Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talk about setting trends on their sitcoms, getting their own sneaker collabs and footwear choices in "Bad Boys For Life."
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  • Complex
    Complex  8 days ago +3437

    Season 10 premiere!
    What’s your favorite episode of Fresh Prince and Martin?

    • True Aries
      True Aries 15 hours ago

      All of them!!

    • adam b
      adam b 23 hours ago

      I don't believe that they paid 8k! Tou guys must have paid them to come to you!

    • Bra Powell
      Bra Powell Day ago

      Martin but The Fresh Prince was no bitch.

    • May Flower
      May Flower Day ago

      Fresh Prince -Bullets Over Bel Air
      Martin- 1flew over the hoochies nest

  • Young Zay
    Young Zay 11 hours ago

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  • Ann Murdock
    Ann Murdock 11 hours ago

    I can't stand it when I give the CASHIER my credit card in their hand but they turn around and put it on the counter!!! I have corrected a few that did that to me! I see it as being DISREPECTFUL!!!!

  • rayesimone jones
    rayesimone jones 11 hours ago

    Will smith with that rich guy lean back mouth open laugh. Marty mart was acting real weird though
    Side note: who remember that “flat top and a big ass” shot Martin took at will one episode of ‘Martin’

  • LegendOfMack
    LegendOfMack 11 hours ago

    GREAT interview skills from joe, so professional

  • Yo Nick Gears
    Yo Nick Gears 12 hours ago +1

    8k ridiculous. watch the 50 cent visit. says what! 200 for pair sneakers, no way. dude wound up Not buying anything. knows those prices were inflated for celebrity visits. and knows value of a dollar.

  • Donovan Marcus
    Donovan Marcus 12 hours ago

    $2200 for shoes? I'm sure my ancestors would be proud!

  • Yh Nate
    Yh Nate 12 hours ago

    Will crazy 😭😂

  • ItsProDaniel YT
    ItsProDaniel YT 12 hours ago

    I saw the movie its fkng great
    Bad boys for life!!!

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 12 hours ago


  • Nicol Christopher
    Nicol Christopher 13 hours ago

    I like the difference in the price of the shoes they had on. Martin $110. Will over $1,000.

  • Latise Wilson
    Latise Wilson 13 hours ago

    No black store sneaker owners, huh?

  • MegaE46
    MegaE46 13 hours ago

    That car gave me a chub 😂

  • SignedJesse
    SignedJesse 13 hours ago

    Jaden sends Will the sunflower scene from Fresh Prince

  • Karina Hernandez
    Karina Hernandez 13 hours ago

    Gd’s shoes

  • Young Black Conservative

    The *Porsche* was all I needed to see. Good 10 sec video.

  • Kiss My-Barbie-Feet73
    Kiss My-Barbie-Feet73 13 hours ago

    That was the credit card of the production. It was part of the budget . Not saying they dont have the money to do it,but they are people too. why use your own money ?

  • Carlos Cabello
    Carlos Cabello 14 hours ago


  • Funk Do Interior Produtora

    hi , help and subscribes in my Channel tnks

  • djjlc
    djjlc 14 hours ago

    Nobody is going to watch your trash movie just because you came here to fucking buy a few sneakers you’re not a part of the culture and neither is this show!

  • imahalo123
    imahalo123 14 hours ago

    Hey! It's the Mark Ass Brownlee guy!!

  • True Aries
    True Aries 15 hours ago +1

    Wtf were those sneakers so high!?!?! I know y'all lying!!!

  • Chad Marshall
    Chad Marshall 15 hours ago

    They copped nothing but heat

    PEDRO BARQUIN 16 hours ago

    y gente muriendo de hambre y estos gañanes, comprando como si fueran chicles, uno quiere comprarse un par de zapatillas y ni me llega, a tomar por culo

  • Martha Wallace
    Martha Wallace 16 hours ago

    "Yea I got on sneaks but I need a new pair cause basketball courts in the summer got girls there"
    -Will Smith "Summertime"

  • KNS
    KNS 16 hours ago +1

    I'm sick from that total!🤢🤣

  • wayne ovila
    wayne ovila 16 hours ago +2

    I get that kicks are cool. but dam them are stupid crazy prices. Honestly they say look at me cool for the video $8.000 in kicks but I see sucker rip off. The fact that people starving around the world I just could not do it rich or not. But what the hell, its there money I guess, I just have a conscious I guess.

  • Haks Hustle
    Haks Hustle 16 hours ago +1

    Lol Martin waiting for Will to say "nah don't worry I got it" instead will's like "shit go ahead nigga"

  • retyink
    retyink 17 hours ago

    you know?

  • Jordan Is Pro
    Jordan Is Pro 17 hours ago

    Bad Boys trying to do another crime....

  • Mike&RunikMike&Runik DRealBadBoys4Lyfe


  • Stepan Sidlinskiy
    Stepan Sidlinskiy 18 hours ago

    They should go on jre

  • dave israel
    dave israel 18 hours ago


  • Eric Hudson
    Eric Hudson 18 hours ago

    Stadium Goods prices are fuck'n ridiculous

  • KO☆JI
    KO☆JI 20 hours ago


  • A V
    A V 20 hours ago +1

    The Concords and Taxi's going for $499 a piece now? GTFOH!!!!
    The Bad Boys got robbed by Stadium Goods!
    Whatcha-gonna-do LMMFAO!!!

  • talal zahid
    talal zahid 20 hours ago +2

    What does the host kinda pressuring the guests always to buy the sneakers as if he wants their business to stay alive. He low key begs them to buys something lmao.

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 20 hours ago

    Damn i'm super duper broke!

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 20 hours ago

    Damn 8K man i could buy my favorite muscle car project and it will be worth triple buto make aint shoes glue & rubber cost $5.00 maybe $10.00 ain't no way!

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 20 hours ago

    The tv shows wit characters that had mean O.G. shoe game taste A Different World Ron & Dwayne Wayne, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff,Martin on his hit show Martin top 3 that been on shoes .....

  • adam nasser
    adam nasser 21 hour ago

    "What is Essentials has not been solved and what is superfluos has no limits" Pierre rabhi.
    Think about it.

  • Jay Bando
    Jay Bando 22 hours ago

    Never copping from complex 🤣 nigga said 440 for something I payed 190 for 😂

  • Zubair A
    Zubair A 22 hours ago

    babatunde still waiting for that boat ride

  • jackrobhp28
    jackrobhp28 22 hours ago

    I just wish Stadium goods would at least let you put on lipstick before they screw you like this. How the hell you charge $440 for Motorsports??

  • Rideshare Done Right
    Rideshare Done Right 23 hours ago

    Why is Martin so quiet

    • Latise Wilson
      Latise Wilson 13 hours ago +1

      Ikr. It's like he struggles to speak

  • erick wright
    erick wright Day ago +2

    Is it just me or does Martin and Will look better here? In the movie Bad Boys For Life Will looks older and Martin looks chubby but here they look just fine?...maybe it’s the camera lol idk.

  • Marvin Bennett
    Marvin Bennett Day ago +1

    I paid 170.00 for the same shoe they paid 500.00 for; hold on I just have some fake shit lol. I got em out the mall so idk.

  • v alf
    v alf Day ago

    So joe, you wear af1 para-noise

  • AP Sons
    AP Sons Day ago +1

    So nobody gonna talk about martin wearing black air force ones then buying black off white air force ones

  • Alex John
    Alex John Day ago

    Why are loose leather pants a thing

  • Winston Watson
    Winston Watson Day ago

    Black and yellow, black and yellow



  • Adolfo Carrillo
    Adolfo Carrillo Day ago

    Who else wants to see Shoreline Mafia sneaker shopping !!!!💯

  • süße früchte
    süße früchte Day ago +1

    what's Will's *jacket* tho?!

    *_i gots to know_*

  • Noemyskillz
    Noemyskillz Day ago

    Them gold 5s flames

  • Thomas _
    Thomas _ Day ago

    Mango rolo

  • Noemyskillz
    Noemyskillz Day ago

    I always wore my 5 like tht no strings

  • Noemyskillz
    Noemyskillz Day ago

    Martin look slimer n this then he did n the movie

  • Anna Smothers
    Anna Smothers Day ago


  • Callum Lewis
    Callum Lewis Day ago

    Will looked absolutely wreaked. He must be in,the middle of another Movie.