Flying A Plane With Fireworks On The Wings

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Aerosparx are a British aerobatics team that perform displays with fireworks attached to their wings. This is how they do it.
    More about Aerosparx:
    Camera by Grant Stevens
    Ground display camera by Adam Landau
    Edited by Michelle Martin @mrsmmartin
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Month ago +4893

    In total, we had twelve cameras running during the flight, and generated half a terabyte of footage. Special thanks to camera op Grant who successfully tracked the plane I was in, while pointing his camera backwards, while in a 4g loop.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Day ago

      ++@Tomek++ U.K.

    • blueluny
      blueluny 11 days ago

      Well you got some dynamite images ( no pun intended). Nice one!

    • James Whitmarsh
      James Whitmarsh 25 days ago

      This is a baller N.B

    • teknokracy
      teknokracy 26 days ago

      This was very nice to watch...well executed. Your team is top notch, keep up the good work!

      SAMZIRRA 26 days ago +1

      Wow. This video should be called, "How to maintain childhood joy in your life."

  • stinchjack
    stinchjack 9 hours ago

    Wow and those effects arent even CGI

  • Sarah Szabo
    Sarah Szabo 21 hour ago

    Amazing, great job guys!

  • Blue Red Ice
    Blue Red Ice Day ago

    This looks a fricking space ship it looks like something in no man's land

  • Harry Sansom
    Harry Sansom 2 days ago +1

    These are over Leicester tonight, brother told me to come and look at the meteor shower but it's these guys!

  • Penta
    Penta 2 days ago

    RGB planes for the true gamers amongst us

  • RubberDucky
    RubberDucky 4 days ago

    This is one of the coolest things ever.

  • JockOfAges
    JockOfAges 5 days ago

    I really want to see one of their shows. Think i'll Google 'em and see where their next show, nearest to me is.

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. 5 days ago

    I'm disappointed at the lack of minecraft elytra firework jokes...

  • Seldwin
    Seldwin 5 days ago

    Silent outro could have been 30 seconds longer and I wouldn't have noticed. Good stuff!

  • Wijaya Tan
    Wijaya Tan 6 days ago

    very very beautyful scene

  • ɆӾłⱠɆ 44
    ɆӾłⱠɆ 44 6 days ago

    Literally Nobody:
    Tom Scott:


  • Harris Stutzman
    Harris Stutzman 7 days ago

    Video was awesome, but are we gonna ignore when the guys are mimicking the motions

  • Charlie Leonard
    Charlie Leonard 7 days ago

    The pilot takes such delight in Tom's nervousness.

  • 也无视无名的剩菜

    when you have infinite amount of flares in a dog fight

  • Graham Mcrobert
    Graham Mcrobert 8 days ago

    Just seen them in my home town tonight

  • Michael Macabobby
    Michael Macabobby 10 days ago

    I noticed Garmin on the console at 2:22 I thought the only made sports watches.

  • ginga gunga
    ginga gunga 11 days ago

    Looks like a plane dumping flares

  • Derek Conway [GD]
    Derek Conway [GD] 11 days ago

    this is just irl elytra flight

  • Simon Michelson
    Simon Michelson 12 days ago

    fireworks from planes? it is called missiles

  • Tronwah
    Tronwah 12 days ago

    I envy your live

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 12 days ago +1

    That view of the fireworks from inside the plane is stunning.

  • Ethan Gilchrist
    Ethan Gilchrist 13 days ago

    The shot at 3:30 is amazing

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian 13 days ago

    3:31 Should be the video thumbnail, incredible footage 👍🔥

  • Sven
    Sven 17 days ago

    I applaud you flying for dictatorships. Because f*ck human rights violations, just pay me.

  • MalbaCato
    MalbaCato 17 days ago

    look ma - no engine!

  • KENCweb
    KENCweb 17 days ago

    I wish there was a Park bench about this video

  • Jack Shiels
    Jack Shiels 18 days ago

    200th things you might not know video!!

  • Redder01
    Redder01 20 days ago +1

    elytra users be like

  • Casper Sundegård
    Casper Sundegård 20 days ago

    This is what happens when ColinFurze and Peter Sripol celebrates a 1 mil milestone together.

  • planchetflaw
    planchetflaw 21 day ago


  • hinoe '
    hinoe ' 21 day ago


  • woah far out
    woah far out 21 day ago

    The other day I was wondering what the British economy consists of, thank you for answering my question Tom Scott.

  • theycallmekenny
    theycallmekenny 21 day ago +1

    Please film this with a 360 camera so we can watch the fireworks in VR like we are in the cockpit with you!

  • Oh yeah OhBama
    Oh yeah OhBama 21 day ago +2

    3:15 1943 dogfight colorized
    One fighter got hit and caught fire whilst trying to shoot the other one down

    • Jloc
      Jloc 20 days ago

      Colorized indeed.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 21 day ago

    the end looks like a background from a lofi music video

  • Frank Harr
    Frank Harr 22 days ago

    O.K., that makes sense. I'm glad it's working out. And I love that they have a bespoke computer.
    But, meters?

  • Mind Milk D20
    Mind Milk D20 22 days ago

    That is fantastic

  • Chetan Raj
    Chetan Raj 22 days ago

    0:45 was that a brexit joke? savage

  • Harry Mix
    Harry Mix 22 days ago +2

    I'm guessing the show over the Amazon jungle did not go as planned?

  • Emardis
    Emardis 22 days ago


  • Laurpud
    Laurpud 23 days ago

    That's so cool!

  • Todd Grady
    Todd Grady 23 days ago

    Thanks for ruining both air displays and fireworks displays.... "Why aren't these planes on fire.... Why aren't these fireworks attached to planes..."

  • Necuno
    Necuno 24 days ago

    Much better than the new star wars movies!

  • si afilia
    si afilia 24 days ago

    Popping flares

  • Neven Pintarić
    Neven Pintarić 24 days ago

    Ooooh, a plane with RGB lighting!

  • sedawk
    sedawk 24 days ago +4

    Didn’t pass out in the 4g loop - nice. Looks like Tom’s g-force tolerance is improving.

  • James Lerch
    James Lerch 24 days ago

    That was awesome and not a bad way to break in a new monitor, simply gorgeous! (although I might be typing gibberish as my 50 year old eyeballs don't take kindly to this tiny text /s )

  • Midgard Eagle
    Midgard Eagle 24 days ago +1

    Wait, how long have you been sitting on this video? I've been wondering for ages where that screen cap of you sitting in an airplane shooting sparks or whatever came from :P .

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer
    Tyler Joseph Schommer 24 days ago

    You and I have had very different glider experiences

  • AppleSnipe
    AppleSnipe 24 days ago +1

    I'm a big festival lover from the netherlands and would love to see this on a big dutch festival, Because we had planes before and fireworks but why not combine both :D

  • Hollie Shaw
    Hollie Shaw 25 days ago

    I came here expecting the wings to blow up

  • Oden Petersen
    Oden Petersen 25 days ago

    wouldnt it be safer to fire them out the back

  • LureThosePixels
    LureThosePixels 25 days ago

    Gorgeous footage

  • Gabe Miller Music
    Gabe Miller Music 25 days ago

    What a cool video, there are some seriously awesome shots in here

  • Funny Geeks
    Funny Geeks 25 days ago

    I haven't seen a dogfight in real life, but this looks like a dogfight.

  • TheQuickSlice
    TheQuickSlice 25 days ago

    Anyone else feel like this guy should have like 20 million subs

  • Strange Parts
    Strange Parts 25 days ago

    What a lovely video, Tom! Such incredible broll.

  • Sorenkair
    Sorenkair 25 days ago +1

    Damn reminds me of that plane chase scene from Tron Legacy. Amazing.

  • Katrin Baumgarten
    Katrin Baumgarten 25 days ago

    Highkey lowkey in love with Tom