What is Flutter?

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • In this series, we introduce you to the joys of working with Flutter and Dart to build iOS and Android apps with just one codebase and only one programming language.
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  • dil dil
    dil dil Year ago +14

    Thank you for coming straight to the point and explaining it so well

  • Radu Stamate
    Radu Stamate Year ago +3

    Thanks for explaining it so well, you really did a great job !

  • Darrell Plank
    Darrell Plank Year ago

    Similar to WPF/.Net Core but much easier to use - for the programmer. XAML is complex but it allows the designer to work independently of the programmer. Not dissing Flutter at all - sounds like a GREAT idea and good for Google for making it! Also, great video here about it. Very nicely done!

  • simran kak
    simran kak 2 years ago +21

    I have been learning from u on udemy on flutter and I must say you explain so clear and to the point really so lucky to find a teacher like you please make more tutorial on flutter other than the one you already have on udemy like for advanced apps

    • Brandon Vosena
      Brandon Vosena Month ago

      @Ary Dr. Angela Yu

    • samarth chawla
      samarth chawla 2 months ago

      It is hundred days python bootcamp

    • Ary
      Ary 2 months ago

      Whats her udemy course name/channel name
      Her voice is mesmerizing

  • Issa Rukayat
    Issa Rukayat 2 years ago +42

    I love you Angela. So eloquent. Thank you for always simplifying knowledge you share

  • Nahiyan Alamgir
    Nahiyan Alamgir 2 years ago +21

    This tutorial gives us a flavor of Flutter development right from the "What is Flutter?" video. This is just perfect!

  • malik7
    malik7 Year ago +3

    The information about the apps is great. You have persuaded us in every way

  • Moh. Fared
    Moh. Fared 2 years ago +27

    Such a great instructor. like your way and the structure, i am learning it from zero and you are very helpful

    • AZR Flourish
      AZR Flourish Year ago +1

      can you send me the title of course, which I can find exact this course

  • jamviator
    jamviator Year ago +2

    Angela is so great. Her teaching style makes me, a person who struggles with maintaining my motivation, want to rush home after work to continue my Udemy course. After buying her course I bought it again as a gift for a friend. She's a great teacher and the courses are so well structured. Highly recommend.

  • Gabriel Takyie
    Gabriel Takyie 2 years ago +12

    man, this lady really is a pro in what she does, the way she explains in her teachings breaking it down for person like me to get it ughhh, Incredible. I have enrolled all her flutter courses and they are worth it.

    • F00k White&Black racism war sh0t
      F00k White&Black racism war sh0t Year ago +1

      She only have 1 flutter course

    • Milan Poudel
      Milan Poudel 2 years ago

      @Dheeraj Mishra yup that is what is I didn't understand.The way the method navigator.push acts as a method to push to the next screen and acting as something to return a value to the assigned variable at the same time. I don't know if I am only one who didn't understand it or if I have to memorize the syntax for working further

    • Dheeraj Mishra
      Dheeraj Mishra 2 years ago

      Exactly, passing a single data back to the previous is easy, but it keeps getting harder with multiple data. I searched for it on various websites and found the solution but not a proper explanation.

    • Gabriel Takyie
      Gabriel Takyie 2 years ago

      @Milan Poudel yeah, I managed to complete it. Where are you stuck?

    • Milan Poudel
      Milan Poudel 2 years ago

      @Gabriel Takyie Yup have you completed that part? I am still confused with that concept lol

  • David Field
    David Field 4 months ago +2

    Is flutter\dart only for simply apps, or can you also build complex user interfaces, with dynamic layouts, resizable grids, grids within grids, etc? Thanks

  • Andrei Dumitru
    Andrei Dumitru Year ago +2

    The review is awesome, I can feel the inner programmer taking life 😁

  • Vasiharan
    Vasiharan Year ago +1

    I am following your udemy course mam, it's really useful and I learned a lot

  • Abdalrahman Elbahi
    Abdalrahman Elbahi 2 years ago +126

    you are a great teacher. RESPECT!

  • Kourtney Madison
    Kourtney Madison 2 years ago +25

    Thank you for getting straight to the point and for explaining it so well.

    • Joe Williams
      Joe Williams 9 days ago

      Straight up to the point? That would be 1 sentence. This lady took a month to get to the point. Tipically women

  • Clyde Warren Govender
    Clyde Warren Govender 11 months ago +2

    Angela is an absolutely fabulous teacher!

  • Antonio Vulcan
    Antonio Vulcan Year ago +2

    That was a serious introduction, thanks for that !Very helpful in getting to know the app! :)

  • kÎñG
    kÎñG Year ago +3

    Flutter is so quick and fun, it's easier to get into than most other frameworks and faster in development. I'm so glad I found it. 😁

    • γ…€
      γ…€ 3 months ago

      @Peace and Calm No, absolutely not

    • Peace and Calm
      Peace and Calm 6 months ago

      Hey. Is it true you have to know C++ to use flutter?

  • Seen Connor
    Seen Connor Year ago +2

    I also checked your course on Udemy. Really nice teaching skills. Smooooth!

  • Marcus Steven
    Marcus Steven Year ago

    As a developer this helped me a lot thank you very much!!

  • Advait T Ajith 21BCE1356

    Beautiful Presentation:) Never Have I ever understood anything more clearly than this:)

  • Suryapratim Paul
    Suryapratim Paul Year ago

    Best instructor ever, purchase your course and quiet pleased or satisfied by your course content.

  • Shadya Ally
    Shadya Ally Year ago

    already in my top 3 fav features of this year, & it’s still growing on me i’m so in love with it 🀍

  • Likeminds Entertainment

    I most confess, this is the best video I've ever seen that explains flutter better for a total beginner. Thanks Ma. I like to talk to you directly...About a serious issue.

  • valkyrie-phone app
    valkyrie-phone app 4 months ago

    Wow you a wonderful void with good explaining. I will tell my friend about your channel. Thank you for what you are giving us 😍


    Angela, I am your web page dev. attendant by Udemy ....you are great :) You made such an impact in my life since the first video :) Thanks

  • Ava Katushka
    Ava Katushka 2 years ago +1

    Educational and fun to watch video! Great work!

  • Trivikram Bhat
    Trivikram Bhat 2 years ago +2

    Even a fifth-grader could learn Flutter by taking Angela's courses. We need more teachers like this!!

  • Vegan Piano Guy
    Vegan Piano Guy Year ago

    NIce video, except you neglected to mention a very significant point: you need to know Dart (or C++) to use Flutter. It seems you can't, unlike in many similar frameworks, write in JS.

  • The Doctor Casual Gaming

    Hi, by any chance do you have a video which you can link me to, that tackles the function of reading out-loud data fetched from Firestore and displays it via StreamBuilder as audio to user? Thanks

  • Sawan pimpalkhare
    Sawan pimpalkhare 2 years ago

    A doctor a developer and owner of a tech teaching company this woman is amazing

  • Malik2222
    Malik2222 Year ago

    Few people know about apps. This video has been very usefulπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―

  • Good luck
    Good luck Year ago

    You explained us very well πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Harry Miller
    Harry Miller Year ago

    Very useful app! Thank you for the advice

  • Frank Valen
    Frank Valen 9 months ago

    I have an important question to ask about flutter,
    1) I am a beginner just started using flutter, when I am coding with flutter, how do i know the properties or attributes of each widget. When I press ctrl space it gives me the whole suggestions in flutter instead of giving me the suggestion of the properties that partakes to that particular widget. As a beginner I know what I need but since it doesn't give me the list that partakes to that particular widget, that is a problem for me. is there a fix for this or a suggestion of what I can do in this scenario or is their a flutter plugin that can help in this situation.
    2) when i was coding in android studio, i was able to tweak my appbar to look like a card view with rounded edges, is it possible to the thesame in flutter. Any suggestions or youtube video that can help will be highly appreaciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Clive Madzikanda
    Clive Madzikanda Year ago +19

    Am so happy I stumbled across this channel. Makes being a student enjoyable.

  • Zohaib Malik
    Zohaib Malik Year ago

    The things you are telling in this video are very useful things, I am very happy to hear these things.

  • h ayad
    h ayad 2 years ago

    I saw your course on udemy, you are the best programming teacher that I found

  • Gongi
    Gongi Year ago

    The work explained to us from each point of view is the best

  • Shawn Taylor
    Shawn Taylor 3 years ago +5

    Hello Angela. Does this mean:
    A) iOS Developers solely using X Code will become less in demand
    B) The demand for cross-platform developers will increase
    C) Sound investment to learn Flutter for future (how long before it gets outdated)

    • StepwaveMusic
      StepwaveMusic Year ago

      @Oliver G I was wondering because looking at programming languages that are used often, Dart never really gets mentioned anywhere. Never done app development (I'm 'fluent' in Java though) so I would prefer getting it right immediately when learning a language for it.

    • Oliver G
      Oliver G Year ago +1

      @StepwaveMusic Yes i still do. Lot of big named company have transition to Flutter and it's going really well.

    • StepwaveMusic
      StepwaveMusic Year ago +1

      @Oliver G Looking at it now that a year has passed, do you still think this is the case? I just learned about Dart and Flutter for app development and I might start learning it in summer

    • Narain Ramjieawan
      Narain Ramjieawan 2 years ago +1

      You do realize that no one can see into the future right? Those are really broad questions that nobody can't answer outright.

    • Oliver G
      Oliver G 3 years ago +2

      Just to chime in, Yes iOS Developer & Android Developer demand will decrease and cross-platform will be in huge demand. This is an awesome investment, I know how to make web and mobile apps using React and React Native but since Flutter is backed by Google and the way they are pushing Flutter to go mainstream, I feel looking into it is well worth it and totally betting on it by the way things are being handled by Google so far. Huge future opportunity right here.

  • Brian Hariprashad
    Brian Hariprashad Year ago +1

    Can't wait to start your course, got me convinced so fast

  • Luis Ra
    Luis Ra Year ago

    Without question, the best flutter bootcamp out there.

  • Royce Chua
    Royce Chua Year ago +2

    I super appreciate Dr. Angela and the London App Brewery for their free Introduction to Flutter course.

  • Shadya TV
    Shadya TV Year ago +1

    Congrats. It’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. πŸ’•

  • Zilaafi
    Zilaafi Year ago

    I am so excited about this content Because I think today I will find a solution to my problem After learning this course

  • Salma Mohamed
    Salma Mohamed 8 months ago

    Am on udemy coz of her... she's best teacher πŸ’•

  • Ahmad Amlas
    Ahmad Amlas 2 years ago

    It is really helpful and amazing video. Thanks

  • Urvashi Sharma
    Urvashi Sharma Year ago +2

    Angela you have been the best instructor ever...you made me fall in love with flutter and now i write Flutter Developer as my job role

  • Fabio The Great
    Fabio The Great Year ago

    PWA is the future πŸ™ƒ.
    Btw: I took your iOS Dev course in 2017. Best course ever πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ.

  • CG Life
    CG Life 2 years ago +3

    Loved This! Thanks and keep up the good work!

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    Umar arain Year ago

    This app has very good functions. I want to use this app ✌🏻✌🏻

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    He gave good information about this app and talked about everything one by one

  • Agyeya Gautam
    Agyeya Gautam 11 months ago

    Loved your course, but I was half way when I realized it's outdated... do you guys have any plan of updating it?

  • Adam Hughes
    Adam Hughes Year ago

    Nice animation, thanks for high quality video.

  • AZR Flourish
    AZR Flourish Year ago +7

    wow, Angela ~~
    I take your Udemy course and everytime wanted to say " thank you and You are amazing teacher " ~
    Now, I found you here and wanna say YOU ARE SO ADORABLE, PROFESSIONAL AND COMPETENT PERSON "

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    U_S _khan 11 months ago

    suddenly I stumble with this video, and I found your channel ma'am, you are a great teacher.

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    Just so you know, she is the best tutor in the world βœ…

  • sting enchoke
    sting enchoke Year ago

    that really integrates an audio playing feature into a Flutter app

  • Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham 2 years ago +3

    I took her course on Udemy, she is a great instructor and the course had help me learn a lot. I recommend buying her course to support her.

  • Maliha L
    Maliha L Year ago

    Is it possible to create a whole new interactive app using only Flutter? Is it only for design or can functionality be added as well?

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie Year ago

    Thanks for this video! It was a big help!

  • Aussie David
    Aussie David Year ago

    please update Your Flutter and other courses on Udemy.
    thanks in advance :)

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    Shreyas The fact 2 years ago +1

    Awesome, I like the way you explain and a bigginer like me cab understand now

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    Very good explanation!

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    Soo good content thanks you have learn me to learn others! SΓ₯ bra content tack verkligen du har lΓ€rt mig att lΓ€ra andra

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    Abbas Year ago

    Listening to the whole thing, I liked it the most Great iPad show different typesπŸ’―

  • Michael Sekol
    Michael Sekol Year ago +5

    Just about done with the full Flutter course from London App Brewery. This has been one of the most complete and best tutorials I have seen. Covering all the coding fundamentals plus throwing in API's, JSON and Firebase. Absolutely awesome.
    Can't wait to start Machine Learning next.
    Check out the course here: www.appbrewery.co/p/flutter-development-bootcamp-with-dart

    • Gam
      Gam 4 months ago

      do I need programming or coding experience to learn better in taking flutter course?

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    This is fantastic. Love your delivery too

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    Best explanation, thanks.

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    Did not convince me, there have been Texhnologies like this for ages: phonegap, titanium, react. So how does flutter really differentiate?

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    Hi all, how much disk space did it take for those who installed it - including IDE/tools?

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    The way you said "Flutter" at the beginning trust me "Flutter" would have blushed πŸ˜‚

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      Clean up your mind kiddo.

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      @abc abc Usko kaala bol diya no wonder India is a racist country.

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