An Idiot Appeal | Comic Relief

  • Published on Mar 17, 2011
  • Ricky Gervais , Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington do their bit for Red Nose Day 2011.
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  • Cody Carlson
    Cody Carlson 8 years ago +953

    I love how relaxed Ricky and Stephen are when Karl is with them. They don't have to worry about trying to be funny, they just keep poking the magic 8 ball of comedy that is Karl Pilkington.

  • GH253
    GH253 Year ago +579

    Whenever Ricky says “Karl, thoughts?” You know absolute gold is coming

  • Mark Hammett
    Mark Hammett 7 years ago +715

    I don't think Karl moans at all. He simply says it how it is and cuts through all the crap. He says what a lot of people are thinking but too afraid to say it. He is just what television needs and long may his career go on. I think he would make the perfect prime minister. ..

    • Carl Victory
      Carl Victory 4 months ago


    • Joshua Wigley
      Joshua Wigley 2 years ago +2

      Yeeeees Karl for prime minister. Everything would be so simple

    • c j
      c j 3 years ago +3

      He could make a special division of security called the Round Head Police

    • Juan F
      Juan F 3 years ago +7


    • Putin is a Nazi
      Putin is a Nazi 3 years ago +1

      willz HatesU yeah I’m definitely sure he wouldn’t support trump

  • TheLithiumFlower
    TheLithiumFlower 9 years ago +40

    This is funnier than any comic relief sketch I've ever seen.

  • mightisright
    mightisright 6 years ago +275

    KP has made me laugh more than John Cleese, who's probably a genius. Get more Karl on the telly.

    • jonny l
      jonny l 4 years ago +4

      Karl is a genius in his own way

    • varun009
      varun009 6 years ago +16

      It's a lot of hassle though innit?

  • Andy Magee
    Andy Magee 6 years ago +158

    I can listen to these conversations all day, makes me smile. Everybody needs to smile, have a little smile.

    • Metal Dread Head
      Metal Dread Head 5 years ago +11

      I agree, i listen to the XFM podcasts every night to help me go to sleep. They make me so happy even when times are sad. 💜

    • undercoverbrother67
      undercoverbrother67 6 years ago +2

      +Andy Magee Think of a happy moment in your life.

  • drumgol
    drumgol 11 years ago +37

    "Let's have an all time low this year." I nearly choked laughing...holy crap I wasn't expecting that. Karl never disappoints

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 8 years ago +315

    i agree with karl, every year hundreds of millions of pounds are given to africa to pay for clean water and mosquito nets, yet every year it seems to get worse and worse. How about we actually solve the problem instead of just helping 2% of them.

    • Will4May
      Will4May Year ago

      Slightly late reply lol, but youre right, troubles is it's the middle men, every company, bank or person from the show to the Africans that need it are taking their cut, prices get inflated because they know they are coming, even in charity shops, the owners and the staff are taking their cut, usually picking the best gear out for themselves, so £50mil will not be spent 100% on the Africans, wish we could find out how much they do get.

    • Stuart Britain
      Stuart Britain Year ago +2

      Africa is booming. Look at the population numbers. Not our responsibility.

    • Sumvs
      Sumvs Year ago

      @Mike CF I think the point is, let's give them actual infrastructure, set up sustainable sources of food and places for education so they can be self sufficient (for the most part) and have real governments instead of regimes that lead to civil war.

    • paul lawrence
      paul lawrence 2 years ago

      Ryan Purchase Don’t ever give money donate things if anything

  • jason12794
    jason12794 6 years ago +1822

    Am I the only one who thought that Karl was spot on with every comment?

    • Don Romeo
      Don Romeo 2 months ago +1

      @Areus White Yours is one of my favourite comments Ive ever seen on youtube. You are so right about there being poor people at home, and some of them are desperate for help. Keep on voicing your mind Areus, its worth more than most.

    • Don Romeo
      Don Romeo 2 months ago

      Not about poor people on welfare, and if you 'agree' with that, shame on you. The whole thing is ironic. Dry humour. A joke. Karl doesnt actually think that. Hes being comical. Jesus, some people.

    • Kimuhu Tv
      Kimuhu Tv 4 months ago

      Jason12794 This is how i was introduced to KP and found it hilarious, being from africa, i also agree with some of the comments he made and i belive thats because he wanted us to by calling out some of these charities and how they operate, the rest of it was just pure comedy and its pure gold, any1 who thinks he was serious in every comment he made then cant be good for society

    • Ben Tarr
      Ben Tarr 11 months ago

      How is having an all-time low good?

    • Fyrecide
      Fyrecide 11 months ago

      @Dylan Carter Oh GOOD one… so you ARE just as thick as him and just didn’t have a good rebuttal huh? Got it.

  • lawlestest
    lawlestest Year ago +14

    I hope we get a scientific breakthrough and that we get to immortalize this man.
    What a legend.

  • Jesse Bella
    Jesse Bella 2 years ago +35

    I listen to Karl ricky and steve every single night on their old xfm pod casts or watch the animated series of them on youtube and just like this ive probably heard or see them all a 1000 times and just like this they never get old! Always funny every single time regardless.

  • Cheese Toastie
    Cheese Toastie Year ago +75

    Karl is 100% correct. This was filmed 10 years ago, and there are more hands out now than ever before.

    • Rogue Universities
      Rogue Universities 5 months ago


    • C M
      C M Year ago +1

      And what do you suggest for people who are unemployed because of lockdown? Who are applying for jobs and getting nowhere? I have a degree and experience.

    • Charlie Jones
      Charlie Jones Year ago +1

      @James so why can't the charities take a bigger cut

    • James
      James Year ago +6

      Maybe what you take away from that shouldn't be "more hands out now than ever before" but we are in a situation where more people need help, and there is more opportunities to help others.

  • Dylan Bruce
    Dylan Bruce 9 years ago +6

    every time ricky is listening to karl go on and hes got this big smile and starts chuckling leading up to a big laugh, i start laughing every time. man i love seeing these three talk about anything.

  • celv1
    celv1 9 years ago +16

    I love how he said 'Thank you' at the end as if he actually persuaded people to give money

  • Alex Maguire
    Alex Maguire 8 years ago +45

    Everything he said is absolutely true !

    STURGINO 9 years ago +2

    Hahaha, brilliant! And Karl's spot on about the scroungers giving away our money, not theirs.

  • Jonathan Collinson
    Jonathan Collinson 4 years ago +83

    Karl Pilkington: "let's have an all time low for charity donations this year!" 😂

  • Jake O'Shea-Sui
    Jake O'Shea-Sui 4 years ago +35

    If Karl ran for president, this country would be saved, he doesn't even realise how much of a genius he is. Straight up, no bullshit, straight to the point and brutally honest, and entertaining at the same time, unlike the majority of polititions who run the country now. What a top bloke

  • Ranger White
    Ranger White Year ago +2

    Karl's honesty is just brilliant. That "thankyou" at the end is lol funny. Those XFM podcasts are comedy gold.

  • Veronica
    Veronica Year ago +2

    These 3 have been my summer 2020 entertainment. Love Karl

  • Joshua Wigley
    Joshua Wigley 2 years ago +5

    Karl's an unrecognized genius

  • Adam Britain
    Adam Britain Year ago +18

    You could give Karl 100 million quid and he’d be exactly the same man. He’s absolute comedy gold. There’s never a dull moment. He could read the weather and I’d be ending myself.

  • Glenn Martin
    Glenn Martin 3 years ago +3

    Karl is the funniest person alive. What's even funnier, he doesn't know it.

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson 9 years ago +114

    "Where's your brother? He died."

  • anoop prashar
    anoop prashar 6 years ago +2

    great comedy loved it ,,i know they were really promoting and had a campaign which would be understood by the masses...they made their point indirectly by saying the opposite of what everyone always says ,,,fgenius

  • Jules C
    Jules C Year ago +2

    I don’t know why but Karl’s closing ‘thank you’ really cracked me up 😂😂

  • SIX
    SIX Year ago

    I love it when Karl starts a little improv and then Ricky jumps on it to get some more out of Karl.

  • Big Virg
    Big Virg 7 years ago +30

    hes talking a lot of sense. there are a lot of dodgy charities out there and you never hear of where the comic relief money actually goes. 2/3 dont go to charity!

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy Year ago +1

    Hahaha when karl says "Give me your money ill give it away!" Then the head movement 😂

  • c j
    c j 2 years ago +4

    Steves laugh at the end always tickles me

  • Jake S
    Jake S 7 years ago +255

    "not with some toad" hahahha funniest thing ever srs

  • Billy
    Billy Year ago

    Karl is a national treasure 😂

  • Andy B
    Andy B Year ago +4

    Love Karl's "douchey good guy" dance at 3.15

  • David Fox
    David Fox 8 months ago +1

    Let's have an all time low
    Possibly the greatest advice ever given by anyone

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt 8 months ago

    Even the “thank you” at the end makes me laugh

  • EmyrWyn
    EmyrWyn 11 years ago +11

    love the sincere 'thank you' at the end! Brilliant

  • Joe Riverman
    Joe Riverman 6 years ago +8

    Karl is 100% right.

  • Cowbelly3000
    Cowbelly3000 6 years ago +60

    Karl relates to 4 different topics that were already used on the Ricky gervais show "plumbing u bends business" , " slippers for elephant ", "avoiding clipboard people" , "Edna going on holiday with a tan"

    • c j
      c j 2 years ago +4

      @Martin O. Eiken course he's genuine. Rocky explained it best in one xfm episode, where a reporter called Chris Campling doubted Karl and suggested it was all scripted. So Ricky said it takes him and Steve about a month to write half an hour of script for their tv shows, so how long would it take to write for two hours of xfm with Karl, every week? Physically impossible to write such genius that Karl has.

    • Simone Roets
      Simone Roets 2 years ago +8

      To be fair, my fiance probably heard all my stories at least 5 times. If he had new stories for every new show / interview, I'd have though he was scripted at best, a pathological liar at worst.

    • Jordan D
      Jordan D 3 years ago +9

      @Martin O. Eiken ok so if you tell the same story twice I'll assume you're lying, what a normal way of thinking

    • jamiewkfarrell
      jamiewkfarrell 3 years ago +1

      Martin Eiken yeah if you think this makes you believe in the shows being scripted look up karls youtube channel.

    • Martin O. Eiken
      Martin O. Eiken 3 years ago +3

      I noticed that as well. I really hope he is genuine and that none of the things hes done are scripted, but after watching this I'm not too sure anymore. It's almost word for word exactly the things he has said before

  • Cruithneach
    Cruithneach Year ago

    We now, of course, know that Comic Relief was actually investing in arms companies, which adds a whole new dimension to this discussion

  • Joshua Garza
    Joshua Garza Year ago

    Love it or hate it he was absolutely right lmao!

  • ToonFan14 - Football reviews

    Karl mirrors the thoughts of every normal working person

  • Jesse Wilson
    Jesse Wilson 2 years ago

    I agree with Karl though I think it should be just one charity each year, you never really do hear about whatever problem you’re donating towards gets solved

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis 7 years ago +59

    I lost my shit at "JLS sat in a tin of beans"

    AZDAN 10 years ago +1

    Yes I love his laugh, its so funny.

  • Peter Wareham
    Peter Wareham Year ago +2

    I'm pretty consistent, I have never given a penny to comic relief, live aid, ferryaid, or bandaid, or children in need. Grasping bastards.

  • Ness Priestley
    Ness Priestley 2 years ago

    I love you Karl! Please never change!!!🥰

  • MultiLanguage Songs (YangSing1)

    "Well let let's go mental, no, let's not go mental" That part made me lol.

  • Ed McKay
    Ed McKay Year ago

    I do agree that it's harder to give away money you've grafted for than you have been given

  • Randy Vines
    Randy Vines Year ago +2

    Karl isn't a round headed buffoon. He's just hyper realistic.

  • Valerie Pires
    Valerie Pires 10 years ago

    This trio has become a legend!

  • MatthewLM
    MatthewLM 8 years ago +54

    5:00 Karl is spot on!

    • Aliens
      Aliens Year ago

      Makes no logical sense whatsoever, but if one has an ideological grudge...

  • Gillian M
    Gillian M 3 years ago

    Comedy genius you are Ricky !

  • gary rando
    gary rando 10 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH he always goes for plumbing supplies "lets have an all time low!" hahaha he is too good

  • Aaron McGeough
    Aaron McGeough 8 years ago +1

    Love this ahaha. So true. Much love carl!

  • Ms. Laterholmes
    Ms. Laterholmes Year ago

    I got to say he’s got a point. Love you round headed buffoon!!!

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire 2 years ago +1

    Karl speaks 99% sense in this video.
    Still fuckin hilarious.

  • Will Bourner V
    Will Bourner V 2 years ago +32

    Most of the money raised for charity, especially for comic relief, gets privately pocketed

  • Metal Matt
    Metal Matt Year ago

    That thank you at the end 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Wilso Music
    Wilso Music 4 years ago +104

    "Straight on the phone to Lennie Henry again."

  • Filip Kevély
    Filip Kevély 4 years ago +1

    Again, Carl as a voice of reason next to two bourgeois liberal celebs. Love Ricky and Steve for their creative output but their worldview is massively skewed.

  • Blackwidow005
    Blackwidow005 5 months ago

    Karl is a very smart man. Oh and we want more podcast cartoons please.

  • Tom Surtees
    Tom Surtees Year ago +5

    “The other day in the paper” that elephant story he told ten years before this 🤣

  • Mel Miz
    Mel Miz Year ago

    An all time low this year 😂😂

  • Jeremy Benson
    Jeremy Benson 11 years ago

    one of the best secretly paid comedians in the job, old Karl.

  • VikingFyre
    VikingFyre Year ago

    I wholeheartedly agree with Karl regarding annual charities

  • Metal Dread Head
    Metal Dread Head 5 years ago +7

    Karl Pilkington is My Hero 💜

  • Nicola Locke
    Nicola Locke 6 years ago +1

    Lol I think you should make birthday cards with Karl's voice singing happy birthday....... We all would love that.

  • Alicia Rose
    Alicia Rose 9 years ago

    Love this guy because he's got it bang on he's only speaking truth

  • Robbies Vlogs
    Robbies Vlogs 7 years ago +55

    i lost it at all time low this year

  • Bolt electric⚡️

    Karl is the man. He speaks for the normal working class average human

  • James Adcock
    James Adcock 5 years ago +41

    Karl is smarter than Ricky

  • *_MrSpanky_*
    *_MrSpanky_* Year ago

    Karl is usually right which just makes it ten times better

  • sarah c
    sarah c 2 years ago +1

    He's not afraid to say what people really think.

  • Catherine Redmond
    Catherine Redmond 8 years ago +1

    Remember watching this on TV and the reaction of the presenters when it finished was just like 'well... fuck.'

  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock 6 years ago +10

    5:20 - I love how Ricky is trying to be all high and mighty morally whilst Karl's being realistic. I wonder how much Ricky's vast $80 million wealth he's given to Comic Relief.

    • MR M
      MR M 3 years ago +1

      Ben Ahmed It’s not really though is it? That could easily equate to a weeks work maybe more. Can’t see you giving away a weeks wages to charity

    • BlakeyBoi
      BlakeyBoi 3 years ago +1

      @Feng Sports I mean come on, perhaps it is a drop in the ocean but he doesn't have to do it yet he does.

    • Feng Sports
      Feng Sports 3 years ago

      @Out the gate prisoner a drop in the ocean

    • Out the gate prisoner
      Out the gate prisoner 3 years ago +3

      It's public record that in 2018 he gave £300,000. I hope that's an acceptable amount for you mate.

    • Barry Ryan
      Barry Ryan 4 years ago +1

      Joey Lock he gives to cancer & animal charities. A fair bit

  • esotericVideos
    esotericVideos 8 years ago +32

    "Give me some of your money, and I'll give it away"

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield Year ago +8

    "Let's have a bit of a lull. An all-time low this year."

  • Jacob Pickerin
    Jacob Pickerin Year ago

    Just realised how hilarious his pronunciation of aged was

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire
    ISetYourFaceOnFire 8 years ago +3

    I like how Karl says words, like toad. hahaha

  • robsteries
    robsteries 2 years ago

    The fact is, he is so right about these charities.

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith Year ago

    Funny how karl says lets have an all time low, then the 2011 figure surpasses all the other totals of all the other red nose days!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago

    Lol Karl moans and Ricky turns it into a bit for his stand up, brilliant.

  • 0nslaught2383
    0nslaught2383 10 years ago +1

    5:14 one genuine voice of the working class

  • Leon Reaper
    Leon Reaper 7 years ago +35

    well you'd think with all those millions every year there must be clean water everywhere by now

  • Graham
    Graham 11 years ago

    Karl is bang on with just about everything he says here.

  • xPolyrhythmic
    xPolyrhythmic 7 years ago +86

    I agree with Karl on the whole welfare thing

    • ticklish
      ticklish 6 years ago +4

      "i know exactly what it's like to live on welfare, my partner used to"
      oh i'm sorry then if you know a single family who ONCE did then you know all about it, my mistake.

    • Tian G
      Tian G 6 years ago +5

      +ticklish Mate, take a breath and think about what you're saying. When did I say that I feel that I'm being ripped off by welfare?
      You're right on one thing, I did say that they haven't truly earned it. There's a difference between earning and deserving.
      I know one thing, benefits/welfare are for wise use not for giving away. I know exactly what it's like to live on welfare, my partner and her family once lived on welfare.
      Also, I noticed you told me to "get nobbed." Now I'm assuming that means you're English. Well, I'm Australian so take that into account when you're reading my words.

    • Tian G
      Tian G 6 years ago +1

      +ticklish sorry, what?

  • Rian
    Rian Year ago

    Imagine what Karl would think if he was actually tight with his money!

  • Man Cheetah
    Man Cheetah 2 years ago +1

    Karl is bloody right about benefits!

  • Oli Beatson
    Oli Beatson 11 years ago +1

    This is very cleverly done. Carl is clearly very sharp and the act is a pretty slick way of giving some publicity to a lot of problems that are glanced over.

  • Jonzi Malonsi
    Jonzi Malonsi 3 years ago

    Karl is the #1 dry Humorist in comedy.

  • harrison Holt
    harrison Holt 2 years ago

    Karl is spot on here comic relief is a con

  • MUFC Legend
    MUFC Legend 5 years ago

    "can I have a holiday? no you can't we got a deadline to meet" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matej Martin
    Matej Martin 2 years ago

    Karl makes some good points

  • None None
    None None 3 years ago +12

    The dole thing was bang on point

  • shokuwarrior
    shokuwarrior Year ago +2

    6:10 nearly finished me off first time I saw this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras 10 years ago

    karl.. always brutaly honest

  • Matthew Tomlinson

    Could agree with Carl more. Ricky and steve hand jobing the shit out of comic relief.

  • David Tag
    David Tag 4 years ago +4

    The untold truth is that the money ends up in corrupt hands and there's been evidence showing that if ended up being spent on arms in one case! They should keep the money here and send the hard supplies needed like medicine and vaccines.

    CRAZYCR1T1C Year ago +1

    Karl is clearly the brains in that operation

  • Internet Trapper
    Internet Trapper 11 months ago

    An all time low 😂😂😂