True Facts: The Incredible Tardigrade

  • Published on Feb 3, 2021
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    This video was made in collaboration with Benedikt Pleyer, who is a gifted microscopist and has a wonderful contagious passion for discovering the incredible worlds that exist all around us. He has introduced me to all sorts of new creatures and I am fortunate to have met him.
    Kita Williams reached out to me almost a year ago with her amazing Tardigrade footage, and I am so happy that she did. She has a knack for capturing these animals in way that gives them so much personality!
    Bob Goldstein runs a lab at UNC Chapel Hill and has done incredible work on the Tardigrade (and much more.) He was kind enough to review my work to make sure I didn't screw the science up too much! I wish I could have included more of his work on the evolution of Tardigrades - but I hope to do that in a future episode on arthropods.
    Thank you to the following for publishing their images
    under the CC license, it is a huge contribution to
    science communication.
    Water bear (tardigrade), Hypsibius dujardini,
    scanning electron micrograph by
    Bob Goldstein and Vicky Madden.
    Scanning electron micrograph of active hydrated
    Echiniscoides sigismundi by Thomas L. Sørensen-Hygum,
    Robyn M. Stuart, Aslak Jørgensen & Nadja Møbjerg.
    New Echiniscidae (Heterotardigrada) from Amber
    Mountain (Northern Madagascar) by Gąsiorek P, Vončina K (2019)
    Thank you to all of my Patreon patrons for the
    patience, support and feedback
    “BackBay Lounge” by
    Kevin MacLeod
    Additional footage used under
    license from:
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  • zefrank1
    zefrank1  Year ago +3312

    Happy to be sponsored by Curiosity Stream. They have great content at a great price. Check them out and sign up at :)

    • Infj-t guy
      Infj-t guy 10 months ago

      That SHIT is beautiful

    • Wise Old Owl
      Wise Old Owl 10 months ago

      Raze Jerry

    • live well with EDS
      live well with EDS 10 months ago

      Please do Thorny devil. They have a fake second head on the back of their necks

    • J S
      J S 11 months ago

      did this bug just make the OVER completion that is our lives meaningless.
      i mean thia thing is like a whole 5 cells.

    • Carmen G Ogeidnas
      Carmen G Ogeidnas Year ago

      @BookGirlNY yup, they're 'female' problems because we have the same problems as men.. except for the fact that we're bleeding into our pants about 25% of the time

  • Yatagarasu-dono
    Yatagarasu-dono Year ago +6517

    Jerry deserves a raise for all the effort he put into making those models.

    • Cathy Smith
      Cathy Smith Month ago

      The Play-doh one was outstanding.

    • Melanie David
      Melanie David 2 months ago

      You're so right!!! I laughed so hard at the one filled with little balls!!!

    • bullypopful
      bullypopful 7 months ago

      Jerry needs his own play button

    • ashley klotz
      ashley klotz 7 months ago +1

      Plus it's always his fault so he should be compensated for that 😜🤣🤣

    • Josh Doyle
      Josh Doyle 9 months ago +1


  • thomas hygum
    thomas hygum Year ago +857

    Hello there
    I am Sørensen-Hygum, coauthor of one of the papers you cite. I just want to say that I am very happy and impressed with your video. It is a really great feeling to see my research become part of an educational youtube video. I am really proud of that scanning electron micrograph of Echiniscoides sigismundi and seeing it reproduced makes me happy.

    • thomas hygum
      thomas hygum Month ago +2

      @Tommy You are welcome.
      Being a trained scientist I too am looking for a way to understand the process by spoiling it. But the glass probably did not spoil the process in an interesting way. Or rather did not spoil the process in a way that was interesting for me as a tardigrade scientist.
      My research was about finding a way to mathematically model survival rates as a function of time, in order to lay the groundwork for building mathematical models of how the anhydrobiosis process works, when its working as intended.
      finding out how to spoil it is something that has to come after having gotten a good picture of how the process is intended to work in the first place.
      As an aside I have worked on some projects where we tried to figure out what was going on on a molecular level but the experiments we did focused on way of spoiling the process that are more relevant from a biological point of view.
      Fortunately for you these experiments are extremely easy to do. For the low price (scientifically speaking) of about 1500 euros you can get a stereomicroscope. Tardigrades are free (if you can find them).

    • Tommy
      Tommy Month ago +1

      ​ @thomas hygum Thank you for your reply :)
      I'm an Engineer and i was taught that by understanding the mechanisms that lead to failure you find the path to success.
      In this situation the glass, somehow, has broken the process. By finding what properties about the glass that is causing the failure of the process, you will learn what it take for the process to be successful, and you might have found a way to stop it happening.
      I do understand that time is huge constraint in research but the experimentalist in me is a little sad the the reason glass causes an issue wasn't pursued further. I'm fascinated by the little details and this is one that is going to escape me i believe.
      Thanks again for you reply :)

    • thomas hygum
      thomas hygum Month ago +2

      @Tommy. I am sorry to tell you that no I have tried none of those things, and seeing as I have left academia I will not be trying them any time soon either.
      However I can tell you why I didnt pursue it further. As a tardigrade scientist, I was not so much interested in why it happened as in how to make it stop. I was trying to create an experimental setup that allowed me to study how tardigrades deal with drying out in the real environment. I found a different solution that worked, which was filter paper (but quite a fine mesh as otherwise the tardigrades would flee into the paper and I would not be able to see them).
      That is not to say that it is not interesting why the glass had the effect it had, but it was not the focus of my research so I chose not to pursue it.
      I did try it with a Eutardigrade species, at the time the species was named Richtersius coronifer (but the name might have changed). The Eutardigrade was much more effected by the glass than the heterotardigrade. This may be caused by a number of factors but my best guess is that the reason is either the Eutardigrade is much bigger or that it has a thinner cuticle.

    • Tommy
      Tommy Month ago +2

      @thomas hygum I profess very little knowledge in this field but Glass is an amorphous solid, has this type of behaviour been noticed on other amorphous solids.
      Also have other types of glass been tried, such as Safety/Toughened - Fibre/Wool/Powdered Glass - Fused Quartz - Different Coloured Glasses - Glasses with different chemical make ups and at different temperatures.
      I'd love to know if it's the Chemical properties, the Physical properties or maybe a combination of both are the cause the "Flattening".

    • what is this
      what is this 3 months ago +1

      @Kreptic You'll never achieve anything of worth

  • RoraimaRain
    RoraimaRain Year ago +1128

    I'm a biologist and this: "Intrinsically Disordered Proteins don't have a defined shape and are Floppy Floppy like cooked spaghetti. These seem to act almost like Styrofoam packing noodles, holding organelles in place and making sure things don't stick together as the cell shrinks" --what a genius explanation

    • Chris B
      Chris B 3 months ago +1

      Most science is easy to understand once you get away from the gatekeeping terminology scientists decide to use. Imagine if there were no science terms came from a dead language, like Latin...

    • queenb67
      queenb67 3 months ago +3

      I love the fact that he's an actual neuroscientist and can explain things in a way that most people understand. He makes it entirely relatable.

    • ba doem
      ba doem 10 months ago +2

      @Robert Andersen jup understanding it a explaining it in a comprehensive way is surround genius. All encompassing*?

    • Meredith Grubb
      Meredith Grubb 11 months ago +8

      He explains everything to where i can understand and remember it. I love this guy.

    • Lord Felidae
      Lord Felidae 11 months ago +5

      It’s such an apt description!

  • Kid Megatron
    Kid Megatron Year ago +4371

    can you do "True Facts: Jerry" just so you can make a whole video about him

    • Jonathan Goerzen
      Jonathan Goerzen 2 months ago

      @Aries Aaliyah Pagette How can I like this more than once?

    • Mayhem McFly
      Mayhem McFly 2 months ago

      Reproductive cycle.
      How does Jerry make the 'bebes'?

    • Helen L
      Helen L 2 months ago

      I dunno if we're ready for that much Jerry... And s/he's entitled to privacy, especially if they're a shapeshifter, they'd need to be kept hidden for their own safety, I'm sure. Don't want some government agency taking them in for dissection! #TeamJerry

    • Kaiju boi
      Kaiju boi 6 months ago

      Yes please

    • Pretty Princess
      Pretty Princess 7 months ago

      This is the content we want

  • Grace Gilbert
    Grace Gilbert Year ago +398

    As a design student, putting a scale bar that just says "small" is aspirational. You do you, Jerry. You know how to save time, Jerry.

    • Helen L
      Helen L 2 months ago +3

      @OÄKTA DOPBOK what if he'd put "very small"? Would that fix it? 😜

    • G
      G 3 months ago +3

      That’s how the Jerry do

      OÄKTA DOPBOK 5 months ago +6

      "Small" bar must be labeled "not to scale"

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh Year ago +3965

    Poor Jerry, all he's trying to do is expand his artistic repertoire by creating those delightfully weird looking models.
    "No we can't sell that as merch Jerry" ... aw darn, I would have happily paid for Jerry's delectable work of art, who else is with me?

    • Crayon
      Crayon 3 months ago

      Yes! And I’m broke, but I’d find a way.

    • soupalex
      soupalex Year ago

      research: 0.14
      arts and crafts: 99
      poop: 2

    • Will Lavine
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    • Fizzy Plazmuh
      Fizzy Plazmuh Year ago +3

      Sell little bags of tardigrade jelly babies. Everybody loves cute little tardigrades.

  • Md Talha Ansari
    Md Talha Ansari Year ago +1810

    "Science isn't a style of photography, Jerry"
    Hubble Space Telescope: _stands up and leaves_

    • queenb67
      queenb67 3 months ago +1

      Best comment 🤣🤣🤣

    • Himmel
      Himmel 10 months ago

      You just had to say something 🤦

    • ba doem
      ba doem 10 months ago +1

      @Md Talha Ansari no worries, that was like unjustified annoyment...
      Good job 😉

    • Md Talha Ansari
      Md Talha Ansari 10 months ago

      @YTisleftwingpropaganda Really Bad use of your language, bro. You mean 'accept', not 'except'. Also, 'culturally appropriating', not 'cultural appropriating'.

  • Homie Pigeon
    Homie Pigeon Year ago +1047

    “It looks like a galaxy.”
    Is our whole universe *a water bear’s poop???*

    • Stephen Paul
      Stephen Paul 15 days ago

      If it is, it’s the most calming thought I’ve heard all week.

    • Samantha Phastine
      Samantha Phastine Month ago

      New conspiracy theory just dropped!

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      @Becca Taylor lol right?

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      Scary thing is, that's possible.

    • Dilly dilly
      Dilly dilly 4 months ago +1

      God is giant Tardigrade....
      Who poops out galaxies...

  • Michel Javert
    Michel Javert Year ago +51

    The fascinating but decidedly weird thing about these creatures is that at some point the species encountered conditions where temperatures were that low and radiation levels were that high, that they had to adapt to them.

    • Robbie Rotten
      Robbie Rotten 3 months ago +2

      @Wild Side of Things scientists did a study to test whether tardigrades could survive space travel at the required speeds and re-entry. The answer was no, the little guys got turned into dust

  • Jason Wilde
    Jason Wilde 11 months ago +129

    "Moss Piglet", The cutest and most docile sounding animal name ever.

    • Jason Wilde
      Jason Wilde 9 months ago +7

      @Deanholder De Chances are if you have ever been in the forest or a pond you have had intimate contact with them. They are adorable for "Bugs".

    • Deanholder De
      Deanholder De 9 months ago +5

      They are unusually cute for bugs.

  • FacelessFigure
    FacelessFigure Year ago +154

    Theory: the universe was made by an ancient void tardigrade.

    • Cathy Smith
      Cathy Smith Month ago

      Isn't that mentioned in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

    • Kilemeino Calvire
      Kilemeino Calvire Year ago +6

      Hey spoilers for star trek discovery season 5

    • Valerie Pallaoro
      Valerie Pallaoro Year ago +11

      As a religion I find that hard to beat.

  • Victor Arriaga
    Victor Arriaga Year ago +151

    No wonder water bears are so durable. They have the infinity stones inside them!

  • Ice Magician GH
    Ice Magician GH Year ago +37

    In middle school, my class went into the mountains for a field trip. We took samples of water from streams to look at the microorganisms there. I was one of two people who actually got to see a Water Bear.
    And, yes, I saw it poop as well.
    Mine wasn’t as magical of an experience.

  • Wild Woody
    Wild Woody Year ago +82

    What if our Universe is just the shiny poop of an extremely large Tardigrade?

    • Eric
      Eric 18 days ago

      The Big Bang Theory just took a whole new meaning...

    • Grace
      Grace 4 months ago

      What if our concept of God just comes from a massive, yet largely see through Space Tardigrade! Like that ep of Dr. Who where what remained of Earth attached itself to a giant space whale.

    • Anne Bruecks
      Anne Bruecks 11 months ago +3

      I’m ok with that lol

    • Allison James
      Allison James Year ago +2

      Pretty sure I saw that episode of Dr Who 🤔

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl Year ago +304

    "Oh look, there's David Attenborough. Show off" best paid promotion line ever

    • MKat
      MKat 9 months ago +3

      Nice website

  • Ellie Ryczek
    Ellie Ryczek Year ago +105

    Oh man, echidna's gonna be thrilled that there are new members of the "having your back legs on backwards" club lol

    • Enfield of Ui Maine
      Enfield of Ui Maine 7 months ago +1

      And the "inexorably linked to crystals of mysterious light and power" club

    • Zach Hogan
      Zach Hogan 10 months ago +3

      @Jeremiah J no, that was a true fact about actual echidnas from Zefrank's echidna video

    • Ellie Ryczek
      Ellie Ryczek 11 months ago +3

      @Jeremiah J pangolin posse!

    • Jeremiah J
      Jeremiah J 11 months ago

      Re:zero. Reference?

  • Key Of all worlds
    Key Of all worlds Year ago +28

    Did anyone notice how zefrank’s voice has gotten more light pitched over the years for “true facts”?

  • Rebecca Stout
    Rebecca Stout Year ago +184

    Ah!! My viewers suggested your channel! You are great.
    I require these animals. Somehow my axolotls don't seem as cool now and they would definitely be easier than my Onni, the now teenage, Cockatoo.

    • Rebecca Stout
      Rebecca Stout Year ago +2

      @Hibiscius Hi!

    • Rebecca Stout
      Rebecca Stout Year ago +12

      @Questionable 42 So, I must go on safari for them. Or... get some droplets, put them in a pretty container, and tell people. "Behold my amazing exotic pets. Becareful and keep your distance.... they eat eyeballs".

    • Questionable 42
      Questionable 42 Year ago +6

      You almost definitely have some tardigrades already if you have any droplets of water with organic material in them

    • Hibiscius
      Hibiscius Year ago +4

      I just had to do a double take because I thought sleep deprivation made me misread the username.😅🤣 Hello yes welcome to the wonderful world that is Zefrank vids! Hope you enjoy your stay. Also love Axel regardless of them not being cool in the same way as a Tardigrade and always ALWAYS love Onni even if he is being a hormonal teen 'Too.💙💙💙

  • Emmy Hynes
    Emmy Hynes Year ago +3797

    we don’t know when he’ll appear but he never disappoints

    • Big Ern McCracken
      Big Ern McCracken Year ago

      Hopefully sooner than this... I mean, quality over quantity, for sure, but...
      I wish I had cool nature videos to donate to him. That’s how he makes all this stuff. Unfortunately, all I have is Vids that belong on FailArmy or TikTok... I should’ve payed attention is school, so I could be a scientist.

    • Markus H
      Markus H Year ago +1

      Irrefutable quality, consistently stellar humour !!

    • C Beavers
      C Beavers Year ago +2

      That's how zefrank do.

    • Essboxx Essboxx
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      @Aaron Diede 🥊 still?

    • Essboxx Essboxx
      Essboxx Essboxx Year ago

      Sounds like an ex of mine.

  • Tim Kinney
    Tim Kinney Year ago +6

    I just watched like 10 of these videos about tardigrades and none of them explained a damn thing about how they do what they do, this video answered every single question I had while also being hilarious. Thank you for this. I'm officially a huge fan. Keep up the good work!

  • Jareth Norman
    Jareth Norman Year ago +48

    "What was your earliest memory?" Bahahaha!
    This show is hilarious and "Jerry" is a treasure

    • Kreptic
      Kreptic 11 months ago

      Some call it junk, but I call it treasure

  • Spartan Hawk
    Spartan Hawk Year ago +232

    "Tardigrades poop galaxies" should be a T-shirt.

    • Emma Martinez
      Emma Martinez 6 months ago

      @potatoe gamez This is now how I believe galaxies are made!

    • potatoe gamez
      potatoe gamez 6 months ago +1

      @Emma Martinez by one super tardigrade that fard big bang

    • Emma Martinez
      Emma Martinez 6 months ago

      So that’s how galaxies are made 🤔

    • Mino Kirb's
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      @Dollie The Addict that’s cursed but yes

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      "Masturbation with consequences" should be a band

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    "For most creatures the technical term for this [being completely dried out] would be getting very dead" I lost it.

    • Karen Dsupin
      Karen Dsupin 6 months ago

      Hilarious. Loved this video

    • Kreptic
      Kreptic 11 months ago

      What did you lose?

    • pipeds
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      You a scammer?

  • dillonbuford
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    Can we appreciate that this man started in the early days or TheXvid: before ads, professional TheXvid's, when TheXvid was basically America's funniest home videos, left for years, return in a time when TheXvid was basically a television network, did the exact same thing as before, and was successful.

    • Jurassic Documentary
      Jurassic Documentary 8 months ago +9

      True facts. I saw Ze Frank live at an open air art festival in Amsterdam in 2009 to talk about his work. Now it's 2021 and he's still killing it. You love to see it!

    • Matt W
      Matt W Year ago +4

      @Sulayman Mujaahid deoowh

    • Sulayman Mujaahid
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      True quality never dies, it merely enters cryptobiosis and waits for the moment to strike.

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      I hadn't realized that. That's really cool.

  • Gelbadaya H. Sneach
    Gelbadaya H. Sneach Year ago +56

    YAAAAY! You finally did a video on my favorite animal! I watched this while holding my giant plush tardigrade and eating pizza. It made up for my crappy day at work.

    • 5.3.13 siam
      5.3.13 siam 9 months ago +3

      @Kreptic dude your name is literally dark rage warrior

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      @Kreptic Wow you got fucking destroyed lol ~

    • Gelbadaya H. Sneach
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      @Techneique Word! I don't know why some people have such a hate boner for how other people live their lives. I had a bad day and hugged a stuffed microbe once 3 months ago and now someone feels the need to lecture me with the vernacular of a petulant child. Thankfully TheXvid has a mute option. Lol!

    • Techneique
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      @Gelbadaya H. Sneach Don't grow up, it's overrated. By miles!!!
      I'm 50 and have 2 enormous unicorns on my bed 🛌
      🦄... and they both have names
      🥰... and I use emojis to talk
      💁🏾‍♀️... and life is good!
      AND WHAT⁉️⁉️

  • Oof
    Oof Year ago +359

    "imagine having doritos each individually wrapped in glass and trying to eat it... well the tardigrade doesnt give a crap"

    • Nagesy
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      @Kreptic how could you say that? i bet he's quaking and shaking, you must have hurt his feelings so bad that he will never recover...

    • Oof
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      @Kreptic this one is hungry and is looking for - what’s it doing Jerry? It’s walking on the ceiling Jerry! ... Well tell it to get down.

    • Lawrence paladin
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      @Kreptic lol someone is mad

  • Ava Kole
    Ava Kole Year ago +13

    i used to be obsessed w true facts in high school-- crazy how all these years later the series continues and is just as funny! nothing will ever beat the sea pig in my heart tho

  • Ch4osKing66
    Ch4osKing66 Year ago +102

    Zefrank1: They are smooth and plump like a Gummy Bear that might pop in your mouth like a Grape.
    Me: **Eating a bag of Gummy Bears**

    • Bree Badger
      Bree Badger 10 months ago +2

      I was eating gummy fruit snacks when he said that line. I legit paused and hesitated before chewing.

    • Kreptic
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  • Equal Rights Lefts & Uppercuts.

    Jerry is getting more creative. We should encourage him, unlike David.

  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan Year ago +5

    I love how I actually learn things from you. Octonauts taught me waterbears existed, you literally taught me cellular analysis on them. I love you.

  • Bashful Wolfo
    Bashful Wolfo Year ago +2

    I love these little fellas, I’m so glad you’re still making these.
    I remember my dad showing the chameleon one to me when it came out and it’s how I discovered your channel.
    Wish he was here so I could send him these videos again

  • Ace Of Kpop
    Ace Of Kpop Year ago +3

    Zefrank's voice is always music to my ears, even with the wit and scientific knowledge 😍

  • Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell Year ago +5

    I've been fascinated by these creatures for over a decade! The amount of information we can learn from a species that can survive radiation, dehydration, extremes of temperature, and the void of space, is limitless. They needed more public exposure to pique the interest of young aspiring scientists/biologists, and this video may finally do just that!

  • Trang Do
    Trang Do Year ago +32

    The tardigrade lives up to my mom's wise words "just drink water and you'll be fine"

  • Jessie Obien
    Jessie Obien Year ago +5

    "Science isn't a style of photography, Jerry!" I love your little quips. 😂
    I was laughing and learning at the same time. Fascinating and hilarious content as always.

  • Ciani Patrice
    Ciani Patrice Year ago +10

    I would sincerely pay to watch documentaries about anything with you as the voice over. You would be a great teacher.

  • Erica Polo
    Erica Polo Year ago +6

    My son got me hooked on this channel. Never a dull moment. I'm always laughing while learning, which is (IMO) the BEST way to learn. 😅

  • Anita Reilly
    Anita Reilly Year ago +4

    That was the most amazing footage of tardigrades I’ve ever seen! Awesome commentary too as usual.

  • punkhazard
    punkhazard Year ago +2

    I for one Jerry, greatly enjoyed your DIY Tardigrades. Very well done.

  • E
    E Year ago +12

    Can you do a true facts about hippos? They spend most of their life in water, yet cannot swim. They just run along the bottom, at 30km/hr.

  • Kelly Connelly
    Kelly Connelly Year ago +1

    I can honestly cannot get enough of these videos. I laugh so hard everytime and just deeply appreciate the original content and the smiles the whole thing gives me!
    Thank you zefrank!

  • Demosthenes10101
    Demosthenes10101 Year ago +33

    To be a fan of Zefrank, one must be like a to wait long periods with nothing and able to spring back to life when something comes. I've waited SO long for this episode....both for the tardigrades and Ze Frank!

  • ts6258
    ts6258 Year ago +1

    Loved the narration. Haven't laughed so hard in a while. Glad I did learn quite a bit about these little creatures. I had heard about them but didn't know their name.

  • altrag
    altrag Year ago +361

    "Sort of like POV pornography"
    I mean true, but not a comparison I was expecting in a pop science video.

    • Cyber
      Cyber 7 months ago

      @redfoxonstilts Is it supposed to be pleasant?

    • Andy GREEN
      Andy GREEN 10 months ago +7

      @redfoxonstilts try lost property, they may have found your sense of humour.

    • Pendlera
      Pendlera Year ago +52

      You're new around here, aren't you?

  • Melinda Frazer
    Melinda Frazer Month ago +1

    Jerry really cracked me up in this one. brilliant job guys. I find these so informative (with a bit of fun thrown in)

  • Avelphina
    Avelphina Year ago +79

    "Heterotardigrades, on the other hand, are not smewth." dunno why but the delivery of that line made me cackle.

  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia Year ago +737

    "Science isn't a style of photography, Jerry."
    That's a genuinely fantastic quote. Much like this entire episode.

    • Úna Parkinson
      Úna Parkinson Year ago

      I loved the not-even-mentioned "J" in that photo

    • Md Talha Ansari
      Md Talha Ansari Year ago +4

      Hubble Space Telescope has left this party.

    • LibertyGoose X
      LibertyGoose X Year ago +13

      Another. “It’s like masturbation with consequences”
      Tears. Just tears with laughter.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez Year ago +2

    Now imagine vegan animal rights activists being as resilient as tardigrades are: that’s how a Biopantheist do.
    PS : this is my favorite episode of all time, and it’s not just because I’m high on my non-pharma medication. Thank you, @Zefrank1. Your curiosity inspires me every single time, as do these ancient immortal teeny tiny moss water bears. 🙏🌲🌒

  • M G
    M G Year ago +26

    If we could all poop like that, I could only imagine what early Instagram would of been filled of

  • Scott Conwell
    Scott Conwell Year ago +1

    Glad to hear Jerry's on the job. One of the most alien-looking critters I've ever seen. These videos are like gold; this one is no exception!

  • San
    San Year ago +1

    Never in a million year wouldnt't have imagined myself smiling like a father who just got a baby while watching the microscopic tiny little bears I mean animals.... What a world! Thanks for sharing

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