Lunchbox Bully Revenge | What's Your Problem?

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • Someone has been stealing April's lunch. So we are making a lunchbox that explodes when you open it, to catch the lunchbox thief!
    What's Your Problem? is a new series in which Joseph and his team solve really annoying problems by making hilarious contraptions out of everyday household objects.
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    Starring: Joseph Herscher, Mikayla Stokes, Brett Doar and John Osborne. With: April, Billie, Scarlet, Charlie, Jarvis and special guest cameo from Madeleine Sami. Editing by: Nathan Hickey, Adam Prest.
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    What’s Your Problem? is created, written and produced by Gemma Gracewood and Joseph Herscher, the team behind the award-winning Jiwi's Machines. Commissioned by TVNZ for HEIHEI. Funded by NZ On Air. Made by Augusto Entertainment. © Eggbeater 2019.
    JOSEPH'S MACHINES solve everyday problems using familiar objects in unfamiliar ways.
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    With thanks to our amazing production crew: Cass Avery (Executive Producer), Maddie Walker (Associate Producer, Production Manager), Adam Prest (Director, DoP, Editor), Brett Doar (Consulting Producer, Contraptionist), John Osborne (Model Maker), Morgan Williams (Production Intern), Shani McLeod Bennett (Production Assistant), Jessica Blennerhassett (Production Assistant), Steph Brown & Fen Ikner (Composers), Megan Vertelle (Production Design), Phil Gregory (Props Design, Set Construction), Ellen Moore (Costume Design), Megan Salole (Graphic Design), Nigel Upchurch (Motion Graphics), Mike Carpinter (Colourist), Phil Burton & Undergroundsound (Sound Design), Matt Grace (Photography), Makoto Takaoka (Sound Recordist), Scott Doar (Camera), Clare Lynch (Animal Wrangler), Sharmin Sutaria (Accountant).
    For TVNZ & HEIHEI: Kim Harrop & Kate Saunders.
    KIA ORA to Dave & Candace, Ben Gracewood, Dangerous Magnets Ltd, Kate Simmonds, Briar Davies, Adelle Rodda.
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