[AXIS] KATIE - Remember

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • KATIE - Remember (Official Music Video)
    Producer & Creative Director: SINXITY @axis_sinxity
    Artist: KATIE @katieeesh
    Creative Direction: 윤정윤, 김민정 @nnoo.yy @highendidol
    Art Designer: 윤정윤, 김민정, 안중윤, 박소영 @nnoo.yy @highendidol @joong_yoon @so8away
    Visual Director: Kylie Fukada @kaori_fukada
    Music Video Director: PARANOID PARADIGM @paranoidparadigm
    Music Video Production: VM Project Architecture @vm_project
    Project Management: Jessica Choi @jessavotree
    Glam: Hitomi Matsuno, Kato, Hiroki Kitada @matsuno71 @katohairmake @hiroki_kitada
    Stylist: Erica Mimura(TRON) @erica_mimura
    Music Production: KEPLER
    Music A&R: Dakyung Lee, Chung Kim @chloe_lee25 @silberio77
    Special thanks to: 정유희, 장다혜 @yooheechung @daheyjj
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  • Mercedes Cosby
    Mercedes Cosby 23 minutes ago

    I enjoyed the video. I was happy with just her voice and then Sik-K appeared and I was like freeze I must look at everyone here now. It was amazing. RIP Kim Woo Young. I didn't realize I would see you today.

  • Julie Sun
    Julie Sun 2 hours ago

    Love katie !! AmaZing singer! Wish to hear more from you from now on!

  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk 6 hours ago


  • 갓와이
    갓와이 21 hour ago


  • suga snacc
    suga snacc Day ago

    Did she disappear

  • noé ayuda
    noé ayuda Day ago +1

    there's so many places and positions to sleep, on your back, even in the couch, another example is yg who sleep on katie's talent

  • Tashi Sherpa
    Tashi Sherpa Day ago

    Anybody noticed SIK-K???

  • Кто я?
    Кто я? Day ago


  • La Asiaan
    La Asiaan Day ago

    Sik-k is here !!!

  • elmo needs help
    elmo needs help Day ago

    *Holy fuck did I just find a masterpiece*
    The amount of how aesthetically pleased I am right now is just-

  • staceyvang
    staceyvang Day ago

    Somebody take this girl outta YG! Keeping talent in the dungeon. Smh.

  • 포또주스
    포또주스 Day ago +1

    2분넘어서 나오는 남자들이 흥에 겨워춤추는 장면만 없었으면 완벽했을듯...

  • isa sassafras
    isa sassafras Day ago

    i need a list with all these rappers name

  • Thu Huynh
    Thu Huynh Day ago +1


  • S Class
    S Class 2 days ago +1

    This song is still so amazing in 2019. I hope she keeps on creating golden treasures like this song!

  • goku son
    goku son 2 days ago

    Omg I love this song...why did I just discover it?

  • Sombodyᄋᄉᄋ
    Sombodyᄋᄉᄋ 2 days ago

    Alles designer prrrr ey ey ey

  • HOYaaa
    HOYaaa 2 days ago +2

    kim woo young...poor baby


  • Samia Kazi
    Samia Kazi 2 days ago

    Everyone says there's a ton of famous rappers in here.
    Is there yoongi in here?

  • shelly
    shelly 2 days ago +2

    살이 너무 빠졌네요... 그전이 훨씬 이뻤는뎅... 어쨋든 앨범이 대박났음 좋겠습니다 ♡

  • MMM L-árte
    MMM L-árte 3 days ago +11

    Did her album already came out?? because I haven't seen any news about it

  • Najwa Hxnim
    Najwa Hxnim 3 days ago +2

    Idk but what is this

  • Laura Botero
    Laura Botero 4 days ago +6

    Replay one hundred times. This is pure art!

  • 함께사세
    함께사세 4 days ago +3

    좋아하고 응원했던 팬으로써 이번 편은 그 동안의 기다림 끝에 비로서 예고편 처럼 발표한거고,
    이제 곧 본편을 기다려왔는데 .. 이게 케이티김의 어떤 시도였는지 궁굼해요 만냑 이게 본편이라면 왜 이리 베일에 숨은 모습으로 열었는지
    캐릭터로써도 매력 발산할 수있는 모습인데 ..

  • evelin perez
    evelin perez 5 days ago +3

    i need comeback please

  • 댕냥이 좋아
    댕냥이 좋아 5 days ago +2

    아니 이 분 누구에요? 완전 노래도 좋고.. 분위기랑 음색도 대박인데.. Yg에 이런 가수가 있었나요?ㄷㄷ 대박인데 ..

  • WhAt a sCaM
    WhAt a sCaM 5 days ago +3

    Bro shes so cute

  • natalia ramirez
    natalia ramirez 5 days ago +3

    yg donde esta esta chicaaaaaaaaaa, en que parte del zotano la tienes a ver si me la robo

  • sigh ha
    sigh ha 5 days ago +3

    ㅈ금보니깐 래퍼들이많넹 씨잼 빌스택스 저수디스 자메즈 제네더질라 슄케이 로스

  • natalia ramirez
    natalia ramirez 5 days ago +2

    omg calidad esto es calidaaaaaaad no se por que no me habia enterado de esto antes

  • secretsinhappy
    secretsinhappy 6 days ago +4

    Yeah, yeah
    [Verse 1]
    We were so automatic
    But now I’m reminiscing
    Falling through the cracks was bound to happen
    It’s funny how it lingers
    But I’m not surprised
    That we were magic
    And boy, you had me hypnotized under your spell
    We were lost in a fantasy
    Chasing those memories
    It’s like I can taste you
    I swear to God I still taste you
    Remember, I remember
    We make love, love memorable, memorable
    We make love, love not typical, typical
    Remember, I remember
    How many times that we
    The time and the place that we
    Remember, I remember
    I, and I remember
    [Verse 2]
    You left me no decision
    To point the finger at you
    You kept on coming back with all your reasons
    And when it wasn’t working
    You always gave me something I was needing
    And boy, you had me hypnotized
    Under your spell
    We were lost in a fantasy
    Chasing those memories
    It’s like I can taste you
    I swear to God I still taste you
    Remember, I remember
    We make love, love memorable, memorable
    We make love, love not typical, typical
    Remember, I remember
    How many times that we
    The time and the place that we
    Remember, I remember
    I, and I remember

    THE GYPSY 6 days ago +3

    cjamm lookin so fine

  • Kate K.
    Kate K. 7 days ago +1

    queen we need a cb

  • A Person
    A Person 7 days ago +3

    who let you do this my sweet beehive queen?

  • Awkrdly Prrfct
    Awkrdly Prrfct 7 days ago +1

    Ya'll need to say something to Axis, cause I been Remembering for fucking ever.

  • 예지몽
    예지몽 7 days ago +1

    이쁜얼굴이였는데 ᆢ눈에손댓네 ᆢ 쩝ᆞ홍보가없어서 ᆢᆢ 안타깝군 ᆞ힘네 케이티"!

  • Min Jimin
    Min Jimin 7 days ago +1

    0:50 Este sonido me causa un poco de gracia

  • Articulative C
    Articulative C 7 days ago +1

    Why is there's an empty space next to her?

  • 음?
    음? 7 days ago +1

    와 ㄷ

  • Chris Tse
    Chris Tse 7 days ago +1

    Who else like KT Kim since KPOPSTAR?~~~~

  • be gold
    be gold 8 days ago +4

    So much swag

    BLINKZEN 8 days ago +2

    When I saw sik k I actually screamed

  • Doh!
    Doh! 9 days ago +1

    약쥐? 성매매쥐? 물뽕쥐?

  • hee lee
    hee lee 9 days ago +2

    노래 진짜 신비하고 멋있다!!! 왜 처음들어보지 작년 6월에 나온건데.. 밀어주세요 와이지

  • asdfgh
    asdfgh 9 days ago +1

    y sigo esperando la otra cancion :,(

  • Jessica paula
    Jessica paula 9 days ago +3

    Katie comeback now

  • Tiara C
    Tiara C 9 days ago

    I was feeling the mv until I saw those mfs dancing with pipe cleaners hanging off their scalp

    • ZeAlphaWolf
      ZeAlphaWolf 9 days ago

      Tiara C you mean C Jamm? He’s had those for years bro

  • Selli Ham
    Selli Ham 9 days ago +1

    I like that!!!!

  • 달푸른
    달푸른 9 days ago +1

    This is crazy ridic good video... woah

  • Dery Adiprasatya
    Dery Adiprasatya 9 days ago +1

    that's CJAMM !!

  • Ahlam X
    Ahlam X 10 days ago +1

    C jam ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ปิงปิง uwu
    ปิงปิง uwu 10 days ago +4

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this since it came out, it deserves so many move views.

  • Maria Santi
    Maria Santi 11 days ago +1

    Necessito de outro comeback 🤧💕

  • OinkOink
    OinkOink 11 days ago +4

    I love this.

  • Mundi Cox
    Mundi Cox 11 days ago +3

    Reminds me a lot of the Yeezy Season 3 show during the Life in Pablo release date.

    • Ai Le
      Ai Le 10 days ago +1

      Mundi Cox yes I noticed it too))

  • Jackie Wong
    Jackie Wong 11 days ago +2


  • lindsay99vt
    lindsay99vt 12 days ago +1

    Oh hi there Sik-k, whatchu up to?

  • ༒ riluhmꤕ ༒ ꪜ
    ༒ riluhmꤕ ༒ ꪜ 12 days ago +1

    I impress myself with my taste of music.

  • Dabbing Tree
    Dabbing Tree 12 days ago +12

    Just realized that the whole song is in English

  • tldms e
    tldms e 12 days ago +1

    폰에 있는 노랜데 그 케이티가 이 케이티인지 몰랐다;;;

  • Vale
    Vale 12 days ago +4

    It's been since MONTHS since I listened to this for the last time omg I knew something was missing in my life

  • Sakura
    Sakura 12 days ago +10

    This is too underrated!

  • jinuww145
    jinuww145 12 days ago +3

    Her voice is like Isyana, singer from Indonesia

  • d i
    d i 13 days ago

    Katie is stil in yg right?

    • Phương Thảo
      Phương Thảo 12 days ago +1

      No. U see in the title they wrote "AXIS". She is now in AXIS.

  • matheus carrerinha
    matheus carrerinha 13 days ago

    Someone can answer. Is Sik-k over there?

  • Yasmim Portela
    Yasmim Portela 13 days ago +2

    Omg omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marcelo Sánchez Dávila
    Marcelo Sánchez Dávila 13 days ago +1

    this is a fucking beautiful piece of art 🌈💕🔥

  • Phương Anh Lê Ngọc
    Phương Anh Lê Ngọc 13 days ago +4

    We need her to comeback 💗💓

  • Avisha Ari
    Avisha Ari 14 days ago +2

    just move from korea, they just love abs,aegyo,beautiful man/girl
    they don't need best talent like you

  • whorewang whorejaebum
    whorewang whorejaebum 14 days ago +1

    We gon ignore the fact that Sik-K looks an extra 100 percent fine😍

  • Chaoi Yin
    Chaoi Yin 14 days ago +1


  • Jessica paula
    Jessica paula 14 days ago +2

    Amazing 😍

  • Jessica paula
    Jessica paula 14 days ago +3


  • Mimi Dubu
    Mimi Dubu 14 days ago

    I don't actually like the tune. I don't know why it's a bit weird

  • Ayca Murat
    Ayca Murat 14 days ago +1

    Ilk defa kalite akan bir şaki gordum bu derecede.

  • Salsha Melsi
    Salsha Melsi 14 days ago +85

    Katie X Anda X Rosé X Lee Hi😎

    • Salsha Melsi
      Salsha Melsi 9 days ago

      +Deha DH glad to see you

    • Deha DH
      Deha DH 9 days ago

      +Salsha Melsi I just know her song because Bobby of iKON posted about her in instagram. Yes, she is.

    • Salsha Melsi
      Salsha Melsi 9 days ago

      +Deha DH thanks a lot. Hannah is 96 line, isn't it?

    • Deha DH
      Deha DH 9 days ago

      +Salsha Melsi no, she left YG. Go check her out, Hannah - Bigwave

    • Salsha Melsi
      Salsha Melsi 9 days ago

      +Deha DH Hannah Jang, is she still at YG?

  • akera reed
    akera reed 15 days ago +1

    i just just listen to this song and im in love its so good

  • Nora Sam
    Nora Sam 15 days ago

    i saw cjamm uwu

  • 이시훈
    이시훈 15 days ago

    아놔 케이티 좀 살려줘.

  • Tom Fandy
    Tom Fandy 15 days ago


  • N S
    N S 16 days ago

    Bitch were was she at!!?????!!!

  • Golden Booster
    Golden Booster 16 days ago

    Where is she now??

  • lana is god
    lana is god 16 days ago


  • Victoria YS
    Victoria YS 16 days ago

    Who are artists that are like this?

    • Salt Tea
      Salt Tea 3 days ago

      Victoria YS Of course☺️

    • Victoria YS
      Victoria YS 3 days ago

      +Salt Tea thank you!!!

    • Salt Tea
      Salt Tea 15 days ago +1

      She’s a Korean R&B Artist so you can try listening to Dean, Penomeco, Crush, Offonoff, Zico, and Jay Park

  • Haer Min
    Haer Min 16 days ago

    Maravilhosa ❤❤❤🇧🇷

  • Adriana Catalan
    Adriana Catalan 17 days ago

    me encanta

  • Haruka Kiamoto
    Haruka Kiamoto 17 days ago

    CJAMM i see u boii

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 17 days ago +1

    the best song I've ever heard *-*

  • Um No
    Um No 17 days ago

    This reminds me of Ten’s New Heroes- His was the silver aesthetic, Katie’s is the Gold. Imagine a collaboration between them!

  • 제니어스
    제니어스 17 days ago

    와이지 안타깝다 이렇게 뽑아낼수있는 기획사인데 뭔가 잘못되가고있다 근본부터바로서야되는데
    이젠 멋이고 스웩이고 그런건 버려야된다 바른정신에 바른음악을 하길 문득. 이뮤비를 보다가 너무 안타까워서 한자썼다ㅠ

  • Andriana Novia Sinaga
    Andriana Novia Sinaga 17 days ago


  • holy_water_ supplier
    holy_water_ supplier 17 days ago +3

    Who came from astro rocky, jinjin & moonbin's dance?

  • newkayera
    newkayera 17 days ago

    marley and me was one of the greatest movies of all time

  • xomy. gotjams
    xomy. gotjams 17 days ago +1

    I need a comeback

  • Bella G
    Bella G 18 days ago

    Such a masterpiece 😍

  • 장시은
    장시은 18 days ago

    하앙 너무예술적이야

  • ricewoo
    ricewoo 18 days ago

    why does she look like sehun oh my god

  • - castillito
    - castillito 18 days ago

    qué hermosa es mi esposa

  • Blue Monster
    Blue Monster 19 days ago +1


  • N S
    N S 19 days ago

    Such an amazing voice