William McDowell's Amazing Medically Documented Miracle

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • Your faith for miracles will soar as William McDowell shares about the amazing medically documented miracle that God did! Experience God's supernatural presence as you watch!
    ▶▶Get your copy of Carrying the Fire by William McDowell: bit.ly/2VGFXt2
    William McDowell says you owe it to yourself to be a catalyst for revival.
    His testimonial book, It’s Happening, describes the tangible steps to the ongoing move of God in his congregation. These are God’s ideas, and they are not beyond your reach-
    • Focused waiting
    • Finding your desperation for God
    • Crying out (acknowledging it is God alone you need)
    • Declaring your dependence on God
    • Worship - aligning your heart and your life
    • Deliberate pursuit of God
    And while you are on your knees, repentance.
    In his exclusive 2-CD set, Positioned for the Miraculous, William helps you to seek God for all of His goodness when His Presence comes! William says God wants your participation when He moves.
    A recent Dove winner, William also sends his exclusive and powerful 2-CD set, The Cry, with live worship from his services in Orlando, FL. William recalls the day everything changed. Now large numbers of people stay for hours after services close. God has a day like that for you!
    Special bonus! With your online purchase, you will also receive access to a downloadable digital version of teaching CDs after checkout.
    William McDowell is both a Dove-winner and pastor to Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, FL, where revival has continued for the past three years. The move is known for both a powerful Presence of God and manifestation of notable miracles.
    ▶▶Get your copy of Carrying the Fire by William McDowell: bit.ly/2VGFXt2
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    • Jacqueline Jones
      Jacqueline Jones 9 days ago

      Luz Torres u

    • Jesus is the way Ministry
    • Luz Torres
      Luz Torres Month ago +1

      Sid Roth', Went to Google to see if they have any information about this family miracle, I couldn’t find any reference, they Said the miracle in Florida was a 16 year old cure of this amoeba, but nothing else. Can you tell me we’re I can find about this beside your program I know it was in 2016 and I live in Florida 45 minutes away from Orlando, never heard about this I’m not trying to make trouble or put dauts

    • NDAYIRUKIYE Grace-Divine
      NDAYIRUKIYE Grace-Divine Month ago

      Thank you for this testimony Sir
      I was really blessed
      I have subscribed

    YVETTE JACKSON 12 hours ago

    So need to take a trip to his church! I've been suffering with back pain for over 30 yrs and it's so debilitating and I've already had 3 surgeries. I vowed I wouldn't have another.. That was 12 yrs ago! But I can't do anything now. I have severe stenosis in the middle of my back where it's not supposed to happen and it's causing me severe debilitating pain in my hip!..after a year of trying to figure out what's wrong with my hip! I'm like really just hanging on by a thread. I don't want to commit suicide. But the thoughts are definitely there! I'm a Christian, since an yr old girl and this is too much too bare! It's just too much! Pray for me please!

  • Paulette Roach
    Paulette Roach Day ago +1


  • Rochelle Freeman
    Rochelle Freeman 2 days ago

    I was in a healing service of his few weeks ago. A lung disease makes it hard for me to breath just by walkn at a fast pace, dancing singing or taking a deep breath, but at that service I could sing yell, I was taking deep breaths, I ran up an down the aisle no couging as usual. Praise God. It lasted a day....... I think While in God's presence I was Heald . Godv wants me to seek His presence on my own I guess that's what I'm supposed to learn from that idk. But I'm excited to get there

  • rob andone
    rob andone 2 days ago

    He's still moving.

  • yvonne verla
    yvonne verla 4 days ago


  • Chelsea Taylor
    Chelsea Taylor 8 days ago

    I have adomin cancer mesotheliomia tumers I've had three surgery's in chemo there's no cure but I know God can cure it I'm still waiting it comes back every two years . I just had a baby girl she has a large hole in her heart a vsd and she was just diagnosed with down syndrom shes failed four hearing test in her right ear they are gonna do more test for throid and reflux and other isseus please pray for my baby I'm desperate iv cryed out to God many nights and havnt seen healings but miricle I wasn't sopose to have children and I have twonow one sick .I am seeing so many docters I've been praying for her sence I got pregnant . I also been praying for healing from cancer sence I was 19 I'm 27 please pray for my family. And my mother has demitia and my brothers going through health problems.ive had a very close realation ship with God I use to hear his audible voice and feel that warmth through my whole body at random. Times and I havnt felt that connection with him in the holy spirit in along time even know I continue to talk to him and pray I havnt been too church in two years. I feel so distant at times but I havnt lost faith even when I continue to get bad news I also found out my son has a shawdow on his kidney.

  • Cricon Investments
    Cricon Investments 8 days ago

    God is healing the church in America

  • demar lindsay
    demar lindsay 9 days ago +1

    i'm at work and i'm literally close to tears right now i swear!!!!

  • Gwendolyn Brown
    Gwendolyn Brown 11 days ago

    Lord please move on me. my sisters and brothers pray with me for healing in my sick body with the blood of Jesus.

  • Jooniebug
    Jooniebug 11 days ago

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!

  • Bk Sekou
    Bk Sekou 11 days ago

    I’m in tears 😭 every
    time I allow myself to freely worship with his music in private. Some are gifted, but others are ordained and anointed to sing to God and you can feel the difference. He’s ordained by God to worship to Him! Great worship of surrender 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙇🏽‍♂️🔥 Thank you Jesus

  • Catrina Charles
    Catrina Charles 11 days ago


  • Catrina Charles
    Catrina Charles 11 days ago


  • Fred Furukha
    Fred Furukha 14 days ago

    Compromising spirit in the end times Church, (Rev 2:12-20) preachers never stand with biblical truth fearing that the truth will make members to run away. They preach what the church wants to hear. Matthew 24:12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Women in the trouser, makeups, attachments like weave on are abomination to God, Wedding rings are jewelry, the practice of joining marrying people with a ring originated in pagan ancient Egyptians and was improved by pagan Romans which was used by men to mark women whom they bought. It does not appear anywhere in the Bible for Christians to practice. Jewelries signify as Idolatry. Genesis 35:1-6. Jewelries signify as Harlotry and Idolatry. Exodus 32:2-6, Proverb 7:10 and verse 27. Jewelries in Perforation of the Body and scripture against caving of body tattoo. Leviticus 19:28-29, Deuteronomy 14:1-2, Leviticus 21:5-6. Jewelries signify slavery in Perforation of slaves. Deuteronomy 15:17. Jewelries are regard as heathen practice and snare to children of Israelite's. Judges 8:24-27, Exodus 3:21-22. Jewelries Lead to Proud and arrogant. Isaiah 3:16-24. Jewelries serve as an Emblem of idolatry and Harlotry. Ezekiel 7:16-19, Hosea 2:5 and verse 13, Ezekiel 23:40-44. Jewelries on body attract God's punishment. Zephaniah 1:8. It serves as captive of Hell due to ignorant. Isaiah 5:13-14. It's a sign of been Spoil and sorrowful. Jeremiah 4:30 Ornaments and face painting are condemned. 2 Kings 9:22 body painting(cut ex, lipsticks, eyelashes, tattoo, face paint) signifies harlotry and witchcrafts. 2 Kings 9:30 Jezebel the mother of harlot introduced self disguising from God's image by painting herself. Stubborn and disobedient women in the church without head covering(It's a symbolic)(1 Corinthians 11:5,10 But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.) self disguising from God's image by painting herself. Stubborn and disobedient women in the church without head covering(It's a symbolic)(1 Corinthians 11:5,10 But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.

  • Peculiar Female
    Peculiar Female 15 days ago

    I want more Lord😭😭😭😭💞

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds 15 days ago

    Glory to the lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • S Massias
    S Massias 15 days ago +1

    Good morning Sid Roth, I too have had a very great encounter with God many years ago in LA California. This experience was so awesome so unique so indescribable Dad when I describe this major Majestic power royalty experience that I had with God is so unknown it appointed visual to me. It happened early one morning about 1 a.m. I had received some devastating news. As I went to sleep my spirit came out of my body I was flying down a tunnel that had lights on each side of the tunnel. As I came out of the tunnel my spirit went straight to the sky I was flying over mountains Bally's even over the three pyramids in Egypt I land in a tower high in the sky like a bird and as I looked up inside the tower there were three palm trees leaves in the middle of the Tower. I was there for some time as the morning begin to proceed at night where I was my spirit returned to my body. And when are awakened I found myself

  • Just me Mary
    Just me Mary 15 days ago +1

    He's still moving, he's still proving just how great He is; how great He is! 🎶🎶

  • Adina Motobu
    Adina Motobu 17 days ago +2

    Amazing song I love it 😍🙏❤️..in Jesus name.Amen 🙏

  • Consumable Corner
    Consumable Corner 17 days ago +1


  • too_ much_cash
    too_ much_cash 18 days ago

    I as a mother pray for this presents for my children and Kenya West to have this gift from God. Healing all of us where we hurt.

  • Kabasumbi Afusa
    Kabasumbi Afusa 18 days ago

    Glory to God Hallelujah Thank you Jesus for healing that man's family

  • Kabasumbi Afusa
    Kabasumbi Afusa 18 days ago +1

    God is so sweet that when you talking about him with yo friends you feel emotional. Hallelujah

  • Caleb Okafor
    Caleb Okafor 18 days ago


  • sheadian cantu
    sheadian cantu 22 days ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Ophelia Griggs
    Ophelia Griggs 22 days ago

    All I can say is "awesome, God is awesome." I want the power of God's supernatural presence to be in my life so those that I come in contact with will know they have been in the presence of God.

  • Lucy Poi
    Lucy Poi 23 days ago

    This is the very gift I prayed all my life to have. God Bless you!! To sing and heal, prech and heal!

  • Martha Anniway
    Martha Anniway 23 days ago

    Lord I want more of your spirits.

  • Nancy Gardner
    Nancy Gardner 24 days ago


  • Sonofgod Jesuschrist
    Sonofgod Jesuschrist 26 days ago


  • Osire Speed
    Osire Speed 26 days ago

    Our God is awesome

  • alma muah
    alma muah 29 days ago

    Glory!!! Jesus!!!!! 🗣thank you for healing

  • Charles Tennyson
    Charles Tennyson Month ago

    God is good

  • Herbert Dola
    Herbert Dola Month ago +1

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continue to use His anointed servants to defeat and frustrate the plans of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ!

  • Implacablu Prophet
    Implacablu Prophet Month ago

    Being in the presence of Jesus is an awesome place to be. There's so much peace and tranquillity there.

  • tammy bridgeforth
    tammy bridgeforth Month ago


  • Donessa Odom
    Donessa Odom Month ago


  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith Month ago

    I hope to visit your church soon...

  • Foday Kamara
    Foday Kamara Month ago +1

    I wholeheartedly agree and I always love to hear more in Christ Jesus name amen and amen hallelujah 🙏

  • Cynthia Lewis
    Cynthia Lewis Month ago

    Jesus I want more

  • Brianna Yates
    Brianna Yates Month ago

    Glory to God! We serve a God who HEALS

  • Joel Brown
    Joel Brown Month ago


  • Tyna T
    Tyna T Month ago

    Those "new age" advertisements are very disruptive. Please consider removing them.

  • All Natural and healthy

    Declaring in the name of Jesus that he’s gonna heal my son

  • Ericka Cole-Callwood
    Ericka Cole-Callwood Month ago +2

    "Where the healer is present, healing is available." Hallelujah!

  • Meka Play
    Meka Play Month ago

    In the name of Jesus, I am healed. The devil will not win. God will get the glory. I am healed. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

  • Rev. Kev
    Rev. Kev Month ago

    I needed that! Thank you posting this!

  • LoveMusicBad
    LoveMusicBad Month ago

    Luke 5:17, ~Now it happened on a certain day, as He was teaching, that there were Pharisees and teachers of the law sitting by, who had come out of every town of Galilee, Judea, and Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was present to heal them.~

  • Abiyah Wilson
    Abiyah Wilson Month ago


  • Gods Love Kept Me
    Gods Love Kept Me Month ago +1

    I praise God for his healing power and the Holy Ghost!! 🙏🏾 what beautiful testimonies. Brought tears to my eyes, I felt the presence of the Lord. You can see the sincerity and humility all over William McDowell- what a kind man of God he is. 🙏🏾

  • Fana Mkwanazi
    Fana Mkwanazi Month ago

    All glory and honour to God for releasing his miracles and healing power....🙏🙏🙏👐👐👐👐


    Шалом Вам, мир Божий. Скажите пожалуйста как посмотреть это видео на русском языке. Спасибо большое.

  • bryte lyte
    bryte lyte Month ago +2

    The Media should have covered the miracle with as much eagerness as they were going to cover their demise.

  • HotBoy Trapp
    HotBoy Trapp Month ago

    What spirit is he operating out too sweet for me how can he no how a baby in his stomach means don't impregnate a man

  • Ndumiso Dlamini
    Ndumiso Dlamini Month ago +9

    He's still moving
    He's still proving
    Just how great He is
    How great He is.

  • Lois Thomas
    Lois Thomas Month ago

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Deeper Fellowship church several times to worship and I can truly say you feel the presence of God as soon as you enter the sanctuary. The worship service is unlike no other! We left morning service minutes to 5pm basking in his presence the entire time in worship and praise.

  • agirl nameD
    agirl nameD Month ago +3

    When he talks it sounds like he's singing. Beautiful voice

  • Rassie Valentine
    Rassie Valentine Month ago

    I feel you brother i feel you i turn myself in to the lord Yahawashi and am feeling better more that before