• Published on Dec 31, 2018
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Comments • 68

  • Emma Ironmonger
    Emma Ironmonger 4 months ago

    your stooped you thieve

  • Manfred Lewis
    Manfred Lewis 7 months ago

    Wow I'm bad at football ahah

  • Ghost Xxx
    Ghost Xxx 8 months ago

    Bro how you not in fc barca

  • Charlie the footballer98
    Charlie the footballer98 9 months ago +1

    He is amazing at football he can play with his left and right foot and in goal🙃🙃🙃🙃🤑🤓🤘🤑🤓🤘

  • Eoin Murphy
    Eoin Murphy 9 months ago

    i feel like i’ve seen way better from you

  • Teej Mac
    Teej Mac 9 months ago

    I went to Heybridge Swift's v Hashtag united. And got your signature

  • BlondesAre Smart
    BlondesAre Smart 10 months ago

    not gonna lie this is one of the best vid's i have ever seen

  • Big Zipper
    Big Zipper 10 months ago

    Favorite TheXvidr

  • shiv .h
    shiv .h 11 months ago

    u left or right footed? Ur insane with both

    GENERAL HAKIM 11 months ago

    Ummm.... Charlie where do you live in London?

  • Nick McLoughlin
    Nick McLoughlin 11 months ago

    Seriously how the fuck aren't you at least a semi pro player

  • Oliver Cooper
    Oliver Cooper 11 months ago

    Hope u recover from ur injury ASAP

  • Gary Lyons
    Gary Lyons 11 months ago


  • UpRoaR
    UpRoaR 11 months ago

    Well done Charlie, it’s amazing to see how you’ve progressed since your first video, keep up the good work!!

  • SkillzForLife
    SkillzForLife 11 months ago


  • Angel Conde
    Angel Conde 11 months ago

    Amazing video

  • Bossman Dave
    Bossman Dave 11 months ago


  • NCA MHamza
    NCA MHamza 11 months ago

    3:29 theo swears, love it

  • matthew hill
    matthew hill 11 months ago

    His channel is a flop

  • Julijan10
    Julijan10 11 months ago

    U r the best football youtuber that i know

  • O2 Gaming
    O2 Gaming 11 months ago

    Why can't you do this for Hashtag?

  • Ahmed 07
    Ahmed 07 11 months ago +4

    Who else stayed up all night for the new year?

  • Ahmed 07
    Ahmed 07 11 months ago +1


  • AZDNSH 10
    AZDNSH 10 11 months ago

    Imagining Charlie, Miniminter and Chris MD playing together

  • Λ L P H A
    Λ L P H A 11 months ago

    Charlie I’ve watched you for ages now. And it still seems to me you don’t like or even look at the comments.

  • Farees Ally
    Farees Ally 11 months ago

    small request , for 2019 try to be less serious

  • WALEED ijaz
    WALEED ijaz 11 months ago

    The best

  • OMEGA_MO17
    OMEGA_MO17 11 months ago +1

    His technique is so satisfying on the eye

  • OMEGA_MO17
    OMEGA_MO17 11 months ago +1

    What a baller 😎

  • Adhiraj Arora
    Adhiraj Arora 11 months ago

    You are the best on TheXvid

  • cripple cookin'
    cripple cookin' 11 months ago


  • lloyd vlogz
    lloyd vlogz 11 months ago

    We all know his prime was in 2016

  • Milan
    Milan 11 months ago

    best video ever wish u liked this:(

  • Aaron
    Aaron 11 months ago +1

    Like Scott mctominay

  • Jack Paternoster
    Jack Paternoster 11 months ago

    Song at 1:55?

  • Joshua_ Lintnaar
    Joshua_ Lintnaar 11 months ago

    You are the best Football TheXvidr ever

  • Brighton Fan #1
    Brighton Fan #1 11 months ago +1

    Superb as always

  • Abdullah Siddiqui
    Abdullah Siddiqui 11 months ago

    Best happy new year Charlie love from Pakistan 💖🇵🇰

  • Biggy Alleyne
    Biggy Alleyne 11 months ago +5

    Best of luck into 2019 Charlie

  • Laid
    Laid 11 months ago +2

    Remember back in the day when you played and recorded with joe weller consistently

  • Evil Simon
    Evil Simon 11 months ago

    Where’s 6 a side?

  • Odeyemi Bro
    Odeyemi Bro 11 months ago +1

    What foot is this guy?? He's so good on both😅

    • KaneIsThe GOAT
      KaneIsThe GOAT 11 months ago

      He’s two footed, he uses his right more though.

    • filky30
      filky30 11 months ago +1

      Odeyemi Bro right footed

  • Kodi Ward
    Kodi Ward 11 months ago +1


  • TheNumber1Blade
    TheNumber1Blade 11 months ago +12

    Clutching at straws making a montage of your 3 videos this year aren’t you 😂

  • JORGE Flores
    JORGE Flores 11 months ago +1

    He is the best

  • Amna Hijab
    Amna Hijab 11 months ago +2

    Great vid chaz

  • Josh Mellor
    Josh Mellor 11 months ago +11

    Only 117 views after 10 minutes disgraceful behaviour #charliemoreviews

  • Zac Binns
    Zac Binns 11 months ago +2

    Seriously, play in goal more often

  • Josh Mellor
    Josh Mellor 11 months ago


  • Josh Mellor
    Josh Mellor 11 months ago +5

    Amazing vid Charlie #startMorleypig

  • MMONsTahh
    MMONsTahh 11 months ago +1

    Awesome vid keep it up

    DIDOUG 11 months ago


  • Yung Shep Btw_21
    Yung Shep Btw_21 11 months ago +37

    Charlie, I’ve watched you for the longest time now, and no matter what other people say, you’ve grown better every vid. You’re and amazing youtuber and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  • said didane
    said didane 11 months ago +1


  • KyeDa Gamer
    KyeDa Gamer 11 months ago

    Your really

  • Hadi reacts
    Hadi reacts 11 months ago +1

    13th like

  • Sportyy
    Sportyy 11 months ago


  • KyeDa Gamer
    KyeDa Gamer 11 months ago +1

    First shout out ?

  • FilippideGaia
    FilippideGaia 11 months ago +2

    First and amazing video CHARLIE PIG

  • brainbankkid TM
    brainbankkid TM 11 months ago +1