Dwayne Johnson on Buying His Parents Houses, Friendship with Kevin Hart & Jumanji

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Dwayne talks about attending Jumanji: The Next Level premieres all over the world, speaking at Kevin Hart’s Hand & Footprint Ceremony, their friendship, buying his parents houses, doing Danny DeVito’s voice in Jumanji, his infamous fanny pack photo and his new tequila brand.
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    Dwayne Johnson on Buying His Parents Houses, Friendship with Kevin Hart & Jumanji
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  • Mairead Cavanagh
    Mairead Cavanagh 13 hours ago

    I was scared, I kept hearing “Dwayne Johnson’s dead!” Myths. Thank god he is alive.

  • Levi Stewart
    Levi Stewart Day ago

    R.I.P Rocky Johnson!

  • Kotie Erwee
    Kotie Erwee 2 days ago

    I love how he didn't deny that he wants to run for president.

  • David Galindo
    David Galindo 4 days ago

    He finally reached 5 feet I lost it 😂

  • 《-nibbas - iffy - uh-》

    R.I.P Rocky Johnson, the legend who created and nurtured the one and only Dwayne Johnson.

  • CatchyName_
    CatchyName_ 5 days ago +3

    he bought a house which his dad only lived in for like a month before he passed away.
    RIP Rocky Johnson❤️☝🏾

  • You KNIGHT
    You KNIGHT 5 days ago

    *I watched it... and i think its pretty good and real funny... love the flying horse btw lol...*

  • abderrahim tachi
    abderrahim tachi 5 days ago

    This interview so funny with Dwayne Johnson,Great.

  • Troy Boyd
    Troy Boyd 5 days ago

    He said 8-10 😂😂😂😂

  • Scimitar steel
    Scimitar steel 6 days ago

    The people's movie star

  • Scimitar steel
    Scimitar steel 6 days ago

    He always loved the people

  • Carol Agent
    Carol Agent 8 days ago +2


  • Juan Zúñiga
    Juan Zúñiga 8 days ago

    This guy is the best

  • 1 newtspoots
    1 newtspoots 9 days ago

    and the award for most ripped junkie goes to....

    • Thanseer
      Thanseer 7 days ago +1

      Hes never played a superhero. Dwayne has always been built big due to his genetics.

  • Anesone Petelo
    Anesone Petelo 9 days ago

    The Rock is the most humbleness and most respectful guy. You’re the man.

    • Curtis Tomkins
      Curtis Tomkins 7 days ago

      He's father passed away recently, so this is pretty sad to watch

  • Imran Azam
    Imran Azam 10 days ago +1

    rip rocky johnson

  • TheTekknician
    TheTekknician 11 days ago

    What a damn stupid question to ask Jimmy, if there's someone above Kevin in friendship. I applaud Dwayne for not really entertaining the question. The man's not going to publically say that, but I don't even think he would do that, personally.

  • YNWA 96
    YNWA 96 14 days ago

    The rock for hall of fame 2020

  • Jamerson Kilgo
    Jamerson Kilgo 15 days ago +2

    The rock and Kevin hart should remake twins. It would be hilarious

  • Caden Redpearl
    Caden Redpearl 16 days ago

    There should be a charity opportunity on every episode!

  • Carnage
    Carnage 16 days ago

    Wow Dwayne Johnson looks a lot like the rock.

  • Hello Kitty ,
    Hello Kitty , 17 days ago

    I loved DJ🥰🥰

  • TheRealScottG
    TheRealScottG 17 days ago +1

    10:38 Trust me Jimmy,
    the Mexicans there aren’t scared of anything.

  • Mike Cuoco
    Mike Cuoco 18 days ago

    the rock smokes weed YETHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Crown Town
    Crown Town 18 days ago +5

    The rock Kevin ice cube and will need to make a movie

  • Venom X // VX
    Venom X // VX 18 days ago

    Why does dwayne johnson look like the rock?

  • Vinnie
    Vinnie 18 days ago

    That Guy looks like the Rock

  • Nami Will
    Nami Will 18 days ago

    its fun being all mixed up

  • The trolls Puppeteer
    The trolls Puppeteer 19 days ago

    The rock hates his black heritage yet he can pass as a uncle Jerome with no problem disgust me..dude is a.self hater trying to be full haiwain even white yet he isn't either

  • Jkillz YT
    Jkillz YT 20 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson looks a lot like The Rock.

    GRUNGE ROCK YOU 20 days ago


  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera 21 day ago

    I love the Rock as much as the next guy but I gotta be honest Jumanji was a pretty terrible reboot and they ruined a classic right after the original star of the movie died. If this was the best clip they could find out of the sequel to promote the movie then this one looks even worse than the first. First Cats now this? Someone who does the decision making in Hollywood needs to be fired.

  • Danial Tabumi
    Danial Tabumi 22 days ago +1

    He have own of he's class

  • Sucking Socky
    Sucking Socky 22 days ago

    Who saw the movie faster

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 24 days ago +1

    He's been rich and famous for a long time he's just now buying his mom a house? 🤨

  • Elysse Byrd
    Elysse Byrd 25 days ago

    Who else tired of hearing about Jimmy’s book? 😏

  • Chase Morissette
    Chase Morissette 25 days ago

    Tequila on the Rock's

  • Miss V
    Miss V 25 days ago

    I love Dwayne Johnson talented, and great person.

  • Mike Coyne
    Mike Coyne 26 days ago +1

    I still call him the rock lol..hes such a humble guy we need more people like him

  • Tahir Shah
    Tahir Shah 26 days ago

    RIP Dwayne Johnson !!!

  • randy brooks
    randy brooks 26 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson should play the life story of Woody Strode he looks a lot like him but Dwayne would have to trim down to play the part.

  • Kartik Sharma
    Kartik Sharma 27 days ago

    why it is a big deal in the west if u do something for ur parents...here in india we its supernormal

  • Margarita Fuentes
    Margarita Fuentes 27 days ago +2

    The best part of the whole thing was dwayne greeting guillermo

  • Mamawia Lianhna
    Mamawia Lianhna 28 days ago +3

    Was expecting The rock entrance music

  • Adan Acosta
    Adan Acosta 28 days ago +1

    I wish i could buy houses

  • Fairus Bapok Siam
    Fairus Bapok Siam 28 days ago +1

    The rock vs Roman reigns

  • iSoldYourVc
    iSoldYourVc 29 days ago

    Who has Dwayne mimicking danny who

  • Mr&Mrs Privilege
    Mr&Mrs Privilege 29 days ago +11


  • Ankit Pandey
    Ankit Pandey 29 days ago

    Meanwhile beep is just disgusting is it really necessary common guyyzzzz grow upppp!!!!!!

  • Kakashi Playz
    Kakashi Playz 29 days ago +1

    Dwayne Johnson looks A lot like the rock.

  • Flower Doyle
    Flower Doyle 29 days ago

    He needs to fire his tailor......that suit looks uncomfortable!

  • Cody Burton
    Cody Burton Month ago

    I always want to ask why 500+ dislikes to those who dislike it

  • Solo Aa
    Solo Aa Month ago

    Sipper with a fanny pack should be in his Instagram bio

  • Fleek khaz
    Fleek khaz Month ago +1

    The notebook 2 😂😂like if you want to see that skit

  • Pablo E.
    Pablo E. Month ago

    Man I’m so proud of the rock..from the people’s elbow and the people’s eyebrow 🤨..to one of thee MOST Electrifying entertainers ALIVE. And if you think of anything else IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Cause all of you are JABEONI’S

  • Santo Lopez
    Santo Lopez Month ago

    Dwayne is person you just can’t dislike for some reason. Always been a fan of his for the longest

  • derpfrog
    derpfrog Month ago

    Great interview by Kimmel. Well done.

  • Sid Dave
    Sid Dave Month ago

    We love you Dwayne. For us you will always be The Rock! I still watch all your old wrestling videos....

  • Leeroy Russ
    Leeroy Russ Month ago

    All over the world except Africa 😫

  • Dookie83088 !
    Dookie83088 ! Month ago

    Somehow Trump became president...but this man honestly should be. He is the absolute coolest person on the planet.