Best of the Worst: Plinketto #5

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • The gang is back! And the game is on! Plinketto that is! After learning about the death of Rich Evans, the gang decides to carry on with life as usual. No interruptions with watching bad movies! It’s time to drop the ball… the Plinketto ball and randomly select three pre-selected terrible movies. What films will get picked? You’ll have to watch to find out! Because I already know cause I edited and have already seen the show! But you haven’t! WATCH and see the gang pick movies, watch them, and then discuss their merits OR demerits during the final discussion! Enjoy the fun times had by all watching terrible b-movies!
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  • Aimee Xochitl
    Aimee Xochitl 6 hours ago

    Stop being mean to jack

  • SS2Dante
    SS2Dante 2 days ago

    37 minutes? In a row!?

  • mrcarepig
    mrcarepig 4 days ago

    Dont show rich boobs u guys he is going to have bad thoughts

  • Fluffy Gutts
    Fluffy Gutts 5 days ago

    I've seen better acting at my Thursday Dungeons & Dragons evening lol

  • Shrewd Cat
    Shrewd Cat 6 days ago

    Worst fake out death since Superman!
    Or Leia.
    At least Rich Evans didn't use a force bubble.

  • Brian Gervais
    Brian Gervais 7 days ago

    christina applegate up there and nobody mentions anything?

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 7 days ago

    ok The Rocketeer reference get the video a like!!

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 7 days ago

    deathstalker is seriously channeling bruce campbell from Army of Darkness

  • Rollins
    Rollins 10 days ago

    Every time this video starts it makes me think TheXvid is glitching out and starts playing Dan Bell's Cutting Room Floor then goes back to Plinketto, I've heard the scary ambient music sample in tons of ghost vids, guess they all use a common supplier

  • Coramelimane
    Coramelimane 12 days ago

    what is that beat during the wet t-shirt fly over?

  • Meme A la même
    Meme A la même 12 days ago


  • Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ
    Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ 13 days ago

    "The earth is flat..." **dies**

  • Bublee
    Bublee 17 days ago

    there's a reason its not called nail gun vigilante

  • DarkNobleSon OfRodrick

    “Did they rape yet?!” - Rich

  • p3k1n0
    p3k1n0 20 days ago

    But the girls are named after DISEASES!!

  • johnstumpf93
    johnstumpf93 23 days ago

    34:14 for my favorite Rich Evans what?!

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 25 days ago

    Hahaha! Mr Deathstalker is 'Tiny Face' from the masterpiece that is _Chopping Mall_ XD

  • Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz 26 days ago

    1:01:15 Josh's "Collective Soul" gag might be the most underappreciated joke in BOTW history

  • Ryan Caplinger
    Ryan Caplinger 26 days ago

    DEathstalker III: The Warriors From Hell now! Not five minutes ago, NOW!

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 29 days ago

    No Rich, no watch.

  • CegeRoles
    CegeRoles Month ago

    They should make Mike's scream at 10:17 into a stock sound effect.

  • Lucas Perks
    Lucas Perks Month ago

    Has anyone said that Jack looks like the bald son of Dick van Dyke?

  • Spun Defiant
    Spun Defiant Month ago +1

    In the UK the gnome film was called 'up world'.

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son Month ago

    This episode is dedicated to Cheryl.

  • IzzoSkizzy
    IzzoSkizzy Month ago

    Is it just me, or are the episodes without Rich Evans a little more enjoyable?

  • Bill McKessy
    Bill McKessy Month ago

    the bald guy is the worst

  • qlqnen
    qlqnen Month ago

    42:50 I don't think I've heard of Good Phyllis before.

  • Drive Music
    Drive Music Month ago

    GLEW: The past tense of “glow”

  • tylerdurden3891
    tylerdurden3891 2 months ago

    That 'glow in the dark spa bed' set has been used in dozens of 80's music videos.

  • lennonscat
    lennonscat 2 months ago

    Funny as hell the Nail Gun Massacre killer in the pool in daylight.... it does not get better than that.

  • lennonscat
    lennonscat 2 months ago +1

    I love Gnome named Gnorm

  • eatshitdie1
    eatshitdie1 2 months ago

    Rich Evans isn't in the discussion? I can turn up my volume!

  • Rus Block
    Rus Block 2 months ago

    hy pyke is in slithis...

  • Faux Eden
    Faux Eden 2 months ago

    What song did you use during the sped up t-shirt tshi?

  • Roldy Jenkins
    Roldy Jenkins 2 months ago

    12:36 wait a second I know that shit eating grin, is that the guy from RLM's chopping mall episode, the guy from the part where exploding head girl says ''hurry back'' and shows him her tits? He has the same overbite grin in that exact scene, I swear its the same guy.

  • Corey G. Ivey
    Corey G. Ivey 2 months ago +1

    All the effort that was put into Nail Gun Massacre is reflected in the tagline. 'It's cheaper than a chainsaw'!

  • Hombre de Brindis
    Hombre de Brindis 2 months ago +1

    17:31 Jack ghoulishly running away into the darkness might be the most horrifying thing I’ve seen on a TheXvid video.

  • Chef Sanders
    Chef Sanders 3 months ago

    @38:23 Fun tid bit... that is the wrestler Matilda The Hun from the 1980's "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" (GLOW)

  • Jim Norton
    Jim Norton 3 months ago

    The nail gun massacre scraped the smegma off my dick

  • ShoRyuBarbie
    ShoRyuBarbie 3 months ago

    Can someone explain to me what's up with that shot of that car pulling up to the fancy house, after Jack says: "Take that, Hollywood elite!"? You know, at the beginning tape explanation, and the music is way too loud in comparison to the rest of the episode?

  • Ewan
    Ewan 3 months ago

    What did he say at 11:00? it wasn't on the back of the tape

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson 3 months ago

    Project Metal Beast does not belong on this show.

  • Connor Sarles
    Connor Sarles 3 months ago

    The shrug at 4:48 kills me

  • patjohbra
    patjohbra 3 months ago

    I can't believe they let Mike use and edged weapon

  • Erling Hansen
    Erling Hansen 3 months ago

    I love how the box for Nailgun massacre says "In color" ..also I want to know more about Cheryl

  • tony cooney
    tony cooney 3 months ago

    You should check out Leaf Blower massacre 2.

  • Voxl Valyx
    Voxl Valyx 3 months ago

    Hell hath no fury like a Jacked Zaat.

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 3 months ago

    9:01 scanners are the work of the devil.

  • ZWKA1
    ZWKA1 3 months ago

    36:57 Im only now noticing the salt shaker lol

  • OlfTheTerrible
    OlfTheTerrible 3 months ago +1

    Wow---not one ounce of testosterone in that room. Why do white guys act like retarded 7 year olds, these days? No wonder their women are looking elsewhere.

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye 3 months ago

      Rich is married, Jack is married with children, Mike has had several girlfriends.
      Maybe Josh is an incel but let's be honest. You're projecting here.

  • Leoncroi
    Leoncroi 3 months ago

    0:16 - Internally joking: "He's dead."
    0:18 - Goddammit

  • cheebawookie
    cheebawookie 3 months ago

    Put Gymkata on the board!

  • The Anime Alliance
    The Anime Alliance 3 months ago

    Someday they'll be my rl friends. I'll make them be my rl friends.

  • Pipe Paz
    Pipe Paz 3 months ago +1

    19:45 "I need to stop buying movies because..." haha wtf Jay

  • Simon Bergeron
    Simon Bergeron 3 months ago

    During Nail Gun Massacre: When the angry woman gives the receipt, I almost feared the guy would say: "Well excuse me, Princess"

  • Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts 3 months ago

    1:03:44 I think Mike has some sort of brief medical crisis which neither he nor his friends seem to notice

  • Howbo Sanap
    Howbo Sanap 3 months ago


  • Morrigon VR
    Morrigon VR 3 months ago

    I never thought it could sound innocent for someone to ask if rape had happened yet, but Rich Evans pulls it off.

  • Alex Poho
    Alex Poho 3 months ago

    “Dr denim”

  • Tharrison6012
    Tharrison6012 4 months ago

    I looked up at 1:42 for a second and genuinely thought that it was an animatronic.

  • The Grey Wanderer
    The Grey Wanderer 4 months ago

    I decided to subscribe due to the pneumatic tube sound. It was really accurate!

  • Saucer
    Saucer 4 months ago

    I expected that pig-iron to fly apart at the end and all I saw was a bunch of lies.

  • GordonRamses
    GordonRamses 4 months ago

    okay so which one of these obese hacks do you think had a katana on hand?

  • Xtoriez Novel
    Xtoriez Novel 4 months ago +1

    Rich Evans, Rest In Pieces, 1910 - 2018.

  • Honest Lies
    Honest Lies 4 months ago

    Jack is my spirit animal. He's the best lol

  • Locke Brady
    Locke Brady 4 months ago

    Jack is being extra Jack in this episode.

  • Justin C
    Justin C 4 months ago

    I just want to see a kill with a guy standing against a second story barn door and he gets nailed to it, then the nail gun killer just kicks the door open so he's hanging from it. That'd be a great kill...

  • tylor govero
    tylor govero 4 months ago

    I used to rent bio kids from hollywood video 😂

  • Kat, Destroyer of Man
    Kat, Destroyer of Man 4 months ago

    Deathstalker 2 looks like Todd Howard

  • Roman The Person
    Roman The Person 4 months ago

    jack is probably the most basic white person i've ever seen

  • Nicky Gogol
    Nicky Gogol 4 months ago

    You guys gotta do Gnome Named Gnorm. AMH’s acting is over the top!!!

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 4 months ago

    Sex Picnic is a good name for a band.

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 4 months ago

    When Americans say "horror", it always sounds like "whore".
    Oh yeah, I'm a big whore fan. I have a huge collection of whore movies, and I've even been to a few whore conventions. Also I like prostitutes.

  • Breaking Art
    Breaking Art 4 months ago

    Hey one of the original GLOW wrestlers were in the Deathstocker

  • toonbat
    toonbat 4 months ago

    A very PUNitrating story, am I riiiiiiiiight?

  • Idziemel1
    Idziemel1 4 months ago

    The new Han Solo kind of looks like Deathstalker, too.

  • Travis Callahan
    Travis Callahan 4 months ago

    Gnome named Gnorme was awesome.

  • Vintermörk
    Vintermörk 4 months ago

    Is Deathstalker 2 really captured from a VHS tape? Looks like higher resolution to me.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 4 months ago

    It's really ironic that a director known for soft core sex parodies made a way more tame and enjoyable sequal to a film that was filled with rape and sexism.

  • Eric Bishton
    Eric Bishton 4 months ago

    Nailgun Massacre is a good Burning the Masses song

  • b girl
    b girl 4 months ago

    That poor baby. Head bouncing up and down, looks like her neck will break sheesh! :(

  • Tom Shand
    Tom Shand 4 months ago +2

    The joke they should have done is Jack goes behind the board and someone else pops up to drop the ball

  • dirkbonesteel
    dirkbonesteel 4 months ago

    Any chance of bringing the woman back to the show? She made pleasant high pitched sounds and has a bee costume

  • Riley Cooper
    Riley Cooper 4 months ago

    why was there so much rape porn in 80s movies? It's always presented as much more "sexy" than it actually is and it's always explicit and detailed. It's about as tasteful as a ridiculous gore scene at best

  • Oddbark Animating
    Oddbark Animating 4 months ago

    why does gnome named gnorm have jizz on it? and why did no one say anything about it?

  • UglySouth
    UglySouth 4 months ago

    I worked construction for many years. We never had time to rape anyone as we were always very busy. And at the end of the day we were all just ready to go home. We did snort some happy dust on occasion and have three beers with lunch, but that’s a privilege reserved for those who build shit so you won’t have to. We’d have kicked a rapists ass if such shit happened on the job site.

  • Sonamyfan875
    Sonamyfan875 4 months ago

    Man, this joke with jack is about as funny as Space Cop.

  • Oscar Candelas Pérez
    Oscar Candelas Pérez 5 months ago

    Best Of The Worst and rapes are like Hollywood and... rapes

  • Ashley
    Ashley 5 months ago

    i actually wish they made shirts as thick as they used to. the shirts in princess warrior were quality fabric because this was back in the 80's before everyone got cheap and greedy and made shirts out of like plastic and the thinnest amount of cotton ever lol. even sweatshirts now are pretty thin feeling and i hate it, i want a god damn comfy sweatshirt, not a plastic almost mesh shirt that would get ripped to shreds even on the delicate wash setting.

  • Triclopes Esquire
    Triclopes Esquire 5 months ago

    Ooooo... in bad taste, bad form

  • ParadoxapocalypSatan
    ParadoxapocalypSatan 5 months ago

    Vibrations could be amazing judging from the trailer

  • Drew Bakka
    Drew Bakka 5 months ago +1

    37 min of a movie to wet t-shirts where you can't even see the tits

  • William Burks
    William Burks 5 months ago

    Deathstalker in 2 reminds me of Link from the DIC Legend of Zelda cartoon, just with more sex.

  • Cassius Eagen
    Cassius Eagen 6 months ago +2


  • W J
    W J 6 months ago

    37 minutes long? Let's get real here, we all only need about 5 minutes.

  • natkatmac
    natkatmac 6 months ago

    It would've been gold if Jack's ball landed on an empty slot!

  • Justin Nolan
    Justin Nolan 6 months ago +2

    "Her tatto glew..." Jay Bauman - 2018

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 6 months ago +3

    In Texas, worrying about skeeters and killers is literally part of the experience. That lady was likely adlibbing. If she even realized the camera was rolling at all. EDIT: It's so weird to destroy movies like this. Yes, they're shitty, but it just doesn't sit right with me to destroy someone else's work - even if it's schlocky and a chore. The thought of something someone made ceasing to exist altogether instead of at least one copy sitting in a dusty archive somewhere cataloged away....idk, I just don't like wanton destruction of that kinda stuff, be it books or video games or softcore pornography like Princess Warrior. It has novelty.

  • Jeremy Nolen
    Jeremy Nolen 6 months ago

    You shameless hacks, pushing the idea that the Earth is spherical. I MEAN COME THE FUCK ONE!