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Sasha Velour performs "Cellophane" at Austin Drag Fest

  • Published on May 6, 2016
  • Sasha Velour performs her live projection-art-drag at Austin International Drag Festival 2016.
    Sasha Velour hosts NIGHTGOWNS at Bizarre Bushwick
    2nd Thursday of the Month

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  • Meteor Blade
    Meteor Blade 11 hours ago

    This is ART omg

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver 2 days ago

    Very cool concept but it could be executed better.

  • The Tragicomical
    The Tragicomical Month ago

    Fucking chills. I think the only other performer who's given me this is Evah Destruction's Royal T/That Laughing Track performances. Fucking gorgeous.

  • tinkarrrrr
    tinkarrrrr Month ago

    Sasha's performances make me cry. They are so beautiful, filled with love and passion. You can see the heart and mind behind it. Watching Sasha inspires me to go on and be the best version of myself. Thank you so much for doing your thing, Sasha!

  • Joana Meireles
    Joana Meireles 2 months ago +1

    So amaising! Congrats Congrats Congrats! For being truthfull to your beauty and having the strength and courage to face your life the only way it deserves to be lived ;)

  • Isaac Dibbens
    Isaac Dibbens 3 months ago

    Too bad she never lipsynched until the finals. I would've loved to watched her mow down those filler queens.

  • Elis Sugahara
    Elis Sugahara 3 months ago

    I get goosebumps every time I see this performance

  • Verl Keeler
    Verl Keeler 4 months ago


  • Ruby C
    Ruby C 5 months ago

    true respectful brilliant ! SASHA

  • Marcello Rodriguez
    Marcello Rodriguez 7 months ago

    This was even more beautiful in person! Hands down the best performance I have ever seen!

  • j o
    j o 8 months ago

    0:18 yeeessss sasha!

  • Fran Lamberti
    Fran Lamberti 9 months ago

    my favourite performance ever.

  • Drag Reject
    Drag Reject 9 months ago

    i thought she was gonna perform mr cellophane from chicago lmao

  • Leonora Alonso
    Leonora Alonso 9 months ago +1

    Talking about art... look at this Sasha doll made by Artist Hextian.

  • NeonNyanCatInc
    NeonNyanCatInc 11 months ago

    I had chills the whole time

  • Diane Galston
    Diane Galston 11 months ago

    Probably the best Drag performance and performer from RuPaul's Drag Race by far!! Wow what an entertainer.. Other Drag queens could learn a thing or two by watching her performances! Love you Sasha Velour!!

  • LunyLucky
    LunyLucky Year ago

    damn, Baby's got arms
    And by baby I mean goddess

  • Angel
    Angel Year ago +1


  • K O
    K O Year ago

    Sasha is so glamorous and beautiful now. But, I truly miss the era of her paint captured here. It allowed her such a beautiful and powerful range of expression... I don’t feel like she’s fully able to convey such a state of sorrow as she once did. I know she is continuing to evolve, so I can only wait patiently to see that side of dear Sasha once again. 🥀

    • K O
      K O Year ago +1

      Well, I just watched her performance of “remember me” by Jennifer Hudson and I’m eating my words. ☕️🐸❤️

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey Year ago +2

    this is one of Sia's most underrated songs, I belt the fuck out of it in the car

  • minzzles
    minzzles Year ago


  • Lollipop Lou
    Lollipop Lou Year ago

    'yES SASHA.' Same dude, same

  • Cynthia Rosario
    Cynthia Rosario Year ago

    She's a performing queen. She shook Russian Paul with her performances making her our queen. Love you Sasha. Can't wait to see what's next

  • Noelle Pritchard Barkley

    I was there when she performed (debuted?) this in Austin, and the minute I saw it I was a fan for life. And now she’s Queen of the World. Well-deserved. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Marvipan
    Marvipan Year ago


  • Lil W
    Lil W Year ago

    I just screamed

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant Year ago

    my fav Drag Queen

  • LawfulGoodGuy
    LawfulGoodGuy Year ago

    Haha. Stiiiiiiiiiiiiill cryin'.

  • Coriocori
    Coriocori Year ago

    your such a beautiful drag queen and i love you style and i love the story of you style its so inspiring sasha velour

  • Mabel Danciguer
    Mabel Danciguer Year ago

    I bed the video projection art was made on paint lol gawd I love her performances

  • DrawingZerberus
    DrawingZerberus Year ago

    Can I see this without all the fucking cheering. I want to take in the perfomance to its fullest. As much as I love cheering and hollering at drag shows, this is fucking perfomance art, keep it to yourself until its over -_-

    • Karina jimenez silva
      Karina jimenez silva Year ago

      Search Celllophane Sasha Velour LemonLab
      Sasha made this lipsync in Chile and all people were so quiet and respectfull :)

  • Nookie Thephithack

    Haunting,artistic.mind blowing,,beautiful,,,need I say Sasha 👍👍👍👍

  • Paff E
    Paff E Year ago

    This is the best thing I've fucking seen in my life.

  • Scott Lloyd
    Scott Lloyd Year ago

    An AMAZING performer...

  • 6xLord
    6xLord Year ago

    my heart

  • Jacky Arenas
    Jacky Arenas Year ago +2

    wow I can't believe Sasha invented art

  • Linda Liriel
    Linda Liriel Year ago +2

    I want Sahsa to perform SO MANY Sia songs: "The greatest", "Titanium" and "Elastic heart" in particular, but oh, my greatest dream is for Sia and Sasha to actually do something together, imagine how powerful that could be...

  • Holly Hemus
    Holly Hemus Year ago

    Goosebumps, amazing performance xx

  • eight days a yeet
    eight days a yeet Year ago +1

    Of course your breaking out my queen Sia at Dem parties. *Tears up* I have tought you well 😉

  • Xionarxist Jones
    Xionarxist Jones Year ago

    this performance speaks to me.. I love it

  • sexymodelboy
    sexymodelboy Year ago +1

    This bitch better stop snatching my edges like this!!! Slaying me left and right with each performance clip. Ugh!

  • Daniel Goulart
    Daniel Goulart Year ago


  • Mary Lee H
    Mary Lee H Year ago +2

    I cannot handle how obsessed I am

  • Bruna Paes
    Bruna Paes Year ago

    She gives me the thrills everytime, she's so unique, I love everything about this performance!

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 Year ago

    I was going to say she's the Marina Abramovic of drag, but she's on a whole other level.

  • Paff E
    Paff E Year ago

    Holy fuck

  • Mallory Mayo
    Mallory Mayo Year ago +3

    Okay, why isn't this trending?? I legit watch this 10 times a day bc it's probably the most captivating thing I've ever seen.

  • Will Aheran
    Will Aheran Year ago

    That was amazing!
    That's all.

  • Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan Year ago

    I remember watching this when the ruveal was made and thinking she was something special and out of this world and now she's my reigning queen, I'm so happy, she deserves the world and I can't wait to see her rule it with all that perfection...

  • Jesse Chappell
    Jesse Chappell Year ago

    YAS, BITCH! Living art!

  • Anita Tryharder
    Anita Tryharder Year ago

    Congratulations Queen Velour, all the way from New Zealand x

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Year ago


  • rayne g
    rayne g Year ago


  • kol veasna
    kol veasna Year ago +2

    sasha + sia = masterpiece

  • Amy P
    Amy P Year ago

    ..... Now I understand CLAT.

  • Mastering Pain
    Mastering Pain Year ago

    Such talent!! What a pleasure to watch

  • G _Stormborn
    G _Stormborn Year ago

    Watching this makes me so emotional.. it's so beautiful.
    I love Sasha

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Year ago

    Microsoft Paint come thruuuuu

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan Year ago

    Woooooow. I would love to see Sasha live.

  • Ryan Dusek
    Ryan Dusek Year ago +3

    you're a winner, baby!

  • Spooky Ghost
    Spooky Ghost Year ago +26

    Charlie Hides here is proof you can slay a lip sync standing still.

  • Just Cade
    Just Cade Year ago +2

    She won. It was leaked. Get over it.

  • El Stew
    El Stew Year ago

    next several levels of drug! i can't be the same person after this!

  • Bogdan Mihai
    Bogdan Mihai Year ago

    Sasha, I love you! You are a truly magnificent performer! Watching you is like watching living art, I can feel all the emotions that you want to express :) Brava - Brava - Brava!

  • Mário Alarcão
    Mário Alarcão Year ago

    Wich music is this?

  • Rose Huertas
    Rose Huertas Year ago

    holy shit

  • SuzySpeed01
    SuzySpeed01 Year ago

    "YES SASHA VELOUR!" same.

  • Shawn Gardner
    Shawn Gardner Year ago

    This is incredible. So much love!

  • yourchoice13
    yourchoice13 Year ago

    Again, fucking stunning this is... 😳😍


    This mind, this sensibility- she's in a class by herself

  • Alekso Sexo
    Alekso Sexo Year ago

    Holy fuck that was actually amazing. That felt transcendental almost

  • Lilium
    Lilium Year ago


  • Carol Bretas
    Carol Bretas Year ago

    this is my all times favorite Sasha's Nightgown's performance ❤️

  • KaBass
    KaBass Year ago

    never before has a drag performance given me chills like Sasha Velour has

  • samov mcqueen
    samov mcqueen Year ago


  • gizmokeeper
    gizmokeeper Year ago

    What an incredible being you are - thank you for your art. You are an inspiration. Shine on Sasha Velour!

  • Fahad Summan
    Fahad Summan Year ago

    I can't wait for one of them tired ass pop star to steal this and make it mainstream, like they do with everything else

  • Alicia Liu
    Alicia Liu Year ago

    Literally, my jaw dropped. I have never seen anything so unique and beautiful in my life, and if in S9 they can't appreciate that, I will be so disappointed. Sasha is a brand of uniqueness that no one has matched since ever, and this is the real future of drag. If they ever have a runway look for the future of drag again, the queens should just show up in Sasha impressions.

  • Dom Paul
    Dom Paul Year ago


  • bunnyblue
    bunnyblue Year ago

    the artsy queen the world needs.

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer Year ago

    And the winner of season 9 is...

  • Wendy
    Wendy Year ago

    Wow! Searched for you after seeing you with Jonny and Lady Red at Drag Con! Impressed!

  • Ananya Narayanan
    Ananya Narayanan 2 years ago

    What song is this?

    • Brady Lillington
      Brady Lillington Year ago +2

      Ananya Narayanan Sia - Cellophane from 1000 Forms of Fear

  • Marianne Martin
    Marianne Martin 2 years ago


  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 2 years ago

    Why can't the 1st episode of Rose have the queen introduce themselves showing the talent

  • Flora L. Print
    Flora L. Print 2 years ago +2

    man sasha is RIPPED

  • Morgan Southwell
    Morgan Southwell 2 years ago

    Bitch didn't move a foot and I am totally enraptured. Art.

  • winnie
    winnie 2 years ago +2

    tag urself im the "HOLY SHIT" at the end

  • Ella Pepper
    Ella Pepper 2 years ago

    Using this for my next art assessment, Watch out teacher, here comes contemporary art for your nerves. HENNY

  • April C. Hughes
    April C. Hughes 2 years ago

    Is there any way someone could tell me how many lumens the projector being used must be?

  • laura sinclair
    laura sinclair 2 years ago

    wow i love this performance from 1/3 of the top 3 of rupauls drag race season 9!

  • Pietrina
    Pietrina 2 years ago

    That was, hands down, the coolest drag performance I've ever seen.

  • Maris B
    Maris B 2 years ago

    i think i'm going to cry

  • MrChamp Tamriel
    MrChamp Tamriel 2 years ago +2

    When sia performs live Sasha should come along and do this

  • dowoon yoon
    dowoon yoon 2 years ago +2

    this is so boring

    • Sheridan Leonard
      Sheridan Leonard Year ago +1

      Trob umm actually watching this I thought that she was trying to convey that her mind is so busy. All the different colours and animations that flash and really depict what the lyrics are saying that the person is broken and can't think straight. It IS art... also, there's already been queens using different modes of technology for their lipsyncs because of what she's shown you can do without deathdrops and with REAL emotion. Have a nice day.

    • VAMPIRE3364
      VAMPIRE3364 Year ago +4

      dowoon yoon it's art you are simply uneducated

    • Trob
      Trob 2 years ago +2

      I agree, I feel like it's too much of an art project you see from a freshman in college, like "look how artistic I can be with a projector and if I add enough squiggly lines people can interpret it as art."

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 years ago

    I love her, I hope she gets the crown! Arty original fierce gender bending queen! Love it! And handsome sexy man, great bonus!

  • ms hmeecill
    ms hmeecill 2 years ago

    Unnnh giving me face face FACE. You're so lovely to look at.

  • Victoria Hugues
    Victoria Hugues 2 years ago

    I've never seen any other queen do what she does. She's one of a kind and in my perspective that makes her stand out ! #TeamSasha I love you already !❤❤❤❤ And its a shame that we in Brazil, where I live, dont have drag race on Tv . I mean her talent is unquestionable. Come to Brazil someday Sasha! We love you❤❤❤❤

  • alexandra
    alexandra 2 years ago

    this is iconic now