Man United beat City, Arsenal in Crisis & Greatest Prem Back Off || Poet & Vuj || Comments Under

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Welcome to the Greatest Football ANALysis snow !
    Wowwwwww!!!! Man City losing the wheels as Ole jumps in a Tesla whizzing past his arch rivals as they break down in a Ford Mondeo on the M25.
    Liverpool 14 clear as they are about to go Qatar.
    And back offs, lots of back offs !
    Or is it a back end ? Either way, Hazard is doing bits.
    Have A Nice Christmas Jumpers
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  • SpeedCuOn Rack
    SpeedCuOn Rack Month ago

    I unsubscribed from Copa 90 fkn wasn’t fun without these blokes

  • Andilun Farezzo
    Andilun Farezzo Month ago

    AHHH! Footie!!

  • Rory Jones
    Rory Jones Month ago +1

    When Klopp speaks for more than 30 seconds:
    Vuj: ITS TIME TO GO!!!!

  • chassycy
    chassycy Month ago +1

    Where is the football analysis for this week,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Astronaut's Ferris Wheel

    We're talking about thickness but i saw Vuj on previous video and really, he got no butt. Thin af man😅

  • Sofia
    Sofia Month ago

    Poet's masculinity is more fragile than Arsenal's defence

  • Michael McGhee
    Michael McGhee Month ago

    Can we give the Saint Étienne ultras some love?

    TREENY Month ago

    The Miners beat the Vile 2-0, Leicester’s winning streak ends and KDB reminding arsenal that they’re trash #VardyPlaysFootballLikeItsProClubs

  • Omerion
    Omerion Month ago

    Poet looking like if the black panther movement fucked ali g

  • Wasim Hussain
    Wasim Hussain Month ago

    Great goal by Mo Salah on Saturday, only to be played onside by Kabasele's back off 😂😂😂 #VujWhatHaveYouGotUsDoing

  • Mattlock
    Mattlock Month ago +1

    how can city beat arsenal 3-0 and then pep says that city played better against united when they got beat 2-1.... its a L for arsenal

  • Michael James Carpenter-Matsell

    Arsenal 0 Manchester City 3 KDB with another world class performance, Ozil throws a tantrum when being subbed another injury no shock in any of these things only shock was City didn’t score more

  • benkauf
    benkauf Month ago +1

    Convinced Vertonghen scored because he was trying to impress Traore after looking at his back off all game. Man was feeling some type of way and I can't blame him

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago

    The greatest football analysis show as voted by lil uzi vert’s lip

  • TDSM 99
    TDSM 99 Month ago +1

    Freddie is too sexy to be a successful manager. When has a sexy man ever been a great manager? There's some rules

    • Ben Johnson
      Ben Johnson Month ago +1

      @TDSM 99 Fair point I think he could pull it off though no doubt

    • TDSM 99
      TDSM 99 Month ago

      @Ben Johnson Pep never modeled my guy, could never do an underwear sesh

    • Ben Johnson
      Ben Johnson Month ago

      Guardiolas pretty sexy no homo

  • Michael James Carpenter-Matsell

    Manchester United 1 Everton 1 Big Dunc getting a point away to United he’s certainly changing the team’s performances

  • Miguelao Rp
    Miguelao Rp Month ago

    Luke shaw for underrated back off of the week

  • Bart Roberts
    Bart Roberts Month ago +1

    Poet and Vuj should do an episode on the tube and call it “Comments Underground”

  • Chris Owens
    Chris Owens Month ago

    As a northern Irish man.... Fuck you 😂😂 COYG

  • praju arulrajan
    praju arulrajan Month ago

    I'm sorry but why are we not appreciating the fact that vuj was on a music video with kanye, dbanj, big sean #olivertwist

  • Jack Mckinnell
    Jack Mckinnell Month ago

    I love Cantwell but I don't appreciate him trying to grab someone's neck

  • Luke Stafford
    Luke Stafford Month ago

    Mental how Kabasele’s back off played Salah onside

  • Salil Cherian
    Salil Cherian Month ago

    the highlight of the weekend has gotta be cabasele’s back off playing salah onside 😂

  • WHUTubbz
    WHUTubbz Month ago

    Mo salah heel flicking watford into the championships. no rules. #x cos as i said there is no rules

  • Michael James Carpenter-Matsell

    Southampton 0 Westham 1 there really are no rules I mean Westham winning a game

  • Pablo Aragunde
    Pablo Aragunde Month ago

    Norwich have 12 points, of which 4 were taken from Man City (3rd) and Leicester (2nd) doing the good work for Liverpool #TheSigns

  • Michael James Carpenter-Matsell

    Chelsea 0 Bournemouth 1 an unexpected loss from the under 25’s of Chelsea

  • Shafiq Ismail
    Shafiq Ismail Month ago

    Which premier league footballer that looks like he voted for Tory?

  • Abdilrahman Farah
    Abdilrahman Farah Month ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Kabasele’s backoff was the reason Salah’s goal stood

  • Richard Hobson
    Richard Hobson Month ago

    Why is Klopp putting out trying cones in a road in Finsbury Park... no rules training.

  • izwan zulkurnain
    izwan zulkurnain Month ago

    Poet and vuj are the #mandemlorian. Love from MALAYSIA 🖤

  • Marian M
    Marian M Month ago

    They just put camera in the middle of the street, no rules

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    S C O T L A N D I S M Y C I T Y

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    "Scotland should be the capital city"

  • Bilaal Khadar
    Bilaal Khadar Month ago

    STAY BUILDING - Vuj 2019
    This might be the quote of the year still

  • Nikola So
    Nikola So Month ago +1

    Luka Jovic on a dark horse thing with the back off section

  • eco532
    eco532 Month ago

    going to put your widows in vuj big up northern Ireland have a nice

  • Incognito
    Incognito Month ago

    The Klopp stuff is getting boring now..

  • Chris DeSante
    Chris DeSante Month ago

    liverpool just bought mini firmino, there really are no rules

  • Eduardo Pérez
    Eduardo Pérez Month ago +1

    Vuj moaning "Serie A" #theresnorules

  • andre tulloch
    andre tulloch Month ago

    I think poet should bring poets corner once a month to this channel.

  • poopzkid1039
    poopzkid1039 Month ago

    Poet's lowkey afraid that if he looks at a footballers bum, he's gonna catch the gay.

  • J H
    J H Month ago +2

    Poet scared to look at backoffs, because it reminds him of the time he got approached in the club by a hench 6 ft 8 bouncer who squeezed his back off and said “let me chat to you for a bit b”

  • Don Divock
    Don Divock Month ago

    Love from Oslo 🤙🏾

  • Michael James Carpenter-Matsell

    Standard Liege 2 Arsenal 2 Arsenal top the group they did not deserve that or a draw absolutely heartless and clueless defenders were shocking should all be ashamed of themselves

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago

    I don't know if it's cos I'm old, or cos I'm from Liverpool or cos I'm just not cool enough, but I reckon I only understand about 20% of what's being said and about 10% of what happens in these shows. Still love watching them though.

  • Ali Dadamatov
    Ali Dadamatov Month ago

    Man City can win the league if they do the 'have a nice' celebration for every goal they score #BernardoTheGoat

  • uncle
    uncle Month ago

    This backoff segment needs to leave with Brexit

  • Ramon vaughan-williams

    Why am I still creasing up at the 20:00 mark? 😂😂😂 while eating a cornish pasty.

  • flight 1903
    flight 1903 Month ago

    We are living in The matrix and Michael Edwards is THE ONE, Liverpool has a college there should be a Michael Edwards School of business

  • Emopidgeonable
    Emopidgeonable Month ago

    Havin a nice in Scotland

  • Oliver Amos
    Oliver Amos Month ago +1

    Vuj really said "stay building"

  • Vuj In away section for Partizan at White hart

    Greatest football Anal-Isis show in the world as voted by BGMedia

  • nebse
    nebse Month ago +1

    Shower question.. Is poet taller or vuj? Without using the running stick involved of course.

  • Ahmed E
    Ahmed E Month ago

    Why is Northern Ireland second?

  • Swedish Meatballs
    Swedish Meatballs Month ago

    the best analysis as voted by thomas muller running like vuj when he comes on against spurs

  • Jenson B George
    Jenson B George Month ago

    Napoli have just sacked Ancelotti to replace him with fucking Gattuso. There's absolutely no rules here.

  • Olaleye Onikuyide
    Olaleye Onikuyide Month ago

    Vuj remembered Serie *aaaaah* but forgot about Ligue *uuuuuhn*? Mad, that's home to backoff king Kimpembe.

  • dcee210
    dcee210 Month ago

    The Great British Back off as judged and presented by Vuj #norules

  • Luccas Lima
    Luccas Lima Month ago

    Come on, it's in the name... ScotLAND. They run this ting #Freedom