Thirty Days "Lost Highway - Day Eight w/Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins

  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
  • A truly rambling edition of #ThirtyDays as Billy Corgan emerges from the fog of Perry, Florida and hits the road.
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  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson 2 months ago

    The fishes like you. Lol

  • shamone
    shamone 5 months ago

    Did your aunt and uncle know Michael Cravey in Gainesville?

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 10 months ago

    Oooh!! Loved the music and singing in this one. 💜

  • Richard Friend
    Richard Friend 11 months ago +1

    Rush shirt for the win. ;)

  • Adrian alien
    Adrian alien Year ago

    does anyone know the song he sings at 2:06?

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Year ago

    It's such a damn shame to see how hollowed out this country has become. Life is so much easier today, but it's so much more full of bullshit.

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Year ago +1

    He wasn't even trying on Strawberry Fields and it was the best thing I heard all day.

  • stuart watson
    stuart watson Year ago

    FFS Billy you little shit put the band back together even if it's for just one song...go put your arms around James,free Darcy from her horses for a few months and phone jimmy and tell him to get his shit together...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REFORM THE ORIGINAL LINE UP

  • Tyler Piltz
    Tyler Piltz Year ago

    These are the songs I learned to play and sing to, before I transitioned to SP songs. I remember the first song I learned all the way through was Why don't you love me (like you used to do) by Hank Sr.

  • dAvrilthebear
    dAvrilthebear 2 years ago +1

    very beautiful cinematography, due to the foggy weather)) And once again, great music!

  • Kevin Fernandes
    Kevin Fernandes 2 years ago

    2:06 is the sound billy makes when he takes it up the ass in the music industry

  • Garrett Dow
    Garrett Dow 2 years ago


  • Melanie Trodella
    Melanie Trodella 2 years ago


  • Benny Stanley
    Benny Stanley 2 years ago

    You know Billy's got to be sick of that question

  • Audrey Wood
    Audrey Wood 2 years ago

    love your cover of lost Highway

  • Zac Cousins
    Zac Cousins 2 years ago +1

    "A lot of gators migrate down here from up in New York!" LMAO Jocephus!

  • Katherine N.
    Katherine N. 2 years ago

    I miss the days of the old Pumpkins and I haven't listened to the new stuff since '07, but I still try to tune in to the social aspect, from time to time. As with the old LiveJournal, I'm enjoying these snippets of Billy's life. It makes us feel connected, as if we're all close friends! I hope the videos will play on, beyond the thirty days.

    CHELLE BELLE 2 years ago

    lost highway
    Was beautiful

  • metsoneredsoxtwo
    metsoneredsoxtwo 2 years ago

    the Beatles are always a good opening!. :-)

  • 79tazman
    79tazman 2 years ago

    Love the Hank Williams Lost Highway

  • Eliza Ivanova
    Eliza Ivanova 2 years ago

    The songs get better and better!

  • Land
    Land 2 years ago


  • Kevin Fernandes
    Kevin Fernandes 2 years ago

    fuck youself you smega bird shit consuming maggot

  • Martyred Whitmans
    Martyred Whitmans 2 years ago

    If you end up in McMinnville, OR, let me know. This place is a modern anomaly of American culture, that I believe is really well rounded.
    a micro of the macro, on a bizarre scale..... at least that's how I'm hyping it. ;-P

  • Tim Eggenberger
    Tim Eggenberger 2 years ago

    'Fake News', lol.

  • Joey
    Joey 2 years ago

    I have never seen EC3 but what doesn't look like him lol.

  • Paola Limeira
    Paola Limeira 2 years ago

    Strawberry fields forever...and same questions forever too kkk

  • SietsePizza
    SietsePizza 2 years ago

    That was so fucking awesome! SWEET! Love those Songs You played. SAFE TRAVELS! ❤

  • Christopher Mejia
    Christopher Mejia 2 years ago

    What a fantastic song!

  • Dulce Dubose
    Dulce Dubose 2 years ago

    I don't know what I'm going to do when this project is going to end

  • 666hobart
    666hobart 2 years ago


  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 2 years ago

    what's the "back in Gainesville" without audio thing about?

  • moledog88
    moledog88 2 years ago

    This is just tooooo awesome !! Beautiful....What a friggin idea ,,,,lovin the journey ,,,,,,let's do the east coast next

  • schotanusser
    schotanusser 2 years ago

    gimme the reunion! love this project btw

  • Kayne Jacques
    Kayne Jacques 2 years ago +18

    The EC3 running joke is the best

  • romelovesdan
    romelovesdan 2 years ago

    AMERICA COMES ALIVE IN THE SUMMER, Baseball, July 4th, County Fairs, etc...Sequel time!...a few years down the line.

  • Keka S.
    Keka S. 2 years ago

    thanks Billy!!!

  • M B
    M B 2 years ago

    This one was especially brilliant & magical - thank you :)

    • tubenshaft
      tubenshaft 2 years ago

      i'm watching these for the second time right now and i got to agree with you on this one :)
      very special and beautiful, thank you thank you thank you!

  • mrpelon1000
    mrpelon1000 2 years ago +1

    What happened at the end the voice cut out?!

  • Kymberli Shea
    Kymberli Shea 2 years ago +2

    Lost highway was just beautiful. Your voice touches my soul. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it! 🤘❤️. I am loving this series!

  • Fernando Ramoa
    Fernando Ramoa 2 years ago +1

    aunt Corgan was frightened

    NOLADEEJ 2 years ago +2

    Beautiful setting for such beautiful music! Thank you, Billy!

  • Deep South
    Deep South 2 years ago

    Truly enjoying watching your travels. Loving the fact that you visited my little town on day four. Jasper, Alabama.

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 2 years ago +1

    I love this glimpse of your life William best project ever!

  • Christopher Charles
    Christopher Charles 2 years ago +8

    I've been listening to the Pumpkins for almost 3 decades and I've learned more about Billy in the past 8 days than I did in all those years.

  • legendsofevil
    legendsofevil 2 years ago

    That was a dumb question by that radio interviewer. He just asked that question in day one and now he just keeps hounding the same thing again here.

    • Fernando Ramoa
      Fernando Ramoa 2 years ago +5

      maybe he was pressured by radio execs to ask the same bullshit again

  • Jennifer McCormack
    Jennifer McCormack 2 years ago

    Is that an amber ring. I love amber. I have a necklace. My fav color to collect. If It is beautiful which ever it is. :)

  • Melad Bazzi
    Melad Bazzi 2 years ago +2

    "Island of dreams" by billy corgan, where can the whole song be heard?

  • moki
    moki 2 years ago

    I think Big JG looks like EC3

  • Slab Riffjaw
    Slab Riffjaw 2 years ago

    Wow, some real inspiration simmering away here...great stuff

  • Piscesluna
    Piscesluna 2 years ago

    Man, you guys upload at all hours, don't ya? lol Loved this, the end is a bit too quiet though. :)

  • Rachel Snyder
    Rachel Snyder 2 years ago +32

    I wish these videos could go on forever, they're part of my daily routine now

    • Night Prism
      Night Prism 2 years ago +1

      At least I can talk to people on here that love Billy as much as I do

  • fintan bourke
    fintan bourke 2 years ago +6

    make a dream of mine come through Billy..... I'd love to hear you play Take me down.....:^°

    • dAvrilthebear
      dAvrilthebear 2 years ago

      Northernmight James has at least 3 good songs on the 'Let It Come Down' album from '97: Silver String; Lover, Lover; One and Two. The last two songs are also featured on MCIS reissue. There are a few good songs by James on TAFH (especially, "Bells"); Pieces Iscariot has a very good song by James, "Blew Away; also there is "Summer" as a b-side on one of Adore's singles; and the is "Go" on Machina II.

    • GoCotton
      GoCotton 2 years ago

      The first IHA album isn't that different from Take me down. There's a new one too, which I havn't heard yet.

    • fintan bourke
      fintan bourke 2 years ago

      Northernmight there was a type of country song he wrote that I loved but that was years ago & the last time I checked for it I couldn't find it....I'll let you know if I do

    • Northernmight
      Northernmight 2 years ago

      It IS brilliant. One of the best closer-songs i've ever heard on a disc. Very beautiful. Do you know if Iha ever made any other tracks like it? I know he made a solo-album or some such, at some point.

    • Fernando Ramoa
      Fernando Ramoa 2 years ago +2

      Take me down to the paradise city...

  • Wick Fields
    Wick Fields 2 years ago +27

    Billy Corgan in a Rush t-shirt singing Hank Williams. My musical odyssey is complete.

  • Will Chew
    Will Chew 2 years ago

    I wonder if that's the same chair used from all the earlier episodes?

  • Melanie Trodella
    Melanie Trodella 2 years ago

    U just pacified my ass yet I'm tapping my right foot 1000000 mph . WPC, ...what you do to me I can't put into words - ok calming again but bye bye sleep inevitable especially I just know it. Ahhhhh why can't I have this
    I'm so kind why why - and shying away now (if u happen to go further south and I miss this - I'll just - get a ring to wear that denotes "KICK ME" ) to remind me to live ... Hmm., and when I live I can just rotate the ring that denotes something like... "ENJOY THIS MOMENT!" (I'm going to make it)
    I think it will remind me to let go and just be - hopefully. Well anyways hi Billy
    Aah so my luck
    Why am I writing all of this on a pub forum ? Because this is what WPC does to me It's not gotten any lighter lol over the past I stopped counting the years and the tears but
    I rarely have dreams of people I never truly met - and it's always rotating the 3 reoccurring themes to each of the repetitive dreams. Boggles my mind in a very respectable way. Oh well ya know

  • d mott
    d mott 2 years ago

    billy I'm in evansville indiana. might be on your way back. I played jennifer ever w/you in stl. stop by my place and do it again

  • Jam S
    Jam S 2 years ago

    i live about 45min's from Perry

  • Miguel Naranjo Peralta
    Miguel Naranjo Peralta 2 years ago +3

    The audio cuts off in the end.

  • Sara N Dippity
    Sara N Dippity 2 years ago

  • Silver Roddo
    Silver Roddo 2 years ago

    Yeah, Gatorman! ❤️🐊

  • Melanie Trodella
    Melanie Trodella 2 years ago

    Omg I fucking adore u even more wait I need to ugh what the damn app ughhhhh I'm blanking
    I would totally be your passenger
    (And I'm always the control freak so uh - u know I ......
    You're IN FL?!??

    Ok ok ok woah woah wait
    Don't don't go

    What the GD app I have it I can't rem F name aaaaah ok
    F it I'm loggin in I hope still on or wait
    Wait I'm so foolish
    It's edited duh

    Um Corgan Could u just log In now please

    Now? Lol 12:39Am fri
    Damn it

  • Lightnin' Ray
    Lightnin' Ray 2 years ago

    that "island of dreams" song sounds cool.

  • Nathan Austin
    Nathan Austin 2 years ago +6

    I have a feeling that poor Billy is going to get hounded about the original line-up possibly getting back together for a while. Lol If they end up not getting back together, so be it, but in my opinion, the original line-up was like capturing lightning in a bottle.

    • Nathan Austin
      Nathan Austin 2 years ago

      True. I just hope that if it does happen, that it will be as though no time has passed at all, but only time will tell.

    • tubenshaft
      tubenshaft 2 years ago

      sure, the meeting of the right minds at the right time makes for some great music. always has been like that. but that doesn't mean, that it would be the same, if they got back together now. it could certainly be the case, but it's not a given, is what i'm trying to say. also they were like 20 back then, 20 and hungry, now they are 50 with receding hairlines and bellies....

  • Chris Koufalas
    Chris Koufalas 2 years ago

    I've been enjoying these videos, its good you have taken some time out to enjoy travel and talk about your family history, i will be waiting for the solo record

  • Jen Ship
    Jen Ship 2 years ago +4

    can't hear the ending

  • Estrella De Luna
    Estrella De Luna 2 years ago

    where can I find you on periscope? m

  • Dan
    Dan 2 years ago

    2017 tour please!

  • Christian Laybolt
    Christian Laybolt 2 years ago

    Love you billy ❤️