong that I chased it no matter what came of it..that I tried..I'll be good with that..give me live my life.
    I don't want money. Mental capacity. Power..I do not want power..
    I have come to realise the more power the more crazy and out if control things get..I can't even handle it anymore
    I want to be small..I miss being small..when I knew nothing and I was happy because I didn't know anything but all I knew was that I was happy.

  • Extra Virgin
    Extra Virgin 26 days ago


  • Noah.x
    Noah.x 28 days ago

    Why is this not on spotify 😢

  • CrystalsOn4u
    CrystalsOn4u 28 days ago

  • Henry McMuffin
    Henry McMuffin Month ago

    This needs to be on spotify.

  • Josh Ayala
    Josh Ayala Month ago

    Kinda reminds me of mac's death for some reason

  • sour patch kids
    sour patch kids Month ago +1

    listening to this while it's raining. it's so soothing and just overall amazing. 11/10 would recommend

  • colton
    colton Month ago

    Probably one of his better songs vocally

  • Henrietta Lore
    Henrietta Lore Month ago

    Is this song about someone who is scared of falling in love with someone who is treating them so well? Cuz holy shit. I'm the person treating my crush so well and loving, and he keeps me at arms length away just saying we are "friends" I feel so used, honestly...

  • Nunya Beezwax
    Nunya Beezwax Month ago


  • Taacooz
    Taacooz Month ago

    Its a quite a simple song but quite unbreakable song

  • Taacooz
    Taacooz Month ago

    It is a simple word but effective

  • Narel
    Narel Month ago


  • Cosmic Bee
    Cosmic Bee Month ago

    Omfg super late on finding his music, so glad I did! 😍😍😍

  • toxique
    toxique Month ago

    the same damn man made *human cake*

  • Carlos Ramon
    Carlos Ramon Month ago

    anyone else notice that the "why you gotta act so nice" note progression sounds exactly like the weeaboo song

  • Cher l'harmonie
    Cher l'harmonie Month ago

    Onde estão os Br de bom gosto que também escutam Joji, manifestem-se

  • Mehreen Malik
    Mehreen Malik Month ago

    Born in the right generation

  • alisiah peachie
    alisiah peachie Month ago

    0:38 🥰🤪

    CODE WET FIRE DOG Month ago

    Need this on Spotify please

  • A Stick
    A Stick Month ago

    My bitch ass cries everytime

  • Nalani Guzman
    Nalani Guzman Month ago

    this song for some reason helps me sleep

  • Elliot Christianson-Stafford

    I've asked people if they know this song and turn's out not a lot of people DO!!

  • Alice Nakiri
    Alice Nakiri Month ago

    Put this in spotify bitch

  • Namjoon's Dimples
    Namjoon's Dimples Month ago

    Bruh I luh dis song but it’s not on fuxing Spotify 😡😡

  • your uncle
    your uncle Month ago

    Why tf this gotta bump so hard rn

  • pablo clavijo
    pablo clavijo Month ago

    Heyyy 88rising put it in Spotify

  • Dino H
    Dino H Month ago +1

    Spotify are you fucking kidding me

  • trinitywood08
    trinitywood08 Month ago +1

    This needs to be like.. twice as long

  • GuhTheKiller
    GuhTheKiller Month ago

    Brunão é gado

  • pablo clavijo
    pablo clavijo Month ago +1

    Please put it in Spotify