That's Called a Trailer Park

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Heidi argues with Wendy, and the other girls, at the bus stop.
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  • Romulo Garcia
    Romulo Garcia 2 days ago


  • Romulo Garcia
    Romulo Garcia 2 days ago


  • Romulo Garcia
    Romulo Garcia 2 days ago


  • Romulo Garcia
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  • Ana Baka :3
    Ana Baka :3 3 days ago


  • Koolaidman_recroom
    Koolaidman_recroom 10 days ago +1

    ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) I just learned how to do this

  • Dandielion Gacha :3
    Dandielion Gacha :3 13 days ago

    I see the tables have turned

  • Shaan
    Shaan 14 days ago +1

    What did Eric do to Heidi?...

  • Jesse k
    Jesse k 14 days ago

    This is one of my top five favorite parts and South Park

  • Sean Crowe
    Sean Crowe 15 days ago

    dear god, there's two of them

  • Mr Not So Blue
    Mr Not So Blue 15 days ago

    I find this offensive

    I live in a trailer park-

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 15 days ago

    Thats heidi

  • levi kirito123
    levi kirito123 16 days ago +2

    What ep is this?

  • Lelo Stimulous
    Lelo Stimulous 16 days ago

    South park is dead

  • Beary Bear
    Beary Bear 18 days ago

    0:00 0:01 just another fine mornin in South Park.

  • Steven Morrissey
    Steven Morrissey 18 days ago +1

    I'm thinking Heidi is correct on this One.. Definitely sounds like a Trailer Park to me.. #TinyHomes😂

  • ExodusCore
    ExodusCore 20 days ago +2

    When she realized that she was in the wrong and decided to become a good person again, she lost all that weight and stopped being fat... If we turn this around, would Cartman become a good person if he lost all his extra weight and stopped being fat?

  • CazzSDMF
    CazzSDMF 21 day ago

    one of the few good things about that season was female cartman

  • G. Lee
    G. Lee 21 day ago

    The scene of wasted potential
    We could have had a scene with the girls

  • Clone Captain Blasto
    Clone Captain Blasto 22 days ago

    I just love this lol

  • James Riley
    James Riley 22 days ago

    Witty Satire

  • TheRubinator13
    TheRubinator13 22 days ago

    Heidi becoming the new Cartman was one of the best things to happen in South Park 😂
    That and Mr Garrison becoming trump

  • Ziggler Norris
    Ziggler Norris 23 days ago +5

    So this is what girls sound like when written by men, neat.

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 23 days ago

    Nice Version

  • JR137
    JR137 23 days ago +6

    "Nothing just talking to my girlfriends about tiny homes 😑" lmao

  • xXBigRojoXx
    xXBigRojoXx 23 days ago

    So fkin Funny. Great show.

  • Harm Aouke Haaijer
    Harm Aouke Haaijer 23 days ago

    Girl version of Cartman...

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 23 days ago

    It could be regular cartm an & they use technology to feminize the voice....... Whether it's trey or Matt lol 😂 🤣

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 23 days ago

    fucking kind regards pc police /sjws from hell... I don't even want or care to go into your or their reasons this is wrong or that's evil or you feel somethings akin to everything wrong with the world...... Please... Put your mirror away!!!! 🤣 😂 😂

  • Jimmy Campbell
    Jimmy Campbell 23 days ago

    I'm a little surprised Eric is friends with Heidi.

  • xxxx85
    xxxx85 23 days ago

    Hahaha so toxic. xD

  • Cali Love
    Cali Love 24 days ago

    Heidi is a crazy bitch!

  • Red Mustang 1976
    Red Mustang 1976 24 days ago

    South park woke strong whamen edition

  • John Doe
    John Doe 24 days ago

    sounds like Wendy Williams

  • bird life
    bird life 24 days ago

    LOL that's called a trailer park

  • Billy London
    Billy London 24 days ago

    I’d love to watch a spin off of these four girls!

  • Broken Eyes
    Broken Eyes 25 days ago

    For $200,000 (plus monthly docking fees) or more you can live in a tiny floating home in Victoria Canada... catch is -multiple- cruise ships get to use the same harbor, daily... sooo yay for doing your part and cleaning your environment?

  • Niels Næsebohr
    Niels Næsebohr 25 days ago

    Yes, Massa.

  • Jacques Nomdefamille
    Jacques Nomdefamille 25 days ago

    Wendy = Stan
    Theresa = Kyle / Kenny
    Isla = Butters
    Heidi = Cartman

  • Ciaran McGuinness
    Ciaran McGuinness 26 days ago +1

    I wish they'd kept her like this for a few more years, it was hilarious having another Cartman

  • Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

    Ha ha Heidi, er I mean Cartman Lmao

  • 111 222
    111 222 27 days ago


  • Adam Coughlin
    Adam Coughlin 27 days ago +1

    Heidi takes up the role of Cartman for reasons I shouldn't need to explain.
    Theresa takes up the role of Kyle as she's the one that is confrontational towards Heidi in the same way Kyle is the one that confronts Cartman the most. A lot of people say that Theresa takes up the role of Kenny because it's assumed her family is poor but that's very poor reasoning in my opinion. By that logic, whichever girl is supposed to be the female equivalent to Kyle must also be Jewish just like Kyle.
    Isla takes up the role of Kenny since she is pretty much silent except for one small line kind of like Kenny.
    Wendy takes up the role of Stan. She tries to diffuse the situation by telling Theresa to ignore Heidi. Don't forget that in the episode "The death of Eric Cartman", it was originally Stan who proposed to Kenny and Kyle that they should ignore Cartman and pretend he didn't exist. Stan has also tried to diffuse arguments between Kyle and Cartman.
    To support my argument, look at the order the girls are in from closest to the bus stop sign to furthest away from the bus stop sign. Now go back to the very first episode of South Park and look at the order of the boys from closest to the bus stop sign to furthest away from the bus stop sign.

  • Christian Show
    Christian Show 27 days ago +1

    South park girl version...

  • Mark Brandon
    Mark Brandon 27 days ago

    Tiny homes is not the same as trailers.

  • Cookies Tv
    Cookies Tv 28 days ago +3

    This is better than that Charlie’s angel reboot

  • Vlad Kingsly
    Vlad Kingsly 28 days ago

    Tiny homes are trailers.

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E 28 days ago


  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya 28 days ago

    Bebe ? That's Cartman........

  • Ryan Boggs
    Ryan Boggs 28 days ago +12

    This is the one gender swapped show id actually enjoy watching

  • Call me Kekk 2.0
    Call me Kekk 2.0 29 days ago

    why are you liberal furry fags here?

  • Turtle Boy
    Turtle Boy 29 days ago


  • cruhg
    cruhg 29 days ago

    first ghostbusters and now this? the feminists are taking overrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • ThingofBorgar
    ThingofBorgar 29 days ago

    It’s a mobile home silly mistake

  • T0nKaM0E
    T0nKaM0E 29 days ago

    Love it.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 29 days ago

    South Park went Ghost Busters.

  • Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる

    They’re becoming like Stan, Kyle, Kenny,& Cartman

  • TechnoHajikelist
    TechnoHajikelist Month ago +1

    Is that damn gender war from season 20 even over?

  • Adam M
    Adam M Month ago

    Who is the girl with cartman 1:04

  • Pablo Grimaldo Guel

    Cuál es ese episodio