[AXIS] KATIE - Remember

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • KATIE - Remember (Official Music Video)
    Producer & Creative Director: SINXITY @axis_sinxity
    Artist: KATIE @katieeesh
    Creative Direction: 윤정윤, 김민정 @nnoo.yy @highendidol
    Art Designer: 윤정윤, 김민정, 안중윤, 박소영 @nnoo.yy @highendidol @joong_yoon @so8away
    Visual Director: Kylie Fukada @kaori_fukada
    Music Video Director: PARANOID PARADIGM @paranoidparadigm
    Music Video Production: VM Project Architecture @vm_project
    Project Management: Jessica Choi @jessavotree
    Glam: Hitomi Matsuno, Kato, Hiroki Kitada @matsuno71 @katohairmake @hiroki_kitada
    Stylist: Erica Mimura(TRON) @erica_mimura
    Music Production: KEPLER
    Music A&R: Dakyung Lee, Chung Kim @chloe_lee25 @silberio77
    Special thanks to: 정유희, 장다혜 @yooheechung @daheyjj
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  • 현 윤경
    현 윤경 8 hours ago

    난 점쟁이다. 뻔한 예산에 저당시 저정도의 셀럽들 섭외하려면 누군가 구심점이 있어야 했을거다. 그래서 돈으로 모은것은 아니었을것이고 누군가의 인맥으로 모았을것이다.물론 케이티김 인맥은 아니었을것이고 저기 수많은 수컷들 중 하나일것이다.내가 보기엔자이언티가 계속 와닿네?ㅋ지금은 모르겠지만 아마도 저때 케이티김 남친이었을것이라 본다.

  • As Do
    As Do Day ago

    That is sik-k...2:04 ...
    2:07 😯 ohh shit he is

  • Valeriya Ermolaeva

    this is sooo gooood

  • lalisa bangs
    lalisa bangs 2 days ago

    Definition of aesthetic:

  • Cici Duru
    Cici Duru 2 days ago +1

    I still wait for Katie × Zayn

  • makine kawaguchi
    makine kawaguchi 2 days ago +2

    omg ,this is ahahhahahaah ...precius and very cool !!! omg I AM DIE

    PORSHA HAYES 2 days ago

    Shes rlly amazing

  • 리랄라
    리랄라 4 days ago


  • Majestic _ Army
    Majestic _ Army 4 days ago

    2:43 can y'all tell me who the 3 guys are ( black dreads; tattoos on right, the green dreads dude, and the black haired boy with the kpop haircut next to the green dreads guy) they catch my attention 👀

    • go hard run fast
      go hard run fast 3 days ago +1

      black dreads : CJAMM , green dreads : zene the zilla , kpop haircut : sik-k

  • HopOnTheHype
    HopOnTheHype 5 days ago

    This would be a better video and song if there weren't a bunch of people swinging their arms around trying to look hip-hoppy and cool, it's cringey.

  • Nat Menuh
    Nat Menuh 5 days ago

    love it love it

  • 머글래?이거
    머글래?이거 6 days ago +1

    이 좋은 노래가 왜 지니에 없는 거지....일해라 지니

  • Miranda Kim
    Miranda Kim 6 days ago

    stan talent stan YG💖

  • 유제시카
    유제시카 6 days ago

    내 예상대로 폭망

  • Ashm. 23
    Ashm. 23 7 days ago

    She deserves to be in AOMG

  • Corrie Hallam
    Corrie Hallam 8 days ago

    seen this video so many times and I am just now seeing the cameos 2:14 what the heck

  • Elisa Grier
    Elisa Grier 8 days ago

    Cjamm is fine ash that is all😔❤

    YG STAN 8 days ago

    OMG she so amazingg!

  • jextuar b99
    jextuar b99 9 days ago

    she is different idk but i feel like omg

  • Violetta Guess
    Violetta Guess 9 days ago

    Why didnt I know about this dong?why is it not in top 10?

  • shithi zinath
    shithi zinath 9 days ago

    I so luv it. Can't stop listening.

  • Jade 1995
    Jade 1995 10 days ago +2


  • MK daYELLA
    MK daYELLA 10 days ago

    아니 뒤에 젓딧 빌택 씨잼 쑥갓 로스 제네 자메즈 등등 실화냐고 좆간지네

  • 김기민
    김기민 10 days ago

    잼잼이는 너무 귀여워가 여기서 왜 나오누?

  • I am me
    I am me 11 days ago


  • Sick Boy
    Sick Boy 11 days ago

    Video is like jewellery ad, handbag and dress ad

  • let’s #kill this love

    giving me female zayne vibes -

  • Lara Palacios
    Lara Palacios 11 days ago

    Oh my god

  • gowons healthy roots
    gowons healthy roots 11 days ago +2

    I'm so shocked?? how have I never heard of her until now?? I'm gonna have to stan immediately

  • La MoMo
    La MoMo 11 days ago

    Que pedo con esos ruiditos raros? :v parece un perro

  • Babiiie_ Allen
    Babiiie_ Allen 12 days ago

    *AOMG records has entered the chat*
    *DEAN has entered the chat*

  • Bel Sheahan
    Bel Sheahan 12 days ago

    Her eyes are gorgeous tho

  • Mariam abdallah
    Mariam abdallah 12 days ago

    is sik-k her brother ??? they look like each other

  • Sarious
    Sarious 12 days ago

    Is this pillowtalk by zayn

  • Jimin’s jams
    Jimin’s jams 12 days ago

    1:17 slime!?!

  • Call Me Artist
    Call Me Artist 12 days ago

    She should join 88

  • k.whoree Oof
    k.whoree Oof 12 days ago

    I’m mad that I’m just know seeing this

  • Supawadee Laokom
    Supawadee Laokom 13 days ago

    song is kill me. Love it.

  • Fud Fud
    Fud Fud 13 days ago

    I miss you
    pls comeback

  • Bailey Carter
    Bailey Carter 13 days ago

    I swear I’ve heard this on the radio🤔



  • Nini 03
    Nini 03 14 days ago +1

    Is this real!!! Are those rappers?? I just noticed this after watching it 4 times 😂In 2:41 there are so much familiar faces! Could someone confirm this?


    Somehow this song reminds me of jiselle's missed call. Anyone feel the same?

  • Nur Rmxh
    Nur Rmxh 14 days ago

    pretty,adorable and talented

  • 교수대학
    교수대학 14 days ago


  • kan 07
    kan 07 14 days ago


  • Günay Muradova
    Günay Muradova 14 days ago

    Remember YG released this and hid her again..

  • irsyad phoenix
    irsyad phoenix 14 days ago

    Is this the trailer for Avenger End Game of K Rapper?

  • Annie Moses
    Annie Moses 14 days ago +3

    Shes kpop but at the same time, age ain't kpop. I like her.

  • Mariela Garcia
    Mariela Garcia 14 days ago

    10 MILLION we can do better 💕

  • SleepOnBedsNotTheHyungLineThanks

    what in seven shades of fuck is that sound in the chorus sksksk it sounds like a turkey being punched in the throat I actually can't get over it

  • NadeEver
    NadeEver 15 days ago

    Is that CJamm?

  • Tín Phạm
    Tín Phạm 15 days ago

    still listening ^^

  • GiveLuaMoreLines
    GiveLuaMoreLines 15 days ago

    I’m a bit late but I love this song so much and the aesthetics in the mv 💕💕💕

  • sugaswagswag
    sugaswagswag 15 days ago

    dude just click

  • all redox
    all redox 15 days ago

    i got the pillowtalk of zayn malik vibe

  • Zoey Chan
    Zoey Chan 15 days ago

    who came here after the collacb with Ty Dolla Sign ?

  • Aestin
    Aestin 15 days ago +2

    She looks like my friend and has the same name omg

  • Magdalena Sierra
    Magdalena Sierra 16 days ago

    Waoooooo She have the voice wonderful I LOVE KATIE KIM

  • Eabha Corrigan
    Eabha Corrigan 16 days ago

    So good

  • The Star
    The Star 16 days ago

    I swear to God why it wasnt promoted internationaly? God this should be running tru i tunes, spotify and radios evwrywhere

  • I'm the T of Tea
    I'm the T of Tea 16 days ago

    Finally 10M ! Congrats Katie 🧡

  • lcvykhei
    lcvykhei 16 days ago


  • _ faerie
    _ faerie 16 days ago +1

    oh hi recommendation

  • Amalia Aftah
    Amalia Aftah 16 days ago +14

    Why do I only find this now??

  • literal trash
    literal trash 16 days ago

    My goodness I just realized there's Sik-K and C jamm in it 😰😰😰

  • Pilar Relao
    Pilar Relao 16 days ago +1

    I didn't know that YG Ent. Has this gold artist too!

    • Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul 16 days ago

      She left YG. She's with AXIS now, a company run by a former YG executive. YGE is just the music distributer but she's technically not under the label.

  • mary
    mary 16 days ago

    katie you can count with me for everything love ya

  • H A N N I A
    H A N N I A 16 days ago +2

    It’s This An IPhone Comercial?

    • _ faerie
      _ faerie 16 days ago +1

      omg 💆‍♀️💀💀

  • Onlyyymawe
    Onlyyymawe 16 days ago

    korean billie elish

  • MexicanWolf 1230 Vlogs

    Its Looks like the great depression

  • Park Sun Hee
    Park Sun Hee 17 days ago

    Parece comercial da Elseve

  • Cookieez Are Loaf
    Cookieez Are Loaf 17 days ago +87

    She's like the korean Billie Eillish?
    Ik they are different people and artists, I acknowledge that.

  • Lamu Sherpa
    Lamu Sherpa 17 days ago

    She looks so young. What is her age?🤨

  • los.beteese. esos
    los.beteese. esos 17 days ago +1

    A M A I Z I N G , T H I S N E E D 1 0 0 M I L L I O N V E W S, N O T 1 0

  • Zach Azra
    Zach Azra 17 days ago +2

    y'all see Los? Zene The Zilla? Sik-K? C Jamm? Ja Mezz? y'all lit

  • Giang thanh
    Giang thanh 17 days ago

    Đoạn drop cuốn quá :]] nghe phê tê tái

  • sailor sun
    sailor sun 17 days ago +3

    The proof that some artists need more promotion and recognition than others

  • Bểu
    Bểu 17 days ago +56

    We were so automatic
    But now I'm reminiscing
    Falling through the cracks
    It was bound to happen
    It's funny how it lingers
    But I'm not surprised
    We were magic
    Boy, you had me hypnotized under your spell
    We were lost in a fantasy
    Chasing those memories
    It's like I can taste you
    I swear to God I still taste you
    Remember, I remember
    We make love love memorable memorable
    We make love love not typical typical
    Remember, I remember
    How many times that we
    The time and the place that we
    Remember, I remember
    I I remember
    You left me no decision
    To point the finger at you
    You kept on coming back
    With all your reasons
    And when it wasn't working
    You always gave me something I was needing
    Boy, you had me hypnotized under your spell
    We were lost in a fantasy
    Chasing those memories
    It's like I can taste you
    I swear to God I still taste you
    Remember, I remember
    We make love love memorable memorable
    We make love love not typical typical
    Remember, I remember
    How many times that we
    The time and the place that we
    Remember, I remember
    I I remember
    Dịch sang Tiếng Việt

  • sarai AGB
    sarai AGB 17 days ago

    me da una satisfacción ver este vídeo

  • Kiddo Simmer
    Kiddo Simmer 17 days ago +27

    Great song but let's acknowledge that every single man in the video is fineeee

  • Kei MeHer
    Kei MeHer 17 days ago

    Congrulations! 10 millions views.

  • d'oro
    d'oro 18 days ago +4

    ok ive been waiting forever but when tf will they give her an album or a new song

    • Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul 17 days ago +2

      I heard she'll release a full album this August

  • Maria Cavalcante
    Maria Cavalcante 18 days ago

    😍😍😍😍 a batida e a voz junto tornou a música indescritível, AMEI

  • Maria Cavalcante
    Maria Cavalcante 18 days ago


  • Jazmyn Allen
    Jazmyn Allen 18 days ago +3

    I swear I just keep finding queens everywhere 😊

  • Iskandarsyah Fam
    Iskandarsyah Fam 18 days ago +1


  • no one u kno
    no one u kno 18 days ago +4

    where has she been all my life?!?

  • mip aer
    mip aer 18 days ago +2

    She deserves much more attention she is underrated

  • Amber Fan
    Amber Fan 18 days ago

    huh Katie took 3 min of my time to make one of her fans lol i guess my list of singers isn't gonna come to an end yet

  • Kookie Berry
    Kookie Berry 18 days ago +9


  • Kookie Berry
    Kookie Berry 18 days ago +2

    If only she did a collab with Dean🥵💗

  • Rose and jungkook is my bias

    that was her?

  • Elijah Hendricks
    Elijah Hendricks 18 days ago

    When your dog gets hurt 0:49

  • Kuroi no Tress
    Kuroi no Tress 18 days ago

    X tentation?😦

  • Jocelyn Ng
    Jocelyn Ng 18 days ago +1


  • irem
    irem 18 days ago

    I like this music style too much

  • MeDiKo
    MeDiKo 18 days ago

    I want her comeback!Please...