Wedgie prank lands Bradenton teen in jail

  • Published on Jan 16, 2013
  • Charles Ross has made quite a name for himself orchestrating pranks and posting them on TheXvid. But the Manatee County teenager may have gone too far when he pulled the pants of movie theater patrons.

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    Florida man goes to jail for wedging people

  • George Wilber
    George Wilber 10 days ago

    1:53 “He says this might curb his behavur”

  • 0bada
    0bada 11 days ago +1

    ♥Charles Ross is a legend♥ Probably he gave his inmates a good time

  • Mr. Burns
    Mr. Burns 15 days ago +1

    Giving strangers wedgies lmfao

  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter 17 days ago +2

    How much of a pussy do you have to be to call 911 because someone gave you a weggie? Hahaha holy shit

  • Dim_BTW
    Dim_BTW 18 days ago

    F**k the news man and arrest real criminals and do some work

  • Kapn Kronic
    Kapn Kronic 24 days ago +1

    Charles Ross is a legend

  • Victoriagymnastics Queen
    Victoriagymnastics Queen 24 days ago +1

    That’s ridiculous

  • Merewetherful
    Merewetherful 25 days ago

    This makes me lose respect for him. I love many of his videos - especially selling the fake movies and games.

  • Thomas Harrington
    Thomas Harrington 25 days ago

    the wedgie and the kissing girls pranks seem a little for fetched but the streaking one seems funny but he should do pranks like buying those realistic baby dolls and pretending to drop it and do things like that things that won't get him in much trouble and pranks where he looks like he gets in a fight and it looks like he broke a person/friends rib with a hit to the ribs with a fake hammer

  • matt scott
    matt scott 29 days ago

    He’s nothing like the way they paint him out to be 😂😂😂

  • LiL K3v
    LiL K3v Month ago

    Ross is a savage

  • SuperNGaming YT
    SuperNGaming YT Month ago


  • Mikhael RemiGodX
    Mikhael RemiGodX Month ago +1


  • Leo F
    Leo F Month ago

    Who's here after he got 6 months probation for the cop prank?

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    Rosss! Aye my boy

  • Concludety
    Concludety Month ago +1

    Anyone here after him getting arrested and going to court again?

  • Marcus Moore
    Marcus Moore Month ago

    Yo when he laughed at his own prank, it geeked me out

  • Nolan Bailey
    Nolan Bailey Month ago

    Don't be hating on my boi

  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble Ninja Month ago

    Bullshit charges.

  • Kyle Torgrud
    Kyle Torgrud Month ago

    What a bunch of pussies smh get over it

  • Tesla Cyber truck
    Tesla Cyber truck Month ago

    Ross is a legend

  • Raebaebabe
    Raebaebabe Month ago

    Kissing is sexual assault

  • Latrell Jennings
    Latrell Jennings Month ago +1

    Ok I can understand a ticket... but jail? Seriously? That's just stupid.

  • BH Paradox
    BH Paradox 2 months ago

    Curb his berhaber hahahahaha who else hear the reporter say that

  • Bundi Lian
    Bundi Lian 2 months ago

    He is a legend

  • Kingdrago101
    Kingdrago101 2 months ago

    Lady needs to stfu it was a prank and she trying to twist the news to make him seem like he's extra evil

  • Scope the Destiny legend

    He was laughing when he told them about the wedgies it's God that's harious🤣😂😂😂😂😂I'm late I always high

  • Angelo Errichetto
    Angelo Errichetto 3 months ago

    Ross is a great guy

  • Luca Luca
    Luca Luca 4 months ago


  • Emelia Larson
    Emelia Larson 4 months ago +1

    Ok ok I speak for Ross on his behalf, this dude is hilarious and when I really need to laugh this guys videos always make smile. Yes he is an adult and can make his own choices but yes rods can make some choices that people may not agree with but this guy is a genuine, nice, funny guy and he makes people smile more than you think even if it’s not your kind of funny. So stop hating on him he is actually really funny and cheers people up such as me

  • Mike351025
    Mike351025 4 months ago

    Is it illegal to walk around in your underwear? Women wear skimpy bikinis all the time...

  • Hadyn Achenbach
    Hadyn Achenbach 4 months ago

    I think Ross is hilarious.

  • garcia adrian
    garcia adrian 4 months ago +1

    What a idiot

  • Tucker Williams
    Tucker Williams 4 months ago

    As a Ross fan I feel extremely disrespected 😂 Ross is the god of pranks

  • Pidgón
    Pidgón 4 months ago

    love Ross

  • omarmoon57
    omarmoon57 5 months ago +4

    Oh ross if only you knew all ya had to do was sneak a few weenies in to some peoples pockets sooner

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 5 months ago

    LOL @ Daytime news trying to demonize Ross -- when the same fuckers are all on meth, coke and have the most plastic personalities in media. Fuck off, retards.

  • RuciosDubstepMixs
    RuciosDubstepMixs 5 months ago


  • Jaxton Hahn
    Jaxton Hahn 5 months ago +1

    You guys make him look
    Like such a criminal
    This is why I hate the news!

    SUPERNOVA 5 months ago

    Kind ridiculous how you can get sued and thrown in jail for a prank

  • Kai2 R
    Kai2 R 5 months ago

    What a fucking joke. This news crew twists the pranks to make him look horrible. Fuck them

  • Bryce Hayden
    Bryce Hayden 5 months ago

    Fucking fairies

  • DingaDave
    DingaDave 5 months ago

    Over 6 years later and still posting every week! Vlog Creations is my favorite youtube channel awesome job Ross!

  • Dragoș Lumezeanu
    Dragoș Lumezeanu 5 months ago

    Ross îs a cool guy

  • Dragoș Lumezeanu
    Dragoș Lumezeanu 5 months ago

    So wath?

  • ChrisCo
    ChrisCo 6 months ago

    Ross is the best!! Haha

  • Bellathebluekitten PS. I love togami

    I named my squirrel after Ross..

  • Bellathebluekitten PS. I love togami


  • Finn Flix
    Finn Flix 6 months ago +1

    luv u Ross

  • XxNight SwordxX
    XxNight SwordxX 7 months ago

    dude whoever called the deputy is a fuckin prick

  • _qwerty_
    _qwerty_ 7 months ago


  • Drew 2255
    Drew 2255 7 months ago

    Good job Ross

  • Dave Cerpovicz
    Dave Cerpovicz 7 months ago

    I love this guys videos

  • schp. ek
    schp. ek 8 months ago

    Y they showing the worst pranks lmao

  • Jacob Christie
    Jacob Christie 8 months ago

    Ross admits that he used to be a big dickhead. He is not like this anymore, not at all. I love Ross.

  • Cian Mac
    Cian Mac 8 months ago

    I loves rosz

  • Jason Raby
    Jason Raby 9 months ago

    Fuck you

  • James
    James 9 months ago

    ross is the best

  • Fliptzy zT
    Fliptzy zT 9 months ago +4

    And he’s back in jail😢

    • Fliptzy zT
      Fliptzy zT 9 months ago

      Apparently he faked being a police officer for an April fools joke

    • McSibz
      McSibz 9 months ago