[AXIS] KATIE - Remember

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • KATIE - Remember (Official Music Video)
    Producer & Creative Director: SINXITY @axis_sinxity
    Artist: KATIE @katieeesh
    Creative Direction: 윤정윤, 김민정 @nnoo.yy @highendidol
    Art Designer: 윤정윤, 김민정, 안중윤, 박소영 @nnoo.yy @highendidol @joong_yoon @so8away
    Visual Director: Kylie Fukada @kaori_fukada
    Music Video Director: PARANOID PARADIGM @paranoidparadigm
    Music Video Production: VM Project Architecture @vm_project
    Project Management: Jessica Choi @jessavotree
    Glam: Hitomi Matsuno, Kato, Hiroki Kitada @matsuno71 @katohairmake @hiroki_kitada
    Stylist: Erica Mimura(TRON) @erica_mimura
    Music Production: KEPLER
    Music A&R: Dakyung Lee, Chung Kim @chloe_lee25 @silberio77
    Special thanks to: 정유희, 장다혜 @yooheechung @daheyjj
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  • Ten's little fish

    is this what shook feels like?

  • Ten's little fish

    My jaw dropped, I cried. What has this girl done to me?

  • Loonatic _Ujung
    Loonatic _Ujung Hour ago

    Is she promoting this song in tv shows like M countdown or similar? I haven't seen anyting about her in that shows...

  • Chawy Aung
    Chawy Aung 2 hours ago

    protect this song. protect Katie. this is precious.

  • Marissa Zefany
    Marissa Zefany 3 hours ago

    Her voice reminds me of Isyana Sarasvati from Indonesia :p

  • hoseok's lip mole
    hoseok's lip mole 3 hours ago

    the beat sounds so familiar but I can't place it, it's a bop tho

  • Isay Marte
    Isay Marte 3 hours ago

    I'll definitely remember this song, in my sleep

  • Isay Marte
    Isay Marte 3 hours ago

    Omg!! I'm gonna download this immediately😨😍😍

  • Kangre Summers
    Kangre Summers 4 hours ago

    Kanye visuals and Young thug hook

  • Pheonix Destoryer
    Pheonix Destoryer 5 hours ago

    I will remember that u have very nice vocals

  • Queenie11011
    Queenie11011 5 hours ago

    she's freaking gorgeous i have a crush on her. and the song is amazing

  • Kiero.un. Koreano
    Kiero.un. Koreano 6 hours ago +1

    Maravillosa voz 😍😍😍❤️

  • Samantha Montuoro
    Samantha Montuoro 7 hours ago +1

    I like her!!!

  • EZ Official
    EZ Official 7 hours ago


  • Posca Lee
    Posca Lee 8 hours ago


  • Jeenie Mal
    Jeenie Mal 9 hours ago

    Ooooooo i knew I saw my mans

  • Ale xp
    Ale xp 9 hours ago

  • maria estoy enamorado por ti


  • Dany :D
    Dany :D 10 hours ago +1

    Her voice😍

  • Soosoo Alamri
    Soosoo Alamri 10 hours ago


  • Agust d
    Agust d 10 hours ago

    She's so underrated???!!!!!!!kpop literally doesn't pay attention to dope projects like that this girl should sign a contract with worldwide entertainment

  • Hậu Trần
    Hậu Trần 11 hours ago

    ❤ i will remember

  • Jeremy Kwok-Yi Chan
    Jeremy Kwok-Yi Chan 11 hours ago

    aesthetic overload

  • 이주환
    이주환 11 hours ago

    노래가 왠지 모르게 화장품광고 BGM 느낌

  • Alexandra Ozuna
    Alexandra Ozuna 11 hours ago

    Amazing song ♡

  • jazmin sereng
    jazmin sereng 12 hours ago

    waaaaaaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡¡ art

  • Doug Y
    Doug Y 13 hours ago

    Love Katie & her voice. Nice approach with the concept and all, but is it just me? Sounds effect too crip for her voice? It feels like lil' overwhelming.....
    She sounds superb with medium tempo like this though.
    I love her voice so much that I can listen, no, hear her all day. Wish her the best and want to hear her more new songs!!!!!

  • theponytailblog
    theponytailblog 15 hours ago +1

    everything about this is beautiful.

  • Patt Jan
    Patt Jan 15 hours ago

    idols = english = perfect

  • someasiankid
    someasiankid 15 hours ago

    I wont forget this legend

  • Daniel hyeon
    Daniel hyeon 15 hours ago

    ㅇ ㅅㅂ sik-k님도있어네여 ㅋㅋ

  • Carolina Martt
    Carolina Martt 16 hours ago

    I need a stage video of this to die in peace.

  • ss asd
    ss asd 17 hours ago

    여태 들었던 해외리믹스곡들이랑 비슷하네요

  • Muhammad Adam Amani bin Mohd Halil

    Why the drop beat sound like chicken

  • Clau xv
    Clau xv 18 hours ago

    I clicked just because the girl in the thumbnail looked so gorgeous it shoocked me

  • min sugalovers
    min sugalovers 18 hours ago

    Why i'm always ended come in here ??

  • chsb022219
    chsb022219 18 hours ago

    아니 무슨 영상팀 누군지 아시는분??

  • 찌개
    찌개 18 hours ago

    썸네일 홀린듯 이끌려 왔음. 들어본 노래였는데 케이팝스타 나왔던 케이티가 부른 노래인거여서 한번놀라고 3년동안 꽁꽁 숨기고 결국은 인재놓친 와이지에 두번 놀라네;;;;;;;

  • Mary Jane Bairon
    Mary Jane Bairon 19 hours ago +1


  • highafchihuahua
    highafchihuahua 20 hours ago +1

    Like if u expected her to sing in Korean LOL

  • Thalia Macs
    Thalia Macs 20 hours ago +2

    this is actual art man, can yall tattoo a video and a song on your forehead?

  • 김영민
    김영민 21 hour ago

    아프리카가서 듣고 싶다..

  • 威瑪
    威瑪 21 hour ago


  • silvania wemona
    silvania wemona 21 hour ago +1

    please debut in m countdown or inkigayo

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen 22 hours ago

    r we watching a Korean Kanye show or what?

  • Eunice Gaming
    Eunice Gaming 22 hours ago +2


  • KoomiAnha Bwkl
    KoomiAnha Bwkl 22 hours ago +1

    Give love for her beautiful music please guys

  • 박선우
    박선우 22 hours ago

    씨잼이 왜나오는지 설명해주실분?

  • Lucrezia Romeo
    Lucrezia Romeo 22 hours ago

    this song takes a turn when you imagine the vocals being chicken noise

  • Miyako chan
    Miyako chan 22 hours ago

    You're so beautiful

    KPOP DETECTED Day ago +1


  • 최세옥
    최세옥 Day ago

    씨잼 바스코 듀오 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Chan Baek
    Chan Baek Day ago

  • ZehSavage
    ZehSavage Day ago


  • Adrina Khairul
    Adrina Khairul Day ago

    Heard this on spotify n tbh it kinda sounds creepy at first but now im watching the mv, she is on fire 🔥

  • 윤희정
    윤희정 Day ago

    뒤에 씨잼등등 유명래퍼들 있는데 어떻게된거지 . . .

  • tj han
    tj han Day ago

    Ooooooooshhhhhhhhh been waitin

  • yeha Hwang
    yeha Hwang Day ago +1

    이 세상 힙함이 아니다

  • 이jh
    이jh Day ago

    하여간 와이지....ㅉㅉ 아 진짜 하이 앨범 언제 내줄거냐고 걍 나왔으면 하이도

  • Laurensia Tania
    Laurensia Tania Day ago +1

    Fall in love for the first time

  • Adriana Rachell
    Adriana Rachell Day ago +1

    My favorite song 💚

  • Yiduk Han
    Yiduk Han Day ago

    flume vibes

  • pelura
    pelura Day ago +1

    KATIE, I hope it goes well

  • Maica
    Maica Day ago

    Can they release the whole version with the rap? I love it...

  • Maica
    Maica Day ago

    This is so good👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • 이은실
    이은실 Day ago

    마지막 장면 (자메즈,바스코,씨잼 등등 나오는 부분)은 칸예 런웨이 무대 따라한거 같네요, 너무멋있..

  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe Day ago +2

    *Katie's voice is so unique and I love it so much! This MV is so aesthetically pleasing and Katie looks gorgeous! I really hope she keeps on making this style of music!* 😍❤💝💜🔥

  • Wendell Aguiar
    Wendell Aguiar Day ago

    I NEED 2NE1 PLEASEEE 😢😢💔💔💔💔💔

  • Usagi Tsundere
    Usagi Tsundere Day ago +2

    Half of the views are mine 💕

  • NoFace
    NoFace Day ago

    Her voice is sick

  • tùng Nguyễn việt

    hay quá

  • Larissa teles
    Larissa teles Day ago


  • Hans P
    Hans P Day ago

    Isn't it cjamm, billstax, sik-k, los, and jamezz?

  • Sarai
    Sarai Day ago +1

    Genius 🌻👻💛💫⚘

  • Andrea Martinez
    Andrea Martinez Day ago +1


  • KimiToxxxic
    KimiToxxxic Day ago +1



    I cannot get this song out of my head. She's definitely someone who does not need to be forgotten..I'll remember you girl!🤣😎

  • seoksual
    seoksual Day ago +2

    2:24 MY BOI SIK-K

  • Josh
    Josh Day ago +1

    Why not just debut in America. She's talented enough to make it there and she's a native speaker. I don't get the going Korea route. She's limiting her audience on both sides with this move.

  • Megabix
    Megabix Day ago

    What exactly is AXIS though?

    • ti
      ti Day ago

      Megabix it’s her new label, she left yg and went to axis instead. but for the time being yg is going to handle her debut.

  • I Am Not La
    I Am Not La Day ago

    The clothes only reminds me of Kanye #yeezy

  • Anni Vera Giebiszer

    OkAy BuT KATIE and Heize collab?

  • ThisisEmma !
    ThisisEmma ! Day ago


  • c l
    c l Day ago

    this is so good im in my feels

    • c l
      c l Day ago

      the visuals, and then the mix of the vocals with hip hop, but still has a Korean culture vibe to it, i love it, i want more

  • Yagmur Caylan
    Yagmur Caylan Day ago


  • 王思源
    王思源 Day ago +1

    The greatest MV and voice so far.

  • 이재우
    이재우 Day ago

    이분 그 케이팝스타 출연하셨던분 아닌가?

  • Suga-Ry Sweet
    Suga-Ry Sweet Day ago +1


  • Rqisty Socmed
    Rqisty Socmed Day ago

    This song is so good, any song from katie kim?

  • Savvy Davis
    Savvy Davis Day ago

    One of the guys is super hot 🙄

  • Zoll yuex
    Zoll yuex Day ago


  • 홍시언
    홍시언 Day ago

    2:03 에 식케이 말고 케이티 옆에 누군지 아시는분 있나요?

  • Reny Nur Aliah
    Reny Nur Aliah Day ago

    this song is sick. im in love

  • Reny Nur Aliah
    Reny Nur Aliah Day ago

    whoa i see sik k

  • Hào Lâm
    Hào Lâm Day ago

    Spotify take me here

  • 섹시가이홍다빈


  • ramdin sadiah
    ramdin sadiah Day ago

    ugh i dig it! this is so addictive

  • supalove
    supalove Day ago

    Damn, this girl is gonna blow up

  • Seanseanseanseansean

    gahd im inlove with this. i wish i could listen more of her singing

  • iKONIC & iKON
    iKONIC & iKON Day ago