21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Fun cocktails tried by 21 year olds.
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    21 year olds try fun cocktails. Watch to see their reactions.
    Reactors featured:
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    People vs Food #148 - 21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food
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Comments • 6 341

    REACT  10 months ago +675

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    • Adrion Francois
      Adrion Francois 10 months ago

      New react 21+ reactors react to Caribbean rum

    • Xx11.Maria.11xX ._.
      Xx11.Maria.11xX ._. 10 months ago

      REACT ok

    • Mika Smi
      Mika Smi 10 months ago

      Eric again? wtf -_-

    • salim ziane
      salim ziane 10 months ago

      or don't drink

    • neggispringfeild
      neggispringfeild 10 months ago

      So I order really fruity drinks and totally get judged by friends until they try and love it.......Also when Im not drinking out I drink Absinth and Id love to see some people react to it and there is a lot of interesting lore behind it as well as "The Most Powerdul Cocktail in the world" Aunt Ruberta

  • Patrick Lintag
    Patrick Lintag 9 months ago +9

    In the Philippines, kids already start drinking as early as 10 years old.

  • Ciinex-iwnl-
    Ciinex-iwnl- 9 months ago +14

    In Germany u can drink at age 16

    • Ciinex-iwnl-
      Ciinex-iwnl- 9 months ago +1

      DokkanTomas True 😂

    • DokkanTomas
      DokkanTomas 9 months ago +9

      In mother russia the drink drinks you

  • Wlad Mix
    Wlad Mix 9 months ago +2

    try a drink of the "trago melvin"

  • Jade Castillo
    Jade Castillo 9 months ago +2

    6:32 😂me.and 6:34

  • Angry Donut
    Angry Donut 9 months ago +4

    part 2 please

  • Sao Saosson
    Sao Saosson 9 months ago +9

    Lol you can drink in Denmark at age 16

    • Sao Saosson
      Sao Saosson 9 months ago

      Så basically you can drink much earlier in Europe

    • Katharina Burgstaller
      Katharina Burgstaller 9 months ago +1

      and in austria

    • Paul Graham
      Paul Graham 9 months ago

      You can also drink at 16 in germany

    • Sao Saosson
      Sao Saosson 9 months ago +1

      Animalystic DenTomas ok, i think they have similar laws in Italy

    • Lil Tommy
      Lil Tommy 9 months ago

      in belgium you can drink like light alcochol when you are 16 but like storng alcochol is 18

  • PyroxVEVO
    PyroxVEVO 9 months ago +3

    9:27 yeah and the next day Is my birthday.

  • Richard Paddey
    Richard Paddey 9 months ago +7

    I've been drinking since 16 holy crap. 21 wow

  • Laura
    Laura 9 months ago +15

    It‘s strange watching this as an european whos legally drinking since the age of 16

    • Ferry vanDregt
      Ferry vanDregt 9 months ago

      Well some countries in europe the drinking age is 18 :/

    • Tricia May
      Tricia May 9 months ago

      @たこ焼きが大好きJason yes dude

    • たこ焼きが大好きJason
      たこ焼きが大好きJason 9 months ago

      its weird to hear that here in philippines if ure 10 u can drink alchohol and buy yet no one bats an eye

  • Darnell Thomas
    Darnell Thomas 9 months ago +5

    Just 7 more years, Just 7 more years

  • juutota
    juutota 9 months ago +4

    Kyllä ihan 18 vuotiaana voi juoda laillisesti perkele

  • rgz
    rgz 9 months ago +3


  • Viktor Jørgensen
    Viktor Jørgensen 9 months ago +4

    In Denmark we are allowed to drink at the age og 16

  • I N C O G N I TO
    I N C O G N I TO 9 months ago +3

    Next video idea: adults try Spirytus Rektyfikowany.

  • Annisa Frey
    Annisa Frey 9 months ago +2

    How y’all not giving them pickle backs or a skittles shot lmao

  • Annisa Frey
    Annisa Frey 9 months ago

    Ah I love Malibu bay breeze

  • Hallie Rogers
    Hallie Rogers 9 months ago +7

    The devil of all alcolhols is absinthe

  • Hafizuddin Ramlan
    Hafizuddin Ramlan 9 months ago +3

    omg these guys are younger then me but im looks like 16 to them because im asian

  • Charlena Hill
    Charlena Hill 9 months ago

    They must have been feeling something after that

  • Charlena Hill
    Charlena Hill 9 months ago +3

    I turn 21 next year can’t wait to try these

  • Shay45
    Shay45 9 months ago +4

    I'm 25 and I have never drank
    I took tiny sips of 1 thing and found it disgusting

  • John Taylor Ward
    John Taylor Ward 9 months ago +3

    Funny is that my phone was at 21 the hole video

  • Shania Hepi
    Shania Hepi 9 months ago +2

    Lmao, you can drink as soon as your 18 where I'm from

    • Popits Popits
      Popits Popits 9 months ago +1

      Drinking milk since birth. 😎

    • Shania Hepi
      Shania Hepi 9 months ago +1

      @Mo Jones I've also heard that. They also allow their kids to have a glass of wine every dinner that way they can handle the alcohol as they grow up

    • Mo Jones
      Mo Jones 9 months ago +1

      I heard in italy that they water down wine and give it to toddlers. As they get older, the parents/guardians water it down less and less until they're adults.

    • Shania Hepi
      Shania Hepi 9 months ago

      @scheck Same here. Some start at 12 sometimes. But as long as there's supervision

  • Ethan Tasef
    Ethan Tasef 9 months ago +1

    That martini looks amazing

  • rx7dude2006
    rx7dude2006 9 months ago +7

    Funny the best alcohol is the kind that doesn't taste like alcohol how ironic;)

  • Nancy BunnyBou
    Nancy BunnyBou 9 months ago +2

    yeahhhhhhhh, I had a few....... nvm

  • Peter Kehoe
    Peter Kehoe 9 months ago +12

    I was 13 at the time. I was in Italy, and I was offered a beer.

  • Black Girl Magic
    Black Girl Magic 9 months ago +12

    When you can’t taste the alcohol I feel like those are the kinds that trick you. Can’t taste it so you forget just how much alcohol is in it. Like jungle juice, cause Lord.

    • Black Girl Magic
      Black Girl Magic 9 months ago

      Doctour Two skull no. I’ve had jungle juice and had to keep reminding myself it’s alcohol when I drank it. Even if I did take it from the video. Why you so pressed?

    • Doctour Two skull
      Doctour Two skull 9 months ago

      Black Girl Magic pretty sure you took that from the video

  • Nicksin
    Nicksin 9 months ago +3

    Lmao just drink mouthwash

    • Adina
      Adina 9 months ago +2

      matt weachter 😂😂

  • Cloud :3
    Cloud :3 9 months ago +18

    Ohh you need to be 21 to drink.....well I’m Latino soooooo 😬😂 nvm

  • TheTime Zone
    TheTime Zone 9 months ago +1

    My birthday....

  • Pikagirl 187
    Pikagirl 187 10 months ago +2

    I'm gonna be 21 in February :)

    • Mohamed Tarek
      Mohamed Tarek 9 months ago

      @Pikagirl 187 omg my birthday also 19/2
      And i will be 21 too !!
      I was born 19/2/1998 .

    • Pikagirl 187
      Pikagirl 187 9 months ago

      Nice! What day? My birthday is on the 19th.

    • Deavon Scalf
      Deavon Scalf 9 months ago

      Pikagirl 187 me too!!!

  • IcyAsians
    IcyAsians 10 months ago +19

    “OO! It HaS wHiP cReAm On It”
    *Whole fricken mood*

  • hugo bundock
    hugo bundock 10 months ago +10

    You need some Aussies on the show

  • Marlu Cresencia
    Marlu Cresencia 10 months ago +1

    Try emeparador. Thank me later

  • Peter Rosenthal
    Peter Rosenthal 10 months ago +11

    It's ok to order a fruity drink no one is judging...

    Yes we are

  • Golden Clouds Music
    Golden Clouds Music 10 months ago +10

    Finally! Something that Ethan likes

  • Joe
    Joe 10 months ago +6

    Ollcohol ...

  • Willows Meadow
    Willows Meadow 10 months ago +10

    *ERIC IS 21?*

  • Hugh Williamson
    Hugh Williamson 10 months ago +22

    Lmao we get to drink when we’re 18 here in Australia

    • I N C O G N I TO
      I N C O G N I TO 9 months ago +1

      Of course im not saying it's legally allowed but people just don't care

    • Memester Chan
      Memester Chan 9 months ago

      WeirdGlow where the hell do you live

    • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
      Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 9 months ago

      In the US we arent responsible enough to drink at 18

    • Igor Gomes
      Igor Gomes 10 months ago +1

      Same in Brazil

    • King DeZign
      King DeZign 10 months ago +2

      I'm just across the ditch from you and I've been drinking since I was 14, my parents didn't trust me enough to start at a younger age.

  • Miscellaneous Mind
    Miscellaneous Mind 10 months ago +1

    These guys are 21?

  • Airplane Towards the Sky
    Airplane Towards the Sky 10 months ago +2


  • Logan Henderson
    Logan Henderson 10 months ago +2960

    Man those drinks that “don’t taste like alcohol” are the ones that black you out real quick 😂

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 10 months ago +25

    If you live in easter Europe age dosen't matter 😂😂

    • Mohamed Tarek
      Mohamed Tarek 9 months ago

      LMAO 😂😂💔🍸

    • Aywar
      Aywar 9 months ago

      @Kenan Hadzic vutra od 16, rakija od 15, ostalo me ne zanima hahaha, sad sam 20 i polako smanjujem sa cugom

    • Dark Wolf
      Dark Wolf 10 months ago

      @Kenan Hadzic To brate 😂😂

    • Kenan Hadzic
      Kenan Hadzic 10 months ago +2

      brate ima nas svugdje,ja tebra napunio 18 prije 4 mjeseca
      pusim vutru vec preko 2 godine a cigare tucem ima nekih 16 mjeseci
      vukao spid
      gutao bobe
      pa boktejebo kod nas je normalno vidjeti kidaru od 12-13 godina mrtvu pijanu negdje u kanalu..
      pozdravi sviju kod kuce rodjeni

  • Re Gear
    Re Gear 10 months ago +9

    Try mocktail tea, I've tried it myself and I love it (I'm not yet 21)

  • pro fortnite and other stuff

    guess who gets to drink at 18 britain

    • Al Coholic
      Al Coholic 10 months ago

      0 in dk ahahhaha

    • geochan92
      geochan92 10 months ago

      18 in norway

    • Gatzon
      Gatzon 10 months ago

      @what ever nah you can drink with 16 if your parents are alright with it

    • what ever
      what ever 10 months ago

      @Biconicbitch only beer haha

    • Biconicbitch
      Biconicbitch 10 months ago +4

      16 in germany

  • Konradkbh
    Konradkbh 10 months ago +1

    Dustin 10 years later 6:29

  • mike limon
    mike limon 10 months ago +2

    Bourbon and egg nog

  • kbj1
    kbj1 10 months ago +6

    7:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mal M.
    Mal M. 10 months ago +2

    Mad meeeeen

  • FlikM
    FlikM 10 months ago +19

    Im 21 and i still drink milk instead

  • Erik Akerboom
    Erik Akerboom 10 months ago +3

    21? isn't it 18?

    • Mohamed Tarek
      Mohamed Tarek 9 months ago

      @Rossty 18 in Egypt too

    • Rossty
      Rossty 10 months ago

      18 is the UK or just britain

    • FlikM
      FlikM 10 months ago +9

      21 in USA my guy

  • karan singh
    karan singh 10 months ago +1


    • CinderElla Pups
      CinderElla Pups 9 months ago

      @karan singh lol I'd be concerned if she ever drank acetone but I think she was implying that the smell of acetone is equivalent to the cocktail's taste

    • karan singh
      karan singh 10 months ago +2

      I know what it is. Has she tasted it because she is saying it likes acetone

    • CinderElla Pups
      CinderElla Pups 10 months ago +1

      Nail polish remover

  • Moritz Thaden
    Moritz Thaden 10 months ago +8

    so many straws used ...

  • cheese is real and your god is just an illusion

    Тупые американские дети! !!

  • berty barto
    berty barto 10 months ago +31

    Here in England were already alcoholics by the time we get to 21😂

  • O W I
    O W I 10 months ago +5

    Lol im a 15 and next year i can drink

  • Miri F.
    Miri F. 10 months ago +9

    I just had my 18th birtday (3 weeks ago) and now I can legally drink here in Germany. Wohooo 🎉

    • ShisuiLp
      ShisuiLp 10 months ago +1

      @Miri F. A german who doesn't like beer? The heck :0

    • comment nazi
      comment nazi 10 months ago

      don’t you have to be 16 to drink in Germany 🤔

    • 3kR
      3kR 10 months ago

      @Miri F. Fair point ;D

    • Miri F.
      Miri F. 10 months ago +1

      @3kR I know haha. But the point is that I'm not really a big fan of wine and beer. I just meant that I don't have to hide anymore when I want to drink liqueur and all that stuff 😅

    • 3kR
      3kR 10 months ago

      But you could have gotten drunk on beer and wine already. It's not like you have to be 18 to buy something at all. It's just spirits that are 18+

  • Francisco
    Francisco 10 months ago +10

    Why not absinthe?