Responding To Dan Bilzerian Podcast Criticism

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • True Geordie and Laurence McKenna respond to the hate their podcast with Dan Bilzerian received.
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  • Marcelino Magallanez
    Marcelino Magallanez 2 hours ago

    But you absolutely were, gobblin his knob,.....the......entire interview! All 1 hour and 23 min and change bro....damn

  • Blind Freddy
    Blind Freddy 3 hours ago

    If your guest doesn't give a shit about your audience why would your audience give a shit about him?
    What a snowflake.

  • hunky121 121
    hunky121 121 7 hours ago

    stop apologising

  • MrNiceHk
    MrNiceHk 11 hours ago

    He's basic, for basic kids, Men who look up to that nonsense need to cough and grab their nutsack

  • CLOWEN2010
    CLOWEN2010 14 hours ago

    "They're the good ones, they keep their fuckin mouth shut" True Geordie 2019

  • CLOWEN2010
    CLOWEN2010 14 hours ago

    You can see it in Laurence face sometimes that he doesn't like getting cut off and talked over

  • Paul Kerzee
    Paul Kerzee 14 hours ago

    As for prostitution - that is the way it works. No prostitute is exploited. Moder feminist myth.

  • Kieran Kelly
    Kieran Kelly Day ago

    Why you all fuckin pussys 😂 use are just jealous of him so use are all crying you freaks

  • John Dohn
    John Dohn Day ago +1

    I don’t understand the criticism. Dan is just having fun

  • lisa hoggart
    lisa hoggart Day ago

    im always confused as why so many people are snowflakes. everyone is different.women talk like that to each other about men it wasnt just me and my mates. if any woman has never said someone was a shit shag they telling lies. live and let live or turn off.

  • Peter Brennan
    Peter Brennan Day ago

    Dan eat his dinner for the whole interview lol

  • Donnchadh McPáidín

    Big fella be yerself and keep it real.
    This is your channel that you have made out of fuck all but your own opinions.
    The problem with Vlogs,Blogs and other mediums which people like yersel use to get across your own observations you get a sizeable following and after a while those who choose to tune in start to think that they own you or what you say and think.
    It’s bollocks mate.
    If they don’t like it or are easily offended the answer is simple don’t bother watching.
    Would a sensitive soul go and watch Frankie Boyle Live?
    If they did would they then choose front row fucking seats?
    Seriously fuck them mate you crack on and be who you are and not what the panty wetting ,snowflakes want you to be.
    Ps Mon The Hoops 🍀🇮🇪🍀

  • Aaron Flynn Devereux

    I think you should of done the podcast 100% and I don't mind Dan's lifestyle I just think he's a missive dick. The entire time he was acting like he didn't want to be there, he'd barely fucking look at ye while talking and he wouldn't he keep his mouth shut while talking.

  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor 2 days ago

    I fucking loved Dan, he's a fucking man with balls , he's an 80s and 90s man. He grew up in a different generation and that's why I relate to him. I'm broke as hell, I dont have a girl, I live with my brother and I can never be jealous of the dude. I grew up in Brooklyn, and ozone Park Queens. So I can see real people and he's real

  • GAM3360
    GAM3360 2 days ago

    I think you can admire certain qualities in a person and not like them overall or get along with them. I think that you can learn something from everyone on first meeting/talking to them , even if it’s just to learn what you don’t like which can be just as important. There are many people who I can admire for their success and still absolutely not like them as a human being. By the way these things are ever changing so it’s always worth remembering that , it’s also worth remembering you might actually be wrong in your assumptions too.

  • Niam Asif
    Niam Asif 2 days ago

    you don't need thousands of girls to live happily

    • QcSVP
      QcSVP 15 hours ago

      Niam Asif you don’t need pizza to live happily either...but is that the life you really wanna live?? Lol jk

  • Christopher Danielo
    Christopher Danielo 2 days ago

    You boys did a great job fuck the haters

  • fat f
    fat f 3 days ago

    Respond to the Brodie tv podcast

  • TheMmrrhh
    TheMmrrhh 3 days ago

    So what, Gordie don’t force you to listen... Dan don’t force girls to jump in to bed with him... those girls want it as much as all people hating Dan want his money 💴

  • Jack Scouse ///M240i

    Dan bilzerian is a big guest, everyone just hating because there jealous

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 3 days ago +5

    The first generation in history that thinks you have to explain yourself to everyone for everything to their exact liking or acceptance

  • Simon_ Says_89
    Simon_ Says_89 3 days ago

    Sorry am new, but who is this jumped up prat with you? chemistry is bad between yous imo

  • MiLL SY
    MiLL SY 3 days ago

    I turned it off after the first 5-10 mins because it was nauseating.

  • ItsameAlex
    ItsameAlex 3 days ago

    Is this channel the pied piper for beta males? What's up with the comments.

  • Darren Kenneth
    Darren Kenneth 3 days ago

    Watched 5 mins of the interview and switched it off.. I'm not a subscriber or a fan of True Geordie... Watched out of curiosity... This Dan guy I didn't like or have no respect or admiration for... Born into money without ever having to work for it.
    . And yes Geordie.. You do sound. Like a typical sexist pig you'd find on a construction site... Grow up and accept the criticism you dick!

  • Marcus McCurley
    Marcus McCurley 3 days ago

    Point is this: Dan Bilzerian is such a D-Bag, period, he’s not a true bro, in the Army we called him ‘Jodie’, the guy who tries to fuck your girl when you’re deployed downrange. Just a guy who’s glamorized for slumming and being arrogant.
    And YOU Geordie, are a straight up GOOD mate, a stand up guy who has strong morals, integrity and respect.
    That’s what was hard about it, a straight up Mans Man (Geordie) interviewing a sleaze ball (Bilzerian), and you pursuing him like you looked up to him.
    Instead of admiring his lifestyle you should give him a lesson on how to be a real man. Love you none the less Geordie!

  • durian walker
    durian walker 3 days ago +1

    most the girls making rude comments are jealous. they want to be laid by a true alpha male like dan but they are stuck with a boring beta

  • pink fluffy unicorn
    pink fluffy unicorn 4 days ago

    I don't understand the hate to be honest... also.. 90 % of women prefer that talk and type of man. Women don't want beta males. Your always going to get some people that disagree. But whatever. The negative minority usually shout the loudest these days. And you definitely shouldn't be doing this rebuttal libtard apology thing. You cant please everyone whatever your doing. Thought you would know that. Some people just like creating drama. Yeah dan was a dick. But interested i guess to understand how people think. If you only interview friends its a dinner party not a podcast

  • Pablo A Vega
    Pablo A Vega 4 days ago

    I am not rich but why hate someone who has money. I feel like I live a great life not rich but like my life. Dan B could have said his life is awful, would that had been better? Keep up the good job guys

  • Neal Hawkins
    Neal Hawkins 4 days ago

    Dont change a thing that's why it's TRUE geordie fuck em got something to talk about now jealousy is a bitter emotion

  • The Outdoor Appreciation Society MkIII

    The eating and making little eye contact reminded me of the scene where Tony Soprano shows dominance over Ralph Cifaretto during the apology scene.

  • Runar Peters
    Runar Peters 4 days ago +6

    Haven't been following you boys for long but keep up the good work and tell the PC's to F-Off ;)

  • Daniel Middleton
    Daniel Middleton 4 days ago

    Ignore the haters, keep up the good work 🤙

  • James C
    James C 4 days ago +1

    everyone just needs chill out man smoke a bowl, fck I thout it was all good but just do yous man

  • Anthony Webster
    Anthony Webster 4 days ago +1

    Bilzerian is a horrible man. There is nothing interesting about this man. You guys are in a position to get some really good interviews, Robbie Williams, Ricky Gervais, Michael Bisping. Don’t just interview anyone guys.

  • B Smith
    B Smith 4 days ago +1

    People who say they don’t care - care a lot.
    I think the fact is he presents an image but the image is far from reality

  • Timbob619
    Timbob619 5 days ago

    That interview was some of my favourite content I’ve watched from you guys, simply because he was an interesting guest. Don’t sweat it. Keep at it. ‘You will never reach your destination id you stop and throw a stone at every dog that barks.’ - Winston Churchill

  • Nick Daniels
    Nick Daniels 5 days ago

    It was interesting

  • liam henderson
    liam henderson 5 days ago


  • Sparkyblast
    Sparkyblast 5 days ago

    I didn't like the guest but I think that's okay. You can't expect to like everyone. Some guests aren't for me. My main criticism of the podcast is DONT EAT whilst the pod is going on. It was disgusting, honestly turned me off within five minutes. I got the impression you where so awestruck you allowed him to eat when previously you have told guests not to bang the table. It was the set up of the podcast that was problematic. End of the day with guests are your choice.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 5 days ago

    You're either the player or the hater

  • Jessica Day
    Jessica Day 6 days ago

    I'm obviously late to this but had to add in my two cents. Dan guy, hate his IG, hate how he comes across. After watching the podcast my thoughts on him changed. Geordie, who, male or female, watched that podcast and DIDN'T expect him to act the way he did? Lol Not saying that in a negative way, but I've watched him for a while and expected nothing less, or more. Lol He is just a guys guy. Why women would be disappointed in him is beyond me. If you came here for a titanic type romance you're nuts. Geordie is the type of man that you want to fuck and want to be fucked by. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don't be delusional. Lol

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 6 days ago

    I don't think it was that Dan came on the podcast, I think it was the way you fanboy'd over Dan. Usually when it comes to high-profile guests, you ask the interesting questions but with Dan you just obsessed over his lifestyle.

  • Alex Hurley
    Alex Hurley 7 days ago

    This is cringe. Why you focusing on the haters? Surely if you focus on criticism it just manifests?
    Now ppl will be giving it their all to try and get your attention and wind you up?!

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 8 days ago +1

    Completely agree with everything Geordie said men talk about women differently when it’s just men together

  • Paul Ridley
    Paul Ridley 8 days ago

    This Laurence kid is fuckin bent mind. Constantly sly digs, judging every cunt and being a sarcastic prick. Kids as funny as my itchy scrote. Had away and shite ye little virgin

  • Nick MCFC
    Nick MCFC 8 days ago

    I liked him as an energy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Espen
    Espen 8 days ago

    You interviewing him makes you better than you were before. I disagree with the two of you on plenty, still watch, and it acctually made me like you a little more than I used too.

  • TranscendentalTunes
    TranscendentalTunes 9 days ago

    The podcast was good, no need for explanations. If you don't like Dan Bilzerian why would you watch him on any podcast.....

  • TheAcdcnz
    TheAcdcnz 9 days ago

    Hey guys I'm a huge fan of joe rogans podcast. You reckon I would like this one?

  • M Bela
    M Bela 9 days ago +1

    This is the first time. I've ever commented on a youtube video.
    I found your podcast, whilst doing research for my own.
    and I gotta say you guys have got a lovely balance of Articulate thoughtfulness and overwhelming emotion.

  • dandycliff2
    dandycliff2 9 days ago

    you deserve criticism. when i see this video you're an annoying, big, fat interrupting geordie cunt

  • dandycliff2
    dandycliff2 9 days ago +1

    Dan Bilzerian without beard is a fucking nightmare to look at

  • yekahs
    yekahs 10 days ago

    don't see why some cunts are out here having a go at Bryan and Laurence for having a geezer on a podcast

  • jayne louise
    jayne louise 10 days ago +1

    The way you speak about women is disgusting for a role model to young lads you should be embarrassed...would you like someone speaking about your daughter like that? Your sister ? ....disgusting/I can’t stand it ....I actually stopped watching months ago because of the way you spoke about women ...I really enjoy Lawerence so I thought I’d watch again ...I’m sorry I did

    • jayne louise
      jayne louise 10 days ago

      It’s very clear to see you think the same way as Dan ...makes me sick will never be main stream thank god

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner 10 days ago

    bilzerian is a scumbag, you shouldnt have even given him the time of day tbh. I was disappointed

  • Ari Gabriel
    Ari Gabriel 10 days ago +1

    the "haters" were a very small minority

  • 36514
    36514 10 days ago +1

    Podcast was terrible the response was even worse

    AZOTH 10 days ago

    To be so upset while eating haribo is sacrilegious surely.
    Also (and don't get upset) but I think you have a gem there in loz,but you constantly cut him off mid sentence,I promise you will not find another like him,he is great for balancing you're "energy" out.
    And he is quite funny.

  • Luke Bell
    Luke Bell 10 days ago

    Iv got nothing but admiration for what dan has done with his life. But I can't fuck who he wants, he fucks leaches that want something from him. Yeh his life might be "great" but he is soulless. He has to keep it where he feel comfortable and that cool, but to me I think he's deep down not happy.

  • Samantha Spurling
    Samantha Spurling 11 days ago

    Good video TG. I appreciate the discussion about the criticism and am glad you dealt with the womens thing sensitively. You're a good man and I do understand that in a male dominated room/area, conversation and language can become laddish. Power to you mate- keep going

  • Phil A
    Phil A 11 days ago

    Insecure blokes need to act one way with the lads and another with the ladies.
    Own it either way, otherwise it makes you look needy as fuck.

  • Bill Polychronidis
    Bill Polychronidis 12 days ago

    the problem with the interview is that both of the interviewer and the interviewee want to control the flow of it,a result should be set everytime before they start so they know where the flow is taking them.the one with the most composite result gets to control the flow.

  • Troopz
    Troopz 12 days ago

    Dan doesn't know how to his self around people he doesnt know because he's surrounded by yes men, For an extremely wealthy guy he looks miserable as fuck, Asshole.

  • Hc
    Hc 12 days ago

    I agree with you on this one Brian. All these people calling you a cunt, saying that because of this podcast they are no longer fans of yours is stupid. If you don’t like the podcast don’t watch it. Watch the next one so on, all this criticism to such a high degree was unnecessary.

  • sol porter
    sol porter 12 days ago

    To improve I'd say ask deeper questions or challenge his ideas or be more stern, but it'll come with time.
    Look at Joe Rogan he was a hothead at first, now he challenges guests and gets deep into their mind usually.

    • sol porter
      sol porter 12 days ago

      I.e. Ian Wright that was his best podcast and was hard-hitting.

  • david anderson
    david anderson 12 days ago +1


  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 13 days ago

    Saying things like you were annoying not to talk deeper about prostitution shows it was clearly a bad podcast. No big issue, these things happen. Just own it. Don't have to keep making excuses

  • DJ OU
    DJ OU 13 days ago

    Dan can go wherever he wants do whatever he wants fuck whoever he wants
    Like you really think if you were in his position you’d spend days reading negative comments about other people??????

  • Jimmy Darcy
    Jimmy Darcy 13 days ago

    Loved the interview, loved Dan and loved the authenticity....
    Keep it up, good for you mate. Would love to sit down with you mate ....

  • Jay Wall
    Jay Wall 13 days ago

    Honestly I thought Dan was an alright bloke, of course I don't agree with everything he says but he is super mega rich and down to earth, for most people that's impossible

  • Dakotah Whisler
    Dakotah Whisler 13 days ago

    The chewing was the ONLY problem

  • Sam Allen
    Sam Allen 13 days ago

    People hate him for a few reasons.
    1. He’s living the life people wish they could live
    2. He’s care free and people love to manufacture there own problems because they don’t have any, ie hating on him.

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 13 days ago

    Geordie must have the smaaaaallest penis if this constant insecurity is anything to go by

  • BOSScula
    BOSScula 14 days ago

    bunch of fucking beta male losers that hate on him because he is living their dreams...