Jamie Vardy vs Jonny Evans | ‘Who Am I?’ Leicester Teammates Quiz

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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    Jamie Vardy and Jonny Evans go head-to-head in a 'Who Am I?' Leicester City Teammates quiz.
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Comments • 1 090

  • Lucas Ngo
    Lucas Ngo 3 days ago +1

    When vardy said vooooooooo I didn’t know who it was then i was like christian fuchs

  • og87
    og87 6 days ago

    Jaime Vardy proving why everyone loves him yet again. What a top lad. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Etienne Maritz
    Etienne Maritz 6 days ago

    I just saw Mo Salah in the background

  • Miles Lovegrove
    Miles Lovegrove 11 days ago +1

    Stare at Evans neck it’s so long

  • Christina you are such a chrispapoo Smith

    I watch this video all the time coz it is just class

  • A H
    A H 12 days ago

    Jonny Evans robbed

  • Nos se
    Nos se 12 days ago

    Can someone sub in me on yt search on bare starten and it will came a soccer vidio

  • Gabriel Saavedra
    Gabriel Saavedra 15 days ago +1

    Pls Pereira and Maddison!!!

  • Andy Guzman
    Andy Guzman 16 days ago

    Why is Vardy the funniest player ever

  • sargo junior
    sargo junior 16 days ago


  • Lars Palfi
    Lars Palfi 19 days ago

    best episode... handsdown

  • iambucka 23
    iambucka 23 22 days ago +1

    Vardy used var😂

  • Merya Tathagres
    Merya Tathagres 23 days ago

    "Kevin! KEVIN!" The secret to Vardy's goals this season? I really like that he has stayed with Leicester. He and Kasper will be lifers, except maybe a moneygrab in China or MLS, but IMO those don't count.

  • MZeta
    MZeta 24 days ago +1

    jamie vardy:

  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis 24 days ago

    Kevin! Kevin!
    I died.

  • Ashton Roche
    Ashton Roche 25 days ago

    Get off me now

  • Dead Fish
    Dead Fish 25 days ago

    Vardy reminds me of mcgregor😂

  • Deathpool 1854
    Deathpool 1854 25 days ago

    Pause it at 0:01 Vardy eyes are scary

  • Asif Rahaman
    Asif Rahaman 27 days ago

    Jamie Vardy is an absolute LAD

  • B A.j.c
    B A.j.c 27 days ago

    Vardy had to go to VAR for that seventh point 😂😂

  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw 27 days ago +3

    Most insta followers: jamie vardy
    Jamie vardy says " nowt to be proud of " whilst being so smug about having the most followers.

  • Brawl Razorplayz
    Brawl Razorplayz 28 days ago

    This guy must be a VAR referee.

  • Yaye Fall
    Yaye Fall 28 days ago

    KEVINN KEVINN😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • mirza baig
    mirza baig 28 days ago

    Vardy is pure Bantz😂😂

  • Declan Melvin
    Declan Melvin 29 days ago

    3.25 GET OFF ME NOW ahahaha

  • Jamal Sunna
    Jamal Sunna 29 days ago +1

    VAR decision no point still 6-6

  • Harrison Dixon
    Harrison Dixon 29 days ago

    Jamie’s a chewy bastard

  • Safa TheBoxCat
    Safa TheBoxCat 29 days ago


  • Soumalya Ghosh
    Soumalya Ghosh Month ago

    Vardy is jst comical man😂😂😂

  • MrPubby
    MrPubby Month ago +1

    Vardy + 3 red bulls + espresso = goals
    Any other footballer + 3 red bulls + espresso = death

  • Lahiru Prasad
    Lahiru Prasad Month ago

    Vardy always hits it first and in the injury time🤣🤣

  • avinash jaiswal
    avinash jaiswal Month ago

    God that was super competitive!

    MEME GOD Month ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Vardy: KEVIN!!! KEVIN!!!
    Jamie Vardy cracks me up 😂😂

  • Nazran Danial
    Nazran Danial Month ago

    The last question why its not Jamie Vardy?

  • Svilen Tomov
    Svilen Tomov Month ago +1

    "Like This:
    Kasper Schmeichel"
    bangs the first right in :D

  • ImAJagerMain
    ImAJagerMain Month ago +1

    Evans is a giraffe compare to vardy 😂😳

  • Sky Tress
    Sky Tress Month ago +1

    Of course there is a Red Bull commercial when Jamie Vardy is in the video

  • Night ShiftZ
    Night ShiftZ Month ago

    Vardy and Evans what a pairing for this vid
    This was funny af

  • Lucas Manning
    Lucas Manning Month ago

    Jamie vardy ur Bird is a grass

  • FIFAFinnish
    FIFAFinnish Month ago +1

    Vardy is older than Evans has anybody thought of that or is it obvious

  • Akash Chauhan
    Akash Chauhan Month ago +1

    How fast is vardy
    0:34 badooing
    4:45 Kevin Kevin😂

  • Caio Cruz
    Caio Cruz Month ago

    When the mom in home alone after she realised she forgot her son 4:45

  • SUG4R
    SUG4R Month ago

    vardy is a clown🤣

  • Christian TDW
    Christian TDW Month ago

    I can never forgive van Gaal for selling Evans

  • class raz
    class raz Month ago +1

    I come from Jonny Evans country! Fields of Windsor park to the best player George BEST allez allez allez no more allezs haha let's go !

  • Riksa Pradipta
    Riksa Pradipta Month ago

    but steel is heavia than feathes

  • NSG Loaded
    NSG Loaded Month ago +1

    I played-

    kAsPeR sChMeIcheL

  • Rithul Rakesh
    Rithul Rakesh Month ago

    KEVIN KEVIN!!!!!

  • Ben Huscroft
    Ben Huscroft Month ago +1


  • Chris Kasatka
    Chris Kasatka Month ago

    Jamie Vardy is Bantz personified.

  • Alexander Bårdén
    Alexander Bårdén Month ago

    1000th comment

  • GAMER BOY 123
    GAMER BOY 123 Month ago +1


  • Timo23 Zenzen
    Timo23 Zenzen Month ago +2

    Vardy is still a kid you know 😂

  • T M
    T M Month ago +1

    "It's just Jamie Vardy."

  • Mahdev Patel
    Mahdev Patel Month ago

    You did it in position order

  • Boonmatv
    Boonmatv Month ago


  • Dan DD
    Dan DD Month ago

    Vardy = McGregor

  • vivek Reddy
    vivek Reddy Month ago

    The best episode of this show 😂👌👌

  • Young Nuur keey
    Young Nuur keey Month ago

    Vardy is funny boy