• Published on Jul 21, 2019
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  • Marc Rebillet
    Marc Rebillet  Month ago +1972

    This weekend has been absolute hell - and I'm not home so I can't live stream today - but I had to make something for y'all! It's just a little bullshit but I hope you enjoy.

    • Ben C
      Ben C 6 days ago

      Look at those views!!! Over 750K!!!!

    • Freddy5Night1
      Freddy5Night1 20 days ago

      "just a little bullshit" he says 🤣🤣🤣 dude this shit was op 💪💪🔥🔥

    • Seth Sanders-Reithmeyer
      Seth Sanders-Reithmeyer 27 days ago

      Gotta say, I know it's silly af, but it's fun af

    • Adolfo Lopez
      Adolfo Lopez 29 days ago

      More vids in underwear please lol

    • Jonathan Last Name
      Jonathan Last Name 29 days ago

      Eric Lauer that is hilarious 😆

  • K W
    K W 2 hours ago

    .75x Speed is noice

  • D Wall
    D Wall 4 hours ago


    • D Wall
      D Wall 4 hours ago

      Thought that guy looked familiar then realised the reporter said your name.

  • Moldy_Nachos
    Moldy_Nachos 22 hours ago

    He’s a very even mix of Napoleon Dynamite’s older brother and Mr Beast

  • Brendon Sturge
    Brendon Sturge 2 days ago

    My mans got moves 🤣

  • Jessica Honig
    Jessica Honig 3 days ago +1

    Bro why is my dad on the beats when he should be finishing dinner?

  • Daniel Olivares III
    Daniel Olivares III 3 days ago


  • Funtime With Mr prime

    you look like ian from idubz and anthony fantano had a baby and that baby is you

  • Justin Campos
    Justin Campos 4 days ago +1

    I subscribed at “dinner’s ready”

  • Sammie Says
    Sammie Says 4 days ago +1

    This is my favorite video of all time, I think I love you fine twin

  • bobmoore20
    bobmoore20 5 days ago

    I can confirm- ass was shooken

  • Mydisaptmentisimesurable

    Omg. I just wanna 💧💦

  • Ben C
    Ben C 6 days ago +1

    Can this break 1 million views in 1 month??!?!?! It's gold, baby!!! Gold!!!

  • Acid Poptart
    Acid Poptart 7 days ago

    Tony stark is hitting dank ass dance moves in the end

  • John Brunette
    John Brunette 7 days ago +1

    This needs to be longer

  • IvanH
    IvanH 10 days ago

    lol yes

  • The Logical Paradox
    The Logical Paradox 10 days ago +1

    love the way you move Marc ! And the way you are ! inspirationnal ;)

  • skaven83
    skaven83 11 days ago +1

    This is literally every hip-hop track nowadays

  • juggysingh
    juggysingh 12 days ago +2

    I have finally found my LIFE MENTOR! 😂🤣😅

  • Sarah Brizzee
    Sarah Brizzee 12 days ago

    Me in church.

  • ThatGuyPHILL
    ThatGuyPHILL 13 days ago

    your beats are fire!

  • Pika_Kasia
    Pika_Kasia 13 days ago

    In love 😻

  • Faithlez
    Faithlez 13 days ago +1

    I don't know what is going on except dinner is ready and my ass is shaking right now. I am pursuing this as a career now, fuck my engineering career.

  • Sientz
    Sientz 15 days ago

    That Bass is so GREASY, Love it!

  • Mr. Noggy
    Mr. Noggy 15 days ago +3

    Terrible song, amazing moves. I love Breakfast! No parking! Yelp 1 Star review!

  • Hustle Society Ent.
    Hustle Society Ent. 15 days ago +1

    This Csady Rae I apologize but can u please put some pants on. We clearly see your gray draws sir. Lmmfao

  • Nathan Trottier
    Nathan Trottier 16 days ago

    Dude I fucking love the beat!!!

  • Bryan Ferrolino
    Bryan Ferrolino 17 days ago

    This video made me eat dinner at 4am in the morning

  • McSoi
    McSoi 17 days ago

    You dance nice.

  • wawlter
    wawlter 18 days ago

    I love you Marc

  • salvador razo
    salvador razo 19 days ago +1

    I'm so embarrassed, because of this song I started shaking my ass at my grandma's funeral..... Thanks Marc
    PS I kinda liked it.

  • Colby Hill
    Colby Hill 19 days ago +2

    This was uploaded on my birthday at it's the best gift i couldve asked for

  • Nat Tilghman
    Nat Tilghman 20 days ago +4

    Me: I need real music, something that speaks to my soul
    Marc: *Dinner's Ready*

  • Ben Jennings
    Ben Jennings 20 days ago

    Eyyyyy Eyyyyyy Eyyyyy Eyyyyy 🔥

  • Memeous the Conqueror
    Memeous the Conqueror 20 days ago

    How to make that D hard!

  • James Kaplonek
    James Kaplonek 20 days ago

    Those captions were pooping on it my man xD

  • Freddy5Night1
    Freddy5Night1 20 days ago +1

    I was hoping to hear "Dinners ready" again in the next loop but it didnt happen and now my life isnt the same😩😩😩🤣🤣

  • Garett M.
    Garett M. 20 days ago +1

    If Marc is what's for dinner then im going back for seconds

  • Goodhoof
    Goodhoof 21 day ago

    My lil Hank Hill but is flying all over the room

  • Jackie Ezekwelu
    Jackie Ezekwelu 21 day ago

    Pretty sure I just fell in love 🤣❤️

  • Timelapses by Nils
    Timelapses by Nils 21 day ago

    More than an ass

    ENDRPHN 21 day ago


  • Stan Howard Romphf
    Stan Howard Romphf 22 days ago

    Are we allowed to remix it? It's kinda got a nice groove to it ...

  • grenngoo
    grenngoo 22 days ago


  • Tom Tam
    Tom Tam 22 days ago

    His hips told me to like and subscribe, *AND I WILL DO THAT RIGHT NOW*

  • Oats3289728948932432
    Oats3289728948932432 23 days ago

    Yes you are.

  • Louis Delk
    Louis Delk 23 days ago

    It’s crazy how much talent this guy has! He is fire!!

  • Frankie Lee
    Frankie Lee 23 days ago +2

    Sickest beat of 2019 by far.

  • Chanse Benoit
    Chanse Benoit 23 days ago +1

    MARC. I have to know. IS THAT SUFJAN ALBUM REAL!?

  • Michael Klipfel
    Michael Klipfel 23 days ago

    That's a hot beat. Leave it by the window before you serve it next time. My tongue is burnt.

  • lilly stanley
    lilly stanley 24 days ago

    i think about this video every day

  • SpankyBranch
    SpankyBranch 24 days ago

    Where do I sign up for dance lessons??

  • derek reed
    derek reed 24 days ago

    the gyrations...

  • Jared McAllister
    Jared McAllister 24 days ago

    Its like Cheetos man. You know its not good for ya but there you are, 2:48 on a Sunday morning drizzling nacho cheese on a bowl of cheetos, shoveling it in to your mouth with a half torn rubber spatula.

  • Tim Colgan
    Tim Colgan 24 days ago

    Came for beats, got served dinner and bass

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 24 days ago

    If your lyrics weren't so corny you could be making some great stuff.... your lyrics ruin your music.

  • Khandi
    Khandi 24 days ago

    0:49 how your mom calls for you when she knows shes gonna ask you to set the table

  • herrhalter
    herrhalter 24 days ago

    I don't exactly know why but Marc Rebillet collaborating with Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon on Rick and Morty seems the only logical thing that must happen for this whole universe to finally make sense.

  • Niko Las
    Niko Las 25 days ago

    My ass is ckecking like a fool ! Happy ass !😉

  • Ben Megathlin
    Ben Megathlin 25 days ago

    Marc, if you wanted me to shake my ass, all you had to do was ask.

  • tycoon
    tycoon 25 days ago

    i remember marc having 10k subs damn fuckin deserve it

  • Gregor Smart
    Gregor Smart 25 days ago

    This is the greatest piece of media ever produced

  • Sano Kei
    Sano Kei 25 days ago +2

    Not clickbait enough it only took 1:27

  • HIV Hella_Insane_Videos

    Best bullshit I've seen 🔥

  • RoRiiGou
    RoRiiGou 26 days ago +1

    Un poco de todo?

  • The Loneliest Rocket
    The Loneliest Rocket 26 days ago

    The dinners ready part gets me every time.

  • Jardee Sandall
    Jardee Sandall 26 days ago

    Fucking banger brother!!! Put this on Spotify! I want to see all the asses shake!

  • ElChilenoSparta
    ElChilenoSparta 26 days ago

    1:13 wtf is dick xdxdxd

  • IrrelevantGeOff
    IrrelevantGeOff 26 days ago

    now THIS is ass shaking!

  • Remix 328
    Remix 328 26 days ago +1

    Like si vienes de un poco de todo xd

  • Wefere Chido
    Wefere Chido 26 days ago +4

    I come from *Un Poco De Todo* . Excellent video ;).

  • Edson Martines Espinosa

    En men es el mejor saludos desde México

  • JAMPI 1
    JAMPI 1 26 days ago +1

    1:10 Nah

  • Triss The Great
    Triss The Great 26 days ago


  • ImperialToad
    ImperialToad 26 days ago

    M > U