RazörFist Comes to Hollywood - Razör's Edge 4

  • Published on Oct 4, 2014
  • After an evening at the movies, RazörFist has a rant with Hollywood's name on it.
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  • andrew miller
    andrew miller 3 years ago +2

    Funny you mention Scarlets panties, I used to work for a emergency cleanup crew and was called to Scarlets house when her water heater blew up. We had to move all her furniture including her bedroom shit. She left her laundry on the bed....

    • andrew miller
      andrew miller 3 years ago +3

      Just one i didnt want to her to get all suspicious

    • Akhamesh
      Akhamesh 3 years ago +3

      How many did you steal?

  • fwwaller
    fwwaller 5 years ago +2

    Vlad DID participate in one or two battles in his life time but that it was mainly protecting Wallachia from invading Ottoman forces, he never really went out and fought like a badass, he mostly just planned the battles, he wasn't an action movie hero by any means. He DID however spend about 98% of his adult life viciously murdering and impaling people, that much is certainly true. Using the excuse that Vlad did participate in big battles to justify a Dracula movie being an epic war movie instead of a horror movie is not too dissimilar to saying it's okay that Batman in the Tim Burton movies killed people because in the early years of the comics he killed constantly.

    • fwwaller
      fwwaller 3 years ago +1

      @Mychael Darklighter Well that's fine, at this point it's simply a difference of personality, no hard feelings, thanks for the debate.

    • Mychael Darklighter
      Mychael Darklighter 3 years ago

      Well, that isn't why Batman has his no killing rule, but the actual reason is pretty much as mundane and merely circumstantial, so it's a wash. Regardless, the character (generally; remember I began by arguing for the validity of Burton's interpretation) _has_ that principle, and it's one of the main things I like about him.
      I shouldn't have brought up the Middle East, because I can see that your view of what's happening over there is so fundamentally different to mine as to render it useless rhetorically in this instance. Which is fine, btw! It's just, as I said, it was a mistake to assume we were working from the same premise there. Forget that.
      Incidentally, I also do _not_ believe in the death penalty. Maybe our difference here is more elementary, and less likely to be resolved here..? Allowing for mitigating circumstances, I just can't find it in myself to spread blame for a crime from the criminal around to someone whose ostensible fault is that they _didn't_ commit an equivalent crime.

    • fwwaller
      fwwaller 3 years ago

      @Mychael Darklighter Okay, on that point I'll concede, I got the 70's comics mixed a little bit with the animated series, where Batman did use brutal interrogation tactics on thugs, which was actually from Miller's era and not the classic O'Neil and Adams stories, even though the show was very heavily based on them.

      Are you utterly incapable of conceiving that both characters are equally responsible for the same atrocities?? Fucking hell man, THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING. And the Suicide bomb analogy is very polarizing, as it's both on point, and very far off the mark. For one thing, suicide bombers are a weapon of terrorist groups, many of which were leftover military men that the US trained to help them in their previous occupations of the Middle East, so from a certain point of view, yeah you could argue that the US are kind of very loosely responsible for suicide bomb attacks, but the terrorist groups themselves are just as responsible.
      Why do you believe so strongly that atrocities can only be attributed to one person?? Yeah Hitler killed millions of jews and conquered most of Europe, but most of his ideas about the master race and all of his ideas about the Holocaust came from his buddy and fellow nazi party founder Heinrich Himmler, are you going to say that Hitler deserves all the blame for the suffering and death that the Nazis wrought upon Europe?? Is Himmler innocent, or is he just as responsible? Not a hard idea to comprehend buddy.
      Now the reason why that analogy is poor, is because the damage the US has done to Middle East by cultivating the environment for all these terrorist groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS to flourish has already been done and there's little we can do to fix it. When Batman has the Joker at his mercy, he has the option to stop any more blood from being shed, it's not too late to do what needs to be done, yeah a bunch of people have died, but more can be saved.
      The justice system in the DC universe is beyond inept, we're not talking about OUR justice system,we are talking about THAT one. which granted ours has flaws of it's own, but in the real world, someone like the joker would never survive. The entire reason why Batman even has a no kill code is because it helps with the marketability of his books. People want to buy comics of Batman fighting The Joker, Penguin, Two Face, etc, and they can't have him do the sensible thing and kill them, or have those characters killed off for good, so they need a convenient way to keep Batman fighting them, so his no kill code is that way, no matter how flawed it is and how it has logical holes you could sail a cruise ship through.

    • Mychael Darklighter
      Mychael Darklighter 3 years ago

      O'Neil's Batman wasn't a brutal avenger at all, and he was totally deputised by the police, as he had been since the '40s (before the Silver Age), and as he was after, until Crisis on Infinite Earths (in 1986). Don't know where you got the idea that it was specific to the '50s and '60s. O'Neil's and Englehart's Batman happens to be my personal ideal.
      You're still claiming not to be blaming Batman for Joker's crimes while simultaneously asserting that Batman would be "letting" people die, or "condemning" them by not murdering their murderer in advance. I don't know what else I can say here. It's like the people who blame the U.S. for suicide bomb attacks in the Middle East. Complete inversion of responsibility. I'm honestly at a loss, here...
      Again, not saying that making killing easier to justify means you'll automatically kill more, only that your values have been compromised. That ought to be enough reason. If you don't believe our justice system is good enough, what do you propose as an alternative (sincere question, not rhetoric. Honestly interested)?

    • fwwaller
      fwwaller 3 years ago +1

      @Mychael Darklighter " Daredevil has his principles and he sticks to them, no matter how tempting it may be to just drop them at the first sign of any difficulty in maintaining them. The Punisher is wrong."
      So did you forget about that scene between DD and Punisher when Frank's about to kill that guy he thinks is the Black Smith, DD tells him he's going to find Blacksmith instead, and then Frank rails on him
      P:"What are you gonna do?? Throw him in jail just so he can get out and keep doing the same things again?? You're way doesn't work Red"
      DD: "Your right, it doesn't work, not all the time, which is why I'm willing to let you kill Black Smith"
      Or something like that, I didn't exactly memorize the whole scene word for word, but that was essentially the gist of it, as the season went on, Matt became less and less anal about his allies killing people, since it not only caused more problems for him, but he almost got Elektra killed when he tried to stop her from killing a Hand ninja, gave him the opening he needed to inflict a stroke with his poison blade. It's why in the final fight with Matt, Elektra, and the Hand he kind of stopped caring about her killing the ninjas and Frank sniping them.
      "Why is it up to Batman who lives or dies? How does he decide which criminals are 'bad' enough to execute?"
      Why is it up to Batman who goes to jail?? Your second question I can answer pretty easily, when criminals escape as often as they're brought in, in addition to never changing during their time inside, I think that should be a sign they they're far too dangerous to be allowed to keep on living.
      "I'm not saying taking one life means you'll automatically take more, I'm saying it makes it easier to justify once you've compromised your values once."
      But that's exactly what you're saying. In essence you are saying that taking one life will inevitably cause you to take more because it'll be easier to justify. I personally think it's a completely retarded idea to take it upon yourself to completely take the law into your own hands, and then decide that no matter what killing will never be justified, it's an infantile philosophy that's been proven to get people killed time and time again. I'm not saying heroes should be murdering criminals left and right, but they also shouldn't be taking such a goddamn moral high ground saying that killing is the most evil act any being in the world can ever commit, and it's a line they should never cross. If they wipe their ass with the law 90%, then they should at least go all the way with it if it's absolutely necessary.

      since 1986?? Have you never read any of the Denny O'neil stuff during the 70's? Those comics depicted Batman as a brutal avenger of the night about a whole decade before Frank Miller threw his hat into the ring.
      He was deputized by Commissioner Gordon during the Silver Age, where he fought aliens and inter dimensional beings and all manner of other campy, brave and the bold type shit, in all the modern incarnations Batman and Gordon are simply accomplices who have an understanding going on, Batman helps Gordon catch scumbags and Gordon doesn't try to arrest Batman.
      And as an omnipresent reader, you'd know that Batman's no kill standard has actually harmed more people than it's helped, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, Gordon's second wife, Sarah Essen,
      Hell I'm convinced he would even let Alfred die if it meant he would be forced to kill one of his own enemies, he's that obsessive about it.
      For christs' sake man do you need me to spell it out??
      Joker is responsible for all the deaths he has caused, I'm not disputing that, he's vile filth, but Batman does nothing more but condemn more people to death EVERY time he sends Joker back to Arkham, he knows this, but he doesn't care. His own moral code is more important to him than the lives of innocent people.

  • ModPallet
    ModPallet 5 years ago +3

    Perfect example is the horrible Alice in wonderland remake, that has unnecessary war cinematics

  • RedNightwing
    RedNightwing 5 years ago

    Not your strongest effort.

  • You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head

    No dislikes, I jinxed it

  • whackedout!
    whackedout! 5 years ago +6

    ...and this is why I usually bring my own booze into theaters. Well said, Razor. Well said.

    • Kevin Striker
      Kevin Striker 3 years ago +3

      That's why you always date a girl with a big purse: Smuggling

  • Make A Path Presents
    Make A Path Presents 5 years ago +6

    I demand... More of these!

  • sonicboomers122
    sonicboomers122 5 years ago

    I not one of your better rants.

  • narutoblivion
    narutoblivion 5 years ago +10

    Buttered in Unicorn Piss, LOL.

  • Nintendo Psycho
    Nintendo Psycho 5 years ago +1


  • Fajita Falcon
    Fajita Falcon 5 years ago +6

    Razor, might I inquire as to what you did with your Punisher: War Zone cardboard stand-up?