Factor_ | A Real Review from a Real Customer

  • Published on Jan 8, 2021
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    This video is very different from the ones I normally make, I'm doing a comprehensive review of Factor 75, which is a fully-prepared meal delivery service that my wife and I have been using for several months now. This video covers all aspects of the service; using the website, the packaging and delivery, and the food itself.

    Meals covered in this video:
    Taco Bowl with Corn Salsa
    Shredded Brisket with Pimento Cheese Broccoli
    Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Butternut Squash Risotto

    00:00 | Intro
    01:26 | Website and Ordering
    02:32 | Packaging and Delivery
    04:44 | THE FOOD
    07:46 | Conclusion
    08:22 | Price (as of January 2021)
    08:54 | Outro

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    Patrick Patrikios - Broken
    DJ Williams - River City

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  • Matt Pula

    Hey everyone, I have continued to use factor and I made an update to this video - you can check it out here:

  • Matt Pula
    Matt Pula  Year ago +20

    Since posting this video Factor 75 reached out to me regarding the issues I described during the Packaging and Delivery segment (

  • Nappy FPS

    Just had my first meal today, it was the braised peppercorn beef and I’m so satisfied! Can’t wait to eat the other 5 meals πŸ˜›

  • E
    E  +5

    I've been using Factor 75 for a couple months now and couldn't be happier. The quality of the meat, ingredients, vegetables, etc have been consistently excellent. Every dish I tried I would order again except for one I didn't care for. The add on desserts and soup are fantastic. Wasn't crazy about the smoothies. To date, every delivery has been on time. No FedEx for my delivery, a different company called Lasership. For a week or more of meals ready to be cooked at a cost under $12 a meal is great. Very convenient for me and I've lost 18 pounds so far. Overall I'm very happy with the service, I'd rate it a 10/10.

  • Kdmil
    Kdmil  +1

    I am on the third day of trying Factor 75 KETO. One of the downsides for me, being a 65 year old woman, is the amount of calories in each meal. I think it would work great for a man because he could still eat other snacks or meals along with the two meals a day. However, if I eat those meals, I can't have anything else all day because I won't lose weight on a diet over 1500 calories a day. It is something that people have to keep in mind if they are using this as a weight loss program.

  • Sarah Lane

    I feel like for the cost, it's not something people buy for flavor alone-the thing that interests me most is the nutrition...and secondarily the flavor. Flavor is easy to get conveniently but healthy food is not. This was the selling point for me as I've had an anti-inflammatory/low carb diet prescribed to me.

  • Jessica Bradley

    Good job on the video! I thinknyou should do a weekly update since your meals are delivered weekly. They have so many food options and it seems like you got some great views from this video!!

  • Rizwan Siddiqi

    Matt, thanks for the video. 3 questions

  • Lisa Locaputo

    Thanks for doing this! You are really awesome at this.

  • BeAshlyn

    Best review! Thanks so much for this. I cannot wait for my first shipment next week.

  • FreeLookMode

    This was such a helpful review. I'm going g to check them out.

  • Marquita Mansfield

    Thanks for the amazing review! I look forward to receiving my delivery next week!

  • Tyler A

    The meals are always late. Every single week they miss the delivery date by 2-3 days and sometimes the food is spoiled and you have to request a refund and go without food for the week. Want to set a realistic expectation for what you can expect and what I would say is that the meals are good when actually delivered on time, which is very very rare.!

  • 417Garage

    Me and my wife got our food a couple days late half the meals were open, food got everywhere lol it was a huge mess all the ice bags where melted we didn’t receive free meals or anything just a refund sounds like you got lucky. I documented everything and sent pictures in email to them as well.

  • Aloe Romance

    was curious about getting these meal preps in my future. ended up finding a charming TheXvidr instead. life works in mysterious ways

  • Andrew Bertwell

    Thank you sir....Great information shared in this video!

  • Z
    Z  +1

    Really informative thank you!

  • Andrew Pense

    Thanks Matt, musician here and appreciate the factor review as I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on it. While I'm here will check out your guitar vids.

  • Juels
    Juels  +1

    Appreciate the video. Thanks for taking the time, great video.

  • Phyllis Dixon

    I have only one negative but it's kind of a deal killer for me. Their food is great, just that almost none of the meals with meat or chicken are dairy or wheat free. That reduces my choices way down due to allergies. I can probably order every 2-3 weeks and have some easy healthy meals, but can't do chick pea or lentil based meals more than a few times a week.