WHO IS THE SMARTER BROTHER!? (5th Grade Questions)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • WHO IS THE SMARTER BROTHER?! The winner will get Krispy Kreme and Little Caesars, the loser will be 25 and live at home. I love these humans.
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  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper 2 hours ago

    Josh: what do you call a baby sheep?
    Jonah: “sheep”

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    "is that Swuffed Cwust?"

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    this is embarrassing to watch. cringe

  • Jeremiah Carter
    Jeremiah Carter 2 days ago

    0:56 that was a whole Drake & Josh moment.😂😂😂

  • David Ceja
    David Ceja 4 days ago +1

    Josh I challenge you to help Jonah lose weight good video to see the transformation

  • Alyssa 234
    Alyssa 234 5 days ago

    Hey umm does vardon have any handles he cute and is really funny lol btw im 12 lol but can you ask him plwase

  • Kasudro YUH
    Kasudro YUH 5 days ago +1

    I love how Josh got cut off like three times when they were trash talking Krispy Kreme lmfao

  • Tanner Begaye
    Tanner Begaye 6 days ago

    Hell yeah Vardon.

  • Frannie Miller
    Frannie Miller 6 days ago

    There is 6 not 7

  • Alex Lynch
    Alex Lynch 6 days ago

    “what the most important reason to go to college?”
    -“BEER PONG”

  • Joseph Indorato
    Joseph Indorato 6 days ago

    Vardon: *eats 4 doughnuts*
    Also Vardon: I’m hungry

  • Brooke Crane
    Brooke Crane 7 days ago

    okay but seriously can you give healthy prizes not only would it be funny but I’m actually afraid Jonah is going to develop diabetes within the next five years if he keeps eating like this

  • Absol Your Soul
    Absol Your Soul 8 days ago

    I cant believe I just watched this whole video .. I am smoking 😂😇🤷‍♂️

  • NAcHO1713
    NAcHO1713 11 days ago +3

    “Who invented the telephone?” “Sprint”
    No it was obviously nokia, they were built like tanks, and never break.

    NO CLOUT 11 days ago +2

    Is there something wrong with the kid ..... I’m concerned

  • Kamilah Arceneaux
    Kamilah Arceneaux 11 days ago

    they have to be developmentally delayed there’s just no way

  • Brendan Murray
    Brendan Murray 12 days ago

    Obese stupid america at its finest ladies and gentlemen goddam what a great country we have jesus fuck

  • Brendan Murray
    Brendan Murray 12 days ago

    Kid doesnt know what our flag looks like jesus

  • ScrollUp SIR
    ScrollUp SIR 12 days ago

    i like how josh told vardon its Egypt

  • B Z
    B Z 12 days ago

    4:51 "I just love you Vardan" "Thank you" awwwww
    love how Josh is so nice to Vardan!!

  • Rhyzy
    Rhyzy 13 days ago +4

    Josh - For a trivia challenge
    Vardon- whats that
    Josh- exactly

  • Lindsey Nelson
    Lindsey Nelson 13 days ago

    You guys have bullied Jonah so much that he’s self conscious about eating on camera now that’s just fucked up.

  • Bright Tulipz
    Bright Tulipz 14 days ago

    I never knew what Krispy Kreme was till David dobrik and y’all

  • Aiyannah
    Aiyannah 14 days ago

    Carson looks like he stretched out 😶

  • Cillian ___
    Cillian ___ 14 days ago

    They are dum dum

  • Suzy AM
    Suzy AM 15 days ago

    Fred Flintstone to the left of me, jokers to the right here I am......

  • MasonVictoryG
    MasonVictoryG 15 days ago

    josh gives food and self harm😂😂😂

  • SwishaHouseLobbies
    SwishaHouseLobbies 15 days ago

    keep it real my dude🤣

  • Sgtbuddy 361
    Sgtbuddy 361 15 days ago

    How the fuck can vardan eat so fucking much what the fuuuuuuuck

  • Dyerb Balawag
    Dyerb Balawag 15 days ago

    Vardan actuall

  • cRzY Frosty
    cRzY Frosty 15 days ago +1


  • Nyia Gang
    Nyia Gang 16 days ago +2

    When he looked away from verdon and verdon tased him (idk if I spelt his name right)😂😂

  • 김참빛
    김참빛 16 days ago

    i cant believe vardon goes to my school 🙄 hes actually so cocky and annoying

  • the dillonator Pruitt
    the dillonator Pruitt 16 days ago

    8:51 this kid had 3 donuts, he’s still hungry, I mean wow he Is 12, sooo fat

  • PrezoGaming 97
    PrezoGaming 97 16 days ago +1

    Yeah yeah yeah get in the car lol

  • Hannah Duke
    Hannah Duke 16 days ago +1

    It’s physically hurts me how stupid they are 😂

  • xDontZz SpWn
    xDontZz SpWn 17 days ago

    Na education

  • jordan newkirk
    jordan newkirk 17 days ago

    Are they really that stupid😂😂 please say they arent

  • Alexis Ocegueda
    Alexis Ocegueda 17 days ago

    Kinda hard to watch

  • if only
    if only 17 days ago +1

    The way vardon zaps josh with the taser then just picks pizzas up an giggles 😂😂💀

  • bluetooth speaker
    bluetooth speaker 17 days ago


  • Jayda Mullen
    Jayda Mullen 18 days ago

    Josh: “who invented the telephone”
    Vardon “SPRINT”

  • Quick News By Brixstein

    Are you and David not friends anymore?

  • Robin Mendelsohn
    Robin Mendelsohn 18 days ago

    It’s mind blowing how dumb they are, and I fuckin love it Hahahah

    NOICE 18 days ago

    is this real

  • __
    __ 18 days ago

    They are actually retarded

  • Dorian Santana
    Dorian Santana 18 days ago +4

    Josh: "What's the best way to get free food when you're hungry?"
    Vardon: "Become breast friends with Josh Peck" LOL

  • Kacie Edmondson
    Kacie Edmondson 19 days ago

    I’m not trying to be rude but Vardon needs to slow down on the food

  • Beauty Lover
    Beauty Lover 19 days ago

    Your videos are fun to watch. But Yikes on how little they know. I guess they are lucky to be friends with David (Free cars) and you (free food), lol.

  • David Iovan
    David Iovan 19 days ago

    I’m sorry but they are really dumb but I love them

  • easymud gaming
    easymud gaming 19 days ago

    he wont like this

  • MUNchKiN J
    MUNchKiN J 19 days ago

    Why is no one talking about how Vardon is eating his bloody donut 😂😂😂😂😂

  • oon
    oon 19 days ago

    Vardon slapped so hard, he slapped an ad in to existence

  • Tyler Simpson
    Tyler Simpson 20 days ago

    I didn’t think it was possible to get mad for people being so stupid.. this is crazy !!!

  • oliviaisonline
    oliviaisonline 20 days ago

    i just ate a fuck ton of sour patch kids and i feel sick now so watching all this food probably isn’t a good idea

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez 20 days ago

    Hey this was on my birthday day

  • Bp mystic
    Bp mystic 20 days ago

    You know when josh said should we blur out the logo because in Twitter thay were taking rood at goku shirt guy(i cant remember the names) a instagram ad showed up

  • Megan Sparkles
    Megan Sparkles 20 days ago

    10:53 vardon is a mood

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    Day & Cal 20 days ago

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  • lazy human
    lazy human 20 days ago +10

    Josh: Which country is closest to New Zealand
    Me: ...why?...how?... Do we not exist.