Bart gets to heaven after he dies

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019

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  • duke of hell
    duke of hell Day ago

    My principal looks like this principal I swear

  • Nataliya Zakhar'yash
    Nataliya Zakhar'yash 6 days ago +1

    *Simpson Logic*
    Jesus hitting people
    *Real Life Logic*
    Jesus is innocent,and by innocent
    *I mean that he just never attack even when someone does,he is immortal*

    • M Charizard
      M Charizard 4 days ago

      wtf the last line didn't even make sense, your completely insane.

  • Mike The God
    Mike The God 8 days ago

    Are you sure Bart went to heaven

  • anubis20049999
    anubis20049999 9 days ago

    I wonder why every uploaded Simpson's episode there is a Futurama clip following..

  • Archos Nachos
    Archos Nachos 15 days ago +7

    I think Lisa is just jealous of everything good that happens to Bart and is really selfish

    • The Magnolia Project
      The Magnolia Project 7 days ago

      @LovelyCole Edwards-Champion I remember that episode.

    • LovelyCole Edwards-Champion
      LovelyCole Edwards-Champion 12 days ago +1

      Of course Maggie or Bart you didn’t see that Treehouse of Horror when marge made a deal with the devil when she was younger, so the devil came to kill marge favorite child and he grabbed Maggie Lisa gone say I thought I was the favorite when she found out maggie was smarter than her 🙄

    • lllIlIlI llIlI
      lllIlIlI llIlI 12 days ago

      Archos Nachos nope she’s a good person ur not

  • Zaria Mansum
    Zaria Mansum 16 days ago +4

    Damn marge had them both shook 2:14

  • William Espinosa
    William Espinosa 18 days ago +6

    Lisa is the worst character in the simpsons, hundred percent

  • Michael Cunningham
    Michael Cunningham 20 days ago +2


  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 24 days ago

    I wish this wasn’t religious. 😑

  • YupimonEvolve
    YupimonEvolve 25 days ago +1

    Only the most psychotic fucks believe there is a heaven that only *some* people get to while the rest suffer forever. What an evil, sadistic fantasy.

  • Thawk Gaming
    Thawk Gaming 25 days ago +25

    " Whenever I see the DC logo I immediately fall asleep" 😂😂😂😂

  • Kye 18282
    Kye 18282 26 days ago +20

    Bart goes to heaven after he dies.

    Hm. I see.

    This death is made out of death.

  • K3V1N
    K3V1N 27 days ago

    Bart should go to hell

  • Ogied Bitahke
    Ogied Bitahke 27 days ago +1


  • Benedict Fernandez
    Benedict Fernandez 27 days ago +2

    Dc then fall asleep

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 28 days ago +31

    "So all of your money goes back to the Church?"

  • Angel Angela
    Angel Angela 29 days ago +6

    Why did think homer was stupid this whole time😩 o.g the best dad 💕

  • Emmanuel Chavis
    Emmanuel Chavis 29 days ago +5

    That girl got a good impression of Marge Simpson's voice

  • Emmanuel Chavis
    Emmanuel Chavis 29 days ago

    Marge Simpson took out of the Randy Orton Playbook saying stupid stupid stupid

  • Angela95 Lee
    Angela95 Lee 29 days ago +22

    3.42 Bart: so you give all your profits back to the church?
    Me: Good question LOL

    • Angela95 Lee
      Angela95 Lee 27 days ago

      @DEATH EX pedos?

    • DEATH EX
      DEATH EX 28 days ago

      Angela95 Lee less money to pedos the better.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 29 days ago +10

    So he remembered this time not to spit over the side?

  • Lindane Mnguni
    Lindane Mnguni 29 days ago +13

    Bart must not listen to Lise she wants to be the winner lise doesn't love Bart if she did she whould have played along the family was happy lise the devil

  • Tavis Pergentile
    Tavis Pergentile Month ago +7

    But I live in calgary lol

  • PRchris13
    PRchris13 Month ago +123

    “He went to heaven. Where there any presidents?
    “It is heaven”

    • mrd456
      mrd456 8 days ago +1

      he said other presidents so was probably 1, most likely lincoln

    • Lindane Mnguni
      Lindane Mnguni 29 days ago +3

      That maens they're all at hell

  • Turtle Toons
    Turtle Toons Month ago +7

    Me: 5:46

  • Turtle Toons
    Turtle Toons Month ago +6

    Me: 5:46

  • 7th Episode
    7th Episode Month ago +13

    Sometimes you just have to act like Homer)

  • Saint Akins
    Saint Akins Month ago +4

    Hell yeah, Gal Gadot is so awesome even God & Jesus Christ are Wonder Woman fans.

  • Max Condra
    Max Condra Month ago +79

    Ha ha bart's mom wears a seatbelt

  • Nate Giles
    Nate Giles Month ago +4

    Ok, just let me say what's on everyone's mind. Bart tormented the people around him as a kid for years on end, some more sadistic than others. So why is it he goes to heaven?

    • Wen L.
      Wen L. 25 days ago

      Question: How do you know it's "good" heaven? Home basically has done worse, including breaking a few commandments, and he's in Heaven.
      Maybe like hell, there's many levels of heaven and if you are good enough you get into the basic level of heaven. Despite their flaws, the Simpsons usually are good at heart and try to do the right thing in the end.

    • DEATH EX
      DEATH EX 28 days ago

      Because it's all fiction and the plot needs to move along.

    • Kenny Darkes
      Kenny Darkes Month ago +3

      Cause that's not really evil

  • ceci tresarrios
    ceci tresarrios Month ago +1


  • andrei Nash the best friend boy Andrei

    Um Bart I think your crazy boy and that not what Lord taking about

  • RandomBloxPlayz
    RandomBloxPlayz Month ago +7

    The movie is so cringey XD

  • Ivko Vukovic
    Ivko Vukovic Month ago +45

    "Gets to heaven" go back to school

  • David Carty
    David Carty Month ago +18

    Lisa always got to hate

  • DezYirz
    DezYirz Month ago +6

    Lisa is disgusting

    • DEATH EX
      DEATH EX 28 days ago

      Wicked 180 the moment libtard comes out of someone's mouth they look like trailer park trash waving the Confederate flag.

    • Wicked 180
      Wicked 180 Month ago +4

      Worst character imo. Any libtard character is

  • Nathan roman
    Nathan roman Month ago +68

    Im gonna be honest Lisa needs to stay out the business

  • Andy Bray
    Andy Bray Month ago +57

    “So u give ur profits to the church” one of the most smartest questions Bart has come up with

    • Wolf Lover
      Wolf Lover Month ago

      Andy Bray I had 59 strokes reading this

  • Finechater Robtop
    Finechater Robtop Month ago +14

    Did not understand?

  • Rgj _ sb
    Rgj _ sb Month ago +4


  • Uma Hendrickx
    Uma Hendrickx Month ago +9

    Emily bones dechanel nice

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez Month ago +10

    Why can't they use the real people

    • Nelson Rodriguez
      Nelson Rodriguez Month ago

      That makes sense cause the episode where Bart fell in a wel and the people didn't do anything

    • Danielle Dewitt
      Danielle Dewitt Month ago

      Nelson Rodriguez Because it’s a cartoon.

  • Ellie Drake
    Ellie Drake Month ago +35

    people say that they don't talk behind peoples back because when talk to someone your talking behind their back.

    • TrueFister82
      TrueFister82 Month ago +1

      Never commented for since TheXvid started...mind blown thank you

    • dAdDy pIg uwu
      dAdDy pIg uwu Month ago

      I lost brain cells trying to understand this??

    • golden coin
      golden coin Month ago

      Ok and

    • Karuga
      Karuga Month ago +14

      I just had 3 strokes trying to read and comprehend that sentence.

  • Roblox Rampage
    Roblox Rampage Month ago +35


  • Max Is G00D
    Max Is G00D Month ago +6


  • Shae Bain
    Shae Bain Month ago +3

    In 4th lol

  • Charlie Coyle
    Charlie Coyle Month ago +3

    I’m third

  • Henry Lancelot
    Henry Lancelot Month ago +5


  • Ben Tennyson
    Ben Tennyson Month ago +11