• Published on Oct 18, 2020
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    My name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Cook with me today as we do some freezer meal prep and daily harvest reviews on some copycat recipes. Is it cheaper to make them yourself?
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Comments • 598

  • Zachary Michael
    Zachary Michael Year ago +193

    I was literally just about to say your smoothies weren't as frozen as the Daily Harvest smoothies, and then Dave said it for me. Any time I use less frozen fruit in my smoothies they are always a bit more thin

  • Abi Mol
    Abi Mol Year ago +80

    The screaming over the blender gets me every single time 😂

  • Wilma Santos
    Wilma Santos Year ago +266

    Can you guys stop coming at Christine with the whole organic vs store bought version of these smoothies?!? She never said she was making an exact REPLICA of DH. She said you can make it at home for less. And she proved that you can. For all you organic lovers, use Christine's code below for $25 off your first order, and move on. Christine's channel is about saving money, and being able to feed your family at a lower cost. Coming at her in these comments is unfair and unnecessary.

  • lovgoddess
    lovgoddess Year ago +65

    Just want to re-emphasize what we all know. Your kitchen looks AMAZING!🥰

  • I Wilson
    I Wilson Year ago +81

    For future reference, the tartness in the mango/papaya smoothie was probably from the ACEROLA cherry. Acerola is a type of "cherry" and it is tart. It is becoming the new fad. They even use it in makeup and skincare products now!

  • Maureen Davidson
    Maureen Davidson Year ago +44

    OK, we learned 3 things here---Ryan likes sweet ice cream, Dave's expressions are hilarious, and Christine knows her numbers. :D

  • Jackie Does Keto
    Jackie Does Keto Year ago +77

    I meal prep every Sunday, sometimes it’s about saving money or time overall. Sometimes for a mental health perspective knowing it’s all there is so reassuring.

  • Gigi Cannon
    Gigi Cannon Year ago +93

    Daily Harvest says they are 98% organic, so that would bump your homemade cost up. :) It would still be significantly less though!

  • AnnEvelyn7
    AnnEvelyn7 Year ago +104

    Dave: “Am I the final word?”

  • Christina Wentzel
    Christina Wentzel Year ago +17

    I would love to see a calorie breakdown as well. Also, I add silken tofu to my smoothies which makes they creamier, adds protein , but you cannot taste the tofu.

  • ZJ D
    ZJ D Year ago +6

    This is great content! Seeing the cost difference 🤯 $4-8 compared to $1.01. Keep it coming!

  • Dusti Boring
    Dusti Boring Year ago +40


  • Jellybeansbud
    Jellybeansbud Year ago +100

    Man that new countertop makes a huuuuuge difference in the lighting. Looks good!

  • Wondergal C
    Wondergal C Year ago +22

    Lol Dave screaming at the price and brain freeze, so funny. I actually laughed out loud while my hubby was sleeping, that knife looks awesome.

  • Crash3x
    Crash3x Year ago +49

    Daily Harvest might be dehydrated fruit before freezing thats why when you put the same amount of liquid theirs comes out thicker

  • J Nicolay
    J Nicolay Year ago +8

    Nice video - that last shake was funny with Daves reaction, and "needs a dollar more of ingrediants" lol.😂 Fun sponsor - good kitchen knives are one of my favorites! Ordering Walmart online and ordering the shakes online, cancels each other out? And your kitchen looks great!! 😍

  • Catherine Calhoun
    Catherine Calhoun Year ago +54

    Banana is typically used as sweetness and thickness in a shake. You can add a sweetener and frozen cauliflower for the same effect.

  • Kathy Humphrey
    Kathy Humphrey Year ago +3

    I’ve been making my own homemade smoothies because i just couldn’t afford DH. I did look into them but I’m not vegan, cannot abide the taste of stevia and just wanted something easy to eat for breakfast. Thank you for this very informative video. You proved my thinking... Homemade is best!😊

  • Daphne Kuzminsky
    Daphne Kuzminsky Year ago +44

    Omg when he screamed 🤣

  • Mollie Hedgecock
    Mollie Hedgecock Year ago +6

    Ryan is the cutest taste tester ever. You win over DH just for having him.