WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Assange was arrested on a 7-year-old warrant at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, and is currently being held in a police station.
    Feds unseal charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hours after arrest in London
    Federal prosecutors in the United States unsealed a computer hacking indictment against Julian Assange on Thursday just hours after authorities in the United Kingdom arrested the WikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has lived for the past seven years.
    The newly unsealed indictment, filed last year in the Eastern District of Virginia, targets Assange in an alleged conspiracy with former U.S. Army intelligence analyst turned whistleblower Chelsea Manning to hack into U.S. Department of Defense computers in March 2010, in "one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States."
    "During the conspiracy, Manning and Assange engaged in real-time discussions regarding Manning’s transmission of classified records to Assange," prosecutors said in a press release."The discussions also reflect Assange actively encouraging Manning to provide more information. During an exchange, Manning told Assange that “after this upload, that’s all I really have got left.” To which Assange replied, “curious eyes never run dry in my experience,” the release said.

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  • A1 B2
    A1 B2 4 days ago

    This man is a hero, you brainless twats.

  • Anna Mazur
    Anna Mazur 2 months ago +1

    What they have done to him that he look like taht - homeless booser? Or at lest like Socrates or Sadam Hussayn before execution.

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson 2 months ago

    Could someone please list the corruption that Assange supposedly revealed? Thank You!!!

    Zain BENSALEH 3 months ago

    We will never forget you Mr.Assange

  • muun yayo
    muun yayo 4 months ago

    Hack and expose ABC then Charlie Hedbo them

  • BMerker
    BMerker 4 months ago

    Is that Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA, in a black coat, coming out of the Embassy behind Assange?

  • Chapawee Zonta
    Chapawee Zonta 4 months ago

    The humans on this planet are so fucking dumb! My name is Marilynn Page and I am a Targeted Individual tortured each day! Assange is a scapegoat victim!

  • Bebe Swift
    Bebe Swift 4 months ago


  • Andrew Truzzi
    Andrew Truzzi 4 months ago

    I thought they’d nicked the cleaner

  • Marcos Juarez
    Marcos Juarez 4 months ago

    Julian Assange is a pirate and a thief.

  • Lloyd Hargrove
    Lloyd Hargrove 4 months ago

    "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community - they have six ways fromSunday at getting back at you," said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

  • Shuman Rotula
    Shuman Rotula 4 months ago

  • D S
    D S 5 months ago

    RAPE? HAHAHHAA nice try Democrats

  • plain sight
    plain sight 5 months ago

    As soon as they said he allegedly raped somebody i looked at the tv screen and said bullshit

  • plain sight
    plain sight 5 months ago

    Lmao he exspoed those greedy fuckers and they responded with a rape case its bullshit he raped nobody its false claim everyone who exposes these greedy fuckers that control usa gets killed jailed or pursuied dont belive none of this hes innocent

  • Rory Lion
    Rory Lion 5 months ago


  • cyb3rp0nk
    cyb3rp0nk 5 months ago

    Yeah this seams "legit"... Smearing his poop on the walls and attacking embassy staff? Yeah that sure sounds like Assange, not.

  • Mark Gauvreau
    Mark Gauvreau 5 months ago +1

    Julian Assange is a great hero!!! Killing millions of the innocent ...thats ok...but showing the U.S military killing them, thats not. How crazy is this world?

  • No-Genocide D0tC0m
    No-Genocide D0tC0m 5 months ago

    And no _“freedom loving”_ Patriotic American, *British, or Australian* military defended Julian Assange. *NOT ONE!* I thought you guys valued honor and *honesty?* Julian Assange informed the public of heinous abuse of power and the murder of innocent people by corrupt government officials. Yet ALL you Active military (and veterans), who took an honorable oath, did NOTHING to physically protect Assange from being kidnapped and put in chains LIKE A *SLAVE.*

  • Grave Danger
    Grave Danger 5 months ago

    Its utter bullshit THe bloke has exposed crimes and things we need to know. Hillary Clinton should be in jail but no shes a billionaire. Its wrong. I just hope Trump has common sense.

  • Jordan Kovacic
    Jordan Kovacic 5 months ago

    meanwhile Hilary clintons demoic ass is free as a bird haha smh.. i cant wait for her to go to where she belongs :) and we all know where that is... it starts w an H

  • Jordan Kovacic
    Jordan Kovacic 5 months ago

    wow.. i hope they dont replace him w a clone like they do to everyone else who has any type of platform.. smh this is garbage

  • N. Todorova
    N. Todorova 5 months ago

    I prey for him..!

  • James Alexandros
    James Alexandros 5 months ago

    I'm sad we people typing on keyboards commenting the truth can't demonstrate because we all live in different places the world.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 6 months ago

    Jews will kill him by ordering Usa

  • Vince Falsaperla
    Vince Falsaperla 6 months ago

    What a shameful world we live in?

  • Walter Santos
    Walter Santos 6 months ago

    Those 7 years have not been kind
    The cop closest to camera at the arrest looks like he might burst out laughing 👮😂

  • Walter Santos
    Walter Santos 6 months ago

    Those 7 years have not been kind
    The cop closest to camera at the arrest looks like he might burst out laughing 👮😂

  • Kanda 019
    Kanda 019 6 months ago

    This fuking cursed world ,all good people will disapear slowly , it will remains only the human scums with no moral, over whom God will bown up the earth

  • colliric
    colliric 6 months ago +2

    Goes in looking like a young man with no beard, comes out looking like Ned Kelly with grey hair all over....
    What a legend!

  • Felix Sahed Bedolla Perez

    meanwhile, Trump having a fest with Clinton among others or do you really think they hate each other? Give me a break if you so

  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 6 months ago

    Fuck the Ecuadorean government with that kind of behaviour.

  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 6 months ago

    What is his crime

  • brian beveridge
    brian beveridge 6 months ago

    Julian assange is the epitamy of a traitor , He want''s to comprimise
    the security of the west by exsposing military secrets and revealling
    afghans and iraqi's who have helped us and putting their lives in
    danger. when asked about the deaths of informants etc through his media
    channel he replied , ' well they deserve it' .

  • disinfect1
    disinfect1 6 months ago

    Our military, I mean , the self driven oligarchy military, is on video footage murdering innocent people for the banking elites and corporations and you cowardly british government in alliance with our evil corrupt us government , are enslaving a man and trying to destroy his character and reputation , hire women from within to again , falsely accuse another victim of truth for rape, that shit is getting old and so is the elites trying fool us into to believing in government and thinking we don't know about their silent weapons for silent wars. You people better wake up man.

  • nick peterson
    nick peterson 6 months ago

    Freedom of the press
    Goliath will fall

  • frocy9d
    frocy9d 6 months ago

    I don't call that a person exposing corruption...I call that an arrogant asshole who hates America. Being an American citizen...I love this country...and dont want to live no where else!!!!

  • frocy9d
    frocy9d 6 months ago

    or to the toughest maximum security prison in the US

  • frocy9d
    frocy9d 6 months ago

    Finally got him and NO he wasn't exposing corruption of our govt...he was exposing sensitive info on our country that could affect our military and safety of American citizens!!! He doesn't care about exposing the truth...he does this for publicity! He raped or forced himself on two women in Sweden, he bossed the Ecuadorian helpers around like they owe him something, he smeared his feces in the walls and he even had the nerve to put out bad information on the President of the country who was protecting him for the crimes he committed. He's arrogant as hell...and he deserves to go to Rulers Island prison...and see how quick he demands things then!

  • polidiot patriot
    polidiot patriot 6 months ago

    Whistle blower arrested for blowing whistle!

  • OBannon
    OBannon 6 months ago

    Hope they hang him

  • E Wood
    E Wood 6 months ago

    We all need to stand up for Julian Assange. The world needs more whistle blowers. I’m sure boobtoob will shadow ban this comment.

  • Trayshaun Young
    Trayshaun Young 6 months ago

    This is what United Snake of America do to you when you exposed them. America will have its judgement day and I pray to God the most high power she Burns in Hell......

  • Lou Cypher
    Lou Cypher 6 months ago +1

    A bunch of criminals arresting yet another man of the people all you mother fuckers are full of shit!! You all should be ousted! He stood for the people now the people have to fucking stand by him!! That was our last voice of reason! They found him faster than bin laden. We can't let them take our voice of reason. We are fucked if they do!! Continue his work!!

  • Tristan Coates
    Tristan Coates 6 months ago

    Jullian Assange CROSS OF VALOUR AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺

  • jairo baguio
    jairo baguio 6 months ago


  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One 6 months ago

    Exposing war-crimes is not a crime.
    but this was also staged. Gore Vidal History of The National Security State book in his hands. lol

  • Suki Loo
    Suki Loo 6 months ago

    Disgusting. Where is our Australian government helping this man. He's a truth canon, he deserves Australian support.

  • Marc Hindle
    Marc Hindle 6 months ago

    Glad to see all the comments I read see past the BIAST shit ABC is spewing out.

  • Anthony Russo
    Anthony Russo 6 months ago

    Good VS Evil

  • Назар Кружилин


  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 6 months ago

    I cannot tell you how much this upset me. That man is a HERO and has done NOTHING wrong. He has exposed war crimes and disgusting covers-up and they arrest him.

  • Sneakers O'toole
    Sneakers O'toole 6 months ago

    Fuck you America

  • Jason Yontz
    Jason Yontz 6 months ago

    3 days are about to pass, and 24 hours more is just too much. Just kidding, protect his rights, give others the same, read closely, bring the world to attention, guage accordingly, give the man water, and cut off his Ramen supply.
    (Uses wooden staff to make 20 parallel lines in the sand, perfectly, 6 inches apart, to see how well Assange pancakes.)

  • Robert Giggles
    Robert Giggles 6 months ago

    We're fighting the wrong terrorists...

  • Kelly Blake
    Kelly Blake 6 months ago

    This is what happens when you try to expose the truth. Down with all government

  • William Levy
    William Levy 6 months ago +1

    More lies lies lies. Julian Assange is a shill. EVERYONE YOU SEE ADVERTISED BY THE MEDIA IS A SHILL. They're all on the same team manipulating your mind, taking advantage of every emotion you have.

    • Hez Zero
      Hez Zero 5 months ago

      Clever lad, but you must arm yourselves with some facts to get people thinking. Like this quote:
      “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” -Assange
      Watch the Wikileaks doco to see how Assange aids in Rothschild insider trading by funnelling cables to Rothschild controlled Guardian and NYT.
      Asked why he chose the Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegal, he said the three publications *“were the best newspapers in the world for investigative research."*

  • Lo Bell
    Lo Bell 6 months ago


  • lucky sol
    lucky sol 6 months ago


  • lucky sol
    lucky sol 6 months ago +1