How to Make Prepreg Carbon Fibre Parts (XPREG® XC110)

  • Published on Dec 11, 2017
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    Complete introduction to out-of-autoclave prepreg carbon fibre using the special XPREG® XC110 system. Explains what prepregs are, how they are stored, shipped and handled and what materials and equipment are needed to work with them.
    In this tutorial, we use the prepreg carbon fibre mould which we made in the preceding tutorial.
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  • Gsxr 600
    Gsxr 600 22 hours ago

    Do you make parts to sell

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  21 hour ago

      We don't offer a custom fabrication service but we do have a range of pre-made carbon parts and materials for sale which you can find here:!/cured-carbon-fibre-products

  • sam tolentino
    sam tolentino 7 days ago

    this one is worse,

  • Gary Leafty
    Gary Leafty Month ago

    Can you use pre-preg e-glass to make molds?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Month ago

      In theory yes you can as long as you have a suitable surface layer pre-preg to give a good quality mould surface.

  • Easwaran Krishnamurthy

    Excellent presentation! Very informative and clear. Kudos to the presenter!

  • Peter Gal
    Peter Gal Month ago

    is it possibe to use an FDM 3D printed mould with this material ? for example a mould made out of ASA Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Month ago

      We haven't tried this specifically but I would have two concerns; one being any outgassing from a Styrene based material and secondly being whether the ASA has a suitable enough HDT to be able to work at the higher curing temperatures required to cure the PrePreg.

  • Camillo Steuss
    Camillo Steuss Month ago

    I much prefer the dry fiber and wet binders... this makes me sick...

  • slowpoke96z28
    slowpoke96z28 2 months ago


  • Pushyhog
    Pushyhog 2 months ago +2

    Great common sense filmography imo. It’s made real simple for deplorables like me.

  • Pushyhog
    Pushyhog 2 months ago

    Why can’t we get plain weave hi-modulus in usa??

    SLEVIN SHAFEL 2 months ago

    if i want to make wings how you make it? the interior o wings can be empty to store gasoline or battery but not at cost of strenght.
    You offer service build my parts? like give you digital 3D and you make it in carbonfiber for me. will cost me a lot more than try to make it by my self and buy all that stuffs(vacum bags epoxy sand paper.etc...)?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  2 months ago

      Wings are made in exactly the same as the skin of a bonnet or similar sized panel. If it is likely to be too flexible then increase the number of layers of fabric to suit. We do not offer a custom fabrication service ourselves.

  • Jakub MCR Yak
    Jakub MCR Yak 3 months ago +2

    I have a question can I use it on a motocross clutch cover which has a hard life so do I need more layers to make it stronger? (If yes how many)

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  3 months ago

      In theory, yes, it should be possible - you would need to incorporate some of the fibres at +/-45 degrees as well as 0/90 to ensure you had uniform mechanical strength in each direction. As a starting point, I would recommend matching the thickness of the original part if made in metal - doing so will result in a lighter finished piece but with similar overall strength.

  • FearOfABlackPlanet
    FearOfABlackPlanet 3 months ago

    Do you guys have different colour carbon fibre weaves? Thanks

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  3 months ago

      In pre-preg format no. However we do have a small selection of standard cloths in a 50/50 hybrid color/carbon cloth which you can see here:!/fabric-and-reinforcement/carbon-fibre-reinforcement/hybrid-and-decorative-carbon-fabrics

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +1

    Great video! Please make me some carb fiber wheels.

  • Munyaradzi Zvavanyange
    Munyaradzi Zvavanyange 3 months ago

    Can i make a fixed wing drone like a MQ9 Reaper model or a Boeing 747 model fuselage and wings using carbon fiber only? Or do i have to mix it with Balsa wood which has been traditionally used in model aeroplanes?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  3 months ago +1

      Yes you can use carbon for these parts either on its own or in combination with a core material to add stiffness. Be aware that if you have internal areas, carbon will reduce signal strength.

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 4 months ago

    Excellent demo. This is how you sell products. By making these great tutorials you mitigate any confusion or misguidance that may result in poor ratings from the ignorant.
    Currently i have no room to store this Prepreg in a freezer nor do i have space for a suitable oven. Knowing those requirements i wont end up buying something i cant store or use properly.
    In my case vacuum impregnation is the best option although a bit more involved. I already have a suitable vacuum pump. i just need a few other things to get started.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  4 months ago

      Glad you liked the tutorial, even if you've concluded that for you resin infusion will be a better fit. It is worth pointing out that although we state an 'out-life' of 30 days for our XC110 system, this is VERY much on the safe side and we have used material that's been out of the freezer for 2-3 months without any problems at all. Officially we'll stick with the 30 days figure but this is not a reactive system and so if you do want to experiment with prepregs without the ability to keep them frozen then you wouldn't have to worry too much about them being out for more than 30 days at ambient.

  • 99dimensions
    99dimensions 4 months ago

    Where do you get the molds from or can you do them on your own?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  4 months ago

      If you watch the whole video series, you will see we made the mould.

  • Abel Nyarko
    Abel Nyarko 5 months ago +3

    excellent tutorial. looking forward to learn more from you. you are the best among all other videos I've watched

  • Iakwbos Nomik
    Iakwbos Nomik 5 months ago +1

    I have two questions
    Can the carbon look nice finished when the mold side isn't the part we want to look at? How are we going to achieve nice quality finish in this situation?
    Second question is when do we need to use extra epoxy on the fibers?
    Also the weight of the new carbon part you made vs the old engine cover. Thanks!

  • error code 1
    error code 1 5 months ago

    Stupid question, can you cure prepreg outside in hot sun?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  5 months ago +1

      IN most parts of the world, it is not going to be hot enough nor hot for long enough to complete the full cure cycle.

  • Srini Aero
    Srini Aero 5 months ago +3

    How about ceramic, I do moulds in ceramic and that avoifs a lot of barriers that are needed

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 5 months ago

    Hi, how would you go about skinning a plastic part with the XPreg. The part has complex vents integrated as a one pc part

    • Tyler Carr
      Tyler Carr 5 months ago

      Sandeep Singh if your just skinning a part don’t use pre preg

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard 6 months ago

    how to make a motorcycle rim?;)

    • Red Beard
      Red Beard 6 months ago

      @War Gaming TV I thought you were joking :)

    • War Gaming TV
      War Gaming TV 6 months ago

      I was wrong, i know how strong it is but didnt realise you can run rims my bad

    • Red Beard
      Red Beard 6 months ago

      @War Gaming TV why?

  • Azzedine Elmasbahi
    Azzedine Elmasbahi 7 months ago +10

    Ok so now I’m ready to make my own f1

  • hba8103
    hba8103 7 months ago

    Is it possible to 3D print the molds? For example a printed metal?

    • akmuobate
      akmuobate 6 months ago

      @Easy Composites Ltd is the surface finish of the 3d printed mold the only issue? It could be improved using body filler, I guess.

    • hba8103
      hba8103 7 months ago

      Easy Composites Ltd thanks for the reply.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  7 months ago

      We have not seen any printed materials that offer the same surface quality or durability of other mould making materials.

  • user_mac01
    user_mac01 8 months ago

    Hey, I need some tips on building a carbon fiber engine block and cylinder head: teh race has begun!

  • Peng Sanduk TV
    Peng Sanduk TV 8 months ago

    im always curios how do you put a hole for screw like a deep one that doesnt penetrate to the back of it

  • hfranke07
    hfranke07 8 months ago +4

    You guys are so awesome. Great video.

  • Realty With Sean Kemp
    Realty With Sean Kemp 8 months ago

    I could have sworn prepeg you didnt actually need an oven at all.

    • Aditya Nair
      Aditya Nair 5 months ago

      The resin in the prepreg is theromosetting polymer

  • Mark Deng
    Mark Deng 8 months ago

    Really solid presentation. two questions here:
    1. does industry also use the draping and prepreg procedures shown in this presentations? Since it seems to involve a lot of manual adjustment, large deviation may occur in large production.
    2. in your channel, carbon fiber composite is mostly manufactured for laminate which has excellent lateral mechanical property but weak along out of plane direction. do you guys also make bulk composite parts which have fiber direction not only in plane but also in out of plane direction? Thank you.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  8 months ago

      Higher volume parts may need slightly different process and tools, however there are plenty of business using these techniques and materials to make parts in smaller and medium volumes.

      You can make parts stronger in those direction by rotating the plies of the material in a lay up. For many non-structural parts, this is not necessary though.

  • Darth Avocado
    Darth Avocado 8 months ago

    is it possible to use a laser cutter cnc machine to cut precious pieces out of the carbon fiber rolls?

    • Darth Avocado
      Darth Avocado 8 months ago

      @Easy Composites Ltd thank you

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  8 months ago +3

      Most commercially used pre-preg CNC cutting machines use a drag knife to do the cutting. A laser cutter might be difficult to get clean results due to having to cut through the carbon, epoxy and backing films, all of which will likely need different settings to cut perfectly.

  • MuffinMan0521
    MuffinMan0521 9 months ago

    Why are you making a carbon fiber mould from a plastic mould and then making the production parts from the carbon fiber part instead of continuing to use the plastic mould over and over?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  9 months ago +1

      In this instance, the Epoxy Tooling Board used for the pattern could indeed be used as a mould but only for short production runs as with heat cycling, it would eventually degrade and you may lose accuracy after a number of uses. If a larger production run of items is required; the PrePreg will last significantly longer and maintain accuracy throughout its life cycle.

  • Rickard Carlsson
    Rickard Carlsson 9 months ago +1

    Very nice and informative video!
    Q: Looks like you have very sharp corners/edges, what is the minimum corner radious you would recommend?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  9 months ago +2

      Yes, we did choose to make a component with some very tight radii in this video. Tight radii like those on this component do make the layup more difficult and also increase the chances of bridging or pin-holes/micro voiding on these corners so wherever possible they should be avoided, however in this video we wanted to show what is possible. I would suggest trying to avoid corners with a radius of less than 1mm but wherever possible, make them as large as the design allows.

  • Mindaugas Berteska
    Mindaugas Berteska 9 months ago

    hi easy composites LTD then you placing part under vaccum what kind of pump is that it is the same like AC vacum pump?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  9 months ago

      It's not dissimilar from a vacuum pump that you might use to charge an air conditioning system. The pump we used was the DVP EC.4; you can find these high quality DVP pumps on our website here:!/vacuum-equipment-and-supplies/vacuum-pumps-and-equipment/composites-vacuum-pump.html

  • Vimototv victor montes de oca

    Pre preg is not resin needed?

    • Keith Thorne
      Keith Thorne 8 months ago


    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  9 months ago +1

      That's right, 'pre-preg' means pre-impregnated with resin so the resin is already mixed and pressed (impregnated) into the fabric.

  • GLR
    GLR 9 months ago


  • Perran Woolfrey
    Perran Woolfrey 10 months ago

    Can you use plaster of paris with prepreg

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  10 months ago +1

      Plaster of paris is not a suitable mould making material for use with Pre-pregs.

  • Mahr Ahsan
    Mahr Ahsan 10 months ago

    brother what will be the starting price of autoclave

      DJ COLQUITT 9 months ago

      Going to order those snips and left handed scissors!!! Supah Wicked! Awesome video btw.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  10 months ago

      We don't sell any autoclaves. At present we sell our in house designed and built composites curing oven, for which full details can be found here:!/tools-equipment-and-supplies/composites-workshop-equipment/OV301-precision-curing-oven.html

  • Tan Cakar
    Tan Cakar 10 months ago

    does the high-temperature mold last longer then unimold on out of oven resin infusion?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  10 months ago +1

      Both have a hard mould finish so both are likely to have similar lifespan in terms of surface degradation. Of course the Uni-mould system is slightly easier to use and slightly cheaper to produce so for resin infusion only moulds is the preferred choice.

  • ione tuning
    ione tuning 11 months ago

    can you explain the oven cure tell us the times and temperature in detail? i want to make carbon fiber rims

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  11 months ago

      The full cure cycle detail is in the Technical Data sheet for the pre-preg you choose to use.

  • christos christou
    christos christou 11 months ago

    Wh1at kind of pven can be used ?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  11 months ago

      Ideally it needs to have PID temperature control to ensure it can maintain the proper cure cycle. Also needs a vacuum port into the oven so you can keep the bag under vacuum.

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M 11 months ago

    could you theoretically use a crock pot to cure the pieces?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  11 months ago

      A crock pot is unlikely to have the appropriate temperature control abilities nor even heating to cure pre-preg properly.

  • IngeBall
    IngeBall Year ago +1

    I thaught I recognized the voice , glad you went to the barber :D

  • Gordon Green
    Gordon Green Year ago +37

    Not sure how I got here, but this guy is a really solid presenter. 11/10

  • Blue Ridge DSIA
    Blue Ridge DSIA Year ago

    do you sell prepreg tow?

  • Vadthyavath Ravi
    Vadthyavath Ravi Year ago

    what are challenges with the prepreg process? how it is different from hand layup-vacuum bag technique ?

  • Don Solomon
    Don Solomon Year ago

    Do you have a pic of the reverse side of that component. ?

  • XC Carbon Fiber
    XC Carbon Fiber Year ago +1

    The surface looks great in Glossy

  • Lennart Nilsen
    Lennart Nilsen Year ago

    What is a ten minute drop test?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago

      It is a leak test to look for a drop in vacuum. It is a sign of how good the quality of your bagging is. If the bag is leaky you need to find the leak and fix it, or rebag worst case. Ideally you want a perfectly leak free bag for the best results.

  • Sebastian Santilli

    I'm going to make a stupid question. I never used prepreg because I don't a freezer to keep the material. Is a really bad idea to use my freezer at home? I wonder if the food is going to be contaminated. Of course I will seal the bags with the prepreg very very well.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago

      Hi Sebastian, that's not a stupid question at all. If the prepreg is in sealed bags then I would say it would be fine to be in your domestic freezer, especially in small quantities. If you become a regular user of prepreg then of course you'd switch to a separate freezer but for small amounts occassionally I would not have any concerns at all. It's also worth pointing out that - especially with the XPREG XC110 you see used in this video - the out-life of the prepreg (i.e. how long it can spend out of the freezer) is actually extremely long, probably more like 6 months (although we state 6 weeks). We're starting to find out that users have no problems from prepreg that's been out of the freezer for several months and in fact the XPREG XC110 datasheet might soon be updated to reflect this.

  • Philly Phil
    Philly Phil Year ago

    i could see how this could appeal to a chef or someone in the culinary/food industry, all the prep is a lot like baking a cake. which sucks for me cause i'm impatient and have never gotten on with cooking. however my wife and mother could probably build chassis for Bugatti Veyrons as they LOVE this kind of prep and set work. lol

  • Nick Bell
    Nick Bell Year ago +1

    Isn't that the same intro sound as the TED talks??

  • Chimera
    Chimera Year ago

    Excellent demonstration!

    BIGALARDO Year ago

    This is so helpful, thanks

  • Osvaldo Ah
    Osvaldo Ah Year ago +5

    Build a konisegg lol

  • Marco Lorenzi
    Marco Lorenzi Year ago

    hi paul! sorry for the question but is there any chance to contact you?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago

      Of course, you can get in touch with us by phone or email and we would be happy to answer any questions. If Paul is not available then we have plenty of other technical staff who are very familiar with XPREG prepreg system.

  • darkisato
    darkisato Year ago

    Can u make a carbon fiber motorcycle tank

    • darkisato
      darkisato Year ago

      Easy Composites Ltd yeah I was thinking of what if the gas eats trough the compound. Interesting thing to think of.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago +3

      We don't actually manufacture carbon fibre parts ourselves but in theory you could use the same prepreg and process shown in this video make a fuel tank however it would be important to use a fuel-safe tank sealer inside the tank once it was made.

  • marco son
    marco son Year ago +3

    Hi! Excellent video!
    Could I use a mid layer of foam to increase the overall strength of the final piece, or it doesn't make sense with those pre peg sheets?

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago +4

      Creating a cored panel with pre-preg materials is commonly done to improve strength and stiffness so it is possible to do so. You need the right core material to withstand the cure temperatures and depending on the resin uptake of the core, you may need to use a film adhesive to add resin adhesive to bond them together properly.

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake Year ago

    You need a comb and a razor sheesh ! You
    Look like you use epoxy for hair gel

    • the ravedaddy
      the ravedaddy 10 months ago

      Paul looks a lot smarter these years after abandoning the oasis look....

    • Groom Lake
      Groom Lake Year ago

      Easy Composites Ltd tell Paul I like his style 😎

    • Groom Lake
      Groom Lake Year ago

      Easy Composites Ltd hmmm you just gave me a great idea. We run w70 oil and I have heat pads snap on made us to warm the pan and the oil before the first start up on a cold day. If I used my heat pad would I just use peal ply between it and the pre preg and vacuum bag the whole lot? We have a hospitality truck and trailer that has a big kitchen in side where I could keep the prepreg cool. What’s the longest shelf life stuff you have @ 60-70 degrees? Or does it always have to be kept in cooler temp? Thank you so much for the insight !

    • Groom Lake
      Groom Lake Year ago

      Easy Composites Ltd if your ever at a drag race stop buy the snap on pit we would love to have you🏁thanks for the advice. There’s a lot of cars blowing the body off them then they pop the blower. And fixing body’s is becoming a regular occurrence

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago +2

      Snap curing a prepreg in an emergency situation (like in the pit) can be done but you probably need moe control than simply a heat gun. If you could manufacture a patch (or jacket) that you could wrap around the prepreg repair which would generate a 120'C heat then you could cure off the right prepreg in 30-60 mins. You'd want to keep some consolidation pressure on it though (for example shrink-tape).

  • Perpetual Student
    Perpetual Student Year ago +14

    If anyone is concerned about prepreg, Formula Atlantic, Cart, and Indy cars all used prepreg. I can't speak for F1 because I was not in the industry.

    • Will C
      Will C 4 months ago +1

      @Sebastian Santilli he's talking about prepreg carbon fiber specifically.

    • Paolo G
      Paolo G 8 months ago +1

      As do car manufacturers such as Koenigsegg: and yacht manufacturers

    • Sebastian Santilli
      Sebastian Santilli Year ago

      McLaren mp4

    • Perpetual Student
      Perpetual Student Year ago

      Yes, i believe it was Lotus who first used it.

    • Sebastian Santilli
      Sebastian Santilli Year ago +1

      F1 was the first one to use carbon. If I'm not mistaken they started to use it back in the 80'

  • Renato Bueno
    Renato Bueno Year ago

    Missing the temperature to cure.

    • Easy Composites Ltd
      Easy Composites Ltd  Year ago

      That's intentional because there is a reasonable amount of detail to go with this. Please download the datasheet from the product page for full details on the recommended and alternative cure cycles:!/prepreg/component-prepregs/xpreg-xc110-prepreg-carbon-fibre-22-twill-210g.html