• Published on Nov 7, 2018
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Comments • 96

  • Sam
    Sam 8 months ago

    0:50 when you die inside

  • Isaac S
    Isaac S 11 months ago

    I rate the title

  • George Williams
    George Williams Year ago

    hows he managed to drag 10 mins out of this????

  • Ben N
    Ben N Year ago

    Quality and Entertaining Videos you are making!

  • Flipz Playz
    Flipz Playz Year ago +1

    i lost a lot of respect for you because of that title just say it is how it is "I'm Join XO's football team"

  • Tay
    Tay Year ago

    Wtf is this title

  • EdiBle
    EdiBle Year ago

    he has such bad style

  • Sam Brooks
    Sam Brooks Year ago

    I live in Taiwan and everything made here is quality haha

  • Matthew wagstaff
    Matthew wagstaff Year ago

    loz loves the memory cards :)

  • Blick Panther
    Blick Panther Year ago +2

    That title ffs😂😂😂

  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal Year ago

    Why Nike?! Adidas is just better!

  • Steffan Williams
    Steffan Williams Year ago

    Love the title😂

    SWISHMXY Year ago +1

    what camera lens do you use ? you're really talented

  • Graham S
    Graham S Year ago

    What do you do when your not filming for someone or are you always filming for someone

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  Year ago

      Im editing the stuff that was filmed ahaha

  • Turn It To Glue
    Turn It To Glue Year ago

    Awesome photos, dude

  • Pulse IZ
    Pulse IZ Year ago

    What application you use for editing those photos?..

  • purple azteca
    purple azteca Year ago

    I love your videos! Good thing to watch over the cold snowy days in Minnesota!

  • Ahmed Al7ajary
    Ahmed Al7ajary Year ago

    Straight fire shots mad I love it

  • Caleb Eichler
    Caleb Eichler Year ago

    Rid of the neckbeard

  • Egg1812
    Egg1812 Year ago +1

    Bro this video is so cool. Those photos are clean. Keep it up my man❤️👊🏻

  • Bradley Rennie
    Bradley Rennie Year ago

    It's the exact same shirt as corby town fc?

  • Matthew Knight
    Matthew Knight Year ago

    Where did Geordie get his jumper?

  • Krisstoffer
    Krisstoffer Year ago

    Would love to you doing a video with Kai (formerly of DigitalRev) someday - suspect the personalities would mush nicely - although I no idea what the video would be about, cameras more than llikely.

  • Pooja Pednekar
    Pooja Pednekar Year ago

    Kon the best

  • Austin Klinke
    Austin Klinke Year ago

    why do i enjoy these vlogs so much

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh Year ago


  • diego aguilera
    diego aguilera Year ago

    This fool is becoming, the best blog creator. Keep doing what you do. Its fucking working.

  • Jackie Ploschnik
    Jackie Ploschnik Year ago +1

    Geordie looking fresh

  • Reece johnson
    Reece johnson Year ago

    Omg that title 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌

  • GroundRoot Up
    GroundRoot Up Year ago +1

    Can you do an average day of your normal routines from when the morning calls and the day ends, love the vid's keep up the good work.

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  Year ago +1

      Could be a good shout, I will think this over

  • Thomas Archer
    Thomas Archer Year ago

    that title is filthy

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore Year ago

    I love watching your videos so much you have the loveliest personality and you're amazing at what you do! Hope you keep getting the recognition you deserve! X

  • Florinda D'Archivio

    do you watch football?

  • Sean Tufnell
    Sean Tufnell Year ago

    Guessing that's the Batis or the Sony 1.8 itself good lenses but photos on an a7sii c'mon Kon

    • Sean Tufnell
      Sean Tufnell Year ago

      @Konstantin yea I understand haven't got a great camera myself but I'm still happy with what I get. It's more about the art of photography than the numbers really and acc the Sony one (according to DxO mark) is apparently sharper

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  Year ago

      @Sean Tufnell Its just the Sony one - took me a while to get a hold of it as its been out of stock in most places! Id love to upgrade to A7RIII for pics but not sure it would be worth it especially where I use these mainly for video.

    • Sean Tufnell
      Sean Tufnell Year ago

      Tbf there's ig compression anyway so high res shots become kind of pointless

  • Bassline Junkie
    Bassline Junkie Year ago

    That fucking title

  • Cam Kirkham
    Cam Kirkham Year ago +253

    'Sidemen FC's Friends Team' smash ya face in

  • SamSned97
    SamSned97 Year ago

    some tasty click bait

    MRU-AIRSOFT XD Year ago

    When do you get 8k cameras XD keep up the good work!

  • HAZ- MAN
    HAZ- MAN Year ago

    Kon I have recently started watching your videos and dont know if you have done this, but please can you do a tutorial on how to take PERFECT photos?

  • KG Productions
    KG Productions Year ago +7

    85mm 1.8 lens 😍 Man investing that TheXvid money into sexy af lenses 😁

  • MyToxicDayDream
    MyToxicDayDream Year ago

    I went to college with Gio

  • Haleem Khan
    Haleem Khan Year ago

    Pfffft where's true Geordie's chest 😂😂😂

  • FoxyGotGame
    FoxyGotGame Year ago


  • Handsome B Wonderful

    If it rains during the golden hour, do you call the golden shower hour?

  • Jacob H-L
    Jacob H-L Year ago +45

    U should do cheap camera and editing stuff

    • R2002
      R2002 11 months ago

      i would recommend Hitfilm as a Free Editing Software alternative

    • Jacob H-L
      Jacob H-L Year ago

      Minelaw23x exactly

    • Minelaw23x
      Minelaw23x Year ago +7

      yeah, filming a vlog on a cheap camera, and then editing it on a free video editing software would be such a good video concept, and the title 'how to vlog for under £50' of whatever, would bang views with all the 12 year olds wanting to be vloggers

  • Aditya Chopra
    Aditya Chopra Year ago

    Gotta have sidemen in title for those views 😝😂

  • CVHS disstracks
    CVHS disstracks Year ago

    Lol usually when a you tuber clickbates they just do it for the title but you actually made a whole video about that 1shirt

  • RP Entertainment
    RP Entertainment Year ago

    Hilarious title 😂

  • George_Tilidze
    George_Tilidze Year ago

    Привет Константин. :D

  • OriginalStandardZX

    Are you Ethan’s brother?

  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat Year ago +12

    Yes!!!! You are in the team!!! I`m so happy for you!!! Even if it´s just clickbait and you are not in the team, I´m super happy you are in the team!!! This made no sense!!! Yaaaaayyy!!

  • Fe *
    Fe * Year ago

    Love your vlogs. Also you’re editing is on point 👌

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson Year ago +1

    Sidemates and sidemen are still better

  • Jathushan Murugesu
    Jathushan Murugesu Year ago +1

    What would you say is a good first DSLR to start taking photos? (within £300 - £400)

  • jessi c;
    jessi c; Year ago

    oi oi model brian, can’t wait to see you play in the wembley cup ;)))

  • Edwin Jonathan
    Edwin Jonathan Year ago +3

    How can people dislike Kon's videos? He's the nicest guy on the planet

  • Subscribe To Fin Wallace

    I rate the whole vlog/tutorial feel of the video xox

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson Year ago

    He looks like a white dj khaled😂😂

  • Alkan Channel
    Alkan Channel Year ago +1

    damn . that title remind me when Sol Campbell sign for Tottenham's rival

    • AS
      AS 15 days ago

      Alkan Channel hahaha

  • varun patankar
    varun patankar Year ago

    Geordies place is so nice damn