• Published on Nov 4, 2021
  • Now I'm bad at math, but is it going on 3 and a half years working on this?
    Holy shoot, I think that's my longest game project. Haha, geez tiny human, you made me take an extra year longer than I wanted!
    Echoed Memories, Gaia's Melody:Echoed Melodies sequel, and Gaia's Melody:Another Epilogue's remake is finally available!
    And oof what a journey that was!
    Download links below:
    Echoed Melodies (GMEM1)
    Echoed Memories (GMEM2)
    Kismet NES version/Kismet SHORT version
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  • Al
    Al 6 months ago +23

    So wonderful to see it finally release!!!!! You are the reason I wanted to make RPGs as a kid!!! So excited to play it!

  • Driftwood Gaming
    Driftwood Gaming 6 months ago +13

    Congratulations on the release! :)

  • chocoblin
    chocoblin 6 months ago +6

    always do ur best Echo! proud of u! i wish with all my heart for u to succeed lots! also, the game looks incredible, sounds too, definitely buying it!

  • John G
    John G 6 months ago +3

    Thank you Echo607 for giving me a new game well two new games to enjoy. I'm a sucker for new rpgs especially if it has an anime type story. Your character models are great and full of personality your maps looks alive and colorful. You really pushed this engine to the limit. Awesome job I'll be sure to leave a review for each game once I finish them both.

  • Joshua Basco
    Joshua Basco 6 months ago +6

    Congrats on the release! Can’t wait to play it

  • beytrod
    beytrod 6 months ago +4

    Congrats Echo! Can't wait to play it!

  • Weeb Commander
    Weeb Commander 6 months ago +6

    I still have to play the first one, but congrats for release your game!

    • The Gaming Paladin
      The Gaming Paladin 6 months ago +1

      same, i know it's gonna be worth the DL, she really put a ton of work into it.

  • Vincent Thendean
    Vincent Thendean 6 months ago +2

    Congratulations and well done for seeing the project to completion.

  • biggamefreak
    biggamefreak 6 months ago +4

    And I bought it. Can't wait to play it tonight.

  • MysticMaya
    MysticMaya 5 months ago +1

    The amount of quality on this is absolutely absurd. If you told me this was using rpg maker as base I wouldn't believe you. This is too good

  • Blake Spangler
    Blake Spangler 6 months ago +1

    I remember watching your videos all the time when I was in high school, I’m super happy to see this get released and I hope the best for you!

  • OtakuRay
    OtakuRay 6 months ago +7

    Wow the game looks amazing!!!
    Can you please make a video on the process of how gaias melody was made and give us some tips on how to make a proffesional game like yours on rpg maker?

      ⁅VALENSiYAGAMES⁆ 6 months ago +1

      She does have an Echoed Memories Dev Log series on her channcel that outlines a lot of the development on how it was made.

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin 6 months ago

    congrats Echo on finally finishing this huge endeavor you started, i look forward to playing it and giving my two cents.

  • Jambles
    Jambles 6 months ago

    Congratulations on all your hard work on Echoes Memories! Take a well-earned break if you need to.

  • EntoSanto
    EntoSanto 6 months ago

    Hey Echooo!!! I just bought two games of yours. You've helped me a lot along this game making journey. So accept it as an appreciation.

  • Steven Partridge
    Steven Partridge 6 months ago

    This is wonderful! Congratulations! When I first started using RPG maker, yours was one of the first channels I discovered.

  • nido_ri
    nido_ri 6 months ago +4

    Congrats!!!! So happy its finally here!

  • Galactica dev team
    Galactica dev team 4 months ago

    Amazing work, congratulations on the release!! Sucess and blessings for all the team behind the game.

  • Hetsu
    Hetsu 6 months ago

    Honestly looks so very well polished, i hope you focused on the gameplay too!

  • artofthemango
    artofthemango 6 months ago

    Omg it's finally out!! Seeing the development come to fruition is super exciting! Can't wait to try it out!! ^^

  • Matt W
    Matt W 6 months ago +4

    Congratulations! i avoided all spoilers and i'm so curious!

  • Miqo'te Lover
    Miqo'te Lover 4 months ago

    Fantastic game! Congrats on the release!

  • Akemi Homura
    Akemi Homura 6 months ago +5

    nice! i'll get it as soon as possible :D

  • Dairnon
    Dairnon 5 months ago

    Looks incredible!

  • Freya Manga- マンガフレイア

    Its amazing how much your game change! I love it" you inspiration me i try make my own rpg game.

  • Rayhaku808
    Rayhaku808 6 months ago

    Congrats on the release Echo

  • Lucas Gomez
    Lucas Gomez 5 months ago +1

    congratulations!! just finishished chapter 4 of the first game :3

  • Leif Anderson
    Leif Anderson 5 months ago +1

    Good job human! Power to the game make!

  • Troa gil
    Troa gil 3 months ago

    Congratulations! Do you have a website for the games?

    MIGNS-TIME 6 months ago +3

    Amazing job ( hope the best for you )

  • Shroomy-P
    Shroomy-P 5 months ago

    how did you make the characters move around in battle? i know that it's action sequences, but how did you make them stay in the same spot after they finish the action sequence?

  • Kasume ASMR
    Kasume ASMR 6 months ago

    We've all been waiting 😌 congratulations!

  • Aaron Heroes
    Aaron Heroes 6 months ago +2

    I’m very happy for your echo

  • Blackan
    Blackan 4 months ago

    Gonna pick it up this weekday :)

  • Lilifid
    Lilifid 6 months ago +6

    First one to comment! I’ve been watching this channel for several years 😤
    Incredible! I hope you keep making these amazing games

  • Orochii Zouveleki
    Orochii Zouveleki 6 months ago +1

    I mean, it'd take like 12 kids for me to explain my game make delays. "orz So you taking just one extra year, that's crazy. All the gratz!

  • MeanBluePenguin
    MeanBluePenguin 6 months ago

    Every game needs that moment someone goes YEET!

  • Johnny Aparicio
    Johnny Aparicio 6 months ago +1

    I would like to team up with echo to make a game

  • Om3gaEX
    Om3gaEX 6 months ago

    I am definitely making a series playing the game

    MIDNIGHT BOSS 6 months ago

    A request - How about a tutorial on a banking system that lends money to the player and demands the money back + interest along with a seperate debt/bailiff system that doubles the amount of unpaid loans? There are plenty of tutorials on making a banking system but none are this complex.

  • jvsvogler
    jvsvogler 6 months ago

    Awesome! Congrats :)

  • T
    T 6 months ago

    omg i guess i have to play echoed memories. i can't wait for the zephyr content tho

  • Roboticarm
    Roboticarm 6 months ago +3

    I missed your adorably dorky voice😍

  • The Greninja20
    The Greninja20 6 months ago

    Will you do a walkthrough like GMEM1 ?

  • Ricardo Cavaco
    Ricardo Cavaco 6 months ago


  • SingularBDC
    SingularBDC 6 months ago +3

    I dont like it.... I LOVE IT!!

  • neotracer075
    neotracer075 6 months ago

    Purchased on release day!

  • penguin master_br
    penguin master_br 6 months ago +4

    Nice. Are you gonna let's play it on the channel?

      ⁅VALENSiYAGAMES⁆ 6 months ago

      I hope so too! That'd be super fun!

    • penguin master_br
      penguin master_br 6 months ago

      @chocoblin To be fair, there isn't an Another Epilogue let's play in this channel, but even if there was, the let's play series for Echoed Melodies released less than half a year after the game's official release date on Steam.
      Anyhow, i don't expect the series to start tommorow, it's more of a "will you do this eventually?" Kind of thing. I don't think i would be playing the game for free though. Gameplay is a big part of Videogames (at least 1/5, but if you count interactive music story or graphics stuff its more like half of the game) so i don't think we would get the whole experience for free.
      But anyway, it's ok if Echo607 doesn't do videos for this game, because i'll probably buy and play them soon.
      I really enjoyed her Gaia's Melody 1 and Echoed Melodies videos though. There was a lot of fun facts and stuff.
      But yeah. This game is hype so no matter what happens it'll be cool.

    • chocoblin
      chocoblin 6 months ago +2

      daym man wait a bit! the gam's just released and u want to play it for free by watching?

  • Santouryu3
    Santouryu3 6 months ago +2

    Well I hope the Steam version doesn't decide to give me the unstoppable Gate Guardian with triple Megamorphs boss to freeze the game screen again from the first game... *Uninstall & reinstall* -__-

      ⁅VALENSiYAGAMES⁆ 6 months ago +1

      the nwjs has been updated to MUCH newer versions on both the first game, and Echoed Memories now. Both games seem to run with highly improved performance and are - or rather - from our testing - seem to be basically lag free now. Happy gaming!

  • dannie smikle
    dannie smikle 6 months ago

    Did you go to animation school or did you learn animation on your own

  • Tom Forsdike
    Tom Forsdike 6 months ago +2


  • Cootadude
    Cootadude 6 months ago


  • KirX  « YOUTUBE »
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  • Paul The human
    Paul The human 6 months ago +1


  • Phobophobia
    Phobophobia 6 months ago

    who mdade all the music andstuff in the game

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 months ago

      the game comes with a credits.pdf file that has all of it listed

  • FarbenCut
    FarbenCut 6 months ago +2


  • becRadiation
    becRadiation 6 months ago +2

    YOOOOOO!!! :D