AMD, Why Would You Release THIS?! Why?

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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    What do you think of AMD's announcements? Are you excited for Radeon VII? Ryzen 3000? Hope for 16 cores? Let me know!
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    Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
    Thanks to Rikus Strauss for editing the video!
    #AMD #RadeonVII #Ryzen3000
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Comments • 2 476

  • jason harvote
    jason harvote 2 months ago

    Ray tracing is good i think if you playing at 1080p still but at 1440 and 4k ray tracing will probably keep you way below 60fps but i guess i dont have to use ray tracing i rather play at 4k 60 fps or more at ultra settings.

  • Szymon Zawada
    Szymon Zawada 3 months ago

    nvidia fanboy xDDD rtx hahahah....

  • Josh12342
    Josh12342 3 months ago +1

    The card, cost an estimated $650, if Nvidia were to price this, it would be over $1000,so AMD's doing ua favor by just releasing this

  • kyle bachman
    kyle bachman 4 months ago

    I don't think the R7 cost $750 to make share holders would not be to happy

  • MrDragonlew
    MrDragonlew 4 months ago

    Gurvinder Parmar
    = brain ded AMD fanboi who failed at faking blindness haha

    • MrDragonlew
      MrDragonlew 4 months ago

      Gurvinder Parmar
      = brain ded AMD fanboi who failed at faking blindness haha

  • MrDragonlew
    MrDragonlew 4 months ago

    1.7K mad dogs downvoted haha

  • Infinite Perspectives
    Infinite Perspectives 5 months ago

    you look healthier bro. Better clearing up.

    What ever your doing keep at it. Live Long and Prosper

  • 0
    0 5 months ago

    We need a third player to compete with AMD & Nvidia. Where's my phone, I'm calling Keebler Elf. He'll kick all their asses.

  • Gonzalo Menjivar
    Gonzalo Menjivar 5 months ago


  • 唐伯龙
    唐伯龙 5 months ago

    自从老子自学日语听力 看来还需努力自学英语听力啊

  • exakt
    exakt 5 months ago

    чо это за нубасос?

  • Beer Xerker
    Beer Xerker 5 months ago

    cant wait to upgrage my rx580 with this monsta..anyway I heard this radeon 7 is freesync2 hdr will it work on my freesync monitor and or must it have freesync2 hdr?

  • Jonathan Martineau
    Jonathan Martineau 5 months ago

    AMD is loseing money too get you that radeon 7 even at 700 USD i even have a buddy you wants that cus its better then a titan in sum aspects

  • Ali Altaf
    Ali Altaf 5 months ago

    GCN is very outdated architecture.. As Navi is Last GCN based GPU.. I really wish there next GPU after Navi must not based on GCN instead they should develop newer gpu architecture to compete Nvidia in Power Consumption and Performance.

  • Veda Chan
    Veda Chan 5 months ago

    The Vega VII actually make sense if: 1, They can't show Navi in CES for some reason. 2, They has some defected MI 60 chip just sitting there.
    So why don't rebrand the MI60 and sell them in a lose, and steal some headlines from RTX.

  • Scrublord
    Scrublord 5 months ago +1

    Ray Tracing is not new for AMD, eventually Polaris arch is going to support a version of Radeon Ray. Radeon VII is $699 which is still less than 2080. If nothing else it will bring down 2080 prices. Secondly, Radeon VII comes with 3 AAA $60 titles. Don't forget that. Thirdly, It's 7nm which means less power, less heat, less noise, less expense on auxiliary cooling.
    Lastly, I'm a Data Scientist. Stop worrying about Tensor Cores. You don't need them. If you want to use AMD cards for deep learning you can use ROCm versions of libraries. For most deep learning applications half-precision calculations are actually sufficient, gives you twice the TFLOPs, and it is supported by ROCm. Nvidia's tensor cores are not really useful for gaming but are good at high-precision deep learning. You only kinda need it in scientific applications. Most people do not do that. For most deep learning applications that 16GB memory is actually far more useful than some special cores.

  • Vaslui Ocazie
    Vaslui Ocazie 5 months ago

    14:16 Rekt Intel

  • Vaslui Ocazie
    Vaslui Ocazie 5 months ago

    Hmm 4k game

  • mark. keilys.
    mark. keilys. 5 months ago

    "has the performance of a 2080 without the expensive bits"
    isn't that what a 1080 is?

  • Megumin Arch Wizard
    Megumin Arch Wizard 6 months ago

    People think AMD is only ever good when their cards don't cost as much as Nvidia. AMD would've gone bankrupt ages ago if they followed that rule.

  • James Mastroianni
    James Mastroianni 6 months ago

    because of people like you we will never see competition from AMD. All you want, like most, is AMD to make a good gpu to bring down the price of Nvidia gpu's. You'd never actually consider putting an AMD card in your system. And before you say "well 10 years ago I had an entry level AMD blah" yea it's called you didnt have the money for that precious Nvidia card yet.

  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry 6 months ago

    Just sat here waiting for Sapphire Rapids, Xeons to drop from Intel next year or year after. 7nm FTW.

  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry 6 months ago

    If you want shiny graphics use RT cores and buy an RTX card, if you want RAW compute power buy 7nm AMD.

  • Zerviscos
    Zerviscos 6 months ago

    Really? You actually think Radeon VII is a bad card? Mate, RTX right now is shit because it's still niche. No one said it was technically a downstep from advancement, it's just that for consumers currently, it's not the right choice. Everyone knows the only people who'll buy RTX cards above the 2070 line are early adopters, because Ray-tracing is still in it's early stages and DLSS is still rare. There's literally no real-world value with RTX. Sure overtime, we'll see it more and more, and we'll see more cheaper cards, but ofc, it's not now. We have to wait another 2~4 years just for another release of cards, and with Nvidia literally raising prices for their cards per generation, it's getting harder and harder to justify the price. AMD is trying to compete, and with their more mainstream cards, for mainstream consumers. People who keep defending Ray-tracing can't even justify it's existence. It's only justified when the price is not gonna cost more than your entire system combined minus your GPU. You can't justify Ray-tracing and DLSS when it still doesn't exist. Seriously, why defend RTX/DLSS over HBM? My fucken sides.
    If you're gonna say something like "We buy RTX cards for mainstream RT in the future". Are you literally shitting me with future-proofing? Mates, the moment ray-tracing becomes mainstream is the moment first-gen RTX cards become near-obsolete and worth $100 or less. This is a tech trend, when something new is out, it's always gonna be clunky and expensive, until we eventually smooth out the edges and make manufacturing cheaper.
    Not everyone has the money to buy premium GPUs, that's why during Maxwell's era, the 970 was the most used GPU, because it was the sweet spot for mainstream 1080p. Thing is, as a consumer, you expect per generational release, you get better performance for around the same price you paid last gen. Not same performance for more or less the same price.
    Radeon VII just did three things RTX didn't.
    1. A card that doesn't rely on currently niche tech for it's premium price.
    2. HBM that actually justifies it's premium price and for people like who also want to use their PC as a workstation.
    3. It's cheaper, and expect the lower-end cards to be as well.
    We're literally looking at a Titan-like card for consumers.

  • ChiefsChiLLaXN
    ChiefsChiLLaXN 6 months ago

    it doesn't use gddr6 because you cannot get 1 terabyte of bandwidth without high bandwidth memory 2.

    • ChiefsChiLLaXN
      ChiefsChiLLaXN 6 months ago

      @UFD Tech closed source drivers.

    • UFD Tech
      UFD Tech  6 months ago

      Then how does the 2080 Ti get by?

    • ChiefsChiLLaXN
      ChiefsChiLLaXN 6 months ago

      @UFD Tech people who use 4k.

    • UFD Tech
      UFD Tech  6 months ago

      And? Who needs 1TB/sec for their games?

  • ClaussPhoto
    ClaussPhoto 6 months ago

    I have no interest in gaming, just content creating. I was looking at picking up the 9100 Pro with an eGPU box for my laptop, but will the 7 be close in performance? It's actually a bargain at $700 vs. $1350 for the Pro 9100.

  • Stefan St.
    Stefan St. 6 months ago

    I will buy it that‘s why.

  • unknown D
    unknown D 6 months ago

    Just deslike this vid.

  • link375
    link375 6 months ago

    Nvidia fangayboy. Doesn't know shit about Hardware engineering. Doesn't like competition Nvidia fanboys are the same as apple fanboys. Apple increases price of the same hardware by $100. and they love it. Nvidia does the same shit and they love it. No innovation... RTX has additional features like undertested hardware and overheating issues. YAY for RRoD of Nvidia.

  • Filyx20
    Filyx20 6 months ago

    having a gpu with vulkan first in mind is a dream for any linux user. Will have to choose between this or navi for a upgrade

  • Tj Smithson
    Tj Smithson 6 months ago

    What other company actually runs a cinebench live on stage?

  • Tj Smithson
    Tj Smithson 6 months ago

    That extra hbm ram will be great for dolphin emulation with custom textures

  • Steve Sherman
    Steve Sherman 6 months ago

    Uh, they released a refresh of Vega which is not for gaming hence the HBM2. These are meant for data center and anyone that just has to have an AMD graphics card and wants the best they can afford regardless of performance and TDP.

    • Steve Sherman
      Steve Sherman 6 months ago

      @UFD Tech Ok maybe not data center, but definitely scientific research and AI. They are only planning an initial run of 5000 units. The HBM2 is clearly a huge benefit for compute performance and aimed at a niche market.

    • UFD Tech
      UFD Tech  6 months ago

      Yeah, they’re not meant for data center. Wholly marketed towards gamers and have no FP64 capabilities. This isn’t a professional card as much as you might think it is.

  • MyNegativeCreep
    MyNegativeCreep 6 months ago +1

    You made me rethink of getting this too early. Maybe I should rather wait for a price drop. I was too hyped lol

  • Too Late Nate
    Too Late Nate 6 months ago

    It looks like they probably spent most of their time with Navi on APU solutions and the game consoles to stay ahead of the game. Letting their more dedicated PC graphics fall by the wayside. I'm *kinda* okay with this, but not really. I understand they don't want to hemorrhage money, but if they don't drag that pricing down, they're not gonna sell a lot of these GPU's.

  • Kai Draven
    Kai Draven 6 months ago

    when "tech" tubers reveal they are gaming tubers and don't understand the products that the're reviewing

  • TommyThousandFaces
    TommyThousandFaces 6 months ago

    I don't get this review of what products AMD launched. They're getting up there on the CPU side and they're surely planning a move to even surpass Intel with their modular architecture, they improved a GPU and showed a product that might not be an incredible value but can surely compete and it's not crippled in FP performance like Nvidia gaming cards, they're going to launch a *64 cores* CPU that will obliterate the server market (AMD Epyc and Intel Xeons run at similar clockspeeds) but it's not enough. Being over excited would be too much, but being so critical is still something I don't get.

  • Mr J
    Mr J 6 months ago

    So basically your saying that the Radeon 7 is a poor man's 2080!!! The 2080 has rtx yes, but that tanks performance and FPS when enabled...

  • Aiden McGeehan
    Aiden McGeehan 6 months ago

    I think we'll have to wait until Radeon 7 turns into 5, or 6 and that would give Nvidia a run for their money hopefully

  • Milan Svitek
    Milan Svitek 6 months ago

    I honestly wouldn't mind Polaris on 7nm ... Radeon-7 is a bit of a disappointment. :(

  • Kenjionigod
    Kenjionigod 6 months ago

    RTX is simply not ready for primetime. It's cool, but until it doesn't drop frames by half I don't care. And why do people always bring up deep learning super sampling, but it's still just super sampling at the end of the day and is nothing special. Radeon VII is totally fair competing with the 2080 in price, as long as it doesn't just outright lose most benches overall. Plus Vega is a beast in content creation, which as legitimate value for people that game and work on a single machine, and offer a lot more value than ray tracing.

  • Michael Eber
    Michael Eber 6 months ago

    Were we watching the same speech? The large presentation on Ryzen 3 was great. The chip design is demonstrating an expanding use and development of the fabric network. Also the announcement of a commitment to the AM4 chip socket for the next few years means I can use at least 2 generations before I replace my motherboard. Finally you seem to just parrot what many others have said with the first being Pauls Hardware. And it was obvious to quite a few they had to come out with something on the graphic side and this card was it. But if the numbers shown are for the current have to wonder what the numbers will be for Navi??!!!

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

    The point is AMD 7nm vs NVIDIA 12 nm, We all know RTX 2080 Hit's 225 watts of power. I can't find how much the Radeon 7 pulls but I don't think it's less then 225 watts. Even if they tie the RTX2080 if the die sucks to much power then what's the point of die shrink? NVIDIA still in the win and I hate it. I want my 4 gigs on my gtx970 card.

    • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
      Fake news, Fake food, Fake world 6 months ago

      Only thing NVIDIA would need to do would be a die shrink and move to HBM memory and a clock boost.

    • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
      Fake news, Fake food, Fake world 6 months ago

      Vega 64 pulls 290 watts of power and she said it will pull the same power so this means the new radeon 7 with 7nm will still pull 300 watts while the RTX 2080 pulls 220watts. RTX2080ti takes 250 watts. I wonder what 7nm chips would be like with NVIDIA?

  • KazMiller
    KazMiller 6 months ago

    Hoping the 1100 card is true.

  • Георги Бойчев

    Tbh AMD gave up on competing with nvidias top card because even when they had better cards for cheaper they didn't sell better just because of fanboys

  • 4ssarad
    4ssarad 6 months ago

    If you watch Buildzoid's reaction to Radeon 7 you probably would understand the thought process of actually releasing such a product. Sadly you seem kinda uninformed on the Vega II department

  • Branco Freitas
    Branco Freitas 6 months ago

    Mining card ?

  • Lightnoober
    Lightnoober 6 months ago

    but can amd raytrace?

  • Jnc1
    Jnc1 6 months ago

    I tb bandwidth not possible with ddfr6, this is a pro card that lays games for 700. Reserve all judgement until tested.

  • Saeed AL-Hosni
    Saeed AL-Hosni 6 months ago +2

    This card can be nice for virtual machines because of the ram. It also will be an ideal solution for for both gamer and graphic designer.

  • Terry Martin
    Terry Martin 6 months ago

    Navi will be used in next gen consoles. Microsoft this year e3 announcement, Sony later at its own conference, "later this year" That's my thoughts, no ray tracing for next gen consoles is looking more likely.

  • Shubhang Tomar
    Shubhang Tomar 6 months ago


  • Luke Foreman
    Luke Foreman 6 months ago +8

    Here to drop a dislike

  • HMGames
    HMGames 6 months ago

    Radeon VII price: $699
    RTX 2080 price: $799
    what the hell man!
    AMD did a better price than NVIDIA

  • Jaime Duncan
    Jaime Duncan 6 months ago

    Graphics:Hi, even having am16gb of HBM is not new for Vega 64, it’s just that this time is faster memory. They have always been 16GB variants, including the one in the iMac pro. So it’s same amount but faster memory, 4 less compute units, faster clock rate and no thermal benefits!!! Calling it a disappointment is an understatement. So much for 7nm graphics. CPU: thermals look very good, and having competitive products for laptops could be great for AMD bottom life.

  • Ameer Zaben
    Ameer Zaben 6 months ago

    i remember when amd gave the same performance with a few extra features and nobody bought their cards, really makes you think :P

  • Capt. John Yossarian
    Capt. John Yossarian 6 months ago

    Its funny when most "YT tech stars" bashing Vulcan as not popular but saying that lack of ray tracing/dlls is huge con when in reality there are almost no titles to use this tech and games that actually using it sacrifice it with performence ...ehhh

    • Capt. John Yossarian
      Capt. John Yossarian 6 months ago

      @Wobbly Who you calling AMD fanboy? if some one is critical that doesn't mean he is fanboy, you know. Facts are that at this moment there's not many titles that support RT (two?) and not many coming, also implementation is puur, fps are puur, dlls is auful. Probably 3-5years from know RT will be more breed used, but now it is just meh.

    • Wobbly
      Wobbly 6 months ago

      "there are almost no titles to use this tech "
      Cuz it's new. Do you think when Nvidia released the first GPU with programmable shaders, ATI fanboys were like "almost no titles use this tech"? They probably were.

  • Different
    Different 6 months ago

    " has the same price but the 2080 also has _*_Ray Tracing™_*_ !_ "
    also the same person, "who will use 16GB of hbm2 memory with 1tb bandwidth for games?!"

  • Brian Voien
    Brian Voien 6 months ago +1

    Your videos usually suck and barely make any sense at best but this has gone too far... so many lols...

  • Suhan Das
    Suhan Das 6 months ago

    Fanboy spotted!
    Believe me, we consumer know what we want.
    Don't need a fanboy's opinion

  • Nicholas Franz
    Nicholas Franz 6 months ago

    Wow, what a bs.

    COCONUTHEAD 6 months ago

    Would this have a higher cryptonight hashrate than Vega?

  • Robi Dawn
    Robi Dawn 6 months ago

    did also mention it was to be a good graphics card for content creators

  • Multicom
    Multicom 6 months ago


  • TriacTV
    TriacTV 6 months ago

    thats great, but wheres Tank ?

  • heartleSS
    heartleSS 6 months ago +1

    The comments on here are delusional. Obviously a lot of us don't support AMD. All they did almost all of their production span was to try an keep up with Nvidia and Intel. If they want people to cheer for them, then try to surpass them not to be just on par

  • The GovNer
    The GovNer 6 months ago

    I'm going to buy a Radeon 7 just simply because I want a Radeon 7.

  • realnaste
    realnaste 6 months ago

    C'mon. Nvidia can't kill off their 20xx rtx line by just going 11xx. I just don't see how that could ever make sense.

  • Algorithman
    Algorithman 6 months ago

    You clearly don't understand the cause for using an IO die.
    First: the Zen2 chiplets have no IO built in.
    Second: the whole IO stuff works better in 14nm because of the currents involved (lots of driver transistors etc). The IO die is not only for interconnecting the chiplets, it also drives PCIExpress lanes and memory access.

  • M H
    M H 6 months ago

    You look like a kid. And have opinions like one xD