Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn't Destroy the Ship

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Have you ever met a person who hasn’t ever heard the story of Titanic? Unlikely. Even if you ask a 10-year-old, they’ll tell you exactly what took down the gigantic ship. However, some survivors of the sinking legend would beg to differ. Here’s one of their stories, and it has nothing to do with an iceberg.
    Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs. He’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion. And if what he said was true, something must have caused that huge explosion...
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    Young publicist goes to America 0:58
    Was it an explosion? 2:24
    No chance for survival 4:29
    But miracles can happen 5:44
    How Vaghinak was saved 6:19
    What could have caused that explosion? 7:20
    Was there a U-boat? 😮 8:21
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    - Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs.
    - In 1912, Vaghinak published some books together with his father, a famous Armenian writer. His task was to take the books to America.
    - They went to bed rather late on April 14, just like on the other nights. Shortly after midnight, something that sounded like a big explosion woke everyone up.
    - None of the crew members wanted to say anything, but a few minutes later it was impossible to deny that the Titanic was going underwater.
    - Vaghinak put his passport and money in a little bag and tied it around his neck. The Titanic’s bow was already underwater by that time. A lot of people in this situation wouldn’t have dared to take it to the open water.
    - The water in the North Atlantic that night was just below freezing, at a scary 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 C). The young writer felt his arms and legs go numb, and he was understandably getting weaker and weaker every second.
    - Then, he bumped into something. It was a lifeboat! But it was so overcrowded they pushed the young man with a paddle when he tried to stick to the boat.
    - Vaghinak woke up alive on board another ship. That ship was the Carpathia, and it was en route to New York with lucky survivors on board.
    - 12 days later, a woman came into the room. She turned out to be the person who saved Vaghinak. Missis Astor told the sailors that the young man was her son, and she wouldn’t let them go without him since she’d already lost her husband on the Titanic.
    - Vaghinak lived a long and happy life and, as a great storyteller, he shared what happened to him many times. Interestingly, he’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion.
    - It could have been a fire, and quite a lot of people actually believe that theory, saying that coal was burning in the ship’s hull.
    - Another theory that explained the explosion claimed that there was a German U-boat involved in the sinking of Titanic.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  Month ago +5364

    Hey there, BrightSiders, what do u think destroyed Titanic?

    • asiangamer 28
      asiangamer 28 16 days ago

      A big hammer head shark

    • Eva Diop
      Eva Diop 17 days ago

      The water was already below freezing so its only obvious that it was an iceberg

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 17 days ago

      Just a weak point in the ship

    • Slytherin Princess
      Slytherin Princess 22 days ago

      @Mr. Playsafe XD

    • Yousuf Rao
      Yousuf Rao 28 days ago

      The rich 1% destroyed the titanic

  • Gaming with Luke
    Gaming with Luke 21 minute ago

    What happened to his friend

  • Mirza Ibrahimpašić
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  • A Zilla
    A Zilla Hour ago

    it could the kraken orrrrrrrrr


  • Uptown Abu
    Uptown Abu Hour ago +1

    Ask aquaman

  • Christine McGuire


  • Christine McGuire


  • lisa overton
    lisa overton 2 hours ago

    Me I do not know the story

  • William Vallo
    William Vallo 3 hours ago

    Actually it was maybe a "megladon" 1% that maybe that they attacked the ship

  • Chris O
    Chris O 4 hours ago

    And the earth is flat, this too is true...lol

  • mini minawala
    mini minawala 4 hours ago

    an icberg

    VENOM GT 5 hours ago

    I don't believe this explosion thing
    An iceberg sunk the ship
    As we all know owner of the ship said even god can't sink this ship......
    Its the proof that god is the Creator and destroyer of all

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 6 hours ago

    This may not be true. But sources have claimed that at the time. It was a battle between banks and the upcoming establishment of central banking. Controlling the currencies. The rich families need I say names.
    The titanic was filled with opposing rich entities and parties that were against the idea of a 1 currency per economy because they knew the families behind it had a selfish agenda.
    The boat was hired or created by JPMorgan if I remember correctly and on that boat were those rebelling against the central bank establishment.
    The boat was rigged like 9/11 and boom the plan to destroy all those aboard.
    Because then there would be nobody to stop the founding of central banking and controlling of governments and countries.
    Correct me if I’m wrong

    • Vicsor
      Vicsor Hour ago

      @Michael Scofield TheXvid channels spread nonsense conspiracy theories about Titanic because it's good clickbait. Their "evidence" is literally made up. Don't just accept what they spread.

    • Michael Scofield
      Michael Scofield 2 hours ago

      Just done the research again. Never realised there were sources on TheXvid also. Type in “JPMORGAN and TITANIC”

    • Vicsor
      Vicsor 5 hours ago +1

      Yeah, that's wrong.

  • Blaa Bla bla
    Blaa Bla bla 7 hours ago

    What if the goverment is paying bright side to tell this stories or to turn around what we believed on. This guy woudn't reasearch this much for nothing right?

  • Bony Touthang
    Bony Touthang 7 hours ago

    What i believe since my childhood is that the Titanic sank as it hit an Iceberg..... Is this wrong?. I believe its right!!

  • Amer Shahzad
    Amer Shahzad 8 hours ago +1

    I believe there was an fire which was there from the beginning and weekend a spot on the boat and then when the ice came for a really big coincidence it hit the exact same spot where the fire had been Burning and that's why The Titanic sank :333

  • June Wigley
    June Wigley 9 hours ago

    It is generally accepted that Titanic did hit an iceberg,and at the enquiry into it thats the accepted view! Afterwards the story of a fire in the hold was leaked out and this may not be just a rumour. There are pictures of the black mark on the port side of the ship and the crew who worked in the boiler room we're warned to keep quiet. The hold would be weakened by a fire and Captain Smith wanted the famous Blue Riband record. That is the likely reason she sank because she was going too fast and they didn't heed the warnings given about icebergs!

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 2 hours ago

      As all bunkers were below the waterline the fire could not be the cause of a visible 'black mark' on the hull

  • Darkasknightfall
    Darkasknightfall 9 hours ago

    It was John Wick that poked some holes on the side with a pencil.

  • Duck57
    Duck57 10 hours ago

    How is this the bright side when it talks about horrible stuff?

  • Marmo Carr
    Marmo Carr 12 hours ago

    the three major American industrialist who would have stopped the federal reserve take over of America were on that ship by invite,,, rothshilds were not,,,central bankers won,,,this is not taught in schools

  • v raghavan
    v raghavan 12 hours ago

    What if ..the ice hit the weakened part of the ships hull and caused it to sink

  • Joshua Sawyer
    Joshua Sawyer 13 hours ago +2

    I Think It Was The Megalodon...That Destroy The Titanic..He Probably Thought It Was A Whale..

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos 14 hours ago

    How could the titianc sink from a small iceberg and i don't know if it sinked from a submerine?

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 2 hours ago

      Small? The berg was many times bigger than Titanic.

  • Kimberly Johnson
    Kimberly Johnson 15 hours ago

    that ship sunk on my sons birthday!!!

  • samsung232q gaming
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    Godzilla Duhhh

  • Weeb Bot
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    Those Germans. I always knew it was them.

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    I think some one was smoking down in that area next to some gas and...✴️

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  • Doggy Master
    Doggy Master 19 hours ago

    An ice burg hit

  • Just Basic
    Just Basic 20 hours ago +1

    Well whatever it is, the captain shouldn't be texting and driving.

  • Crazy Foxy106
    Crazy Foxy106 20 hours ago

    What was the song please i want to hear it

  • Fibrously Blithworthness

    Picture was taken before the ship was even in the water. Think someone may have noticed it? No one said anything?
    Remember, people also believe in bigfoot, alien probing, and a magical man named god that helps you get a job and helps your sports team win if you close your eyes and ask him nicely.

  • Spanish Armada
    Spanish Armada 22 hours ago

    The Titanic was sunk for insurance purposes. Titanic had twin sisters & 1 of them was damaged from the hull. It's not hard change the name of the ships

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 2 hours ago

      No, it's not hard, it's impossible!

  • jurrasic hirtesh
    jurrasic hirtesh 23 hours ago

    Even my 10-year-old brother knows this,but found it out on the age of 8

  • jurrasic hirtesh
    jurrasic hirtesh 23 hours ago

    I have a met a person who doesn't know a story

    My cousins,samuel and Abdul these are my two friends

  • Elernation
    Elernation 23 hours ago

    I love that this video was 10 minutes, took 7 minutes to get into it and has ads

  • Elernation
    Elernation Day ago

    I think everyone (even those in their cabins) heard the torpedo on the Lusitania (all classes heard). that was confirmed. survivors SAW the iceberg and none of them (other than the third class) in a very low part) reported any loud sounds. the people who survived from the coal rooms never said there was an explosion. the picture was taken more than 100 years before that theory came out. all the lifeboats were far away from the titanic when the bow was under and the only ones were the two boats above the bridge which were at the other side of titanic. where did that bag come from when all he got was money and a passport? the ship was so big it was like a skyscraper vertically and he JUMPED off the stern (aka the highest part). that man and all the others in that “cabin” didnt exist. wow thats so real!!

  • Justin Ingles
    Justin Ingles Day ago +1

    The titanic did hit an iceberg.although if the fire it did have wasn’t there,it would have survived.

  • Elernation
    Elernation Day ago

    I love how he got a little bag from infinity as it said he only got a passport and money and also he would have died when he jumped off the stern AND I love a man who didn’t exist

  • Soya Daily
    Soya Daily Day ago

    Am i the only one who found the cat

  • Elernation
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    I love a story of a man who wasnt even on titanic

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    Time travellers can save them

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    *Y u OLwaYs ruiN hiStOris?.*

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    How rude

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      Firmly in the imagination of James Cameron, who invented them.

  • M&MPlayz ŸoŸ
    M&MPlayz ŸoŸ Day ago

    The fire could not be put out, the owner of the ship knew about it but they could not put it out or they’d go bankrupt.

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    JamesPlay -RB Day ago +1

    “ There seems like a big explosion that woke everyone up”

    *Bright Siders”: BAM

  • Hayden Marcum
    Hayden Marcum Day ago

    What happened to his friend you never said anything about him after the rescue

  • salt cloudy
    salt cloudy Day ago

    Yeah guys it wasn't an iceberg it was harry styles' hairline that sunk the ship.

  • 33 Evrilani
    33 Evrilani Day ago

    What happened to Moren that time?

  • Liam Humbert
    Liam Humbert Day ago

    I now what happened. The ice Burg caused the explosion

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    Where does he get all this info

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    The fire destroyed the iron walls at the bottom of ship and captain didn't want to tell the people except the workers!

  • Zshane Z
    Zshane Z Day ago

    Actually, there was one Muslim in the ship as well and all he did was "Alla - hu - Akbar"

  • Viper
    Viper Day ago

    Damm 100 years later the story is still well known and i bet 7 billion people know about it

  • Colton Rowen
    Colton Rowen Day ago

    If it was a fire it would have to be in the boiler room because that is were the ship got its power from burned coal and there were compartments that could fill with water but too many filled. If it was a fire it would have to massive to melt steel and then spread and enough friction against the iceberg in one place seems more likely to me than a fire

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    I do know the story

    BOODULUV TV Day ago

    The explosion theory makes sense...one week before the maiden voyage, the Vanderbilt’s were told not to get on the Titanic and they had already purchased the tickets. Super weird.

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    This is a Boat \____________/
    Don’t let it sink to the bottom of the comment section