Eating At The BEST Reviewed Food Stand In Coachella (5 STAR)

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Deep diving into coachellas food culture what can you expect to eat when you're in the hot sun all weekend long in the middle of the desert??!? I'll Show you.
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    Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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    Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series

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  • Brennen Taylor
    Brennen Taylor  Month ago +923

    A couple times the audio goes a lil funky! Sorry we had to record on phone and used a wired mic and It was malfunctioning!

    • Nor cal Valley
      Nor cal Valley Month ago

      Brennen Taylor come out to Merced Ca restaurant H&W all original car hop waits 5 mins 10 mins if busy best hamburgers and fries can’t complain have shakes floats and it’s been owned by 2 people one of the 2 people still own it including down the street he has another restaurant down the street call Bb-q pit both of them are goood both of them have a 4.5 star rating I believe I know H&W does

    • Loresk Canada
      Loresk Canada Month ago

      Stealing video ideas from PhilipSoloTv - How original

    • SarahB0907
      SarahB0907 Month ago +1


    • BoOty EateR
      BoOty EateR Month ago

      I almost thought my phone's was stopping to work

  • Blue Flamingo
    Blue Flamingo 10 hours ago

    It would take 6 tacos to fill me up

  • Cooking In Halifax
    Cooking In Halifax 2 days ago

    You know NOTHING about food. Fuck.

  • Dylan Buckley
    Dylan Buckley 3 days ago

    I did not expect him to have that many tattoos


    Mac and cheese really isn't American.... It's Caribbean but we do it 1000 times better because it's baked in the oven 😍

  • Ethan Wong
    Ethan Wong 3 days ago

    wow, your video is nice
    that looks nice.
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  • Jimmy Willis
    Jimmy Willis 4 days ago

    This audio is ass😂

  • CandyKoRn
    CandyKoRn 8 days ago

    $23 sandwich!?!? wtf? lol! Is it gold-plated?

  • Long Fellow
    Long Fellow 10 days ago

    5:47 “we got some vegan coleslaw” on a piece of fried chicken... the fuck

  • Danny Gonzales
    Danny Gonzales 12 days ago +1

    Who tf wants to compare themselves to kanye lol

  • Noodlezz Jmk
    Noodlezz Jmk 15 days ago

    4:43 it looks like Iman Jesser the laser girlfriend

  • Allen Rocha
    Allen Rocha 15 days ago

    Brend den go to Teddy’s toco it,s by long beach

  • Gaming Station
    Gaming Station 17 days ago

    The sound was very low quality but I like the video 😁

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia 17 days ago

    Great video Brennen I loved this video so much I'm so hungry that food looked good

  • Young_boom_59 Gaming
    Young_boom_59 Gaming 18 days ago

    He said kanye west of tacos but he mexican and kanye doesn’t support mexicans in America (it’s just a joke)

    • Danny Gonzales
      Danny Gonzales 12 days ago

      Idk why he'd even want to compare himself to wierdo

  • Alex Cano
    Alex Cano 18 days ago

    can someone let me know if tacos 1986 is still
    open in LA because on the internet it says permanently closed :( & i wanna go try them lol

  • Katie West
    Katie West 19 days ago

    I’ll go to chick-fil-a for $5 and get a chicken sandwich instead of Coachella for $23 😂

  • Desi Rojas
    Desi Rojas 22 days ago

    The meat Jesus from pizzanista tho🔥

  • Krystin Grant
    Krystin Grant 22 days ago +1

    I'm scared to go now. I wanted to go only for the food but with that herpes outbreak I'm just take a break

  • 0nly1JuBreezy
    0nly1JuBreezy 23 days ago

    you let that dude eat on yur corn? AT COACHELLA! Its a Herpes Outbreak! Be careful!

  • danikdunikelectrunik
    danikdunikelectrunik 23 days ago

    You know what, I never comment but I can't keep quiet here. I'm really pleased with the progress of this channel. I started watching with the first one star review videos and watched for pure entertainment. Watching now (especially the trip to SE Asia) I see your culinary experiences and palettes are evolving and developing into something professional. Being a chef myself I'm enjoying this. And I can't help but enjoy your humor and seeing two brothers bonding so well, my younger brother also being a cook. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is good job you two, I hope this channels takes you and us along many more culinary adventures!

  • sandman6434
    sandman6434 23 days ago +1

    U might of contracted herpes from the food you are eating dum dums (:

  • Sine Nomine
    Sine Nomine 23 days ago

    23 bucks for oil soaked burnt chicken

  • Shane Jones
    Shane Jones 24 days ago

    Damn you 2 were HOT in this video! 🥰

  • jazme vasquez
    jazme vasquez 24 days ago

    Lmao you and your brother are the bestest of friends I swear !😂

  • ChangeGunz
    ChangeGunz 24 days ago

    that corn shits looks oddly amazing

  • Dany 1D
    Dany 1D 25 days ago

    Hasta a mi se me antojaron los pinches tacos

  • Michelle Marquez
    Michelle Marquez 25 days ago

    6:43 i peeped that juul brennen😂🤭

  • KillerQueen msp
    KillerQueen msp 26 days ago

    Lol 😂 yummy I find all of these videos satisfying of you eating

  • Mechanism Malfunction
    Mechanism Malfunction 26 days ago

    This audio is trash

  • Hayley Rueda
    Hayley Rueda 27 days ago


  • fearless_kev
    fearless_kev 27 days ago

    Vegan coleslaw?

  • marissa
    marissa 27 days ago

    The elote with Takis on it... Travel to south Texas, to our munchies stands. Im not talking San Antonio, I'm saying McAllen Texas or Hidalgo or Mission

  • Betty Murphy Grumpus
    Betty Murphy Grumpus 27 days ago

    Unleash la migra at Coachella

  • DmY808
    DmY808 28 days ago

    Truly is sad what happened to a once cool festival. They all end up becoming corporate and hipster the sad end. I remember when Burning Man was legit. Not like todays wannabe BS.

  • Leaz Kickers
    Leaz Kickers 28 days ago

    Come to Mexico, with 6 dollars its like 110-140 pesos, you can buy like. 6 to 7 tacos and well served tacos 🤣 Carne asada or al pastor. Or breakfast tacos like tacos de borrego o birria

  • Nur Fatiha Rosyidah
    Nur Fatiha Rosyidah 28 days ago

    dont yall have other video ideas other than best/worst reviews. it's overrated

    • Mason Parrott
      Mason Parrott 26 days ago

      Nur Fatiha Rosyidah take that shit of your head then talk shit pussy

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 28 days ago


  • Queen of Vegan
    Queen of Vegan 28 days ago +2

    Really is it even worth mentioning that the coleslaw on the CHICKEN sandwich is Vegan

  • Jamie Soph
    Jamie Soph 28 days ago

    the taco guy was so annoying hahahahahaha

  • Paige Tudxr
    Paige Tudxr 28 days ago

    Cody simpson just casually in the back

  • connor lynch
    connor lynch 29 days ago

    when you paid $23 for a chicken sandwich I stopped watching the video

  • Brett Tickell
    Brett Tickell 29 days ago

    12:09 pizza as we know it in America is actually American, just how sushi here is. Pasta is also not from Italy, it's from China.

  • Little Miss Anti-social
    Little Miss Anti-social 29 days ago +1

    Apparently the owner of Coachella donates a lot of the money they make to anti-LGBTQ and anti-pro-choice companies. It’s sad and just fucking awful how it’s been over looked for so long. So I’m trying to spread the world to some of my favorite TheXvidrs that went to Coachella. Please help spread the word

  • PeachHazel7
    PeachHazel7 29 days ago

    The taco guy was Cocky ass shit lol

  • Peter Hernandez
    Peter Hernandez 29 days ago

    Theyre so drunk its funny

  • Devin Peirce
    Devin Peirce 29 days ago

    That Mexican taco guy is so loud and yelling and spitting all over the food

  • Devin Peirce
    Devin Peirce 29 days ago

    Overrated tacos

  • xXx simp
    xXx simp 29 days ago

    I met this guy

  • 5’7 Skyhook
    5’7 Skyhook Month ago

    That burrito looks gross

  • EL Guache Chirikawua

    I am eating tacos as i see yall eating tacos 😁😁

  • XxdankreeeXx oof
    XxdankreeeXx oof Month ago

    Hopefully he knows paletero men only have ice cream

  • Sarah b
    Sarah b Month ago

    Go to the Value Motel in Vancouver Wa

  • Omg Its Noah
    Omg Its Noah Month ago

    Hey, i am a new vlogger and have now uploaded 2 vlogs and would love for you to check them out👍thank you very much

  • gukipookie
    gukipookie Month ago

    When they were eating their Kogi burrito after they filmed this bit they just threw the whole thing away after and went over to the elotes. Its actually quite sad.

  • yewwowduck
    yewwowduck Month ago

    Not fucking caring at the WORST recommendations on my youtube feed

  • Daleader Tati
    Daleader Tati Month ago

    Your brother is too hot

  • MemesAreDreams
    MemesAreDreams Month ago

    You finally got a haircut wtf. looks good

  • Antman Lol
    Antman Lol Month ago

    Everything looked so good 💞

  • lea s
    lea s Month ago

    I cannot watch with this Audi

  • Mickey Animation
    Mickey Animation Month ago

    Great audio!!! Sarcasm

  • Xviperkinggx
    Xviperkinggx Month ago

    0:17 ever heard of Fung bros?

  • H H
    H H Month ago

    $23 sandwich 💀💀🤯

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho Month ago

    You spent $23 for something that you could have spent $5 at KFC

  • Loresk Canada
    Loresk Canada Month ago

    Stealing video ideas from PhilipSoloTv - How original

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar Month ago +4

    23 dollar sandwich??? I can make the same sandwich like 10 times with $23😂

  • Jenni's Ego
    Jenni's Ego Month ago +1

    $20 for 3 tacos 🤨🤨🤔 hunny that's like 30 local street tacos 😂😂

  • Manipulus lux
    Manipulus lux Month ago

    love the videos, great work guys

  • Nasty
    Nasty Month ago

    Couldn’t watch the whole vid Bc the mics so shit

  • Lisa Fowler
    Lisa Fowler Month ago

    Someone show this to josh peck

  • Julie Morales
    Julie Morales Month ago


  • Angelina Coello
    Angelina Coello Month ago

    u should do more review videos with ur mom

  • Bottle Z
    Bottle Z Month ago

    @6:38 Boi got a juul in his hand

  • lil Pump ESSKEETIT
    lil Pump ESSKEETIT Month ago

    Goddamn you shoulder have used a differenet mic

  • lexabitxh_ •
    lexabitxh_ • Month ago

    Say goodbye to those avocados, you’re shitty president is shitting the boarder

  • Tahari Matthews
    Tahari Matthews Month ago

    Why don’t you do freaky Friday videos anymore ?

  • Im Bates
    Im Bates Month ago

    Bro you won on the not try to laugh XD. Good shit

  • Kris Hristov
    Kris Hristov Month ago

    U were on REACT channel and won!try not to laugh btw

  • Karina Barajas
    Karina Barajas Month ago

    Do best reviewed seafood boil restaurant in your city ❣️

  • A. L.
    A. L. Month ago +1

    is brennan a trans? just curious

  • Marie Marie
    Marie Marie Month ago

    Is it me or is that audio seriously raping ears? Can't watch this cause it hurts so bad :(

  • SnoopyAsteroid
    SnoopyAsteroid Month ago

    If your still in TX you should come check out Fiesta in San Antonio just saying love you videos btw

  • Jamie Olivares
    Jamie Olivares Month ago

    You’re trippin Brennen where I live we have elotes covered in hot Cheetos and then drizzled with nacho cheese sooo good they don’t just have that at Coachella my dude

  • TechSippin
    TechSippin Month ago

    Change the channel name to Taylor bros

  • Cujo Vlogs
    Cujo Vlogs Month ago

    Worst restaurant in the world?

  • YaGirl Natalie
    YaGirl Natalie Month ago

    I love your videos but could you please try and mix up ur videos and do something else other than the eating videos

  • Jenny G
    Jenny G Month ago

    Going next year and it was nice to see a preview of affordable foods for GA

  • haveheart216
    haveheart216 Month ago

    Hi, Brennen & Jake! I’m new to your videos, but I’m ADDICTED now. More 1-star Hotel reviews, please! ❤️ Just subscribed! And probably get this 100x a day but: You have the most BEAUTIFUL EYES. 👁

  • Colby Br0ck
    Colby Br0ck Month ago +2

    Dear Brennen
    Can you please record Sam and Colby I miss them so much it would mean the world to me

  • ThisIsAnnette
    ThisIsAnnette Month ago +1

    R.I.P headphone users

  • XxlucyxX XxjeonxbrockxX

    Is it just me or I am I the only one that misses freaky Fridays

    Just me okay.

  • Genuine Default69
    Genuine Default69 Month ago

    The food is rated 5 stars
    I wonder how much stars the 🎤 quality is rated

  • Alyssa Quintanilla
    Alyssa Quintanilla Month ago

    he said the elote like that is where you only find at cochlea pero we have those down the street

  • The King Nation
    The King Nation Month ago

    Can u honestly make another video

  • Guadalupe Carbajal
    Guadalupe Carbajal Month ago

    I miss the vlogs😩

  • Raquel Navas
    Raquel Navas Month ago +1

    Worst audio quality ever. The Ace family did a much better job.

  • Alex García
    Alex García Month ago +1

    Jake is very good looking than Brennen. Brennen está feo! Love you Jake 😘😘

  • sara witherpool
    sara witherpool Month ago

    Real macaroni and cheese is NOT Kraft 👀🙃

  • Whatthefucktony
    Whatthefucktony Month ago

    Brennen you didn’t put much thought in your Coachella outfit....

  • _.ⱫɆⱤØ._
    _.ⱫɆⱤØ._ Month ago

    Did u guys see Kayzo???