The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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    This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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Comments • 24 759

  • DawgFace Channel
    DawgFace Channel Hour ago

    Egg man from sonic boom

  • Dani W.
    Dani W. 13 hours ago +1

    how could they possibly make an animation that looks like it STINKS, ive never felt this way about an animation before

  • Itchy Shiels
    Itchy Shiels 13 hours ago

    so this is what the voice cast of yu-gi-oh gx is up to

  • flat Russian dog
    flat Russian dog 14 hours ago

    11:09 that’s just the plot of spongebob with extra steps

  • Eva.
    Eva. 18 hours ago

    Funny fact: when I was 6 someone gave me a Ratatoing DVD as a Christmas gift and I was like " whatthefuck this is NOT Ratatouille" btw I dont remember if I ever even watched this, but just to seen the DVD cover i was already scared.

  • Samantha Barkley
    Samantha Barkley 20 hours ago +1

    What I wanna know is how he knew that rats had 12 nipples..........

  • MykkyM ykkyM
    MykkyM ykkyM 20 hours ago

    I'm hearing at least 3 different voice actors from one of the Yu-Gi-Oh series. We got Joey and his sister from the original, and Syrus from GX.
    Kinda tempted to watch the whole thing just to check if there are more.

  • Michael Maughan
    Michael Maughan 21 hour ago +1

    That rat walks nicely I might marry one

  • Thana Pinnoi
    Thana Pinnoi 21 hour ago

    My freind thinks u look like shawn mendes

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose 21 hour ago +1

    Danny talking about rat boobs for 5 minutes was the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose 22 hours ago

    Ok Danny you need to watch the movie “big and hairy” yes I know the name sounds awful but we were forced to watch it in math class and it was horrible

  • MrThief95
    MrThief95 22 hours ago

    The only good thing about this movie is Mike Pollock

  • TheLibraQueen
    TheLibraQueen Day ago

    Who hired 4kidztv and their MANY actors to voice EVERYONE

  • CrabbyTheCrabCrab

    Ratatoing is a fucking masterpiece 😡

  • Scrub Lord
    Scrub Lord Day ago +1

    Sexy rat is worse

  • Unnamed INK
    Unnamed INK Day ago

    1:21 Portuguese actually, this thing is from video brinquedo, witch is a brazilian disney rip-off
    A really bad one

  • Randomguy 0011
    Randomguy 0011 Day ago

    Rio is a favela with high crime rates and violence towards tourists, but you could call it prosperous if you want.

  • Chloe Dearing
    Chloe Dearing Day ago

    Sexy rat

  • William Thompson

    Danny Gonzales, registered zoophile.

  • sarah toledo
    sarah toledo Day ago

    Danny, we speak portuguese in Brazil, not spanish lol

  • Karynna Hill
    Karynna Hill Day ago

    Why does Danny always cut out the parts in his videos where he’s about to genuinely laugh? Quite annoying. 4:52 for example

  • Viswatha Pamidipati

    20:58 literately every 2nd grade kid that gets let out for recess

  • daminwidi
    daminwidi Day ago +2

    OMG, I remember our grandparents got us this movie. We were so fucking happy with this shit.

  • Lyra Moon
    Lyra Moon Day ago

    "I need to talk to it."

  • Stopmotionguy Productions

    If you check out the google reviews they are filled with praise about how amazing this movie is. I'm starting to think it's a joke.

  • Koobasowisk Slithen

    Movie: Sexy robot rat

  • WalpurgisNacht
    WalpurgisNacht Day ago +1

    1:17 that's bc Rio is referred as cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) in Brazil

  • Laura Sekela
    Laura Sekela Day ago +1

    Me:I want Ratatouille
    Mom:we have Ratatouille
    Ratatouille at home:

  • Laura Sekela
    Laura Sekela Day ago

    0:11 to 0:25 Danny just explained storytime animators

  • Bailey__Does__Things

    “Such as when we reviewed ‘Plan Bee,’ which was terrifying.”
    *M M M H O N E Y*

  • dildonius
    dildonius Day ago

    You know they speak Portugese in Brazil, not Spanish, right?

  • Petite Pomme de terre

    My name is Carol :(

  • AV_Nightray
    AV_Nightray Day ago


  • IndianaTrashBag
    IndianaTrashBag Day ago +1

    Shit, that rat has mad cake.

  • D Baken
    D Baken Day ago

    This is my fifth or sixth time re-watching this video. Re-watching, mind you. Something’s wrong with me.

  • idkmyname 1375
    idkmyname 1375 Day ago +1

    The part when he says they grunt to much really cracked me up

    MHm YeAh YEAH yEaH!!! ArRrRrRr MhMhMhMhmH

  • QNiki
    QNiki Day ago

    jdjdjd wait the lady rat is played by the same person who did musa in winx club noooo

  • QNiki
    QNiki Day ago

    The girl rat sounds like someone in winx club from the 4kids (?) version and its a little unnerving

  • Abbey Nicole
    Abbey Nicole 2 days ago

    This sounds like a messed up virson of Mickey mouse clubhouse

  • cherry bomb
    cherry bomb 2 days ago

    rats are always sexy you uncultured swine

  • Emily Bernard
    Emily Bernard 2 days ago

    look up ratatoing and read the reviews.
    They are pure gold.

  • •Coconilla Swirls -

    That sexy walk tho

  • Osamu Dazai
    Osamu Dazai 2 days ago

    Plot twist: Danny made this movie

  • xxRANGER_ Mxx
    xxRANGER_ Mxx 2 days ago

    Don’t strawberries not have a scent?

  • Jawanbowden 24
    Jawanbowden 24 2 days ago

    I found that ratatouille was made after ratatoing by 3 months

  • Lucas Schiller
    Lucas Schiller 2 days ago

    I’m going to have nightmares now LOL

  • Leo Nelson
    Leo Nelson 2 days ago

    Humans: *Create rat traps to kill rats and rid them from our homes*
    Also humans: *Draws the rats curvy as heCK*

  • Ralph Glorio
    Ralph Glorio 2 days ago

    Woah wait right there it has worm and its a brown liquid how did it go on fresh strawberry really.
    Ans how did the rats puts traps.

  • Tess Miller
    Tess Miller 2 days ago

    I know this video is old, and it may be because im sleep deprived, but him yelling carol made me cry laughing

  • onlyangelouis
    onlyangelouis 2 days ago


  • enchanted watermelon


  • Amanda Gerard
    Amanda Gerard 2 days ago

    "Why do they have boobs" *war flashbacks of happy feet*

  • Amanda Gerard
    Amanda Gerard 2 days ago

    Lol my friend and i found this at the dollar tree and the whole thing is on youtube 😂😂

  • Renee Gilley
    Renee Gilley 2 days ago


  • I like doing Gacha edits _

    Marcell is the Gordan Ramsey of rats

  • Naura Calixte
    Naura Calixte 2 days ago

    I think a sexy rat is worst🤣🤣rays do not need to be sexy

  • I like doing Gacha edits _

    I have seen this like 7 times

  • cloudyyskies
    cloudyyskies 2 days ago

    cRiSp SpAgHeTtI?
    Who the frick serves c r i s p spaghetti lmao

  • Blue Kitty
    Blue Kitty 2 days ago

    Human John's: Made for humans, by humans, and with humans.

  • Butter Knife
    Butter Knife 2 days ago

    OH SHIT A poorly written and designed movie