This costs way less than you'd think

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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Comments • 12 783

  • Dripxy
    Dripxy 24 minutes ago +1

    If it had a little air conditioning system with it and a back massage, i could basically live there and sleep there, im fat...

  • Jaxton Hahn
    Jaxton Hahn 2 hours ago

    I’m suprised that ninja doesn’t have this.

  • Exotic Presence
    Exotic Presence 2 hours ago

    Where do u buy this

  • Dallas Swarner
    Dallas Swarner 3 hours ago

    add some flight sim and racing wheel controls and i'll take one. as soon as i reinforce my floor for it. also how does this thing power lol i suspect it aint no 120 volt outlet.

  • Ollie Hiatt
    Ollie Hiatt 4 hours ago

    There's nowhere for my mug of tea :( and no tea does not go in a cup holder.

  • Used_Napkinn
    Used_Napkinn 5 hours ago

    the "girlfriends are over rated" chair

  • Gavin Hamm
    Gavin Hamm 10 hours ago +1

    That thing has more fans than you

    LUTHOR 11 hours ago

    Linus has a very irritating voice

  • Scout
    Scout 12 hours ago


  • Ri Max
    Ri Max 13 hours ago

    Came in to check if it's more expensive than my car. It is, about 7 times. I'll never have it. Close tab, next.

  • vadergrd
    vadergrd 17 hours ago

    i know this is not a fashion channel ... but sandals and socks??? :O :O :O

  • raw talent21
    raw talent21 20 hours ago

    man i cant wait to never be able to afford this ever in my life

  • Iggy P
    Iggy P 20 hours ago

    all its missing a mini frigde

  • Doodle 69
    Doodle 69 22 hours ago

    lol waste of money

  • xXMaxiliciousXx
    xXMaxiliciousXx Day ago

    What are THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i dont know
    i dont know Day ago

    I'm jealous.

  • Matthew Giron
    Matthew Giron Day ago

    J.P. was the first to make this cool. Robot noises. I'll let myself out.

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Day ago

    Seeing as the predator laptop is costs 9k, this is amazing

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Day ago

    Normal person: oh, that looks cool, maybe I should do important stuff then this epic thing!
    Gamer: *take my money! Im asking you too! TAKE MY MONEY AND LET ME RUN WITH IT!!!*

  • Mircea Balea
    Mircea Balea Day ago

    I'm in love

  • Mr. Fuzzy
    Mr. Fuzzy Day ago


  • Fredrik Svanberg

    3:48 WHAT ARE THOSE?

  • LGaming238
    LGaming238 Day ago

    wнaт ιѕ тнιѕ called

  • Mal Long
    Mal Long Day ago

    Ok Linus I will let you buy me one of these. Thanks buddy.

  • GalaxyBoi
    GalaxyBoi Day ago

    eat shit or else give those computer (ps; find my zip code)

  • GalaxyBoi
    GalaxyBoi Day ago

    i hate you rich as mother #@$!$!@

  • YZGamer68
    YZGamer68 Day ago +2

    Ain't got enough money to get it but would it be possible to add more monitors?

  • WarShock12 Gt
    WarShock12 Gt Day ago

    I say around 2500 bucks

  • Joshua Bowers
    Joshua Bowers Day ago

    Predator is pretty good

  • casey castillo
    casey castillo Day ago

    Nice sandals

  • MyBurrito
    MyBurrito 2 days ago

    wow because that is $10,000 and you can get a mosquito helicopter for only 16,000

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 days ago

    Where is the toilet? Or maybe that pocket is for a colostomy bag?

  • cancer hitarex
    cancer hitarex 2 days ago

    10k ?
    i though its 500 if lesd

  • Core FuzeX
    Core FuzeX 2 days ago

    is this a car?

  • John Walter
    John Walter 2 days ago

    I almost spit my coffee out when you said, "impress the ladies..."

  • Dan Does Things
    Dan Does Things 2 days ago

    Future game room will have this. Can't wait until I'm 60 to afford it.

  • Cody Schlenker
    Cody Schlenker 2 days ago

    10k actually isn't bad. That being said, I can't afford that.

  • Pleeny
    Pleeny 2 days ago

    I will gladly spend my life savings on this

  • 庄思含
    庄思含 3 days ago

    Should have a bottle holder where your p*nis is

  • Heenessey
    Heenessey 3 days ago

    **Kidney has left the chat**

  • It_s_Time_To_Win
    It_s_Time_To_Win 3 days ago

    socks with sandals?

  • Mattis Grotegerd
    Mattis Grotegerd 3 days ago

    And I felt good about my pc. Now I feel like a carton box compared to a high-tech skyscraper lol

  • Cyrax559
    Cyrax559 3 days ago

    I will stick with my normal setup... a phone.

  • Fat2Mad
    Fat2Mad 3 days ago

    3:20 And bam... nobody buys it anymore.

  • SkumatoR
    SkumatoR 3 days ago

    Id pay an additional 100 $ for the mini fridge XD

  • Johnson Gamer
    Johnson Gamer 3 days ago

    Now where would I put it?

  • GraphicWolf Hirst
    GraphicWolf Hirst 3 days ago

    what a meme

  • Dave Dinh
    Dave Dinh 3 days ago

    it make me feel uncomfortable when you need to go pee or poop

  • Chris gamer
    Chris gamer 4 days ago

    What if you need a pee in a rush?

  • John Capone
    John Capone 4 days ago

    Can I buy this seperate without the PC and monitors? also does it have places to mount racing wheel pedals and shifter and also HOTAS?

  • Stefan Leo
    Stefan Leo 4 days ago

    The wired feeling between Thanos and crippling gaming disorder.

  • Raffy Reyes
    Raffy Reyes 4 days ago

    Thats my dream setup🤯🤯

  • Swooth
    Swooth 4 days ago

    10,000 only :)

  • Jamie Stewart
    Jamie Stewart 4 days ago

    Wtf are those sandals

  • Nugget
    Nugget 4 days ago +2

    Nugget needs this

  • Chema Espinal
    Chema Espinal 4 days ago

    my couch is a lot beter then this and its cheaper@

  • Cele lestion
    Cele lestion 4 days ago +1

    Can you translate this vidéo in french please thanks

  • tomas mcg351
    tomas mcg351 4 days ago

    A PS4

  • Jimmy Curley
    Jimmy Curley 4 days ago

    lol at those shoes

  • XxOTIxX Roblox
    XxOTIxX Roblox 4 days ago

    OMG! I want this. where can i get this.

  • Enzo Grisoni
    Enzo Grisoni 4 days ago

    (you pay with your dignity)

  • Lobster
    Lobster 4 days ago

    macaroni and chee-. ( thats f******* amazing i want on-) linus says price cheese ( nvm)

  • Von Island
    Von Island 4 days ago

    Was not cheaper than I thought it would be

  • r2dxhate
    r2dxhate 4 days ago

    I made one of these back in 2004 in woodshop class for about $40, it's called an adirondack chair.

  • FBI
    FBI 4 days ago

    5:06 but those shoes aren’t

  • Katze-kun Grenade Guy

    5:04 a mini fridge

  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi 5 days ago

    He claims the pc is only ok but I would literally kill someone for that

  • mudslider
    mudslider 5 days ago

    It's price is $10,000. That's it, you've got your answer. You can go back now.

  • X-E-Qt-R
    X-E-Qt-R 5 days ago

    just 10k$ ? :D I prefer to buy a real car with that money. If you have already a gaming rig and you have handwork skills I guess you can build this shit for about 1k$ or less. Sure it would look a bit ugly but it would work anyway dude. Just buy a seat, some strong electronic motors and controllers to move it like in the video..... It just looks futuristic but the system is simple for me not worth the 10k$ for someone who already has a high end gaming rig.

  • Lougamer game
    Lougamer game 5 days ago +1

    rebember this is here now. feel old yet?

  • Mc NeegerC
    Mc NeegerC 5 days ago +3

    When you have to go peeing

  • BukyGaming
    BukyGaming 5 days ago

    this is my dream

  • CDgame e
    CDgame e 5 days ago

    only 10 k its like geting a car

  • alt alt
    alt alt 5 days ago

    Imagine watching hentai in this.

  • Ett konstigt namn 5
    Ett konstigt namn 5 5 days ago

    1:40 WHAT ARE DOES

  • sneak peak
    sneak peak 5 days ago +1

    I have two of these
    Anyone wants one coz I dont have enough space.
    I've used it for two months but no space i'll give it for almost $570$
    Anyone interested???

  • zopze 196
    zopze 196 5 days ago

    1:40 "very capable little gaming machine"

  • Hendrik Aarma
    Hendrik Aarma 5 days ago

    time to start collecting money (i get 10 euros a month so it will take 1000 months)

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 5 days ago +1

    Sorry, I'd rather have a car....

  • Daniel Aiden
    Daniel Aiden 5 days ago

    Also it’s on three screens that is bad if u had 1 screen that curved around the three screens would be better

  • Daniel Aiden
    Daniel Aiden 5 days ago

    Imagine watching porn on this

  • Swarly
    Swarly 5 days ago

    I'm so glad I just got a new pc, otherwise I might seriously consider saving to get that thing. Although I wish you could just get the chair and monitors.

  • Khalil Rahmeh
    Khalil Rahmeh 5 days ago

    I'm only bying it when it has a bathroom included, i ain't gettin up to pee

  • Jodh Turka
    Jodh Turka 5 days ago

    Does linus ever not wear sandals

  • King20times
    King20times 5 days ago

    Nah I’m good ima stick with the regular gaming chair that I don’t own but you know hit me up if you want to give me a pc you know cause I have a laptop

    Core i3
    2.70 GHz
    8 GB OF MEM
    Intel 620 Graphics card which makes life look emotional
    I’m out,

  • kreky krekyinson
    kreky krekyinson 5 days ago

    all you need more is a microwave owen, fridge,and toilet insatlled and it would be perefect:)

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 5 days ago

    3:48 Funniest part. What the hell are those, who do you think you are Linus XD

  • Elixir Lord
    Elixir Lord 5 days ago

    will u ever put the link where i can buy this

    • БОБО - X
      БОБО - X 5 days ago

  • manny aguirre
    manny aguirre 5 days ago

    hey uh I'm not rich so it is a lot for that

  • td gamer
    td gamer 5 days ago

    How do I get that

  • DroneZone
    DroneZone 5 days ago

    if the dentist chairs look like this my teeth finna be white asf

  • Paydaywolf 2008
    Paydaywolf 2008 6 days ago

    “Vibrate along your butt crack”
    Me: girls are gonna love that

  • Neternis
    Neternis 6 days ago

    Welp that’s pretty much half way from my dream setup

  • IssacSun
    IssacSun 6 days ago

    I want something like this , but for VR . Best Vr Set(HTC Vive Pro) , 2080Ti PC, extra sensors for full body tracking, omnidirektional Running Platform, with slight built in rumble effekt and up to 8% tilt funktion , Body suit to "lift you up" for less gravity while gaming (more jumping, less strain on the knees), gloves for full hand vr tracking. And a special vr sandbox mmo game , to use its full potential.

  • Stealth Mykel
    Stealth Mykel 6 days ago

    very expensive

  • Ethan DePooter
    Ethan DePooter 6 days ago

    ok before i watch imma guess 10k or some shit

  • AmIRightMyFellowTeens

    The throne of virginity.

  • GewoonBob
    GewoonBob 6 days ago

    Where can i buy it

    • БОБО - X
      БОБО - X 5 days ago

  • Button_Clicker
    Button_Clicker 6 days ago

    Can someone donate this to me plz?

  • Button_Clicker
    Button_Clicker 6 days ago

    Something else I can be Jealuz of my whole life