10 Common Products Made Awesome

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • A look at common products that were transformed into awesome products by their unique characteristics.
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    Exploring some of Vat19's most normal-seeming products over the years. If we find something useful, it still needs to be curiously awesome. We've seen everything from Stormproof Matches to the Strawberry Huller.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  6 months ago +1244

    Do you have an idea for a common (yet secretly awesome) product? Tell us below in the comments!
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    • Jan Pirs
      Jan Pirs 5 days ago

      oh there water proof

      *instantly puts them in the frezer*

    • Abi Loveheart66
      Abi Loveheart66 7 days ago

      You can make more putty but with magnetic particles but it can be color changing

    • Angel gaming tv
      Angel gaming tv 15 days ago

      Vat19 you should make a secret chip holder for school binders

    • kitty kun
      kitty kun 18 days ago

      A glow in the dark blanket

    • Alexandro Lol
      Alexandro Lol 19 days ago

      Wait is the sponsored

  • Micayla Gonzalez
    Micayla Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    *to all my prepared gentlemen*
    What about me? I need another knife

  • nur fitrah
    nur fitrah 8 hours ago

    but how to put it off

  • Infinite Rage
    Infinite Rage 13 hours ago

    6:00 the best name

  • Noorazlin Alias
    Noorazlin Alias 15 hours ago

    It's ok to buy the storm proof matches but the one will
    Light of is the campfire

  • Coyotes super fan HOWL
    Coyotes super fan HOWL 18 hours ago

    Hey mom can I get HICKIES 😂

  • Crimz0n ng
    Crimz0n ng 18 hours ago

    how do you put out the matches?

    THE BIG NOOB IS HERE 18 hours ago

    Who whould have a grill in there house well not me^_^

  • Mad_Man
    Mad_Man 20 hours ago

    The story sounds at 12:56 sound the start to home alone 2

  • Fenrir Mordex
    Fenrir Mordex 20 hours ago

    Yay now if someone steals my wallet they have a knife now

  • GBR_Edog
    GBR_Edog 23 hours ago

    If I was on your channel and if it was named for me it would be named fat 19

  • Marie Vanleeuw
    Marie Vanleeuw Day ago

    Is there a single vat 19 add that Jamie doesn’t voice?

  • N1NJA
    N1NJA Day ago +1

    Storm Proof Matches
    Firemen : Ah Shit here we go again

  • indianna white
    indianna white Day ago +1

    For example the bonding! Is a different thing but you just changed the name!,!!!!

  • indianna white
    indianna white Day ago +1

    You guys have literally just taken normal brand things the change the name then sell them for money!!!

  • Marla Tarrosa
    Marla Tarrosa Day ago

    for some reason i want to eat the beads on the magic milk straw

    only me? i knew i was weird

  • Trippie Redd
    Trippie Redd Day ago

    Damn Joey got it in the balls with that pogo stick

  • Xander Sosing
    Xander Sosing Day ago

    U know and I know we both watch 10 ads but I never skip

  • James Warf
    James Warf Day ago

    I got some of that putty once. Left the cube in and it went rusty and ruined itself and the putty

  • Frezzo#1274
    Frezzo#1274 Day ago

    Literally nobody:

    Vat19: Go get some *Hickies!*

  • Ninjacreeper 7424

    It’s venom

  • NotKrmaL
    NotKrmaL 2 days ago

    Vat19 makes the best ads in the world. 😂

  • KYESTheGamer
    KYESTheGamer 2 days ago +1

    The Storm Proof Matches...
    What happens if you put it in the bin and can't find it within the rubbish, it wont extinguish out and even if you pour out the rubbish it still wont go out so what will you do???

  • ツRisky
    ツRisky 2 days ago

    Wait till someone's sues them

  • Watermelon gaming
    Watermelon gaming 2 days ago

    Light his grill in the FUCKING LIVING ROOM

  • Zachary Fair
    Zachary Fair 2 days ago

    8:58 form a super strong water tight seal

    Phil swift noices

  • MushiMellow
    MushiMellow 2 days ago +1

    AGGH AGGHHHHH, *ive wasted so many strawberries...*

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 2 days ago

    How long does it take for your products to arrive?

  • The Country Of Spain

    I wanna know what happened when he sprinted through the airport and followed his dad onto the plane.

  • DuckGamesNL/ DGNL
    DuckGamesNL/ DGNL 3 days ago

    No one:
    Jamie: CrEaTes A wAteRThiGhT SeAL!

  • Pande Saron
    Pande Saron 3 days ago

    Reno the Storm Team Snow the lighting can stop the fire in the house or something and save at 1900 need to do okay say it but 19

  • ong kim tee
    ong kim tee 3 days ago

    Its not a berry *10 second later* sees him walk through the background holding his stuff walking out of the office

  • YT_ NUH ヅ
    YT_ NUH ヅ 3 days ago

    Stormproof never goes out so how do you put the stormproof match’s out do you just throw it

  • Meme
    Meme 3 days ago

    Who came here to see the credit card

  • Emmet Swibes
    Emmet Swibes 3 days ago +1

    The 10 foot pogo stick looks fun but it also makes me extremely scared.

  • Benjie Maitim
    Benjie Maitim 3 days ago

    Are the hickies for kids to?

  • Aira Nur Anaqi
    Aira Nur Anaqi 3 days ago

    Hey Vat19... here is a question for the magic milk straw: can we eat the flavor beads?

  • Betty Diaz
    Betty Diaz 3 days ago +1

    Cashier: ok that will all come out to 50 dollars and 99 cents
    Me: all righty then let me just get my wallet
    **pulls out wallet knife**
    Me: put all the money in the f*cking bag

  • msmity63
    msmity63 3 days ago

    or the cheaper alternative, a plastic straw

  • Millie McCoy
    Millie McCoy 4 days ago

    You threw the magic milk straws away without harming the animals The animals do not choke on those things

  • Aden Bergman
    Aden Bergman 4 days ago +1

    Mom, I want “ hickeys”🤣🤣

  • Isma Danial
    Isma Danial 4 days ago

    So bondic can fix.earth thank you I will buy it

  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan 4 days ago

    Is the magnet N52 grade?

  • ExpoHD
    ExpoHD 4 days ago

    “Super strong water tight seal”

    Phill Swift vibes

  • Alfredo Cervantes
    Alfredo Cervantes 4 days ago

    How do you put out the stormProof matches then

  • existing being
    existing being 4 days ago

    Stormproof matches?
    Light one on fire,throw it to a tornado,and it'll become unstoppable.

  • Daniel Araujo
    Daniel Araujo 4 days ago

    Oh no, I got shanked by a *wallet*

  • master of yeet
    master of yeet 4 days ago

    About the magic milk straw what if you can't have milk because I can't have milk no matter what.

  • pyro james
    pyro james 4 days ago

    What if you try to put it out if it child starts the fire and try and put it out...how good does that sound?

  • Oblivion Thunder
    Oblivion Thunder 4 days ago

    Your ideas are amazing im probibly going to buy dozens of hickys and dozens of the biggest gummy worms i have seen
    the best part is that your videos are funny im telling everyone about your stuff they are amazing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • PopEgg 132
    PopEgg 132 4 days ago +5

    Robber: **tries to rob me**
    Me: **holds up credit card**
    Me: **turns credit card into knife**
    Robber: *visible confusion and fear*

  • Audrone Deniseviciene

    2 Easy steps on how to get the magic milk straws

    1 Pour in cereal in the boul and milk
    2 Eat the cereal

  • Lachlan Van Der Hoeven

    I’ve used some of these before and I didn’t even know vat19 made them

  • Mark Fernandez
    Mark Fernandez 4 days ago

    I just got a duolingo ad

  • Ryan Coulter
    Ryan Coulter 5 days ago

    I’d love the knife but I’d forget i have it my wallet until I’m going through airport security

  • BN SKL
    BN SKL 5 days ago +1

    9:54 the UV-light looks like Olaf from Frozen😂

  • Willie Kuong
    Willie Kuong 5 days ago

    7:42 foreshadowing

  • WedHedd
    WedHedd 5 days ago +2

    Normal people: Milk

    Vat19: MOO JUICE

    • Zenia
      Zenia 2 days ago

      If you go to Dictionary.com and search up "Milk," one of the synonyms is "Moo Juice." It's a Real Word.

  • Error Hatake
    Error Hatake 5 days ago

    Eric is a good singer

    DEADSOUL478 5 days ago

    I would like 2 hickeys please!!...wait