• Published on Sep 14, 2018
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Comments • 453

  • Adrian Petre
    Adrian Petre 20 hours ago

    Indominus Rex loose LOoooOL. Never ! more realistic :)

  • Naeem Liaqat
    Naeem Liaqat 5 days ago


  • Dana Williams
    Dana Williams 8 days ago +1

    The real question now is can a black indo kill a white indo

  • Annalena Schliernzauer
    Annalena Schliernzauer 10 days ago +1

    Rexy hätte ihn locker fertig gemacht! Und außerdem hat in vielen anderen Videos rexy den indoraptor besiegt also wir der indoraptor einfach besser "getiunt(ka ob man das do sb)" worden sein

  • Chino tutoriales hakaishin

    jaja no mames el t rex le gana facil si es mucho mas grande y sabe mas de pelear

  • 東宇記帳士
    東宇記帳士 20 days ago


  • Riski Juki12
    Riski Juki12 21 day ago

    Curang tr x nya gak ngelawan

  • Emanuel Sales
    Emanuel Sales 27 days ago +1

    Q ual. É o nome do jogo

  • Valeide Silveira
    Valeide Silveira Month ago

    INDORAPTOR meu dinossauro favorito ebaaa

  • walter jessamy
    walter jessamy Month ago

    8:06 Carnotarus really

  • Алексей Шибаев

    What kind of genius came up with portraying an animal that in reality was about the size of an average dog and covered in feathers so that the average person would not distinguish him from a bird, into a fantastic creature that is capable of swallowing even god himself?

  • Toniplay Garmaro
    Toniplay Garmaro Month ago

    1:09 deja de comer que te espero

  • Issak Thompson
    Issak Thompson Month ago

    Oh no no

  • Mireille Guindeuil
    Mireille Guindeuil Month ago

    its a fake

  • Bush Man
    Bush Man Month ago

    T-Rex: clever girl

  • Petex 101
    Petex 101 Month ago +3

    Wouldnt the i rex camo

  • Laura Loftus
    Laura Loftus Month ago +5

    Indoraptor is the king

  • Cj Gonsalez
    Cj Gonsalez 2 months ago +1

    Dude the indo is not that strong,chill. I'm actually annoyed

  • Leazy- Minecraft
    Leazy- Minecraft 2 months ago +1

    Суки где логика идораптор убил индоминуса реккси спино гигу и карно эт чтл таакое алеееее!!! Блять

  • Leazy- Minecraft
    Leazy- Minecraft 2 months ago


  • Raul Cruz
    Raul Cruz 2 months ago

    Fake bitch

  • Ricarda Aguilar
    Ricarda Aguilar 2 months ago +1

    Why are the Big dinos week

  • maria rico
    maria rico 2 months ago +1


  • Ricardopereiramacau Macau

    Nunca que indominus Rex vai perder pro indoraptor

  • Red 1412
    Red 1412 2 months ago

    This is one interesting feature in the game. You want to know which dinosaur is stronger than another? Just pit them in this arena!

  • Sakujo tendô
    Sakujo tendô 2 months ago

    I still don't get how an indoraptor even though he's smarter than the others can defeat a taller and more powerful dinosaur like the indominus, the T-Rex or the spino.
    It makes no sense at all.

  • Yavuz Akbulut
    Yavuz Akbulut 2 months ago

    o may gat! hepsini yedi gebertin

  • Andy's Merkaj
    Andy's Merkaj 2 months ago


  • its Razor
    its Razor 2 months ago +1

    I agree if the indoraptor can beat carnotaurus and allosaurus but with trex and irex.

  • random Ravy en Kristian
    random Ravy en Kristian 2 months ago +1

    a indominus and trex ar indo rAPTOR

  • Rachel Y
    Rachel Y 2 months ago

    What computers can you use this on? Mine doesn’t have the required graphics and those that do seem to be $1,000+

  • Hangyu Youn
    Hangyu Youn 2 months ago


  • tania jardim
    tania jardim 2 months ago +1

    You are the best

  • divania rashid
    divania rashid 2 months ago


  • Mihály Filadelfi
    Mihály Filadelfi 2 months ago


  • MasterThe BG
    MasterThe BG 2 months ago +1

    What's name on this game

    • DenVak 09
      DenVak 09 2 months ago

      ................ u are stupid?NAME OF THE VIDEO

    WINTER CROW 2 months ago

    Which is the application that you are using for this?? does this really work in Android??

    • M4st3rm1nd
      M4st3rm1nd Month ago

      its a game dude. jurassic park evolution

  • wolverine jay
    wolverine jay 2 months ago

    Haha created foolishness

  • Juani Carrere
    Juani Carrere 2 months ago

    Lo hiciste chetado en Indoraptor putooo

  • Кристина Беспяткина

    Велацераптр хренав !!😬

  • Jennifer Hanna
    Jennifer Hanna 2 months ago

    Funny when the carntorsaur runs away

  • Gwynne Gibbons
    Gwynne Gibbons 2 months ago

    Only in America

  • Catelusa MiauMiau
    Catelusa MiauMiau 2 months ago +1

    Can someone please tell me this game is called I just love it

    • CTO Shakes
      CTO Shakes 2 months ago

      Catelusa MiauMiau Jurassic world evolution

  • Master Herobrine
    Master Herobrine 3 months ago

    spino lost ok it is a fish hunter dino
    allosaurus lost ok it is not very large nor too strong
    BUT TREX AND IREX LOST this is big fat fake

  • Emilie Deyette
    Emilie Deyette 3 months ago +1

    i love your dino vids

  • Jurassic zila
    Jurassic zila 3 months ago

    Thay can't stop it

  • Paweł Częścik
    Paweł Częścik 3 months ago

    dino 10/10 fight 0/10

    EL NEGRO GAMER 3 months ago +6

    I love the indoraptor

  • Светлана Вялова

    Блю проиграла!!!

  • Golden_Universe
    Golden_Universe 3 months ago

    Can’t wait to get this game

  • Anytyme06
    Anytyme06 3 months ago +1

    What are the mods on the other dinos, are they max as well?

  • Jurassic World
    Jurassic World 3 months ago

    Please watch my chanle

  • teresa england
    teresa england 4 months ago


  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen 4 months ago

    Xàm indominus rex mà thua indorapto.🤔😑😥

  • Gabi Schiopu
    Gabi Schiopu 4 months ago

    Suchomimus in horibile mouf

  • LooZ
    LooZ 4 months ago

    T-Rex kill you fucking dinosaure is fake

  • King Bling67
    King Bling67 4 months ago +3

    The Dinosaurs should of been faster especially the T-Rex they are supposed to be very viscous

  • ChocoChip
    ChocoChip 4 months ago

    Indoraptor is dumb

  • anisa rahma anis
    anisa rahma anis 4 months ago

    Indoraptor searius

  • jose catalan nauco
    jose catalan nauco 4 months ago

    que injusto el indoraptor es igual de fuerte que la indominus rex y rexy vs el indoraptor seria una pelea muy larga no save nada el creador de ese juego

  • Miminhos da Andrea Miminhos da Andrea

    Please T-rex vs Anquilossaurus

  • Shreyansh Tiwari
    Shreyansh Tiwari 4 months ago


  • Rishi Shah
    Rishi Shah 4 months ago +8

    7:09 how does THAT happen?

    • Venom 616
      Venom 616 2 months ago


    • King Bling67
      King Bling67 4 months ago

      They should have been more viscous

  • Rishi Shah
    Rishi Shah 4 months ago +25

    the indoraptor is NOT that powerful.

    • Rayan plays roblox and more!! drake
      Rayan plays roblox and more!! drake 25 days ago

      Legend godzilla he did not defeat him blue had more intelligence so he tricked indo to fall so shut up othwrwise pn a 1v1 batlle on a arena will make blue some flesh of meat no velociraptor can kill a indo raptor only in games irl jurassic world fallen kingdom is a movie not even real youre just a fan and dont know anything about dinosaur so stop commenting like this bullshit

    • Darkshadow
      Darkshadow Month ago

      Agreed and make everything else max if the indoraptor is

    • Mathias Emig
      Mathias Emig Month ago

      @shadox10 ytb gamer how should he kill the mosa😂😂the indominus is way stronger

    • SilverGriffonGaming
      SilverGriffonGaming Month ago

      @shadox10 ytb gamer Actually blue was obviously more intelligent your just biased af, anything could kill the indo if they tried it just depends also trying to tell humans to fight it? Pfft

    • shadox10 ytb gamer
      shadox10 ytb gamer 2 months ago

      If you say he isn t that strong go attack it then
      The indoraptor is more powerful then the indoraptor in the game he is a mega hybrid he was made to kill everybody on his road normaly he was a war machine he is the most intelligent and agility creature in the world he could bit the mosa or the meg so shut the heck up
      And if blue win it because the triceratops skull was here if it wasn t there indoraptor should have killed blue really easy

  • leon HD
    leon HD 4 months ago


  • 河本里紗
    河本里紗 4 months ago

    っっちゃdcbgjghg fh3h75f)djfyv .


  • edenweiss53 chevrier
    edenweiss53 chevrier 4 months ago

    Tonnerre de brest ç est toujours l indoraptor qui gagne

  • thales bernardo
    thales bernardo 4 months ago

    In real the biggest can Just take the head off

  • victor Daniel eu
    victor Daniel eu 5 months ago


  • victor Daniel eu
    victor Daniel eu 5 months ago +1

    Dinossauro rex!!!!!!!!

  • Demen Design
    Demen Design 5 months ago

    finally, a cat that can kill lions in row.

  • Battlefield Veteran SA80 gaming

    I call bullshit this games logic is retarded

  • Th30Thees
    Th30Thees 5 months ago

    And i came here thinking this was ark

    THE EVERYTHING 5 months ago +2

    Theres a pattern with the indoraptor attack method.

  • christian buitron
    christian buitron 5 months ago

    lo mejoreaste

  • unimmated 312
    unimmated 312 5 months ago

    Mal, El Indoraptor No Podría Contra Un Indominus .....

  • Lui the velocidrome
    Lui the velocidrome 5 months ago +2

    Indoraptor won!!! Rooooaaaarrr!!!

  • Ali Albalushi
    Ali Albalushi 5 months ago

    its all,fake fighting.....all dino who died are more stronger than indoraptor ...only carnotaruas truth nd small raptor ...yeah but other big beast that can kill this peace of trush

  • Mehmet Fatih Akyüz
    Mehmet Fatih Akyüz 5 months ago

    What the hek?😂😂

  • عبد الرحمن فقرا فقرا

    Wtf fg ????

  • Roxane Ost
    Roxane Ost 5 months ago

    The indoraptor vs spinosaurus indoraptor wins a battle

  • Roxane Ost
    Roxane Ost 5 months ago

    THE indoraptor is a male. Trex female

  • Jose Guevara
    Jose Guevara 5 months ago +1

    Can you make more video of dinosaurs gam1my ninja from Miguel
    Guevara Morales

  • RODARK RK2666 Serafin
    RODARK RK2666 Serafin 5 months ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for indominus rex

  • Tomi PLAYS
    Tomi PLAYS 5 months ago

    Velociraptor killed for intoraptor😦😞😭

  • Jayzer2k
    Jayzer2k 5 months ago

    Why does the first dinosaur or the one with the name vs many dinosaurs always win?

    • Anytyme06
      Anytyme06 3 months ago

      Because he is top of the food chain duh

  • Hugo Pedro Martinez
    Hugo Pedro Martinez 5 months ago

    Por otro día

  • Suyoko Sastro
    Suyoko Sastro 5 months ago

    Where is carnotaurus? 😥

  • Joris Draelants
    Joris Draelants 5 months ago

    'Ik 'jl xeg

  • Germa Cori
    Germa Cori 5 months ago

    Si me gusta

  • joão lucas
    joão lucas 5 months ago

    Qual é o nome do jogo ?

    • the play
      the play 5 months ago

      Jurassic world evolution

  • Lps Acrylic
    Lps Acrylic 5 months ago +1

    The indoraptor is my fav Dino in Jurassic world

  • HypoTree 61
    HypoTree 61 5 months ago

    To be honest I think the indoraptor is a bit big for the raptor or the raptor should be just abit bigger

  • MatheusYouTuber
    MatheusYouTuber 5 months ago +1


  • Jay Cusick
    Jay Cusick 5 months ago +1

    The t-Rex would actually win

    • Rayan plays roblox and more!! drake
      Rayan plays roblox and more!! drake 25 days ago

      Yeah in real life but if we again revived these animals and make real jurrasic world it would be indo who take the crown in old day s indo s are known to kill anything

  • Sonic Lover
    Sonic Lover 5 months ago +2

    Lmao the lambs in the background

  • Bobby McIntyre
    Bobby McIntyre 5 months ago

    this game looks amazing I am going to buy it

  • Coquey Cola ッ
    Coquey Cola ッ 5 months ago

    #TeamRexy (T-Rex)
    #StupidIndoraptor :v