Ryan Reynolds Adorably Gushes That Being 'Mr. Lively' Is the 'Best Gig' (Exclusive)


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  • A.G
    A.G 8 months ago

    He can kinda sing

  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 8 months ago

    ei se sentään päivästä päivään ja yöstä yöhön ollut.

  • Zechariah Cameron
    Zechariah Cameron 8 months ago

    He left Scarlett for her, but everyone acts like they’re a power couple.

  • Di Ooo
    Di Ooo 8 months ago

    Waiting for their divorce soon... this is the sad reality of celebs 😊

    • therese fassie
      therese fassie 5 months ago

      Di Ooo many regular couples divorce all the time stop acting it's just a celeb thing

    • mitchcute0071111
      mitchcute0071111 8 months ago

      Hahaha! What would u feel if somebody wished that for your parents? Or for your current if not future family? I pity you.

    • Di Ooo
      Di Ooo 8 months ago

      Science ain't fiction - that's what they say just want to trigger people off 😊

    • Science ain't fiction - that's what they say
      Science ain't fiction - that's what they say 8 months ago +2

      Di Ooo aren't you a delightful creature?

  • Vinsen S
    Vinsen S 8 months ago

    mistress death??

  • Everlarkaddict
    Everlarkaddict 8 months ago +3

    They’re so perfect

    SHIV TIWARI 8 months ago +9


  • nic pasc
    nic pasc 8 months ago

    I just noticed how much Ryan Reynolds looks and sounds exactly like my history professor

    • Denis N
      Denis N 8 months ago

      nic pasc you have a very sexy history teacher then

  • Vonnie Lynn
    Vonnie Lynn 8 months ago +4


  • Trishan Fernandopulle
    Trishan Fernandopulle 8 months ago +12

    Gwenpool for Xforce

    KAIJU MECHA 8 months ago +1

    This couple is just perfect!

  • Judi Gemini
    Judi Gemini 8 months ago

    They’re so not going to last...and he’s aging pretty badly

    • Judi Gemini
      Judi Gemini 8 months ago +1

      prishita banerji lol grow tf up, he’s not your mother 😂

    • prishita banerji
      prishita banerji 8 months ago +6

      cant relate being that blind and bitter about someone

    • Judi Gemini
      Judi Gemini 8 months ago

      SymbioteToxin the only reason I put this pic in the first place was because of how her make up was done in that particular event...but go ahead & compare her looks if it makes you feel better, it won’t change Ryan’s appearance

    • SymbioteToxin
      SymbioteToxin 8 months ago +1

      Judi Gemini Yet you have a pfp of Megan fox. Look how she is now compared to before

    • shpei88
      shpei88 8 months ago +3

      I actually think he's hotter now.

  • Mohamed Islam Bouteldja
    Mohamed Islam Bouteldja 8 months ago +42

    What a beautiful couple I hope they stay together forever

  • Maria Barrera
    Maria Barrera 8 months ago +1

    Adorables los amo much❤

  • Taylor A2A
    Taylor A2A 8 months ago +90

    If they follow the Hollywood trend of breaking up after marriage then I'm gonna get into their house and kill them.....I want them to be together forever and ever

    • Yaritza Miranda
      Yaritza Miranda 8 months ago

      pinky promise ?

    • Kim Jong Un
      Kim Jong Un 8 months ago +1

      do i have your word?

    • G J
      G J 8 months ago

      Taylor A2A U will kill them promise??

  • harsha vardhan
    harsha vardhan 8 months ago

    Serena wanderwoodsen

  • Kool49157 Kool
    Kool49157 Kool 8 months ago


  • Exellion
    Exellion 8 months ago +5

    Sex Scene?? Lol

  • BEBA Pagan
    BEBA Pagan 8 months ago +22

    Deadpool 2👍👏

  • BEBA Pagan
    BEBA Pagan 8 months ago +40

    Ryan Reynolds 👍👏❤