• Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • It is time for the Beverly Valley High School Council Elections! Riya and Cinnamon both want to become president of Beverly Valley High, but who will become the new high school president? FIND OUT NOW!
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  • Dan and Riya
    Dan and Riya  Month ago +3468

    WE'RE BACK!!!

  • Loise Dickenson
    Loise Dickenson 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that rubarb's trumpet did not have a mouth peice so it means that the trumpet was not actually the one playing the music cause all the music comes from the mouth peice

  • Natasha Choudhury
    Natasha Choudhury 7 hours ago

    Go RIYA

  • Evelin Danesi
    Evelin Danesi 10 hours ago

    Vote .. Riya

  • Marla Rodriguez
    Marla Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Dus simnin more like siminin tost crunch XD🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    VSCO GIRLSKSKSKSKSK 14 hours ago

    Strawberry 🍓: 😏Riya Riya😏

  • John Cai
    John Cai 15 hours ago

    Wat will happen comment

  • Mikayla Cartwright
    Mikayla Cartwright 19 hours ago +1

    If im riya ill slap.cinnmin and yea i speld it worng on. Purpus

  • Jesselyn Olivia
    Jesselyn Olivia 19 hours ago

    I hate strawberry she is like talking secretly and whispering

  • FluffyCharm
    FluffyCharm 22 hours ago +1

    So Cinnamon won to be the president?

  • Samantha Watson
    Samantha Watson Day ago

    wait is raja riyas cousin because he called riyas dad uncle

  • Robert Deese
    Robert Deese Day ago +1

    Hue heh jus hmd Grubb fully

  • Brandon Dunlap
    Brandon Dunlap Day ago +1


  • Brandon Dunlap
    Brandon Dunlap Day ago +1

    Ew cinnamon

  • Elize Nocente
    Elize Nocente Day ago

    Love your vids!!!

  • ICY Gamer
    ICY Gamer Day ago

    SO FUNNY!!!!!

  • Heritzawrld -
    Heritzawrld - Day ago +1

    Period boo Riya is the best

  • Heritzawrld -
    Heritzawrld - Day ago +1

    Riya should win

  • Troll Originals
    Troll Originals Day ago

    Omg 6:15
    Ria dad: Then We are screw
    Tutsie: 😨
    Rasha: Yes, doom!

  • orange juice
    orange juice Day ago

    4:47 you can see Riya's bun lmao

  • Zach dean
    Zach dean Day ago

    I love you

  • Emily Chaitoo
    Emily Chaitoo Day ago


  • Arman Khan
    Arman Khan Day ago

    This was actully sad riya riya riya riya!!!!

  • Jeffeneth Portillo
    Jeffeneth Portillo Day ago +1

    Every one vote for cinnamin

  • Mindy Yoshimoto
    Mindy Yoshimoto 2 days ago

    Lmao I jus realized that the trumpet Rhubarb was playing had no mouth pietrying it 😂

  • Camthegirl 123098
    Camthegirl 123098 2 days ago


  • Carlos Baldomero
    Carlos Baldomero 2 days ago

    Lol strawberry always makes me laugh 🤣

  • lancejdavid25
    lancejdavid25 2 days ago

    This video is about Riya vs. Riya

  • Lawrence Jones
    Lawrence Jones 2 days ago

    I vote for Riya! Love y’all I’m subscribed defiantly!

  • Sonya Juarez
    Sonya Juarez 2 days ago

    Cinnamon turns poor

  • gamersean BABAKARKHEIL

    Riya do you have the LV purse

  • FirstMemerinLifexD ChickenNugget

    “Penny what’s a vsco girl”

    “Idk what that is?”
    “I know what a vsco girl is!”
    “They look like this!”

  • Rondez Amison
    Rondez Amison 2 days ago

    I hat. ReD

  • Rondez Amison
    Rondez Amison 2 days ago

    I Hat. Sinmi

  • •Wolf Fox• Gal
    •Wolf Fox• Gal 2 days ago

    This is what I came for 4:00 - 4:02 😄

  • The Music Master
    The Music Master 2 days ago

    I will

  • Gacha- Aline
    Gacha- Aline 2 days ago +1

    *I would vote for Rita poor her*

    *wouldn't vote for Cinnamon*

  • NlDavissim
    NlDavissim 2 days ago

    22:24 Cinnamon wants her Guccis back? She can have them! They're tacky anyway!

  • Little Saints Pre-School

    I’m a Kenyan

  • Samantha Ortiz
    Samantha Ortiz 2 days ago +1

    Vote for riya

  • iLike fRosTeDfLaKes
    iLike fRosTeDfLaKes 2 days ago +1

    The fact that Rhubarb was playing the trumpet without a mouth piece 😂

  • Kayla Chau
    Kayla Chau 2 days ago

    I don’t like cinnamon

  • Stephanie Mortimer
    Stephanie Mortimer 2 days ago

    ,dermal fdhfrrgyuyyyyerjpmgg

  • staynton brown
    staynton brown 3 days ago

    Riya you are really brave and you Tootsie

  • IMoD Tacted
    IMoD Tacted 3 days ago

    Yeah react react react react react react

  • Emilio Barrios
    Emilio Barrios 3 days ago

    What will you do if you won?

  • Linda Vang
    Linda Vang 3 days ago +1

    Sks sks can I oop

  • Nikesha layne
    Nikesha layne 3 days ago

    RiyaPlease call me6948026

  • Jasmine Chen
    Jasmine Chen 3 days ago

    Go riya 👍 you can do this

  • Victor Balogun
    Victor Balogun 3 days ago +1

    Who are you
    Cinnamon always mean
    Ruburb alway enbrassed
    Jenny alway weird and speaks weird
    Penny same as Jenny
    Daniel always confused hates people and gets a love and loses there love
    Samantha a speaks so loud loves school
    Tootsie loves Big Macs sneaks into people's party (like cinnamon) always calls someone Vison like riya
    Riya always gets an a plus in school loves Austin moms strict always does chores
    Rasha smart loves girl like tootsie rhurbub loves him
    Strawberry 🦄🌈🍓spread rumours about cinnamon FAKE FRIENDS WITH CINNAMON always say I hope she trips or your so rich I'll steal all your money
    Gaits always itchs hair has tantrum
    Agnes dontsen,t care love George

  • Gloria Suárez
    Gloria Suárez 3 days ago

    he is not a boy he is a raja 😂🤣😌

  • Jacquez Blackwell
    Jacquez Blackwell 3 days ago


  • Ofa Feki Finau
    Ofa Feki Finau 3 days ago

    Cinnamon is meanSorry to say that I just got one for that

  • Ofa Feki Finau
    Ofa Feki Finau 3 days ago +1

    By the way Daniel is and Chad is so hot

  • Ofa Feki Finau
    Ofa Feki Finau 3 days ago +1

    Cinnamon and Chad are so cute together❤️❤️💋

  • Ofa Feki Finau
    Ofa Feki Finau 3 days ago

    Hi Rhea andDaniel you guys are the best I have subscribe to your channel and leave a like❤️❤️❤️

  • Mya Fowler
    Mya Fowler 3 days ago

    You are the best😍😘😎

  • Maria Marquez
    Maria Marquez 3 days ago

    I bote for riya

  • Maria Marquez
    Maria Marquez 3 days ago

    EX X

  • Horacio Antillon
    Horacio Antillon 3 days ago

    You guys don’t do any more videos with kandy