I got BANNED on Facebook Marketplace for Selling a PC...

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • So I listed a Gaming PC on facebook market place and got shadow banned, which is basically like getting banned but facebook hopes you won't notice... (hoping you will quietly do nothing about it)... but basically its the same thing as a ban. So what can you do to get unbanned on the marketplace? Well today I share with you a solution... and it ain't a good one, especially if you have to make a new account, which apparently needs 3 months of activitiy to unlock the marketplace...
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  • Mark Norville
    Mark Norville 11 hours ago

    It is a waste of time waiting for facebook to un ban you. Hardly any one works for faceyawn as I call them, everything is auto mated and replies are often ignored just going to dummy drops. Faceyawn would have to employ a million employees just to deal with customer complaints to which they are not going to do.

  • Hamed Hosseini
    Hamed Hosseini 8 days ago

    Gumtree is way more rational. I've been banned few times, and every time I live chat them, they give me a second chance. Facebook fucktards show no mercy if you do something wrong. They punish you like there is not tomorrow. However, unfortunately, marketplace is a better and larger platform for business than Gumtree :(

  • Christopher lo
    Christopher lo 8 days ago

    ok kaiba

  • chobedear
    chobedear 9 days ago

    What case is he leaning on at the start of the video?

  • bluescluessuperagent
    bluescluessuperagent 10 days ago

    pretty sure this must have happened to me since my current gaming pc has like 3 views
    and I'm only selling it cause a past buyer messaged me out of the blue
    and I have lost the ability to renew so DAMN

  • borat smagadijev
    borat smagadijev 11 days ago

    Sue them.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 12 days ago

    Make the other account - or 3 ;) Use a VPN on 3 different computers showing 3 different locations within your city - sell items to yourself - I'm sure it can probably trip something in the algorithm that will put you in good standing. Or just have 10 friends pretend they are buying stuff from you. ' Worth a shot!

  • Lorena Mondragon
    Lorena Mondragon 12 days ago

    she's doneski!

  • MrNside
    MrNside 17 days ago

    Facebook staffers are too busy culling conservatives prior to the 2020 election cycle to look into your issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Ulf-Johan
    Ulf-Johan 17 days ago

    Had something similar happen and i ended up sending a letter to the closest fb office as registered mail. Sent it as registered mail for the tracking. This way they had to sign for it so i knew they got it. Within a week after my letter my issue was resolved.

    • Keretizein x
      Keretizein x 16 days ago

      "this guy sent us an ACTUAL letter, snail mail. Hes most likely insane, lets just fix his issue so we dont get another incident"

  • G Man
    G Man 19 days ago

    I'd rather use Craigslist than faceCucK.

  • Secto Kia
    Secto Kia 19 days ago +1

    He got dropped because he violated the commercial services clause. He is a buisness and should be paying for his ads. His account will be stuck like that forever.

  • Jake Britton
    Jake Britton 19 days ago

    Might as well stop endorsing a shitty platform. Anyone using marketplace on Facebook is desperate.

  • Jon Oz
    Jon Oz 21 day ago

    This is ridiculous man. I get FB has algorithms, & key words & such, but absolutely nothing wrong with your ad. Then you have no way to communicate with them that the error is on their part. The censorship, banning, shaddow banning has gotten way out of hand. But with FB especially. From the security/privacy issues, among other things, FB is just ruining themselves. I recently deleted my FB as I didn't really ever use it & then it got hacked. It was a funny thing too b/c just the other day a hashtag deletefb was trending #1 on twitter. FB is a valuable tool for people such as yourself to find various avenues to sell, and buyers to buy at the same time. But FB no longer fosters a healthy environment to do so. I mean, where are the explicit rules of what you can/can't have as words or wording in your ads?

  • Freegame Comp
    Freegame Comp 21 day ago

    It was just announced stock fell drastically for multiple companies in the brake cleaner spray market after it was announced Tech Yes City got cock blocked by the Zuck.

  • Gabariel
    Gabariel 21 day ago

    OMG, now i know why my listings are not getting any traffic for the past 2 months, thank you so much, FB makes me livid sometimes.

  • charfi omar
    charfi omar 21 day ago

    Hey I got an idea, you did videos about bargaining for deals. Can you do the opposite? When people try to bargain with you? Sometimes that seem to be harder to manage

  • Gl Kelly
    Gl Kelly 21 day ago

    Something's gone wrong with Facebook Marketplace in England. I thought I too was shadow banned, but I've tried other accounts and the same thing happens. It no longer lists the new items first, your item gets buried near the bottom and you can no longer renew it. It's gone from being quite easy to sell things to just about impossible. Is it broken, is it deliberate? Who knows? Does anyone have any insider info?

  • Jake Socks
    Jake Socks 22 days ago

    we could always beat the shit out of mark zuckleburg

  • aaron c
    aaron c 23 days ago +1

    is this a good deal?
    i5 7400 cpu
    Rx 580 4gb gpu
    8gb ddr4 2400 mhz
    phateks p300 case
    Hyper 212 cooler
    B250 MB
    550W corsair psu
    1tb hdd
    250gb ssd
    windows 10
    all for $625 CAD

  • But can it run Crysis?

    I didn't get banned but I got a listing removed. It was just a T-shirt with no fancy words, just a plain description. It auto removed my listing and said that it was against their TOS. It also did the same for my listing about computer repair.

  • Phil Jermakian
    Phil Jermakian 24 days ago

    This post 30 day FB banned me
    The lone death at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital shooting was Dr. Sin Yee Tam (Dr. Symptom). Kim Jong Un's brother was killed by Doin Thin Hoang (Wang) Dr. Lube treated the Pulse gay nightclub victims and our lead victim for TV was Angel Colon. Dr. Carver was the medical examiner at Sandy Hook, he made TV before on Forensic Files in the murder of Miss Helle Craft. Elder Dallin H. Oaks (Da Lyin Hoax) visited famed 3 terror attack survivor Mason Wells in the hospital. Anil O busted the gay muslim preacher behind Anis in the Berlin Truck attack. Aysha Frade (I's afraid) was killed first in the london bridge attack. Mr. Ciancia was the LAX shooting victim. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Jokers are naive) was our Boston Bomber. Ihsas Khan (ISIS con) committed a stabbing attack in Sydney Australia.

  • Buzz K
    Buzz K 24 days ago

    IDK make a big stink on Twitter?

  • Евгений Силла

    Good ol gamtree

  • Mud Mower gaming
    Mud Mower gaming 24 days ago

    My Facebook market place is not even working not showing up if I go to the market place link it shows the link does not work

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 24 days ago

    So you need multiple concurrent accounts?

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 24 days ago

    DON'T USE THE TERM GALS! Seriously, that can get you in trouble.

  • Ghola Tleilaxu
    Ghola Tleilaxu 24 days ago

    I hope there is some wording that can short-circuit the Facebook A.I.

  • Britton Jones
    Britton Jones 24 days ago

    good ol GAMtree haha

  • Romulo Kasburgo
    Romulo Kasburgo 24 days ago

    And like this they keep putting the leash around our necks, slowly...

  • kevin
    kevin 25 days ago +1

    i got shadow banned for selling a lightsaber...

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 25 days ago

    There's no reply from support because it doesn't exist. Purely a bot system.

  • Namastech
    Namastech 25 days ago

    Brian can you please retest the Radeon VII vs RTX 2080 FE. I just want to see if you get the similar results to HU thexvid.com/video/Gz7rfuQZBAc/video.html

  • Dickcheese143
    Dickcheese143 25 days ago

    Ha. That's all I got

  • Jiji Liketoeatdorayaki

    Lord baelish

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez 25 days ago +1

    Congrats on the great election results in Australia 🇦🇺.

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez 25 days ago

    I got banned from Facebook for being a free speech advocate, fuk fascistbook.

  • RaidrWolf
    RaidrWolf 25 days ago

    Facebook is run by idiots who don't care about their users. They are more into promoting Leftists and Leftist propaganda than being a social media platform for people to use to connect with other people any more.

  • whiteburr
    whiteburr 25 days ago

    Did you literally advocate replacing "league" with "L3-ague"? What are we, spammers??

    EV1L EPIC EYE 25 days ago

    contact Admin for the market place they will reply back..

  • Hitrover
    Hitrover 25 days ago

    Make 5 accounts and get them eligible to use marketplace, use one at a time that you need.

  • Justin Buckley
    Justin Buckley 25 days ago

    It looks like I have been shadow banned as well, I have been experiencing the same behaviour as you and I have also lost the renew feature.

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 25 days ago +1

    fb horrible anyways why you even bother selling their? Sell on ebay.

    • anikanbounty97
      anikanbounty97 25 days ago +1

      @nick well it is they just take small percent of it out of your win. It done good so far. But ya the fees are horrible though you could just think of it as tax.

    • nick
      nick 25 days ago +1

      Selling on ebay isn't free.

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 25 days ago

    I HATE BLURR!!!!!!!

  • TheUnkownMikel
    TheUnkownMikel 25 days ago

    Just make a 2nd account for only pc selling

  • Floorboss daman
    Floorboss daman 25 days ago

    Dont use Facebook which limits your 1st amendment right and that shadowbans for no reason

  • MasterRazzerr76
    MasterRazzerr76 25 days ago

    When i sell i give basic detail like a Graphic card in description Graphic card it just work

  • bob
    bob 25 days ago

    get a black hat to hack the server and unban your account

  • Pedakin
    Pedakin 25 days ago

    Wait $320 for a Ryzen 5 2600 and a RTX 2060? I'll fucking buy it! PLEASE! lol.

  • Secretcodrin
    Secretcodrin 25 days ago

    facebook. overrated piece of shit...

  • xDog .SoldieRx
    xDog .SoldieRx 25 days ago

    LoL Brian the facebook ticket scalper! Fancy that! Bloody oath facebook!

  • AtariBorn
    AtariBorn 25 days ago

    When a company gets so big that they don't have the time or resources to have a human being look into an issue, that company shouldn't be supported. @fuckebay

  • Neil Mutia
    Neil Mutia 25 days ago

    This is why I hate FB and IG. There is no human to talk to when you need help!

  • World Wide United
    World Wide United 25 days ago +1

    liking because you got banned. should be removed from social media/youtube for your enlightenment on people's apparently ripping people off tryingto earn a living building a computer (use to be an income source before people like this fudge packing sissy says everythingis a rip off) now you have idiots also probably same mentally of this pus lowballing you for anything tech related you sell

  • scroat emm
    scroat emm 25 days ago

    Facparm writes their own rules eg OH you use adblock thats ok BUT then you cant see anything you have subscribed to heres a list of krap WEwant you to see ALL YOUR SUBS BELONG US

  • Martin M
    Martin M 25 days ago

    Imho Facebook Marketplace is the biggest shithole of brainless lowballers. Totally not worth it.
    Not sure how the situation is in Straya though.

  • Gabriel Ang
    Gabriel Ang 25 days ago

    Is their anyway to get unbanned? I think I used alot of caps to get me shadowbanned BUT wasn't aware of shadowbanning at the time, thats why I'm having less people contact me about an item, this is bullshit...

  • Mitch Mckeiver
    Mitch Mckeiver 25 days ago

    Facebook marketplace is the most broken sale sight I've ever seen. I've used it a few times to advertise and I hate it.
    A perfect example of companies trying to replace people with computers and it goes to shit.

  • Ratul Sen
    Ratul Sen 25 days ago

    Facebook shouldn't even have the marketplace its a scampot

  • Heath
    Heath 25 days ago


  • [GTA]monkey
    [GTA]monkey 25 days ago

    I got banned on the marketplace for just looking at a listing

    • anikanbounty97
      anikanbounty97 25 days ago

      @[GTA]monkey wow. That is ridiculous.

    • [GTA]monkey
      [GTA]monkey 25 days ago

      anikanbounty97 lol kinda of I just got banned from the market for nothing I didnt even use it or know it existed till someone told me about it, then I tried to go on but I’m blocked so I can’t see anything.

    • anikanbounty97
      anikanbounty97 25 days ago


  • Aleš Mrak
    Aleš Mrak 25 days ago

    Thats why i deleted facecrap

  • Future Atlanteans
    Future Atlanteans 25 days ago

    How do you get all these computer parts that you sell ? Shouldn't you start a computer hardware shop if you want to sell that many hardware ? Marketplace is meant for people who occasionally want to sell some stuff not the amount of products you offer.

  • Aivokuollut
    Aivokuollut 25 days ago

    Writing motherboard in Finnish, "Emolevy", will get your listing removed. Emo means mother which is often associated to animals..

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean 25 days ago

    Someone probably rung them up and said “this bogan tried to lowball me” 😂

  • memetias
    memetias 25 days ago

    I had a similar issue when I tried to sell my old galaxy note 4.

  • Patrik Zahalka
    Patrik Zahalka 25 days ago

    Dont worry I got shadow banned because I tried to sell custom cables. Maybe its because It were Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 maybe that alchemy triggered it. XD

  • Pamela Husky
    Pamela Husky 25 days ago

    There's no messaging a "person". You're messages go to no one and they make sure you can't talk to anyone at all to make sure you're screwed over to the fullest extent and they have no consequences. You can't get a facebook representative to respond by any means unless you know one in person because they don't have that as an option. If you find an email, it's an inactive one that sends you an automated message to say it's no longer available. All you can do is click review and hope the algorithm restores it witch is very rare.

  • Brad Bachand
    Brad Bachand 25 days ago

    Now I'm stressed out this could happen to me!

  • Suicide to Recovery
    Suicide to Recovery 25 days ago

    I found out today I have focal onset epilepsy from my Gunshot wound two years ago. Very sad day indeed.

  • gpk99
    gpk99 25 days ago

    people still use Facebook?.....it is probably THEE worse website on the entire internet....and if anyone still uses it,you have a serious problem buddy.

    • anikanbounty97
      anikanbounty97 25 days ago

      ikr i stopped using fb years ago. Sadly my brother and everything else ik of uses fb still. Like my sister and mom and cousins and friends.
      My dad never had a fb so he good.

  • Shawn Burton
    Shawn Burton 25 days ago

    Can't say that I've ever used Facebook to sell things, I mainly use eBay or Letgo. However I have used Facebook as a social site since 2008.

  • GearZ25
    GearZ25 25 days ago

    dovyou have any idea why you got banned?

  • Stephen Gill
    Stephen Gill 25 days ago

    You know how evil they are.. Quit. Catering to their whims and algorithms give power to them and will let them continue this abusive behavior. The walls are closing in on them as the fine folks over at level one techs will remind you weekly. Rather than cower to them, join the sane portion of the populous and quit.

  • GeTToe Gaming
    GeTToe Gaming 25 days ago

    Australian Ginneee

  • Robert Farquhar
    Robert Farquhar 25 days ago

    Kinda bullshit honestly, getting punished for making an honest living, mark suckaturd needs to get off his hi horse and do things right for once.

  • Aaron Armstrong - Computer Repair & Tips

    shadow bans are annoying and just plain stupid. I'd be like just actually ban me instead.

  • DemonBoyJr
    DemonBoyJr 26 days ago

    Hope you get your account unbanned, but you should make the alternate account and maybe a third as a backup so the 3month timer is already rolling.

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 26 days ago

    So its like you are a conservative

  • Zac Lange
    Zac Lange 26 days ago

    lol my market place icon on the Facebook app is gone :(

  • Cory Scopis
    Cory Scopis 26 days ago +1

    that's wot u git for calling a 2060 a "big ticket item" Loll.

    • Cory Scopis
      Cory Scopis 25 days ago

      @Tech YES City lolol

    • Tech YES City
      Tech YES City  26 days ago +2

      Gotta have some fun with those big ticket items :P

  • Ariel Vinda
    Ariel Vinda 26 days ago

    There's the chance that with "big ticket" it also interpreted as some sort of lotery scam

  • John Stehlik
    John Stehlik 26 days ago


  • NeoVoodooTech
    NeoVoodooTech 26 days ago

    FB aint ready for dem deals bruv.

  • Stephane Simard
    Stephane Simard 26 days ago +1

    I can't fucking stand the amount of unjustified, fascist level censorship that facebook has now a days. It's a fucking joke.

  • bigbenisdaman
    bigbenisdaman 26 days ago

    Everybody don't already have an Alt account?

  • Imam
    Imam 26 days ago


  • UrbanaticLemonade
    UrbanaticLemonade 26 days ago

    Got 2 ads

  • myfunrandomvids
    myfunrandomvids 26 days ago

    I don't have a renew ad button and I hear people can't rate me...

  • Steven TV
    Steven TV 26 days ago

    Bro I can’t even find the Facebook market place in my phone

  • Kissing Bandit
    Kissing Bandit 26 days ago

    FB is for girls and queers...

  • SinikkaL
    SinikkaL 26 days ago

    Lamebook is the reason why I only buy/sell locally with Craigslist.

  • john doe
    john doe 26 days ago

    Theres a reason Facebook doesn't have a number listed. They don't give a fuck if your shadow banned / banned you aint getting it changed unless your a "Influencer" like you and make a Stink about it

  • Ryan Healey
    Ryan Healey 26 days ago +6

    1:19 YOU SAVAGE!
    "as well as proper cable management to ensure long-lasting operation" - and more fps!

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 26 days ago

    Take them to court! I guarantee they respond to you then!

  • SomethingDarkseid
    SomethingDarkseid 26 days ago

    I'm an admin in a UK PC group and the amount of times we've had similar situations from members is just stupid. Facebook although I get why they have this set up, but there';s just simply no altering their decision due to having no direct contact with an actual person. A social media site... It's pretty ironic that you can't actually speak to a person...
    Sometimes we haven't even figured out what the issue was, but posting to the market place was fine. So no clue what's going on with those lot.

  • MikeHillman
    MikeHillman 26 days ago

    Also had the same issue after selling 5-6 reasonably priced pc's on facebook marketplace. turns out a local computer shop wasn't too happy about me selling reasonably priced pc's, and reported every one of my posts, and then got banned. took a couple days to get it sorted out.

  • RamB0T
    RamB0T 26 days ago +10

    That sucks, can't stand them. BTW watch out when making another account. They just "disabled" my channel's Facebook account last week for not being "real"... even after sending a face pic and being active for over a year...

  • Karl Schneider
    Karl Schneider 26 days ago

    Further proof AI and machine learning will eventually end humanity.

  • Frank Glasgow
    Frank Glasgow 26 days ago

    FUCK FACEBOOK! Get off of it. I dont feel sorry for you.