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  • Imogenation
    Imogenation  24 days ago +237

    HUNS! I LOVE this! I hope you do too! Ps subscribe and like please angels, see you Thursday 😍😍😍

    • mazely
      mazely 6 days ago

      Imogenation my obsession is man

    • Meryum Bibi
      Meryum Bibi 12 days ago

      Omgg u have a amazing voice

    • Hollie S.L
      Hollie S.L 16 days ago

      Imogenation when you sing you sound like Ariana grande

    • Princess Cupcake
      Princess Cupcake 18 days ago

      Primark makeup is gonna take over makeup revolution ...amazing

    • Princess Cupcake
      Princess Cupcake 18 days ago

      The comments below prove what an amazing youtuber you are and gorgeous too...All positive comments xXx

  • ultralord
    ultralord 2 minutes ago

    You are so sweet, I subscribed😊

  • Charsedy123
    Charsedy123 4 hours ago

    Your so amazing and I love how you embraces your weirdness and your so much like me I love you loads x😍

  • xIrene x
    xIrene x 20 hours ago

    New angel 😍🔥🔥 i looovvee how unique you are ahhh youre like perfection 😂xx

  • Hilal Ahmed
    Hilal Ahmed Day ago

    Hi new Angel here ❣❤

  • Liberty Davidson Year 9 Clifton

    for your next testing vid can you test revolution pro? p.s i love you so much hun!x

  • cheekymonster 10
    cheekymonster 10 2 days ago

    Bruv hahahaha

  • Elise Moloney
    Elise Moloney 3 days ago

    Omg new

  • Imogen 123
    Imogen 123 4 days ago

    Hi just found your Chanel and realised we have one more thing in common we are both called Imogen xx

  • Lola Daisy
    Lola Daisy 4 days ago

    U r HUNREAL with or without makeup xxx

  • Macey Woodward
    Macey Woodward 6 days ago

    Oioioi that is bommm❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ella Fa
    Ella Fa 6 days ago

    I was drinking water and I spat it out you are so funny I love this channel

  • Heyitsoceanexox
    Heyitsoceanexox 6 days ago +1

    Primark finally came thru hun😍❤️

  • Imsiimexox
    Imsiimexox 6 days ago

    Imogen’s are the best kinda people 😁😅😉

  • Aneesa Bibi
    Aneesa Bibi 7 days ago

    Love your videos 💞

  • Daisy Nother
    Daisy Nother 7 days ago

    I say yo yo a lot ah lol how embrassing 😂😂 love u , your so inspiring x ps I love Primark I always buy the like high Branded make up and sometimes Primark just over does the high branded stuff so much ah xxx❤️

  • Alice Gale
    Alice Gale 7 days ago

    Im in a phase of calling everything 'fun'. Omg have you seen this? its so fun! love it haha

  • Rosie Penver
    Rosie Penver 8 days ago

    All I say at the minute is do you know what I mean and I think it’s your fault imo ;)

  • Blue Marine
    Blue Marine 9 days ago

    Oh my god I love you and your accent wbjdnejwh

  • Faria Ahmed
    Faria Ahmed 9 days ago


  • Holly Farr
    Holly Farr 9 days ago

    Great video primark r getting so gd x

  • Olive Martin
    Olive Martin 9 days ago

    So beaut and positive also 1st time ive seen your vids but in lovee

  • IcingOnTheCake
    IcingOnTheCake 10 days ago


  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 10 days ago

    My word is dude and I eat a cress and egg sandwitch every lunch I love it

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 10 days ago

    I'm new here you are so cool Angels

  • Amy Price
    Amy Price 10 days ago

    Love this gyal

  • elise k
    elise k 10 days ago


  • sarah jackson
    sarah jackson 11 days ago

    Atm I am so obbsessed with kebab meat on pizza with bbq sause😍 it is so bomb and you am one of the realists youtubers❤

  • Anya Soulsby
    Anya Soulsby 11 days ago

    Aw I love your weirdness hahaha, ahhhh I love ya

  • Rebecca Gillespie
    Rebecca Gillespie 11 days ago

    Thanks u learned me how to do makeup

  • Meliza’s Vlogs
    Meliza’s Vlogs 11 days ago

    omg I am new I subscribed its my 2nd day watching you and I'm in love

  • Stephanie Martin
    Stephanie Martin 12 days ago

    I love your positivity!

  • alyssa maynard
    alyssa maynard 12 days ago

    My friends always say that i look pretty when i cry

  • Sumaya Makda
    Sumaya Makda 12 days ago


  • fatima Raja
    fatima Raja 12 days ago

    the second i came on this video i loved uuuu

  • Gyrffindor Queen Granger

    might be late but i ABSOULUTELY love your videos.!!!!Your vocie (singing wise and natruel)you need to go on x factor!!!!!!! i really hope u read this because i love u. even if ur cringe thats the best part about u and u shouldnt stop it because i love it just so u know i am a chatter box too so ur not the only one lol ! LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH !!!!!!!! Ella

  • Brodie Hearne
    Brodie Hearne 12 days ago

    U have an amazing voice 😍😭

  • Rosina Danylyszyn
    Rosina Danylyszyn 13 days ago


  • Brooke Chambers
    Brooke Chambers 13 days ago

    Wired is a good thing and I’m wired 😘😂🙃

  • Brooke Chambers
    Brooke Chambers 13 days ago

    You should go on Xfactor I would so vote for you xxxxxx

  • Tillie Jamie
    Tillie Jamie 13 days ago

    my saying is "that old chestnut", Kinda cringe isn't it "mate".

  • Ailey Jackson
    Ailey Jackson 13 days ago

    i'm obsessed with saying "huh" and i just can't stop saying it and i don't even know why, and every time i say it my family start shouting it after me hahaha

  • jf9
    jf9 13 days ago

    New angel 😛😛❤️❤️

  • Alanah Armstrong-sisson

    OMG wen she started singing i litteraly thaught it was ariana grande 💖 btw i love youu x

  • J H
    J H 13 days ago


  • Nicole’s World
    Nicole’s World 13 days ago

    Don’t worry honey babes I’m crazy when I watch you make me laugh so that’s why I love your videos I only found you yesterday now your my favourite TheXvidr I love your crazyness your amazing your so inspiring and you’re my idol love you xxxxxxxxx💖💋💖💋💖💋💖✨❤️💋✨✨✨💋💜💜💙💜💋💋✨✨✨🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Ellie Hill
    Ellie Hill 14 days ago

    Don’t worry girl I worry about myself sometimes this is the first time watching u and I’ve already subscribed x

  • Dunya Sabery
    Dunya Sabery 14 days ago

    Ouuuu this is a look. This is just phenomenal. And then u got them mini solos in the middle like my ears are blessed. You should devote a video for singing or something.

  • Randomcatperson
    Randomcatperson 14 days ago

    I'm new to your channel and at first I thought it was gonna be a hot mess but Primark came though!

  • Charlotte Jones
    Charlotte Jones 14 days ago

    Obsessed with your videos!! ❣

  • Jaz Swales
    Jaz Swales 14 days ago

    OMG CANT EVEN YOU’RE AMAZING!!! And you’re teeth are like so perfect whattttt😍

  • Lala beauty & hauls
    Lala beauty & hauls 14 days ago


  • Aleah Rosaine
    Aleah Rosaine 14 days ago

    Your eyes are beautiful! Well the whole of you is!!

  • Nadia A
    Nadia A 14 days ago

    Wooohhh😍😍I need to get the chocolate EYESHADOWS😍😩

  • Nadia A
    Nadia A 14 days ago

    You need to try the nudes eyeshadow platter that primark got😍😍I got it and it’s absolutely worth for buying for £8❤️❤️Xx

  • Natasha  Jones
    Natasha Jones 14 days ago

    Am from Glasgow and a keep saying "jamean" instead of do ye know what a mean and idk why 😪😂

  • Isabella Castle
    Isabella Castle 14 days ago

    Guys I want you to remember that Imogen is an amazing person that we should keep in our hearts forever and we shall never let her go! Love you Imogen xxx

  • Katy Gordon
    Katy Gordon 15 days ago

    Your amazing and u make me so happy and I also cant stop saying hen xx❤️🧡

  • Abbie Johnys
    Abbie Johnys 15 days ago

    First video and loved your review, amaze! Defo gonna try out that new chocolate collection xx subscribed x

  • Harriet Smith
    Harriet Smith 15 days ago

    You literally brighten up my day! You're so bubbly and sweet and I am deffo off to primark soon ;)

  • Katie Petters
    Katie Petters 15 days ago

    Omg this is the first video I've seen of yours and you're actually such a babe!! Subscribing!!!! X

  • Mia Kourris
    Mia Kourris 15 days ago

    I have never watched a makeup video before and i've just learnt so much thank you for being so cute xxxxx p.s. goin primark tomoz to purchase all this byyyeeeee xxxx

  • Pearl Sood
    Pearl Sood 15 days ago


  • starr thomas
    starr thomas 15 days ago

    i cant stop chewing cherry menthol gum only and its been that way for 5 months now, i also cant stop calling people scummy mongs which is ever so slightly getting on my own nerves lol

  • Eraun Haughton
    Eraun Haughton 15 days ago

    Thumbs UP if you think Imogen looks like Carli Bybel - So pretty!!

  • millie and poppie chilton

    omg she is me. we are like the same person

  • Aleena Anwar
    Aleena Anwar 15 days ago

    wow you look like shay mitchell

  • BubbaMush Soup
    BubbaMush Soup 15 days ago

    love the energy!

  • Gabbatron ginja.dreadhead

    hey!i dont normally really lyk these types of channels ,dont know how i got here but SO glad i did cus your just ace!! Beautiful insideand out. Just felt the need to tell you!

  • Katherine Gale
    Katherine Gale 16 days ago

    Don't know why I clicked.. but I love it! Also want to get down to Primani asap!

  • coraline
    coraline 16 days ago +2

    at the moment if someone is angry i say "sheesh who peed in your cheerios this morning?"

  • Natalie Martin
    Natalie Martin 16 days ago

    OK..will completely admit, when I first started watching this,with it being the first time, my jaw was full on...dropped, I must have had the most expressive expressions in the first 60seconds. Then by 2min in I Abso LOVE you girl!!!!! Subscribbeddd and liked..oh and I will be buying the whole range of primarniis make up range ;D

  • Nigel
    Nigel 16 days ago

    Nice lips :)

  • tscholey07
    tscholey07 16 days ago

    omg no way

  • sarah-louise
    sarah-louise 16 days ago

    aw this is the first video i've seen of yours & you're so kind & beautiful. i've subscribed!

  • Loopy Dolphin
    Loopy Dolphin 16 days ago

    at the moment i cant stop saying "get in the bin" whenever something is slightly annoying

  • Sheila Geddes
    Sheila Geddes 16 days ago

    first time watching one of your videos and i love the make up look and your personality :) go girl xx

  • Danielle Daly
    Danielle Daly 16 days ago

    Your skin is flawless Hun😅 get it girl ❤️❤️

  • Eshaal Aizah
    Eshaal Aizah 16 days ago

    Just subscribed to you, about the crying face lol I just was earlier and looked in mirror I thought fuck I look ugly hahaaa

  • Lucy Armstrong
    Lucy Armstrong 16 days ago

    I’ve been watching you since you started imogen and I can’t deal with your positivity and your RADIANCE HUN and by can’t deal I mean I think it’s amazing ❤️ you’re such an actual angel and you’ve come to far it’s insane x

  • Aaisha Ditta
    Aaisha Ditta 16 days ago

    OMG girllll ,this vid was amazing ,I’m a new subscriber,u have cheered me up ,I’m definitely going to like this vid,can u do a poundland make testing vid bye love ya ❤️❤️ #imahun #imogenfan

  • Jamie Collins
    Jamie Collins 16 days ago

    Your gorgeous babes 😍

  • Dee Hunt
    Dee Hunt 16 days ago

    you're so nice 😀

  • Isla Cargill
    Isla Cargill 16 days ago

    Stunnin! So going out to buy primark makeup 😍X Ty for this!!! Keep up the good work bby

  • Nádia M
    Nádia M 16 days ago

    I just started watching you today and I'm obsessed with you and your personality, you are just the sweetest and so real, I'm in love

  • Meridyth Docherty
    Meridyth Docherty 16 days ago

    I’m going through an extreme phase of mochas like girl i can’t even live one day without oneee 🤤🤤💞 xxxx

  • Penny Du
    Penny Du 16 days ago

    This is first video I saw of yours and I can't stop smiling, you are too funny to watch! You bring joy and is clear as sun you love what you're doing! You've got a new angel over here! Salutes by Italy!

  • Anna Jacobsen
    Anna Jacobsen 17 days ago

    Omg I’m new here and ur so funny bhahahahah 😍

  • Hema Bhatt
    Hema Bhatt 17 days ago

    Hiya! Love your primark makeup Hauls! what was the name of the eyebrow thing you used?

  • Rebekah Hoyle
    Rebekah Hoyle 17 days ago

    can u start doing singing vids

  • Ch0co4ppl3
    Ch0co4ppl3 17 days ago

    love your energy x

  • Eleanor Murphy
    Eleanor Murphy 17 days ago

    if any of my friends say something relatable I have a habit of just going "me" and I've been obsessed with rice cakes lately xxx

  • Holly Wagg
    Holly Wagg 17 days ago

    You sound so good when you sing x

  • caitlin msptv
    caitlin msptv 17 days ago

    imogen can defo sing #newsubscriber

  • Alex Xxx
    Alex Xxx 17 days ago

    “I’ve never been this shocked ever in a testing video... I HONESTLY have never been this shocked... Shall I tell you again I’ve never been this shocked” haha I love her😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Bobbie Heath
    Bobbie Heath 17 days ago

    Cream eggs 😍

  • Giana T.
    Giana T. 17 days ago

    I am obsessed with using the word shook lately. Along with eating pizza. Even though dairy bothers my stomach. 😂 Oh well. Living for that makeup. I really need to visit the UK just to find a Primark.

  • Holly Hodg
    Holly Hodg 17 days ago

    Well I guess that’s me going to primark

  • Tegan Phillips
    Tegan Phillips 18 days ago


  • TheDIYister
    TheDIYister 18 days ago

    you talk too much