• Published on May 11, 2019
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    You've always wanted to become a wizard, but the owl with your Hogwarts acceptance letter seems to have got lost on the way? Has nobody invited you to Brakebills either? You're dreaming of making a career as an illusionist, but even your grandma falls asleep during your card tricks? Don't worry, because we are gonna reveal to you today the secrets behind the most incredible tricks. Tricks that anyone can do at home. Now, put on your hat, stock up on rabbits and... Abracadabra!

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  • DAVAAJARGAL Davaagargal

    Orio is owo

  • vainius staskunas
    vainius staskunas 15 hours ago

    I dont like oreos

  • Obi ePeInternet
    Obi ePeInternet 15 hours ago

    Someone stole your video.Watch Out

  • Ephraim Jerich Basa
    Ephraim Jerich Basa 16 hours ago

    Well that guy can swallow a balloon

    Then i bet he can swallow anyone's D 😂😂😂
    You know what im sayin

  • coleman alexius
    coleman alexius 16 hours ago

    The chain one for chris angel has a not in it and the other one dont

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker 17 hours ago

    I love the foundation but it does break me out. I am however sensitive to fragrances.

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan 17 hours ago

    Now debuff shin lim

  • PhychoDJ
    PhychoDJ 17 hours ago

    Wouldn't the glue have dried?

  • 11fox11
    11fox11 17 hours ago

    mind warehouse: "were not gonna talk about any dangerous tricks today

    magicians: *swallows balloon could suffocate*

  • Penguin N
    Penguin N 18 hours ago +1

    3:13 ;)

  • BenXVariety
    BenXVariety 18 hours ago

    4:26 me tho. i hate chocolate

  • Juan Ortiz
    Juan Ortiz 18 hours ago

    Lol the chain trick my little 8 year old knew the trick bit she did i with a like towel

  • Nay Lay
    Nay Lay 18 hours ago +1

    4:18 Real Oreo's big fan in space revealed

  • Crying Pepe
    Crying Pepe 18 hours ago

    Stop ruining magic

  • Austin Chambers
    Austin Chambers 18 hours ago

    2:12 had me dying 😂

  • RobWilli
    RobWilli 18 hours ago

    "Magic" is entertaining although I must say it kind of sucks the fact that you know it's all a setup and fake. But still entertaining...

  • King Karan 11
    King Karan 11 18 hours ago

    Do some more for dynamo

  • Goon Squad Skateboarding

    Some tricks here are really simple when you find out how they’re done.

  • Lava Hound48
    Lava Hound48 19 hours ago

    I saw magic trick add 😂😂

  • Salma Griffith
    Salma Griffith 19 hours ago

    This is the best video ever! Keep making more, it entertains me when i'm bored! That never happens lol.

  • wownelfwarrior247
    wownelfwarrior247 19 hours ago

    thanks the Great Revealer aka #mind Warehouse
    Futurama xD

  • Kungfoo Panda
    Kungfoo Panda 19 hours ago

    How to do the chain trick
    1:Put enough glue on your neck
    2:get a rope or broken chain
    3:put chain or rope on glue spot
    4:bend neck with mint on
    5:put chain or rope off neck.

  • Tim Lam
    Tim Lam 20 hours ago

    Honestly I don't really like oreos

  • Eli Janice
    Eli Janice 20 hours ago +1

    A cool trick

    Time to waste my time finding out how they do it

  • omeremre1 legendzz
    omeremre1 legendzz 20 hours ago +1

    Oreo is black, the man is black, whats more black???

  • crazy crosby
    crazy crosby 20 hours ago

    I dunked my ores in actually tasted good

  • Athallah Fathur
    Athallah Fathur 20 hours ago

    it still doesn't make any sense , seriously

  • MadGhost
    MadGhost 20 hours ago

    but how does the balloon trick work with a sword?!

  • RiftzToez2K Clips
    RiftzToez2K Clips 21 hour ago

    Why would you took over him explain it after so we can see it

  • GamingWithLyssa :3
    GamingWithLyssa :3 21 hour ago

    This just spoils the whole thing. Not hating. Just saying. It just spoils it.

  • Amazing Things From Around The World

    I always wanted to know how they do this!

  • Juan Yamasca-Diaz
    Juan Yamasca-Diaz 21 hour ago


  • Sensitive Content
    Sensitive Content 21 hour ago

    U forgot one more... Its called," Look Down Nathan."

  • Damien Hile
    Damien Hile 21 hour ago

    i can do magic

  • Living Dead Nation Channel 2019

    Is it just me or did the guy at the start practically lip sync what he was saying

  • NoLife Benz
    NoLife Benz 22 hours ago

    The cream doesn’t come from nowhere...


  • big fella
    big fella 22 hours ago

    magicians got a contract out on u bro

  • Hamed Shah
    Hamed Shah 22 hours ago +7

    As a magician myself who learned tricks from youtube, I think this channel should not have uploaded this thing because majority of persons here will never perform these tricks. They will just ruin someone's show. It is just like "End-Game" spoilers
    People who are not much interested in magic will never come across any TheXvid channel who teaches magic and you revealed classic and go to tricks for magic shows to them just to get views.
    There is one other thing, People might get inspired by these reveals and actually learn magic but thats very rare because most of these tricks require objects from magic shops, knowing this people will not appreciate magic tricks because they will think that magicians are being unjust to them.
    This comment will be lost but I did my job.

  • David Garray
    David Garray 23 hours ago

    Great content but I'm tired of hearing this type of smooth voice over

  • パンパンウワリー

    Criss angle is hot

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Day ago

    I have never believed in magic and never will and when my friends say it is I will show them this video

    • Gas Hs
      Gas Hs 22 hours ago

      Bruh, magics are just tricks

  • Bailey Rowe
    Bailey Rowe Day ago

    in my opinion LIKE BOI DONT SPOIL IT for the magicians like it entertains people don’t ruin ittttt

  • Lord Sandwich
    Lord Sandwich Day ago +1

    I always wondered about the Dynamo guy. But now finally someone revealed his trick!
    You have my respects!!
    (I kinda feel sorry for him though)

  • Charles Colaco
    Charles Colaco Day ago

    But the the guy from china(I think)who swallowed the balloon then took it out

  • James The Nigger Hatin Dolphin

    Magicians are 100% douchebags.

  • zHoso iPi
    zHoso iPi Day ago

    I already knew he had fake finger lmao it’s obvious

  • LttleReaper
    LttleReaper Day ago

    There’s no bottle on the hand it’s a fake thumb

  • Faith
    Faith Day ago

    Who else has to study but still on TheXvid?

  • Alex FYI
    Alex FYI Day ago

    Just LAME

  • Timothy MS
    Timothy MS Day ago

    how about CA walks on the wall?

  • Devashish Dhaundiyal

    Dynamo chain magic trick has been explained incorrectly.
    He is using synthetic cement on his neck. It's like rubber. The chain is cutting through the rubber cement that is glued on his neck..

  • Cedrick Martinez Reyes

    Didnt the balloon asian guy brings back the balloon? And not the thing you explain?

  • Berk Mustafaoglu

    Chris Angel looks like Tio Lindebah

  • Ashley Zaldivar
    Ashley Zaldivar Day ago

    I already knew the marshmallows Oreo one lol

  • Moo News
    Moo News Day ago

    wait 2:06 there is the rock johnson in the back

  • Crescent Nightcore

    But can I ask you why does Cris angels chain has a knot and the mask magician hasn't??

  • Evan Antonola
    Evan Antonola Day ago

    My childhood is gone

  • dew
    dew Day ago

    The problem with the youtube always trying to mess up somebody plan on getting money showing secrets solving Rubik's cubes the worst they don't want to leave nothing to the imagination no more

  • dv حل سيرفر خليج كرافت


  • Gamer123 Panda
    Gamer123 Panda Day ago

    Who else hates the intro

  • Mini Panda
    Mini Panda Day ago

    how did he throw the spinning coin

  • 1001 subs without any vids

    2.8K dislikes are from the magicians whose careers have already been destroyed by this channel.

  • Viva Freedom
    Viva Freedom Day ago

    No need for this channel. We all know these are magic TRICKS. The beauty of them lies in the dexterity, hardworking, and dedication of the magicians who are able to create the ILLUSIONS happening before our eyes.

  • Sonia Lanham
    Sonia Lanham Day ago +1

    I just shove the cookie in my mouth

  • TinyTitan26
    TinyTitan26 Day ago

    *A huge rubber thing that's not supposed to fit inside a person* ...

  • Le Wizark
    Le Wizark Day ago

    Wtf was up with going over how to eat a oreo

  • Tamo sangma
    Tamo sangma Day ago

    *Now you see me*

  • Lil_Dwarf
    Lil_Dwarf Day ago

    How do u do the sword one?

  • Chilly Bee
    Chilly Bee Day ago

    8:16 I said it

  • Chilly Bee
    Chilly Bee Day ago

    Haven't finished the video but I'm sure he rolls up the chain with his neck skin 7:39

  • sirC Cris
    sirC Cris Day ago

    how about the pen in americas got talent?

  • GravestoneTV 345

    I like the trick that make people’s salty :)

  • that one dude :3

    Can you explain the disappearing dad to me ?

  • UnStble
    UnStble Day ago

    2:36 i know i wasnt the only one who thought something different.
    close your eyes to help you understand what im talking about.

  • Avz Lifestyle
    Avz Lifestyle Day ago

    Hi random guys scrolling through the comments section

  • Crescent
    Crescent Day ago

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww! Ive never been this impressed by TheXvid before

  • Jack Warshong
    Jack Warshong Day ago

    Even after this there are some people who still believe in magic 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fire-Bred Fire-Bred

    4:08 play boy

  • Zucci
    Zucci Day ago +2

    Even the Greatest magician can't make my Dad reappear after 14 years

  • AnonyZ
    AnonyZ Day ago

    Even the thumbnail was fake

    WARVANE Day ago

    I hate knowing how it's done, the fun is trying to figure it out .But here i am.

  • King Soul
    King Soul Day ago

    But Criss did and it formed a knot but the masked magician didn't form a knot?!?!?

  • Fyker
    Fyker Day ago

    p*rnstars are magicians


  • Muhamadnor Hjalal

    Chris Angel Is real magicians

  • Jan Andres
    Jan Andres Day ago

    help me to do magic. my dad said if i get 4000 subs he will give me a car

  • AllIGotMedia
    AllIGotMedia Day ago +6

    But what about Stephen curry jumpshot Mr magic trick revealer man ?

  • Habiil Usman
    Habiil Usman Day ago


  • Reese Sithar
    Reese Sithar Day ago

    I hat oreos

  • Tommy Ng
    Tommy Ng Day ago

    In the thumbnail that’s not how you really do it oml

  • Trickoholic
    Trickoholic Day ago

    You talk too much

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro Day ago

    1:50 dude, you can literally see this dude pull it off with his hands

  • ulugirl havea
    ulugirl havea Day ago

    Hey narrator, you talk too slow! Stop with the little side notes, I just wanna see how it’s done!😡😡👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • Email Alpha
    Email Alpha Day ago

    Jesus Christ the segway to the Oreo trick was 10 times longer than it needed to be.

  • Oscar Pina
    Oscar Pina Day ago

    freaking adds!!

  • littlefreshleek swag

    Witch craft

  • Seth Robinson
    Seth Robinson Day ago

    subbed hit the bell and smashed the like button!!

  • Jin H
    Jin H Day ago

    YER A WIZARD (insert your name here)

  • Android_Magnificènt GamerX

    2:45 that man must be really gay for doing that,that was so deep in dat mouth boi

  • Taija Williams
    Taija Williams Day ago

    2:56 was that Daniel Cohn

  • LILLANO_ Sirapsalot

    I wish you would have never told me this😂