TOP 10 Cops VS Bikers ESCAPE Police Chase Motorcycles GETAWAY Running From Cops On Motorcycle Videos

  • Published on Jan 8, 2017
  • TOP 10 Cops VS Bikers Escape From Police On Motorcycles Compilation Of The Best Videos Of Police Chase Motorcycle Getaways Running From Cops Caught On Tape! Motorcycle VS cops craziest street bike escapes and getaways while running from the cops caught on camera. Watch the most insane motorcycle police chases of bikers getting away from the cops an outrunning police officers during epic high speed police pursuits. This top 10 motorcycle escape compilation features crazy police chase escapes on sport bikes of the best motorbike getaway videos ever captured on film by Blox Starz TV. Bikers vs cops police chase compilation of videos recorded using Gopro Hero helmet cam and police car dash cam of motorcycle riders fleeing from cops and bikers get away from police to avoid getting arrested by angry police officers chasing motorcyclist. Epic motorcycle high speed chases on the highway of motorbike riders running from the cops during police pursuit. Watch as bikers get chased by cops and getaway from cops an escape police. Bikers escape police chase motorcycles getaway while running from cops to avoid getting busted by police an arrested. Thank you for watching this top 10 bikers vs cops escape police chase motorcycles getaway running from the cops compilation video! Please enjoy this video clip!
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Comments • 6 070

  • Taylor Asher
    Taylor Asher 18 hours ago

    Freaking check on the dog not the stupid ass cop car that tax payers will repair, geese

  • Taylor Asher
    Taylor Asher 22 hours ago

    Cop cars have too much weight in the trunk that’s why it flipped

  • NerdyCookieツ
    NerdyCookieツ Day ago

    The guy with no lights literally acting like gta he fucking crossed a bunch of red lights in front of the cops and those weren't even going for him he just got more on his tail and fucking dipped

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline 2 days ago +1

    27:53 this guy fucks

  • xTheFede
    xTheFede 2 days ago

    LMAO 8:56

  • RickJason
    RickJason 2 days ago

    I still don’t understand how any cop can catch a bike?

  • Ryan Samarakoon
    Ryan Samarakoon 3 days ago

    Why do people do this? Aren't you done after they get your licence plate?

  • Minxy Caveira
    Minxy Caveira 4 days ago

    9:42 Why they are called 🐖

  • AzeDash
    AzeDash 4 days ago


  • Jason Fryer
    Jason Fryer 5 days ago

    20:07...dude is effing MOVING!!! whole states after this guy

  • Jason Fryer
    Jason Fryer 5 days ago

    9:12..oh my God ..that pig chariot rolled over!!

  • ncarroll playz
    ncarroll playz 5 days ago +1

    The 3rd guy really could've turned into a forest and ended that awhile ago

  • Jesse_McMinn YT
    Jesse_McMinn YT 5 days ago

    when you nut but she keeps sucking

  • Unifi Khai
    Unifi Khai 5 days ago

    Why cops hate bikers

  • Loster Official
    Loster Official 6 days ago

    8:57 what a moron

  • TheRussianWookie
    TheRussianWookie 6 days ago

    Small town cops are the worst. They’re lucky lucky to even get departments.

  • jabba da hutt
    jabba da hutt 7 days ago +1

    10:15 in doing a wheelie in front of a cop , so cool

  • Rayxz
    Rayxz 7 days ago

    He almost smashes into the pole. Could've gotten cut clean there haha

  • Dynios
    Dynios 7 days ago

    8:57 dumbass :D

  • Brady Potter
    Brady Potter 8 days ago +1

    oh my 💀💀 imagine being the dog at 9:40

  • krazy16dude
    krazy16dude 8 days ago

    Is this why U turns are on the test to get your motorcycle licence?

  • PsychedGuitar
    PsychedGuitar 8 days ago

    watching these chase videos from the cops dash cam is very disappointing. none of these cops know how to drive

  • Hunter Vowell
    Hunter Vowell 8 days ago

    Anyone else's heart beating really fast during this?

  • Sir David
    Sir David 8 days ago

    Clip at 3 minutes. I knew the cop was going to crash just by the shitty way he was driving. Zero taking into account weight transfer of vehicle. Entering a curve too fast, not breaking before said curve and accelerating out of it, not knowing the limit of the tires. This guy was the fucking danger on the road. A big fucking moron. And seriously the guy on the bike wasnt fast at all so lol wtf

  • My 2Cents
    My 2Cents 9 days ago

    My palms are soaked... Anyone else has that reaction while watching?

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    5:58 close fukin call!!

    7,345,679 Views 9 days ago

    Imagine rolling over a AWD suv with gripping tires and a lowered suspension

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 10 days ago

    that blinker at 21:22

  • Idiot Beach Productions

    I think number 6 was in Northern New Jersey.

  • Dabesyeet
    Dabesyeet 11 days ago

    The second dude was actually just teasing them lol.

  • mike hart
    mike hart 11 days ago

    number 1 was not even impressive. number 2 is a boss

  • Lil Goop
    Lil Goop 11 days ago

    yoo imagine running away from cops at a high speed chase onna highway and then escaping from them and meeting up with the friends after 😂😂😂😂

  • reaalchrissmh
    reaalchrissmh 12 days ago

    Number 2 is in milpitas i live there

  • meme centre
    meme centre 12 days ago

    Reminds me about the time my older brother was on a gsxr 600 (wasn’t with him obviously). Cops turned on the lights, he did a full 180 and rode against traffic

  • Nick Floyd
    Nick Floyd 12 days ago

    Look at the imbecile american drivers, all of them shuffiling in the middle lanes, instead of keeping on the right lane amd only use the left for overtaking. Tipical uneducated, arrogant and bad driving throughout the entire north- american continent.That is what a $25 drivers licence buys you.

  • E D I T S
    E D I T S 12 days ago

    B I K E L I F E.

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 13 days ago

    Fuck the police thats how we treat em, we buy our way outta jail but we cant buy freedom

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 13 days ago


  • NEKO
    NEKO 14 days ago

    Ok that cop is a boomer (don’t be a cop if you can’t even drive for fucks sake)

  • Karen barriere
    Karen barriere 14 days ago +1

    The guy on number 11 had the best escape I’ve ever seen

  • Liam 1705
    Liam 1705 14 days ago +1

    This is al of us in the comments in heaven. but in real life...

  • Adrian Cortez
    Adrian Cortez 15 days ago

    the adrenaline i want to experience it so bad

  • Adrian Cortez
    Adrian Cortez 15 days ago


    FUBAR MOFO 15 days ago

    FUCK YOU PIGS!! 🖕🖕🖕 too bad the idiot cop who crashed didn’t flip and wreck his shit!! Maybe next time

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 15 days ago

    Why in the fuck would you even get into a high speed chase with a dog in the car that’s 1. 2 you are going 60-80 mph into a fucking winding road no shit ur going to flip ur car nigga thought he was in need for speed some cops just don’t have a brain

  • Anthony Ricci
    Anthony Ricci 16 days ago +1

    That second dude was literally just toying with them. That was great.

    • Terrance Jones
      Terrance Jones 14 days ago

      Cop tries to pull a bike over
      Driver "🖕🏿I got work tomorrow" 😂😂😂

  • ray Nic
    ray Nic 16 days ago +1

    23:43, cop swapping paint and trying to wreck the biker at 140 mph +, holy shite that's insane!

  • Sehnxxz
    Sehnxxz 17 days ago

    Felt bad when the police crashed

  • Ismael Mendez
    Ismael Mendez 17 days ago

    mf fat asf

  • henno van damme
    henno van damme 18 days ago

    2.5k cops disliked the video

  • The Tard Guard
    The Tard Guard 19 days ago

    8:55 dude sucks at driving

  • society19 T
    society19 T 21 day ago

    It's hilarious as hell when you outrun the state troopers

  • Supreme
    Supreme 21 day ago


  • Martín Ruiz
    Martín Ruiz 22 days ago

    Hahahaha the police hahahahaha crashes hahahahaha idiot xD

  • John homes
    John homes 22 days ago

    Terrible video bad role models

  • _ Adrian2x_
    _ Adrian2x_ 23 days ago

    15:34 my boy in nj 🔥🔥 nj gang

  • ivanwiththevans
    ivanwiththevans 23 days ago

    Brutha with no lights on went on some mf Dark Knight typa shit

  • Fic9
    Fic9 24 days ago

    The guy in number 7 is one crazy bastard
    If I was him I wouldn’t be making any long term plans lol
    Seriously tho it looked like that cop tried to kill him

  • Scope
    Scope 24 days ago

    Dui checkpoints are so fucked lol they actually banned them here after so many ppl bitched about them (WI)

  • Scope
    Scope 24 days ago

    Oh shit he hit 170