10 Reasons Galaxy S10 is better than iPhone 11 Pro!

  • 10 Reasons Galaxy S10 is better than iPhone 11 Pro! Hello all and welcome to my video on why the Samsung Galaxy S10 might be the better value device over the iPhone 11 Pro. In this video I have identified 10 reasons in my experience why I believe going with the Samsung Galaxy S10 might be the best bet for you. Any questions, comments, concerns please leave them in the comment section. If you have experience with the S10 or 11 Pro, please consider sharing that below with the community to help others decide which might be the better phone for them.
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Comments • 80

  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman  4 months ago +231

    10 Reasons Galaxy S10 is better than iPhone 11 Pro! Be nice to each other, this one may trigger some people :) Enjoy the content and share your experiences with these devices if you have them!

    • YaBoiRey
      YaBoiRey 17 days ago

      @Kronixio that's pretty strange I play really heavy games on highest settings and I don't have any problems 🤔

    • YaBoiRey
      YaBoiRey 17 days ago

      @Jas The Stoner that's exactly my point they're stuck with iPhone 6s

    • Jas The Stoner
      Jas The Stoner 17 days ago

      @YaBoiRey How they gonna get mad about a phone they don't even own 😂😂

    • Anthony Leung
      Anthony Leung Month ago

      @YaBoiRey sharing is wonderful

    • Ansh Gautam
      Ansh Gautam 2 months ago

      All hardware form samsung except processor exynos + Apple's A13= beast phone

  • can you subscribe?
    can you subscribe? 8 hours ago +1

    Anyone else watching on an s10?

  • DerSmilee
    DerSmilee 2 days ago

    iPhone with my Samsung 😎

  • Mr Yusuf
    Mr Yusuf 6 days ago +1

    I would buy if it lasts 4 days battery my g7 pro lasts 3 days it cost less 100 lol

  • 冯永嵘
    冯永嵘 7 days ago

    I love NOKIA.😁

  • Callan George
    Callan George 8 days ago

    I was a iPhone fan all time but I tend to swap between the 2 but I'm glad I got the s10 as i like the way it looks & perform plus also I picked up a week old s10 recently for $550 (aus) even came with all accessories & the purchased warranty receipt which was a bonus in my opinion

  • Zoey Iadovito
    Zoey Iadovito 8 days ago

    I need help picking apple or Samsung. I never used apple

  • Joel Humphrey
    Joel Humphrey 8 days ago +1

    Samsung knight stand

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K 9 days ago

    if anybody had the iphone and then the s10 which camera is better

  • Msjsja Jsnaja
    Msjsja Jsnaja 11 days ago

    I agree samsung is better then apple

  • Babo
    Babo 12 days ago


  • Joseph Arce
    Joseph Arce 12 days ago

    This will be the most difficult decisions I have to make when choosing a new phone lol iPhones are expensive than any Android phone and they are going down

  • Zach Margolick
    Zach Margolick 14 days ago

    I have the normal iPhone 11 and I was debating this or the s10 and I chose the iPhone 11 and I really like it just so you know the s10 isn't necessarily Superior to the iPhone 11. The iPhone and Samsung camera are about the same to me and if you're just looking for a great camera phone you should get a pixel 4(which is also cheaper)
    People think that phones are too simple and Samsung's are more customizable but there are actually some hidden things like that on iPhones that you can do
    So don't think that the Samsung is much better

  • Jas The Stoner
    Jas The Stoner 17 days ago

    548 people got a iPhone 11 Pro 😂

  • Tom
    Tom 17 days ago +1

    I'm going to go with the s10 (:

  • Karla V.
    Karla V. 20 days ago

    Was gonna get an iphone but I ik inside got the samsung galaxy s10. I like it. Students in my schools mostly have iphones and bully others who dont 🤔🤔

  • antisocialcreature _ sc3426

    I am getting one soon so I am quite excited now.

  • Grant Sorens
    Grant Sorens 20 days ago

    Still on the s8, have been mulling jumping to iPhone, prolly go with the s10 now!

  • Red Rebels
    Red Rebels 21 day ago

    I'm glad I got the S10

  • Paul Shearer
    Paul Shearer 22 days ago

    I'm so sick of hearing people say what a great phone the S10 is. In my opinion the Samsung S10 is the Jeep Cherokee of mobile phones. It is my first and last Samsung phone. The phone is counter-intuitive, the buttons on the side constantly get in the way and the finger print scanner works sporadically, but probably the most frustrating issue is the fact that the settings change randomly for no reason at all. The brightness turns itself right down and the phone is basically useless until it turns the brightness back up after about 20 mins. Whatever you do DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!

  • Spill_the_TEA
    Spill_the_TEA 23 days ago

    The s10 is $1088 here in Australia

  • Zheer Faruq
    Zheer Faruq 24 days ago

    Ok but I want to change my s10+ to 11 pro
    11 pro is way better

    MARIA ORBU 26 days ago

    I bought iphone 11 for only reason for the camera. But i want to send it buck, firt problem i find out with my eyes the iphone has to much blue light, its affecting my eyes and perhaps that face id too, and using iphone 11 for few days only its complaining me about storege, i was wondering this doesnot worth for this money, back to my Samsung.

  • WWR Mariosunson
    WWR Mariosunson 28 days ago

    The S8 and s10 have the same bottom, and top.

  • Wayworld
    Wayworld 29 days ago

    I have a iPhone 6s should I switch to the s10

  • Mark Blankenship
    Mark Blankenship Month ago +1

    thanks for lettine me know I 1 upped my son this phone season lol

  • Celula Boom
    Celula Boom Month ago

    I just upgraded my galaxy s8 for an S10 ... I was a little bummed out because I walked out the store without an iPhone. I don't know why this whole time I thought iphone was better. I feel waaaaaay better after watching this video. Thank you!

  • Jonathan Galicia
    Jonathan Galicia Month ago

    Think I might buy one as new flagships are 1000 dollars, upgrading from iPhone 6s that I still love but I’m tired of the battery life and it probably won’t get ios 14

  • Gamerverse
    Gamerverse Month ago

    iPhone is trashhhhh

  • Kristin Madison
    Kristin Madison Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed the thoroughness with the information you gave. It really gave me more reasons to switch

  • Double Helixx
    Double Helixx Month ago

    Yeah but the galaxy is for people who dont need screen protectors and drop their phone on a daily basis. So I'm with a galaxy for this one. And my friend got an iphone 11 and then he dropped it 7 times within a week and I had my phone for about a year and I never dropped it. Lol I better knock on wood

  • kittyharm vids
    kittyharm vids Month ago

    My mom has the s10 not to flex😂

  • David Nersesjan
    David Nersesjan Month ago


  • Mitch cornerXstone
    Mitch cornerXstone Month ago

    And I just stopped seeing the video after realizing that you do not know much about the technical aspects, for instance saying that both phones have OLED screens... And also, why everyone doing reviews speaks about a lot of non sense aesthetic aspects and say almost nothing about the technical part.

  • Atiagooq
    Atiagooq Month ago

    Bought S10 today✊ finally upgraded from s7 edge and s7. Still not sure if I should custom rom install on it🤔

  • GTABladerunner4
    GTABladerunner4 Month ago

    The colors on the iPhone screen look dull and in the s10 the colors pop

  • elohel Lol
    elohel Lol Month ago +1

    I wanna stick to android so i can still do illegally download of videos and music anywhere haha

  • Rianna Gill
    Rianna Gill Month ago +3

    I still like iPhone better ngl. I find Samsung’s home screens are a bit weird.

  • Tomy Brave
    Tomy Brave Month ago

    1. Because it was made by Samsung
    2. Because it was made by Samsung
    3. Because it was made by Samsung
    4. Because it was made by Samsung
    5. Because it was made by Samsung
    6. Because it's just the best
    7. Because it's just the best
    8. Because it's just the best
    9. Looks much better
    10. Apple is trash
    Samsung wins. Ur welcome

  • Acid drivze
    Acid drivze Month ago

    Shi we still on apple vs android wait until u hear Ps4 vs Xbox

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka Month ago

    S10 Plus, the one i dont like is only that One UI thats why i always use a launcher 😁

  • Kero Magdy
    Kero Magdy Month ago

    Which i select iphone 11 or s10 plus ??
    I am an android user

  • Juan Rico
    Juan Rico Month ago

    iPhone trash samsung better

  • Dominus Gutter
    Dominus Gutter Month ago

    I bet the dislikes are haters

  • 𝔾𝕚𝕠𝕧𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕚 シ

    CEO of at a cheaper price

  • jaiden for prez 2021

    I have both

  • Arek Kramp
    Arek Kramp Month ago


  • Inês Andrade
    Inês Andrade Month ago

    I mean
    Samsung S10: 128 gigs and amazing stuff
    iPhone 11: 64 gigs and ok camera
    Everyone in society now" ApPlE iS wAy BeTtEr
    Me: Just shut up it isnt idiots

  • tristen marie
    tristen marie Month ago

    i’m making the switch from an iphone 8 plus to a samsung galaxy s10 tomorrow wish me luck xD

  • DAILY vlogs
    DAILY vlogs Month ago

    Watching on iPhone 11 switching back to s10 tomorrow

  • Mesa3077Boogie
    Mesa3077Boogie Month ago +2

    Absolutely loving my S10. All the themes, the programmable eq, etc. Etc

  • biker J
    biker J Month ago

    I am currently using the iphone 11, a bit confused that should i get the samsung s10 ? Over iphone 11

  • Shiny’s Nightcore Studio

    *and this is why the base 11 is much better than the pro*. In the 11 you literally get the same processor and gpu as the pro models, just missing the telephoto camera which isn’t that important. Can get the 256GB and still not have the 64gig of the 11 pro. OLED may be better than LCD, but with the 11 having a better performance than the pro max (because of the huge data in pro max), I’d say the 11 is on par with S10 overall with special features in each one.

  • Teylan Carreathers
    Teylan Carreathers Month ago

    I only regret not getting the s10 5g. I thought I'd hate the double cut out. But it's pretty cool and better then a notch or forehead. RIP headphones jack.

  • A Human
    A Human Month ago

    The iPhone 11 has a way better processor and graphic card so best performance, a better camera and way better battery life. Who cares what a biased youtuber thinks?

  • Fatmata Kamara
    Fatmata Kamara Month ago +6

    There are 6 people in my friends group and 3 of them have iPhones and the other 3 (my team) have android.

  • Kenny Rene
    Kenny Rene Month ago


  • bclowser2
    bclowser2 Month ago

    Most of these are jus ur opinions, not facts

  • The Adventures of Wibbly and Teddy!

    So cool love samsung

  • TylerZ Best
    TylerZ Best Month ago +2

    Bruh tell me how I told all my friends all these reasons and still get made fun of because I switched back to android 😂🤦‍♂️

    • Infidel Productionz
      Infidel Productionz Month ago +2

      Because their favorite celebrities have iPhones.
      iPhones is an accessory. People buy it to show their friends that they paid a high price.
      It is never about the specifications of the phone. It's about fashion and bragging rights.
      Although that is nothing to brag about. It's pathetic.

  • Eliana Ford
    Eliana Ford Month ago +19

    The s10 is my dream phone

    • Jr Rodriguez
      Jr Rodriguez Day ago +1

      I just bought The s10 like a month ago and I love it, I highly recommend it.

    • Tomy Brave
      Tomy Brave Month ago

      @Sami Srour yeah, i was thinking to buy it as i can increase a subscription, so they would give me a discount on it, next month, do you think that by then the S20 will be out and the S10 will be a bit cheaper?
      Thanks for the opinion, I really think i should get it.

    • Sami Srour
      Sami Srour Month ago +1

      @Tomy Brave since the new Samsung is gonna come out soon, the S10 price is likely to reduce, i got it for £420 and i still think it is worth it, a phone to keep for 4 years atleast

    • Tomy Brave
      Tomy Brave Month ago +1

      @Sami Srour so it is worth it right? Is it overpriced?
      I wanna get it as well..

    • Sami Srour
      Sami Srour Month ago +1

      I got it a month ago and really I couldn't ask for a faster, better camera, stereo speaker phone with great display, camera and features

  • sky works
    sky works Month ago

    I can find the S10 for 490 euros from people who sign contract and sell the tottaly new phone. What do you think is it worth it in 2020 before S20 comes out.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago

    I own the note 10 plus and the s10, bought the note 10 plus unlocked from Samsung and bought the s10 outright from Verizon. I don't know whether to keep the s10 as a backup phone or sell it.

  • RCN Aquatic bite
    RCN Aquatic bite 2 months ago

    iPhone users: *TRIGGERED*

  • Kepzify
    Kepzify 2 months ago

    Was about to buy the iPhone 11 till I saw the s10

  • olise U wisdom
    olise U wisdom 2 months ago

    I just got my Samsung s10 plus am so happy,512 GB

    • olise U wisdom
      olise U wisdom 11 days ago

      And like me I have so application on my device it can consume battery life too

    • olise U wisdom
      olise U wisdom 11 days ago

      Well if I didn't use it for too much call and must explicitly on social media I have 60 %left

    • Dorin Sprîncenatu
      Dorin Sprîncenatu 11 days ago

      @olise U wisdom i Know.. But how much can resist? A full day? 7 hrs

    • olise U wisdom
      olise U wisdom 11 days ago

      Battery capacity 4100mAh typical, android 10♥️♥️♥️

    • Dorin Sprîncenatu
      Dorin Sprîncenatu 11 days ago

      How is The battery if you have exynos version?

  • Alysha W
    Alysha W 2 months ago +6

    I just want to say to androids and apples that just please stop "fighting" over some phones I mean they are both better in different way, and worse but like idk y'all might come @ me in the comments, but hear me out I honestly like apple and Android but yeah.
    -Fellow Android User

  • Nexus PrO
    Nexus PrO 2 months ago

    Win Galaxy S10 in the contest here uiz.io/bIbHR You just need to put valid e-mail adress!

  • noor studio نور سټوډيو

    I love my s10+.

  • David Fox
    David Fox 2 months ago

    I totally agree. Iphone is a quality phone indeed. but as you said, you get more bang for the buck in allot of ways.

  • 23 Moreno
    23 Moreno 2 months ago

    One word...

  • Clemence Maluwa
    Clemence Maluwa 2 months ago

    When I switched to s10 it felt so much better then the iPhone but I still prefer the apple software I find android harder to use then iOS

  • TheHiddenCode
    TheHiddenCode 2 months ago

    One of the worst mistakes I made was switching to apple. It's time to return

  • Anlei Qt
    Anlei Qt 2 months ago +2

    aaa i so can’t wait for my s10 🤩✨

  • Fbi Agent
    Fbi Agent 2 months ago +1

    I found a S10 that is cheaper Than a s9 lol

  • Liam Mcguinness
    Liam Mcguinness 2 months ago

    I switched from apple when two iphone 7's died on me. I didn't drop them or abuse them. Just everyday normal usage.
    I just upgraded from the S8 which I loved and is still a great phone. Apple are living off their past glory now, and they should give 128go out of the box, and pay some taxes. A trillion dollar company just penny pinching. They lost my business.

  • LAV you
    LAV you 2 months ago


  • Martin Grant
    Martin Grant 2 months ago

    I had the s10 plus in 2019 , then I went to the iPhone 11 Pro Max , I’m sorry but I feel my iPhone is a lot better in 10 different ways .

    MEEK CLICK 2 months ago +1

    Apple is exploiting the people

  • Nava Gaming
    Nava Gaming 2 months ago

    I went from android (Xperia xa2) to iPhone 11, liked it so much that I upgraded to the 11 pro max. 256gb :) it’s so simple yet so functional