Tammy Abraham's Hilarious Reaction to Losing 🤣 N'Golo Kante Back in Training | Chelsea Unseen

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Find out what causes Tammy Abraham to react like this...👀 And check out Callum Hudson-Odoi, Antonio Rudiger and N'Golo Kante as they return to Chelsea training ahead of our match v Wolves.
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Comments • 244

  • 캉요미
    캉요미 6 days ago

    so yeon Ji good!!!

  • DaProdigy
    DaProdigy 16 days ago

    Why are some players like Reece James at 6:38 wearing a green vest instead of an orange or none at all?

  • bleron alimusaj
    bleron alimusaj 23 days ago

    Imagine this is your job

  • Electrohops Gcp
    Electrohops Gcp 23 days ago

    Is that ksi at 2.28

  • Elyon Rosafi
    Elyon Rosafi 24 days ago


  • Basam Sassaga
    Basam Sassaga 25 days ago

    Stupid Rushing Backing stop taking our penalty you are never a professional

  • Dhany Daniel
    Dhany Daniel 25 days ago


  • yuga 13
    yuga 13 25 days ago +1

    please....live in the TheXvid

  • Chewing Tooons
    Chewing Tooons 25 days ago

    Good to see Petr helping out. Would be good to utilize Drogs and JT tho

  • Tommy_Gaming
    Tommy_Gaming 26 days ago +2

    6:13 my reaction when I found out man Utd actually bought Maguire for 90 mil...

  • Osman I
    Osman I 26 days ago

    seeing cech again in that chelsea kit makes me smile😀

  • Ancient knight
    Ancient knight 26 days ago

    I wasted 6 minutes watching chelsea an i wont lie i was impressed than i remebered that i could have done better things

  • DF
    DF 26 days ago

    for someone who can't really whistle Jorginho sure does likes to whistle

  • Kristján Breki Hrafnsson

    I once met pedro and got a photo me and him

  • okow tina
    okow tina 26 days ago

    6:13 my reaction when I have to attend 7:30 AM lectures

  • mr glitch
    mr glitch 26 days ago

    how did they lose kante in training?

  • Ezekiel Kwandahor-Mensah

    Isn’t this the guy ski fought 2:04

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 27 days ago

    Ok this is upper lvl than MU. I wait MU raise up. Liverpool MCu arsenal already stay on track. I just wait MU and chelsea rivalery

    • okow tina
      okow tina 26 days ago

      Ok this is upper lvl than MU. I wait MU raise up. Liverpool MCu arsenal already stay on track. I just wait MU and chelsea rivalery

  • umarfaruq abdulfatah
    umarfaruq abdulfatah 27 days ago

    @chelseafc I like JI

  • Innes182
    Innes182 27 days ago

    Was lampard fine with training being filmed? We all know he never stopped crying at derby after someone watched one training session

  • Emmanuel Nana frimpong AIdOO

    please i could a peal u to copy guardiola tactics small and is how he didn't depen on one player, please let the competition comes into the team. know how u will used N'golo kante over jorgenho.

  • ming Li
    ming Li 28 days ago

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  • evra gnagbo
    evra gnagbo 28 days ago

    Reece is back

  • Maxwell_2002
    Maxwell_2002 28 days ago

    The u-23 seem like a great bunch.

  • Mr Omega
    Mr Omega 28 days ago

    Always good to see big Pete there,

  • Freddie Eccles
    Freddie Eccles 28 days ago

    Can Willian shift the ball that quickly in real matches now?

  • Anant Shukla
    Anant Shukla 28 days ago

    Peter Cech! :') I've really missed this man! Never seemed right when he was with Arsenal. He's one of us. Part of the old guard and so glad that he's back at the club. :') Him and lamps just doing their thing and giving the stability to our club. They did that as players and now they're doing it as part of the management. I just wish that more of the old guard can come in and just provide even more awesomeness to this club. (I know that's really wishful thinking but hey, a man can dream!) 😄

  • Tom Thailand
    Tom Thailand 28 days ago

    We’re happy for this Academy

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 28 days ago

    Men's training ?!? Well it's not gonna be aliens or hamsters is it ?!?

    • Machu
      Machu 28 days ago +1

      mate you know there’s such thing as women’s right?

  • Jonathan moore
    Jonathan moore 28 days ago

    Jorginho should be our captain 💙💙

  • Antonio Piras
    Antonio Piras 28 days ago

    Abraham, t'arabiar nen, era solo una partitella in allenamento

  • wtf maddox
    wtf maddox 28 days ago +1

    Ok this is upper lvl than MU. I wait MU raise up.
    Liverpool MCu arsenal already stay on track. I just wait MU and chelsea rivalery

  • Lalit Gupta
    Lalit Gupta 28 days ago

    Petr Cech, wtf was that 😂😂

  • madibo ericia eric
    madibo ericia eric 28 days ago

    Chelsea is becoming a beast

  • Mr Crackers
    Mr Crackers 28 days ago

    2:21 is that ksi

  • 슬겅슬겅
    슬겅슬겅 28 days ago

    Tammy can grow up like Drogba.

  • Dashmir Mustafa
    Dashmir Mustafa 28 days ago +1

    Its hard to see knowing we have no more Hazard :/

  • Th3DragonPlayz YT
    Th3DragonPlayz YT 28 days ago +4

    6:13 is the thumbnail👍👍

  • SaMI AzIz Aziz
    SaMI AzIz Aziz 28 days ago


  • roman ricardo abromovich

    Tq boys...3 point....we are the blues...

  • Alex Basha
    Alex Basha 28 days ago +10

    8:53 Lmao, guy in background: “VAR”

  • Firdaus Maulana Abdillah
    Firdaus Maulana Abdillah 29 days ago +3

    I'm happy to see Petr Cech and another Chelsea's legend in our training ground.
    Love you Chelsea!

  • Wayne Uk
    Wayne Uk 29 days ago +1


  • Johnny25k
    Johnny25k 29 days ago +1

    Ji So-yun is rapid..

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 29 days ago

    Petr Cech look like a principal

    - Mojo JoJo

  • Andrew Tan
    Andrew Tan 29 days ago

    I miss hazard , Fabregas and Diego Costa and David Luiz

  • Kamga Kotopi
    Kamga Kotopi 29 days ago +2

    Who is here after Abraham's hatrick 💙💙💙

  • Estudante. com
    Estudante. com 29 days ago


  • Amir Kerimov
    Amir Kerimov 29 days ago

    2:02 who is that really tall u18 gk

  • Banana Pishang
    Banana Pishang 29 days ago +2

    hat trick letsgooo

  • migorengnoodles
    migorengnoodles 29 days ago +8

    Tammy Abraham hat-trick, Beast

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 29 days ago +6

    Abraham best striker at Chelsea. If u disagree comment ure opinion if u agree still give ure opinions on him

  • shreyas karanam
    shreyas karanam 29 days ago

    1:36 this will surely put smile on your face

  • Danneh SG
    Danneh SG 29 days ago

    Subscribe to the TheXvid channel what are you doing? hurry up and do it now

  • TommyTO8C
    TommyTO8C 29 days ago

    I was so happy when I say Petr Cech when are Terry and Drogba coming back as coaches

  • Leon Flint
    Leon Flint 29 days ago +1

    Subscribe to the TheXvid channel. What are you doing? Hurry up and do it...now!

  • speak of the evil
    speak of the evil 29 days ago

    Watching the match against Wolverhampton , we are going down. Poor midfielders, no one have that quality to make a good pass. Jorginho is overrated as fck. Lack of chemistry between players. no one to long pass from defence missing David Luiz. Seems like abramovic wants to sell the club so badly that he don't even care.

  • muhammad ridhwan
    muhammad ridhwan 29 days ago

    please start showing the highlights of all the premier league games

  • Forge
    Forge 29 days ago

    I didnt like the add that was cut in part way through . . .

  • Tata Lima
    Tata Lima 29 days ago