Corbyn v Johnson: BBC election debate round-up - BBC News

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit, the NHS, security and the economy in a head-to-head live debate.
    It was the last head-to-head between the Tory and Labour leaders before polling day on 12 December.
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  • TheAdekrijger
    TheAdekrijger Month ago

    Socialism in Scandinavia has increased the amount of bombings and rapes.

  • BalancierGU
    BalancierGU Month ago

    Socialism vs Capitalism - that's a WRONG dilemma. The right one is Freedom and Law vs Oppression and Bureaucratization of society.

  • BalancierGU
    BalancierGU Month ago

    Corbin should not be in legal politics for his support of terrorists.

  • BalancierGU
    BalancierGU Month ago

    I could never understand how an open supporter of terrorists, Corbin, could be a political leader in a civilized country. Bravo and respect for Boris Johnson from a Russian. I hope Boris will put due pressure on Russia's fascist dictatorship.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus Month ago

    Did corbyn just say Boris would spend 7 years negotiating.....bit of an exaggeration mate

  • Anna Belinda
    Anna Belinda Month ago

    Better u clean the parliament out of this horrible pedofilth. These monsters are destoying small chidren lifes since decades and nobody cares

  • Clint Tapper
    Clint Tapper Month ago

    I guess the country couldn't stomach having a man who supported the IRA bomber especially after all the bombings of schools and pubs and maiming of children in Manchester shopping centres.

  • I'm Watching YOU
    I'm Watching YOU Month ago

    Just imagine if the lottery was run like the outcome of the referendum.
    Remainers.... They should vote again they didn't know what they was voting for, we demand a second vote.
    Picking my numbers.....I picked the wrong numbers, now i know what they are i demand you let me pick them again.

  • DonaldTheGreat
    DonaldTheGreat Month ago

    Scandinavia is not socialist, what the fuck is he talking about?

    GTAREDSTAR Gaming Month ago

    Corbyn didn’t want to commit to a second referendum his party forced him too that is why labour were humiliated at the polls leave areas deserted the Labour Party corbyn isn’t the reason they failed their party trying to be undemocratic was.

  • Velozitti
    Velozitti Month ago +7

    As an American impartial the guy with glasses looks like an absolute tool

  • The Glamazon Club
    The Glamazon Club Month ago

    Many Voted Tory
    few Voted labour

  • The Glamazon Club
    The Glamazon Club Month ago +2

    socialism is the road to ruin : for the many + not the few

  • ZM
    ZM Month ago

    I honesty think that there’s no point of this anymore because conservatives is always to win .... 😔 I’m 14 so I don’t have much knowledge on the elections

  • VЄ Macrinnon
    VЄ Macrinnon Month ago

    Typical slanted bbc hijack. If they had any journalistic integrity, they wouldn't have used a lifelong Tory party official as the 'impartial' questioner and presenter. Utterly Shameful.

  • Dominik Duda
    Dominik Duda Month ago

    Any hairdresser in the audience?

  • Alex Hamilton-White
    Alex Hamilton-White Month ago +1

    Hand picked pro Tory audience, pro tory negotiator, pro useless monarchy . Jeremy forever!

  • Alex Hamilton-White

    I voted out and I was wrong - I was so lied to. Our only hope is Corbyn. Dog help us if the tories get back in :(

  • Okan Kurtoglu
    Okan Kurtoglu Month ago

    I wish candidates in my country would debate each other in front of people. My people think we have democracy, i do not think we have!
    Lets just hope the better one wins the election,
    Greetings from Turkey.

  • steph jane
    steph jane Month ago

    Vote for corbyn today, this is your last chance to undo over 10 years of Tory damage . Vote for him to save starving children and the nhs. Our best leader ever.

  • Lili
    Lili Month ago

    I would vote for a 3 Yr old over boris

  • Gnome Party
    Gnome Party Month ago

    Useless. This is the first election in which I feel 100% unrepresented. Like many people I've spoken to, I'll just be voting to keep out the most useless lying one.

  • Gi Sunrise
    Gi Sunrise Month ago


  • Sen Tariana
    Sen Tariana Month ago +1

    One of the first things I hear in this video is Johnson saying, "Listening to Mr. Corbin." No. No, I did not listen to him say anything. What did he say? I would like to hear him say it. It is clear straight away that this video has been cut and so tampered with.

  • jmabluemoonshine63
    jmabluemoonshine63 Month ago

    come on . when are you going to spill the beans . you know the three partys are working together for self gain and slave labour. its our sweat eqity they want . but we the common people as we are called are waking up. we get it now some of us. its a con aint it . we need a new selection of people to lead our nation the three dead legs we have need to be held to account for crimes on the nation. false claims. false prommises. child theft. home theft. war crimes . the list is endless its time to wake the nation and do the right thing. or are you afraid to tell the truth.

  • planktonblooms
    planktonblooms Month ago +1

    Jeremy is the people's person

    • planktonblooms
      planktonblooms Month ago

      @John Grygus well you got your hard line conservatives. You should be pleased

    • John Grygus
      John Grygus Month ago

      yeah.....if youre a hard line communist

  • Preeti K
    Preeti K Month ago

    Easy Read Labour Manifesto

    (Just a few points copied straight from their manifesto)
    Please read it for the country's sake.

    -Free travel on buses for everyone under 25
    -Free broadband for everyone by 2030 so we can all use the internet
    -Give people free dentist check ups
    -Keep the cost of medicines low and stop people in England paying for prescriptions
    -Make hospital parking free
    -Give adults and children mental health care when they need it
    -Give free education to everyone all through their lives so they can keep learning new skills. This includes free university education

    We will make sure that older people get:

    -Enough extra money every year for their government pension
    -Some money to help pay their gas and electricity bills in winter
    -A free TV Licence and bus pass

    We will give workers much better rights.
    And we will stop low pay and unfair working rules. For example, we will make sure that:

    -All workers over 16 are paid at least £10 an hour

    We will have better rules to make sure that:
    -People don’t pay too much rent
    -People can rent a home for longer
    -All rented homes are good and safe to live in


    • First Name
      First Name Month ago

      @Preeti K Argh you'll grow up one day like everyone does eventually. Then it's only bums and middle aged hippies still voting labour

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      ​@First Name your input means nothing to me bc you're the type of person to think you're exempt from the loss we'll all face when boris fucks with our future, and that already says a lot about you and your ignorance. go about your day now.

    • First Name
      First Name Month ago

      @Preeti K I'm 26

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      @First Name can't believe old ppl be like "this younger person is a loser" lmao geez

    • First Name
      First Name Month ago

      @Preeti K okay loser

  • Barry Gilman
    Barry Gilman Month ago

    All you who are thinking of voting for corbyn if you have a pension public or private he will raid them sooner than brown did its your choice

  • EireTalk
    EireTalk Month ago

    Anybody noticed that BBC didn’t show all day great applause that Boris got,?

  • ::
    :: Month ago +1

    100% ClownWorld...... Ffs....

  • ::
    :: Month ago +1

    Tomorrow Jiz Core-bin will be in 10 D(r)owning Street...... Courtesy of the globalistzzzz and their Kalergi plan (white genocide) ........ The ballot boxes will be rigged....... You will be enslaved by Kaiser Merkelzzzz fourth Reich gangster globalist GERMan EU empire.... FOREVER!
    You are heaping wood upon your own funeral pyres.....

  • ::
    :: Month ago +1

    Three main party's ALL with the same globalist agenda....... Cerberus the three headed monster!

  • kamrul h jilan
    kamrul h jilan Month ago +1

    Corbyn is better than Johnston..

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      @:: "MY own people" your ignorance is showing.

    • ::
      :: Month ago

      @Preeti K I'm very good, to my own people..... All others, I concern myself with....

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      ​@:: Which you claimed is the party of the immigrants for reasons being it's "anti white" and "anti british" which are not only severe slurs *Jeremy Corbyn is white, a lot of labour MPs are white and british born- but statements you've made underneath a comment because you saw their name and picture and immediately jumped to the conclusion that they must be an immigrant is disgusting. And not only that but claiming an immigrant will support parties for being anti-anything towards the country they now live in is absurd. People don't vote the way you seem to do, with these nasty ideas.
      You need to teach yourself how to speak decently with people.

    • ::
      :: Month ago +1

      @Preeti K Read it properly! I levelled those accusations at the disgusting Labour Party......

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      @:: implying that anyone who migrated to the country is "anti-british" simply because of their birthplace is a cause for concern. British values can be adopted by anyone. Also, "anti white" is strange to use in conjunction with immigrant too, as immigrants can be white. You're not speaking words of truth, you're speaking words of racism and hate, and I doubt you've restricted this use of language when it comes to anything other than politics too. This is a personal problem that you need to deal with, instead of projecting your insecurities onto others.

  • Nermal K
    Nermal K Month ago

    A comment with substance. Don't be fan of a neocon. #stopthetories. #stopboris #stopminitrump. First they will come for the gypsies, the journalists (see the guardian Polly Toynbee last column) then the Muslims (that will be easy because everyone in the world is doing something trouble to their muslim communities) then the poor and vulnerable (the nhs is for sell, in two years of the tories we will see drug prices rise and the neocons will debate a rethink of national insurance) them they will come for others who spoke up for the poor, Muslims, weak, the elderly) and then they will come for ........The future is bright for the 160 billionaires who own the wealth. Did you know 70% of the land in the uk is owned by 170 families. Our Water and electricity is in the hands of the Chinese, the French and the Americans. The companies with British in the name like bae systems is owned by the Americans. Even the corporate media have over the last few years written about the bankruptcy of private building companies who got tax money and extracted British wealth and local councils having to buy back local service industries from private owned companies because the companies went tits up. The gov did a sweet deal with Nissan, Japanese, to protect jobs but they will take the money. The car companies are slowing packing up shop because their shareholders are rethinking where to put money. My comment is info you need to know. Watch lowkey' latest TheXvid vids and see for yourself. We have been brain washed into believing we are free but it's an illusion. Good luck my friend. I vote for the commie over a monster.

    • Nermal K
      Nermal K Month ago

      And ?

    • Nermal K
      Nermal K Month ago

      :: !!!!!!!!!

    • ::
      :: Month ago

      @Nermal K We're all animals....

    • Nermal K
      Nermal K Month ago

      :: for animals.

    • ::
      :: Month ago

      @Nermal K So is 'racism'/tribalism...... It's a survival mechanism..........

  • 139Robin
    139Robin Month ago +2

    Where’s Corbyn been hiding that obnoxious cretin Diane Abbott and why? I think we all know!!

    • ::
      :: Month ago +1

      DIEanne Fl-abbott-om..... 45 nylons had to die so that, that wig could be made..... If you can spare £2 a month, please go to

  • Kamran Mohammed
    Kamran Mohammed Month ago +2

    That’s the exact reason why the do it. They don’t like boris or Corbin but they rather have Borris. The man who been sacked twice for lying. He has lied numerous times. The guy put a reporter phone in his pocket cause he didn’t want to see a photo of a 4 year old sleeping on hopsital floor. The media doesn’t like Corbyn he has for 30 years stuck up for British working people. The guy has never changed in his life. He has morals that would never change. He is what Britain needs he want the average person to thrive and enjoy life. Borris is just the puppet of his secret masters.

  • GloUp
    GloUp Month ago

    This looks like a fuckin game Show wtf the people of the media are as dumb as the Conservative party

  • Reece wright mcdonald wright

    I vote labour

    • ::
      :: Month ago +1

      You are heaping wood upon your own funeral pyre...... Good luck zoomer....

  • Mart kenyon
    Mart kenyon Month ago

    We have an extraordinary deal, an amazing deal, oven-ready deal, it is the best deal, believe me, it’s true, I have all the best deals.

    • ::
      :: Month ago +1

      Johnson the Johnsons surrender treaty is an asset strippers charter for GERMany....

  • Shana Jackson
    Shana Jackson Month ago +1

    If you want to know what a Labour government would do read LABOUR MANIFESTO EASY READ" it is a pdf file from Labour website (link below). It will take about 10 minutes to read and will let you know what Labour's vision is without the lies the billionaire press barons want you to believe. Read it and you can decide what kind of country you want to live in, a country of INVESTMENT and HOPE (LABOUR) or a country of debt and despair (TORIES)

  • Neville Thomas
    Neville Thomas Month ago

    Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has dismissed suggestions of potential ill health and lack of stamina as he heads towards the UK’s most important general election for generations.

    Speaking to BBC breakfast, he shrugged off the notion that he might under-perform as he’ll be the oldest first-time Prime Minister in 150 years, if he wins Thursday’s general election.

    “I’m very healthy, very fit, very active and I’ve travelled more than any other party leader in this election”, the 70-year old Corbyn told the BBC’s Louise Minchin.

    Despite facing an unexpectedly tough interview by Minchin, Corbyn repeatedly made light-hearted comments, by revealing, for example, that he eats “porridge” every morning.

    On the broader question of the quality of his leadership, Corbyn dismissed repeated attacks on his “credentials” as a leader by staying on-message and insisting that he is “proud” of the Labour party’s manifesto and he sees his job as to “deliver it [the manifesto]”.

  • Shana Jackson
    Shana Jackson Month ago +1

    OVER 5000 people have died since 2016 because of NHS bed shortages. PREVENTABLE DEATHS!
    Boris Johnson does not use our NHS, billionaire tory donors do not use our NHS. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR NHS. If you want to DEFEND our NHS from the tory cuts. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE TORIES. Vote for a party that WILL PROTECT AND FUND the NHS, allowing it to provide world class care and treatment to its patients. DO NOT RISK YOU OR YOUR FAMILIES LIFE WITH AN UNDERFUNDED TORY NHS.***** VOTE LABOUR****

    • ::
      :: Month ago

      @Shana Jackson They are ALL the same! Three main party's ALL with the same globalist agenda....... Cerberus the three headed monster....... I'm not voting for any of these treasonous globalistzzzzz.......

    • Shana Jackson
      Shana Jackson Month ago

      @:: happened all under the TORIES

    • ::
      :: Month ago +2

      So...... Nothing to do with the third world exodus into Europe? Nothing to do with the corrupt EU ordering Great Britain to allow EVERYONE on earth, free treatment???

  • Michael Galvin
    Michael Galvin Month ago +1

    Sad to think that Labour will never get a better shot at a landslide victory, but that Corbyn's refusal to step aside has destroyed that possibility.

  • Ri Vin
    Ri Vin Month ago

    Salvation Pilgrims
    Greenland's Riches
    Natural Migration

  • People's Party of DIO

    Can’t you Brits go back to being serious?

  • M P
    M P Month ago +2

    You’d think all this media training would make them better communicators especially boris

  • Deep Blue
    Deep Blue Month ago +1

    Voting labour

  • Ash Bull
    Ash Bull Month ago +3

    Between the two is has to be Boris for PM.

  • Trevor Whateley
    Trevor Whateley Month ago

    Let's have a communist state.... Everybody would be happier, life would be decided for you!!!!

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling Month ago +1


  • Kanegoodnight
    Kanegoodnight Month ago

    We hear of 3 ppl give him round of plause to boris pmsl

  • Kanegoodnight
    Kanegoodnight Month ago +3

    Kids sleep on hospital floors you sick Tory trash

  • Azerty Qwerty
    Azerty Qwerty Month ago

    Vote Tory and I promise we hang Corbyn😉

  • Lost Serendipity
    Lost Serendipity Month ago +3

    "One of the two men will be prime minister"
    Swinson :Am i a joke to you ?

  • Surendra K
    Surendra K Month ago +1

    shallow arguments but found the bespectacled man rather untrustworthy

  • The Green Fairy
    The Green Fairy Month ago

    More heavily biased reporting by the BBC

  • James Cornelius Taylor

    Boris frankly comes across as an idiot. Unless he's deliberately planning post Brexit chaos to generate business deals at the expense of the people.

  • Shaikul !
    Shaikul ! Month ago +2

    One thing thats always bugged me about political debates and gatherings such as this, or the scutiny in the house of commons right.... is how nobody seems to provide any evidence, or citations for an accusation or point made. (Or very little evidence) Which allows the one being questioned to respond with juvenile bs like "wELL yOuRe wRonG mAtE" ..... we wanna get brexit done..... like plz provide citations and solid proof, because the audience in this video, are clearly inept😅 and have no idea who to believe.... its like theyre all prohibited from showing evidence to THE PEOPLE.
    Anyways boris nonsense is very one dimensional and foolish

  • Lorenzo Gradenigo
    Lorenzo Gradenigo Month ago +2


  • Cruel SuN
    Cruel SuN Month ago +1

    Vote Tory 🔵