Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Official Trailer (2019) Guillermo del Toro

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
  • Inspired by one of the most terrifying children's book series of all time, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark follows a group of young teens who must solve the mystery surrounding sudden and macabre deaths in their small town.
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Comments • 438

  • LyricalMantis 4
    LyricalMantis 4 25 days ago

    looks awful..........

  • Negoita Marian
    Negoita Marian Month ago


  • Ever More
    Ever More Month ago

    in Soviet Russia the book reads you.

  • Urvi Akre
    Urvi Akre Month ago

    Did I just see a demo-dog/demorgorgon at 1:15 ????

  • William_Brando
    William_Brando Month ago

    Where is Geralt when you need him ffs

  • Cole REVIEWS
    Cole REVIEWS Month ago

    1. IT 2

  • Suicide Ink
    Suicide Ink Month ago

    Get em Hank!

  • kek sims
    kek sims Month ago

    why is this just "are you afraid of the dark?" the movie"

  • YummyNoodles
    YummyNoodles Month ago

    Put piano Over the Rainbow over any type of movie trailer and it works

  • Mike's LikesTV
    Mike's LikesTV Month ago

    PG13?!?! Smh..

  • Papa Juncie
    Papa Juncie Month ago

    In Soviet Russia: 1:17

  • Chad Spencer
    Chad Spencer Month ago +1

    *people saying make each story a 45 minute episode.
    Most of these stories are 2-4 pages long...

  • Ygopro Maroc
    Ygopro Maroc Month ago

    In soviet Russia the books reads you

  • Vault Bean99
    Vault Bean99 Month ago

    It would have been awesome if they had Hopper play the sheriff in this too

  • Lt. Winters
    Lt. Winters Month ago

    1. At least the girl from stranger things isn't in it
    2. The book reads you, huh

    • Lt. Winters
      Lt. Winters Month ago

      @Isaac Walker 1. They're forcing that girl to be in everything, she recently ruined Godzilla for me
      2. It's a quote from this trailer

    • Isaac Walker
      Isaac Walker Month ago


  • Fat Shamer
    Fat Shamer Month ago

    I don't read the script. Script reads me.

  • Chase Stanley
    Chase Stanley Month ago

    Hopper's brother

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed Month ago

    Is that Cressida from Into the Badlands!!!

  • Ace Maxwell
    Ace Maxwell Month ago

    In Soviet Russ--Eh you get where this is going..

  • Alysson Joseph Lagdaan

    So it's basically a book that whoever reads it gets killed by their own worst nightmare or something? Or is it exactly like Goosebumps because I'm confused what she meant.🤔

  • RTSchofield
    RTSchofield Month ago


    KUBAY Month ago

    1:24 Hank?

  • evilpants
    evilpants Month ago

    Same story as goosebumps movie 😒

  • Jakob Parsons
    Jakob Parsons Month ago +15

    What a roller coaster of emotions
    *reads del Toro is making a new horror film
    *hears the line. "You dont read the book. The book reads you."

  • John Vlad
    John Vlad Month ago

    "You don't read the book. The book reads you." Is the book from Russia?

  • Kaiya Mancinelli
    Kaiya Mancinelli Month ago


  • Au Jun
    Au Jun Month ago

    Y'all not seen the movie name "Burn After Reading " before ? Don't read other people book before they allow.

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson Month ago +1

    OK trailer for the most part, but the line “you don’t read the book, the book reads you!” Is pretty bad. It reminds me of “if you die in the game you die for real!”

  • P atrick
    P atrick Month ago

    1:17 delete this

  • bc_77
    bc_77 Month ago +1

    This looks incredibly not scary and lame haha

    • WyreDaftsquall
      WyreDaftsquall Month ago

      @fernando quintana which are better than this trailer. There isn't even a Jangly man in any of the stories. That has to be the stupidest addition they could have made.

    • fernando quintana
      fernando quintana Month ago

      This movie is based in children books

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma Month ago +11

    This is disappointing. I expected something as scary as the Cats trailer.

  • matt arroyo
    matt arroyo Month ago

    Looks great for a P13 would have been dope if it was R rated on account all the kids that read this are now adults

  • Andriej69
    Andriej69 Month ago

    Now this actually looks cool

  • Leonardo D
    Leonardo D Month ago

    Me thinking I was going to be the only person using the Soviet Russia joke...

  • baronvg
    baronvg Month ago

    That’s ironic how the character’s name is Sarah Bellows and the actor giving the line is Gil Bellows lol

  • CollapsingFacade
    CollapsingFacade Month ago

    Looks like a movie for kids

  • Jacob Mckee
    Jacob Mckee Month ago

    Which story has the strangely man in it

    • Jacob Mckee
      Jacob Mckee Month ago

      @WyreDaftsquall I went and watched it tonight was not disappointed

    • WyreDaftsquall
      WyreDaftsquall Month ago +2

      He said Jangly man. There is no story in the books with that creature. It sounds dumb. I have a feeling this movie was going to be something else before and it was changed at the last minute to a scary stories to tell in the dark movie.

  • Francisco Inzunza
    Francisco Inzunza Month ago

    I don't want to sound like an a$$, but I think this should have been rated R. :)

  • d' lacour
    d' lacour Month ago +1

    Guillermo horror movie always include a monster 🙃 with some dark fantasy

  • Bright Burn
    Bright Burn Month ago

    This feels like a goosebumps movie -.&

  • Meritless Memes
    Meritless Memes Month ago

    the biggest problem with this is that if you didn't tell me it was based on the books i would have no idea, it just looks like a totally generic teen horror movie.

  • ArmyLandBlink
    ArmyLandBlink Month ago

    Flop copycat Evil Dead, next

  • Seneca lol yeet
    Seneca lol yeet Month ago +4

    Yo wtf the Godzilla: King of the Monsters final trailer music in here

    • Despi 47
      Despi 47 Month ago +1

      The "Somewhere over the Rainbow" cover?

  • Cory Harris
    Cory Harris Month ago

    You don’t read the comments, the comments read you.

  • YaBoyTristin Gaming

    Yo am i trippin or does the scarecrow look like Bill Murray??

  • Dylan Gadzala
    Dylan Gadzala Month ago

    "you don't read the book, the book reads you" probably one of the dumbest lines in a movie... I'm seeing this

  • interlinked Media
    interlinked Media Month ago

    "I loved GDT's last CGI ghost movie!" -No one ever

  • Jerichohol ic
    Jerichohol ic Month ago +91

    This is what the Damm Goosebumps movie should've been

  • Luke Poff
    Luke Poff Month ago

    "You don't read the book... the book reads you."

    So this happens in Mother Russia?

  • Vincent St.Germaine

    I thought it was gonna be an anthology.

  • Renaud Lemieux
    Renaud Lemieux Month ago

    Benicio Del toro is producer here not director

  • michael rodriguez
    michael rodriguez Month ago

    Can't wait to see the movie

  • Zach Golden
    Zach Golden Month ago +4

    1:17 Kinda cringey that phrase tho

  • Sagar Jadhav
    Sagar Jadhav Month ago

    It's not from Netflix?
    I'm surprised.

  • destinyisgay
    destinyisgay Month ago +20

    Pfft. This is gonna be lame.
    *Sees Guillermo del Toro's name*

  • naushad goberdan
    naushad goberdan Month ago

    1:05 / 1:37 anyone know the font?

  • chiron
    chiron Month ago

    In America book reads you ?
    I thought it only happens in Soviet Russia .....

  • Anoadri
    Anoadri Month ago +1

    PG 13 ?!?!

  • Logan Faulkner
    Logan Faulkner Month ago

    I wanted it rated R. :(