New The Last Jedi Deleted Scene, Star Wars Rebels Says Goodbye, and More!


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  • BIG John R. Morrow Channel

    Dasiy is beautiful

  • Bryant Susilo
    Bryant Susilo 4 months ago

    The rebels ending is very sad and satisfying, but left the door open for a Sabine and Ashoka series

  • John Christopher Robert

    That scene was much better than the one in the movie.

  • Big-Slam-Villain
    Big-Slam-Villain 6 months ago

    The deleted scene of Phasma is way better than the original one. Proven that they never intended to improve their films and characters in better quality.

  • Nathanuel Syndulla Kryze


  • Algunos Cuenticos
    Algunos Cuenticos 7 months ago

    Whole film should be a deleted scene 😑

  • Tactical_Hobbit
    Tactical_Hobbit 7 months ago

    Last jedi isn't canon

  • Armandon
    Armandon 7 months ago

    Even the deleted scenes are better than that waste of film called TLJ.

  • Mo naz
    Mo naz 8 months ago

    Who cares ...

  • 慶一集
    慶一集 8 months ago


  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 8 months ago

    The scene is good but a bit cheesy.

  • MSA
    MSA 8 months ago

    Am I the only one noticing that Captain Phasma used Fallout 4 VATS?!?!?

  • Some Fortnite Player
    Some Fortnite Player 8 months ago

    The blaster that Finn used to kill Phasma was a trooper’s basic heavy blaster

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte 8 months ago

    The whole movie should have been a deleted scene.

  • Zerzayar
    Zerzayar 8 months ago

    Harloff (minor) and Rocha in the house! Schmoes beware! 😁

  • Katzblager
    Katzblager 8 months ago

    Such a awesome character- wasted

  • Rea Life
    Rea Life 9 months ago

    Love the green screen highlights

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 9 months ago

    Episode 9: 2 Weeks in China 😂

  • Mignonne Busser
    Mignonne Busser 9 months ago

    Those hosts have got charisma!

  • Andrew Mccririck
    Andrew Mccririck 9 months ago

    The deleted scene just reminds me how badly written and corny last jedi is please don't buy it I won't

  • chez
    chez 9 months ago

    bad greenscreen XD

  • Cathy Nu
    Cathy Nu 9 months ago

    go go go go go go go

  • Manuel de jesus ixquiac morales

    phasma is awesome

  • Mitchell Peoples
    Mitchell Peoples 9 months ago

    Best deleted scene ever

  • Survivalist
    Survivalist 9 months ago

    Lucas , it was not necessary to sell IT ! They ruined everything !

  • Jowohn
    Jowohn 9 months ago +1


  • Samuel Chabot
    Samuel Chabot 9 months ago

    Now the scene is in my head canon!

  • sanat kalia
    sanat kalia 9 months ago

    I have question why did the strom troopers even wear that armour if they have to die in a single shot.

  • Dave Di Giuseppe
    Dave Di Giuseppe 9 months ago

    Sabine wren is the worst character

  • May04bwu
    May04bwu 9 months ago

    I'm crying again because of Rebels. I wish I lived in the US and could participate in screenings like this one.

  • Jesujej
    Jesujej 9 months ago


  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts 9 months ago

    nothing could make the movie good

  • Motorcycle Pete
    Motorcycle Pete 9 months ago

    1:38 - 2:55.

  • Phil Cora
    Phil Cora 9 months ago

    This scene better end up being added to whichever final cut of the movie they end up making that ends up cannon in the future, like they seemed to do with old films except this time the good stuff just got cut haha!

  • TheJeruvian
    TheJeruvian 9 months ago

    What kind of hog did he say? A whoop hog?

  • Old Duck
    Old Duck 9 months ago

    Deleted scene starts at 1:36

  • Sun Ajax
    Sun Ajax 9 months ago

    So glad to someone getting hands cut off again.

  • Jayden Kim
    Jayden Kim 9 months ago

    The deleted scene would have been so much better

  • NPC 100573200
    NPC 100573200 9 months ago

    I never thought I’d use good and The Last Jedi in the same sentence
    But that was actually a really good scene

  • David Palmacci
    David Palmacci 9 months ago

    no one cares

  • Daniel Ortega
    Daniel Ortega 9 months ago

    The Green Screen is strong in this one.

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 9 months ago

    Clone Wars is still better.

  • Valentin Lay
    Valentin Lay 9 months ago

    ohhh I liked the scene in the movie but this one was waaaaaayyy better! I'm so disappointed it didn't make the final cut now.

  • Enhanced Monster
    Enhanced Monster 9 months ago +1

    They should've kept this scene.

    AWESOME LAWSON 9 months ago

    another reason to prove that ruin johnson had no idea what he was doing.

  • tr1p1ea
    tr1p1ea 9 months ago


  • Mat
    Mat 9 months ago

    While Finn's part was horribly acted in that scene, it REALLY should have been kept in the movie. While not only referencing TFA it adds consequence to Phasma's betrayal (other than being thrown into a garbage compactor) and gives this overhyped and extremely underdeveloped character some hint of personality and a bigger "impact" on the story other then just being the kickass looking Head of Storm Troopers (or whatever her title was in the co-governance of the First Order between her, Ren, and Hux.)

  • Nerf Nerd
    Nerf Nerd 9 months ago

    You could see the green screen behind Finn and the stormtroopers.

    DDTV TV 9 months ago +2

    Was deleted because iit can down the level of feminism of the patetic movie

  • DefaultyBoii
    DefaultyBoii 9 months ago

    I like how they slowly turn their head like “Wait Wwwwhhhhhaaaattttt”

  • Rakonax
    Rakonax 9 months ago +2

    the whole TFA and TLJ should have been deleted scenes

  • Big Yeet
    Big Yeet 9 months ago

    Polished up, that scene would have been so much better.

  • Super Jeffy
    Super Jeffy 9 months ago

    The greatest deleted scene ever!!!

    RR PLANB 9 months ago

    Why do stormtrooper wear armour that never seems to work. One hit they go down. ;)

  • Saldhabab
    Saldhabab 9 months ago

    The fin vs phasma should have not been removed

  • _S a m a n K h a n_
    _S a m a n K h a n_ 9 months ago +1

    *R E B E L S C U M*
    frickin heckin heck

  • MSTiefan077
    MSTiefan077 9 months ago +3

    Disney star wars still sucks

  • gamekilling tagers67
    gamekilling tagers67 9 months ago

    Now we need a show in between episode 8 and 9

  • EbberDeeMills
    EbberDeeMills 9 months ago +3

    Too bad we couldn't delete Rian Johnson from butchering everything about TLJ.

  • josh vaughan
    josh vaughan 9 months ago +4

    That flim sucked so much

  • Henry Piper
    Henry Piper 9 months ago

    Why the HELL did they scrap that scene?!?!??

  • Kenneth Tasker
    Kenneth Tasker 9 months ago

    Rebel scum

  • Addy 0302
    Addy 0302 9 months ago

    I'd rather have that scene than any of Canto Bight

  • Hugo Simmonds
    Hugo Simmonds 9 months ago +2

    Anyone who likes The Last Jedi has no standards in films.

  • elmaster48
    elmaster48 9 months ago +1

    I hope somebody was fired for this....

  • tarksable
    tarksable 9 months ago +1

    Looked pretty fake and bad . I can't even remember how she died

    ROBO RAGE 9 months ago

    Awesome deleted scene
    Should have kept this in...

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones 9 months ago

    Kinda cool but I can see why it was cut. It's wonky and doesn't really fit.

  • Nicolas Agudelo - DJ / Electronic Producer

    Come on, this was a GREAT scene, why not inserting it in the film from the beginning ? It would have been amazing if the stormtroopers decided to fire at her and kill her... anyway, as it is, this conclusion is tremendously more satisfactory than the ending of the character we saw in theaters.

  • Nicholas Aliberti
    Nicholas Aliberti 9 months ago

    Kathleen Kennedy is the devil!!!!

  • Horacio Rocha
    Horacio Rocha 9 months ago +2

    still TLJ was bad

  • prince_of_gypsies
    prince_of_gypsies 9 months ago

    Random Donald Faison. Hahaha.

  • Leonardo Nunes
    Leonardo Nunes 9 months ago

    OMG !

  • Woottio
    Woottio 9 months ago

    Why was that not in the film. It felt like the last meeting was rushed along.

  • AntonymicallyCorrect
    AntonymicallyCorrect 9 months ago


  • Timo's Archive Extra
    Timo's Archive Extra 9 months ago

    will they cancel the rian johnson trilogy

  • Ryan Hawkes
    Ryan Hawkes 9 months ago

    Better than the full official release, am I right? Ahahaha, but seriously, this scene should have been in the film; this highlights my biggest problem with the Last Jedi: its editing; expository filler much?

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams 9 months ago

    So, the Skywalkers are cursed and pass the baton. Someone else will balance the force. Disney can make new trilogies with better characters, done! Thank you Dave for Rebels.

  • Mr. Assassin
    Mr. Assassin 9 months ago

    That deleted scene was so much better than what we saw in the movie!

  • Matthew Bradford
    Matthew Bradford 9 months ago

    Why was thus not in the film

  • James Ash
    James Ash 9 months ago +1

    Can we talk about how Rian Johnson was mor interested in his own ego and putting his stamp on it that making a film that made sense. It was a good film but totally didn't fit in with the force awakes.

  • Husker54
    Husker54 9 months ago +1

    Why would you not keep that in. But no you just threw the character away with nothing

  • coopseee
    coopseee 9 months ago

    i feel like these guys have no idea about the EU and just know the films/series

  • . Jason
    . Jason 9 months ago


  • Elmar Harjudanto
    Elmar Harjudanto 9 months ago

    Seems legit

  • H Xen
    H Xen 9 months ago +1

    No. No! N O ! ! Why did they NOT putting that scene in the film instead of what they had?! This is WAY more better.

  • Michael Hobbs
    Michael Hobbs 9 months ago

    Finally! we all knew someone needed to lose a limb XD

  • tiaopiak
    tiaopiak 9 months ago +1

    Really? Johnson cut out this scene? *facepalm*

  • HerobrinesGuardian
    HerobrinesGuardian 9 months ago +1

    That would of been way better

  • Regan the Rebel
    Regan the Rebel 9 months ago

    Cavan Scott made me have to turn subtitles on

  • naredayt
    naredayt 9 months ago

    Okay, now im w8ing for kinda special re-edition of TLJ with this complete scene instead of what we got

  • KManAlpha
    KManAlpha 9 months ago

    While this scene is a lot better than what was put in the movie, i still don't think its the best way for her to go

  • Pat Mcdonald
    Pat Mcdonald 9 months ago +1

    Phasma is Rey’s mom.....

    • Pat Mcdonald
      Pat Mcdonald 9 months ago

      She is protecting her because she knows how powerful Rey is

  • Joefrenne S
    Joefrenne S 9 months ago

    Actually it didn’t make sense that she shot the stormtroopers one at a time, and none of the stormtroopers shot at her to stop her.

  • Joefrenne S
    Joefrenne S 9 months ago

    That scene looks really good to me.

  • emcats84
    emcats84 9 months ago +4

    Still a complete shitshow of a movie.

  • reuben clark
    reuben clark 9 months ago +1

    That would have made the movie less of a mess

  • George Clark
    George Clark 9 months ago


  • Billy Norris
    Billy Norris 9 months ago

    You know what burns my biscuits?!? Its that fans who have a problem with The Last Jedi are being made into villains. I guess we are all suppose to happily go along with whatever Lucasfilm wants, but we aren't. This scene with Phasma and Finn just goes to prove the point that the scene with no dialogue was used and the one that could explain so much more was deleted. The whole movie is like this!!!
    Stop treating Star Wars fans who have been with you from the beginning like the relative you don't like.

  • Lord Wario
    Lord Wario 9 months ago

    Already seen way before anyone else