Responding To Dan Bilzerian Podcast Criticism

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • True Geordie and Laurence McKenna respond to the hate their podcast with Dan Bilzerian received.
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  • I’m Not A Gamma
    I’m Not A Gamma Month ago

    *TG* : I’m not the type of person to criticise someone where they got their money from

    *Everyone* : C’mon TG you’re better than that.

  • Luke Haworth
    Luke Haworth Month ago

    Geordie is delusional thinking he's better than other people because they don't have a podcast. He needs to be more humble and thankful to the viewers that put him there. He also talks about people not being proper fans, he needs to realise that people don't watch his podcasts because they are a fan of him, more like a fan of the person being interviewed.

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson Month ago

    He jus comes across so sexist

  • Strix aluco
    Strix aluco 2 months ago

    Gimli and Bilbo

  • Owen Gundry
    Owen Gundry 2 months ago

    Dans a legend I don’t see why people let their jealousy cause them to hate him

  • Max Aston
    Max Aston 2 months ago

    Laurence is a fucking gem

  • Mattoafc 789
    Mattoafc 789 2 months ago

    15:50 is what you're here for

  • Marc O'Brien
    Marc O'Brien 2 months ago

    I’ve delved into true Geordie a bit but I think I’m gonna unsubscribe.Dan Bilzarian is a total cretin. Deeply ugly human. How Brian can’t see that, and his right hand man can’t admit that he clearly thinks he’s a cunt, then I’ve lost respect for them both and subsequently this channel. Get some morals and some balls while you’re at it guys.

  • Lorraine Normanton
    Lorraine Normanton 3 months ago

    Who cares we are all different it what makes life interesting, who cares what Dan thinks of woman as a woman I don’t he’s just one man he made me laugh actually because I feel he’s acting trying to come across as someone who he thinks other people will admire.

  • Courtney Williams
    Courtney Williams 3 months ago +1

    I respect Laurence for not agreeing with the speaking the way ‘men do when women are not around’ comment.

  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    So Lawrence did like Dan after all... don’t blame him he seems like a decent bloke

  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    I like Dan Bilzerian

  • Larry 1993
    Larry 1993 3 months ago

    I liked Dan as a guest and found him fun. I had no problems with what was said about women and agreed with much of it, and think women are just in denial. Brian I actually find more irritating in some ways than anyone on the podcast, but I like him anyway.

  • Danzig
    Danzig 3 months ago

    U weren't trashed because u simply brought him onto the podcast,it was coz this was ur biggest fan boy effort without challenging him, playing devils advocate or mixing it up. U live and u learn. Neeext

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 3 months ago

    The podcast was actually one of my favourites. Dan is clearly just a normal dude who’s living how most guys would love to live. Seems a lot more down to earth than what his Instagram shows. I think he’s very misunderstood. Great podcast.

  • Nick Peacock
    Nick Peacock 3 months ago

    It’s a podcast not a court case you fucking retards.

  • tompooder
    tompooder 4 months ago

    I dont know anything about him saw the podcast thought he seemed quite a chill guy

  • Carlyon Willow
    Carlyon Willow 4 months ago

    How the majority of the audience feels about Dan Bilzerian

    Men = Jealousy
    Women = Resentment

  • y6f6r ftyryh
    y6f6r ftyryh 4 months ago +1

    I loved dan

  • Brendan Walters
    Brendan Walters 4 months ago

    TG was licking Dan's arse that was the problem. It was so apparent throughout

  • Matt The Taffy
    Matt The Taffy 4 months ago

    How do girls even find Dan good looking , hes ugly as fuck.. that makes the girls slags.. great podcast tho

  • Leonardo Datore
    Leonardo Datore 4 months ago

    The difference between True Geordie and Joe Rogan is, Joe Rogan is the same man in every podcast even when it's just him and Eddie or him and Joey or any regular guest. Joe has self respect and that ability to be the same around anyone and that's why his podcast is so successful and enjoyable. It's why his podcast has that living room vibe or lockerroom vibe, it's always interesting, emotional, laid back, eye opening. His social skills are very good.

    Geordie and Laurence together are completely different in the presence of a guest compared to when it's just them on their own. Geordie in particular has great levels of confidence when he's alone with Laurence or with people on the Kick Off, but with a guest, it's as if he loses a lot of self respect as a man. He always conforms, he lacks confidence many a time, he never challenges the guest or talks freely. It's evident he bites his tongue and doesn't want to maybe offend the guest or maybe another reason but either way he's different depending on the company. That is the key difference between Joe and Geordie. Joe can converse in a similar manner with anyone and express and challenge anyone he talks to whereas Geordie keeps quiet, he lets the guest waffle even if it's obviously dogshit and then agrees with it as if it's gospel.

    Dan wasn't even an idiot, ignore the people that moan because they didn't like him, this is about Geordie and Laurence improving their podcast skills. A lot of what Dan said made sense and he seemed to be able to reflect on who he was. But it was so embarrassing to see Geordie and Laurence cower and agree with everything he said without an ounce of opinion or self respect.
    Geordies conversational skills aren't as good as he thinks they are. Laurence is better at connecting with people but he lets people talk over him and he appears spineless at times.

  • Leonardo Datore
    Leonardo Datore 4 months ago

    I didn't hate Dan at all, I found him rather refreshing with his honesty and calmness.

    I didn't really like of how spineless you both were during the podcast. Laurence was just shy and conformative, you could see how uncomfortable he was and it made the podcast really strange.
    The complete opposite with Geordie, he turned into a 15 year old highschool boy, trying to be one of the lads.
    You both came across as fake and I think that was the issue most people had.
    I don't care if you didn't disagree with anything he said but it was rather obvious you were biting your tongues on certain topics. Instead of it looking like a podcast with a relaxed vibe, it looked more like you were paid to laugh at Dans comments and inflate his ego.
    Nothing serious, overall I enjoyed the podcast but you were both very different during the interview and I think that is part of the reason you recieved "hate".

  • musashidanmcgrath
    musashidanmcgrath 4 months ago +1

    Why is nobody calling out the sluts that hang around Bilzerian? These vacuous, vapid, and narcissistic women are there solely for material gains. Their moral fabric is far more deprecated than Bilzerians'. They are the ones allowing themselves to be treated like that. No doubt they fucking throw themselves at Bilzerian with ZERO self-respect.

  • Dalai Farmer
    Dalai Farmer 5 months ago

    This is some weak piss. Own everything you say and do like a grown up

  • Rasmus LDS
    Rasmus LDS 5 months ago

    Loved the Joe Rogan podcast loved yours. You can say a lot about Dan But he lives life how he wants and he isn't forcing anyone to do anything they don't want so I don't see why people could hate him for that. Sure he talks loosely about fucking girls, so does all other fuck boys. This guy just doesn't give a fuck about what other people think so he says it on camera.
    Like he said girls chase him so they know exactly what they are getting into.

  • Paul Osborne
    Paul Osborne 5 months ago

    i do not now why your even pandering or explaining your self to them mate, do these moaning wankers like every person they have come across in their life?,as that was the only the 3rd one of your podcasts i have listened to i can not really comment on your usual interview style but as for arse kissing, how the fuck are you supposed to treat guests? how many people are going to want to be on your podcast if you treat them like shit?,its called being impartial, you are not supposed to be judging them or having a biased opinion for the interview,you are giving the audience the guests opinions not yours. I neither liked him or disliked him ,but what do these people assume, that journalists and talk shows only interview people who every one who they or the audience like?.,lets get it right, you may not like him and say he treats women like shit, but surely you have to respect the no bull shit he talks. he is not forcing these women, who yes maybe are just unpaid hookers who instead of cash get to party and go places, so who is loosing out? ffs he holds casting 1 day a week so no one is going there with a misconception of what is going to happen, so if these women do not have a problem with the deal why should we give a fuck. A lot of these whinging are just jealous of the shit he gets to do, yeh he has a bit of a an arrogant attitude but thats because he has been brought up wealthy but he hasn't just taken the easy road after growing up, how many of you would have even thought about going in the forces or be a reserve cop when you already had enough cash to be able to do fuck all for the rest of your life?, i wouldn't,I have saved the best for last, i can never understand the fucking stupidity of people who watch or listen to something that is offending you, there is something called an off button and if you have not got the sense to stop watching or listening to something you do not like then your a fucking moron

  • Teddy Bravo
    Teddy Bravo 5 months ago +1

    I liked the podcast. Just sayin

  • Teddy Bravo
    Teddy Bravo 5 months ago +1

    Anyone that negative shit to say about that podcast is a pussy bitch. Fuck them you don’t need them watching your shit. Fuckkkkk bunch of bitches

  • South Croy
    South Croy 5 months ago

    Women talk about men the same way when they are with their girls,,, how,,,like a piece of a cock..

  • South Croy
    South Croy 5 months ago

    Hey guys them women chatting up the moral holy oratory, are just the kind who you might be shocked to see the lethal taboo filled quagmire that they indulge in,hypocrisy is a culture among these women,pretending as if sex is the most repulsive idea in existence. BS ,,,, don’t be apologetic you said and did nothing wrong

  • Know Problems
    Know Problems 5 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Dan Bilzerian podcast.. that's unfortunate that others did not. He's a great guy

  • Emmanueli Adzoh
    Emmanueli Adzoh 5 months ago

    I love the dan interview

  • Subversion Watch
    Subversion Watch 5 months ago

    True arsehole more like

  • Here Here
    Here Here 5 months ago +1

    They say they thought u were better than this because the guy literally ate and wouldn't look up at you guys .. The fact Geordie was fan boying over him so hardcore I guess .. It was a pretty distasteful interview ...

  • Jeff Dommer
    Jeff Dommer 5 months ago +1

    U care way to much fuk the comments there comments

  • Sinematographers
    Sinematographers 5 months ago

    "Compton" T........fuck. Your embarrassing

    G UNIT SOILDER 5 months ago

    That Dan prick is a wanker....

  • Dave North
    Dave North 5 months ago +3

    The only reason I found your podcast was because of Dan. Was a good interview and I subscribed 👍

  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke 5 months ago +2

    I watched the first 20 min of the interview, TGs envy was palpable, but he is right, priorities define the person.

  • Gal Shalev
    Gal Shalev 5 months ago +5

    I can see woman hating on him, but any man who does, clearly comes from envy.

  • Stanley13
    Stanley13 5 months ago

    To be fair to the geordie.... cant blame him for being envious of that loser dan.... can you imagine the state of the women that he gets?

  • Paco Cardenas
    Paco Cardenas 5 months ago

    but those hoes aint loyal.

  • sblla
    sblla 5 months ago

    "The guys got 27 million insta followers, I'd be idiotic to turn that podcast down". That's the truth of it in my opinion. At a certain point you're not doing the podcast to ask interesting questions and get the truth but to popularise your channel more. People relate and want to see real people asking celebrities real questions in long format that they don't usually see in mainstream media where all the marketing false shit happens. That's what draws people to podcasts like TG in the first place. In that one line Geordie has basically said he's taken the podcast because the guy has a big audience, not because he actually finds him interesting on a deeper level or that he has some real ass questions to get to the bottom of with his guest. It was a business move podcast plain and simple and there's no wonder people didn't take to it.

    THE METAL SURGEON 5 months ago

    He was eating like a fucking bitch throughout the hole fucking thing

  • William Ramage
    William Ramage 5 months ago

    honestly who gives a fuck he interviewed a bloke with an interesting story

  • Sergio Navadijo
    Sergio Navadijo 5 months ago +3

    the interview was awesome. Don't spend any time justifying yourself

  • Mr Gatsby
    Mr Gatsby 5 months ago

    All the comments .... if you can do a better job... get off your fucking arse and go out there and interview these people instead of critiquing somebody who is doing it FOR YOUR entertainment. If anything instead of making Brian feel bad about himself everybody who’s making negative comments should feel bad about themselves! Be nice to people these guys are doing stuff for your entertainment whilst you sit on your fucking arse doing nothing!

    • Mr Gatsby
      Mr Gatsby 5 months ago

      People don’t like it when other people act themselves!! Because there insecure and jealous instead of making there own life better they bring others down

  • Jamie Brennan
    Jamie Brennan 5 months ago +3

    I've just found this podcast channel. I think it's spot on. That Dan Bilzerian podcast was wicked. Keep up the good work.

    • Crom
      Crom 5 months ago

      Jamie Brennan exactly, it’s not Parkinson. It was a fun insight into Dan.

  • Marcelino Magallanez
    Marcelino Magallanez 5 months ago +4

    But you absolutely were, gobblin his knob,.....the......entire interview! All 1 hour and 23 min and change bro....damn

  • Blind Freddy
    Blind Freddy 5 months ago

    If your guest doesn't give a shit about your audience why would your audience give a shit about him?
    What a snowflake.

  • hunky121 121
    hunky121 121 5 months ago

    stop apologising

  • MrNiceHk
    MrNiceHk 5 months ago

    He's basic, for basic kids, Men who look up to that nonsense need to cough and grab their nutsack

  • CLOWEN2010
    CLOWEN2010 5 months ago

    "They're the good ones, they keep their fuckin mouth shut" True Geordie 2019

  • CLOWEN2010
    CLOWEN2010 5 months ago

    You can see it in Laurence face sometimes that he doesn't like getting cut off and talked over

  • Paul Kerzee
    Paul Kerzee 5 months ago

    As for prostitution - that is the way it works. No prostitute is exploited. Moder feminist myth.

  • Kieran Kelly
    Kieran Kelly 5 months ago

    Why you all fuckin pussys 😂 use are just jealous of him so use are all crying you freaks

  • John Dohn
    John Dohn 5 months ago +3

    I don’t understand the criticism. Dan is just having fun

  • lisa hoggart
    lisa hoggart 5 months ago

    im always confused as why so many people are snowflakes. everyone is different.women talk like that to each other about men it wasnt just me and my mates. if any woman has never said someone was a shit shag they telling lies. live and let live or turn off.

  • Peter Brennan
    Peter Brennan 5 months ago

    Dan eat his dinner for the whole interview lol